shit straight white guys say


Ugh, and I was hopeful for this one too… was within all my boundaries, found him attractive, was having a decent convo. Then because I do other things during the day he assumes I ditched him, then when I point out that I was just busy he gets all condescending and defensive. Like really “overthinking this” “the average person could figure it out” 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 like wtf guy, could’ve just laughed it off easily but he just went right to defensive. Also kind of annoying he thinks that just because he’s competitive he’s just automatically better than me at cards? Looks like I dodged a bullet here tho… image if he lost at cards? Lol

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I love when people make posts carelessly insulting boys unecessarily, (like calling them all ugly, stupid, uncreative), and when men get hurt by the words they laugh cause lol, all men are babies.

Oh wait, no, I don’t love that. I hate it. And it needs to stop.

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Could you please stop saying shit about straight white guys? I fully understand that people are pieces of shit, but that doesn't mean that EVERYONE is. For example, I cant say that all girls are bitches who judge everyone around them. That just isn't fair. And just as well, it makes no sense to say that everyone is beautiful, and then turn around and direct all of your hate towards men. You say that no one should fuck with your confidence, but you constantly shit on straight white guys.

ummm… i’ve never made a post about straight white guys before… and i don’t even direct any hate towards men..

not sure what you’re talking about….