shit splat

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How did Tim get a gun?

Tim was a little cute inkling!

It was his first splatfest, Cats Vs Dogs,  so he wanted it a new gun



D - Here sweety, your new gun~

But Timothy was really confused….

T - is this…is this a gun?


That’s my son

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idk if you remember me but i used to be davespriteegg and i remember we would both produce so much Good Davesprite Content and I really looked up to ur art (and still do!) anyways im fuckdeep into splatoon now, and getting into making splatoon oc stuff and im seeing you around again and. its wild.

yooo shit dude ofc i remember you! you were one of my fav artists tbh (havent seen much of your art nowadays but im sure you still got that 10/10 quality content) omg but nice to see that youre still goin strong these days!!

Lo Mein [DIBS 11]

Researching was kicking your ass and you were hungry. No, nix that, you were HANGRY and damn Dean for trying to make light of the situation.

“When aren’t you angry and hungry, YNN?”

“I swear to Chuck, Dean, you better keep an eye on Baby at all times,” you threatened.

You had one hand on a tome, the other intertwined with Sam’s fingers.  You two casually sat like that, curled up on a couch, or chair, next to one another, always within touch of one another.  

Dean, afraid of what you’d do to his precious Impala, decided to go out to your favorite Chinese restaurant for take out.  He ordered your favorites, veggie lo mein, steamed dumplings, and an eggroll, with hot mustard.  For Sam, he got him the veggie platter with some odd brown sauce and for himself, sesame chicken, fried rice, and wonton soup.

“Dinner’s on,” Dean laid out all the food options and smirked as you broke the chopsticks in half and rid them of splinters.  

“Nice save, Dean,” Sam eyed his brother as he opened up his take out container.

“What?” Dean said with a mouthful of noodles that he had stolen from your container.  Why he hadn’t changed out of his suit you didn’t know, but hell, he was right before you were hangry.  

“Oh you know what, Dean,” Sam popped a broccoli spear into his mouth smirking. 

“Alright, alright, I apologize, okay, YNN?” Dean raised his hands in surrender.

“Toss me a fortune cookie and it’ll all be forgotten,” you grinned, “I prefer dessert first.”

As you ate and researched you had gotten so caught up in what you were reading that the food was diminishing and so was your concentration on the Latin you were translating.  You twisted some noodles onto your chopsticks and began to slurp them into your mouth when you were shocked to find Sam on the other end of one of the noodles, his lips awfully close to yours.

“Kinda hard to figure out which one of you is Lady,” Dean joked at the semblance of the classic scene in Lady and the Tramp.

“Oh, shove it,” you tossed a handful of noodles at Dean’s face, which caused broccoli, carrots, and dumplings being tossed from either side of the war room table.

“Oh, it’s on!”

“Guys, guys,” Sam whined, “I’m not cleaning this shit up.”


Lo mein noodles thwacked Sam in the face. He looked at you, startled, offended, betrayed. He pushed his chair back and took off chasing you around the bunker, your screams and screeches making him chuckle.

Dean looked at the mess and huffed, “yup, I deserve this.”

gcldenfool replied to your post “okay same anon what about Ryan teleporting and dieing anyway like he…”

How fucked up would that make all the guys? Just suddenly Ryan materializes in front of them and goes splat. Like shit man, there’d probably be silence and a bit of scream from them as they try to see if Ryan’s okay and check his pulse but heck, no one can really survive that fall no matter how hard they try. Maybe if he had a broken bone instead of an entire broken body


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So if the "health problem comment" isn't a thing, please link some articles that are credible. You say I'll be abandoned by my partner when I get sick, you missed my point. Get someone random to stand in the middle of a public space. Clearly you're in denial if you think said person, would consider someone who is over 300lbs attractive. Yeah if someone is actually sick, same thing, probably won't think they're attractive. And being fat, something preventable, is different than getting cancer. xo

“You missed my point.”

As I stated in my reply, I knew you would say that. So predictable. 
No I didn’t miss your point. I grabbed your point, I turned it true for an instant and threw it back at your fucking face where it exploded, turning you into a splat of shit in the wall. 

And about your experiment. Lets do it.

If you would date a person over 300lbs reblog this post.

And lets go further. If you ALSO would date a person who is battling cancer or any serious illness, reblog this. 

Lets prove to this anon that they are a bigot.