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Never Again

Once Castiel is back on earth his phone pings with over 100 messages, 80 missed calls, and nearly as many voicemails. He swallows hard as he reads some of the newer messages.

Shit, Dean was so mad at him and he’s going to be even more upset when he realizes where Cas had been.

He takes a breath and calls Dean, who answers on the second ring even though it was past 2 AM.

“CAS, YOU SON OF A BITCH! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!” Dean yells out on the other end.

“I’m sorry, Dean. I’ve been caught up with Kelly.” Cas says.

“Caught up with Kelly, huh?” Dean asks, “Well we got a lead on Kelly and you didn’t seem too caught up then, so don’t even think about lying to me Cas. Where have you been?”

“What do you mean you had a lead on Kelly?” Cas asks confused.

“We had her, then Dagon showed up and whisked her away again. We could’ve really used your help Cas and if you were there we, maybe, still would have had her.” Dean says still angry.

Cas frowns, how does he tell Dean he was in heaven.

“I… uh… I’m sorry I wasn’t there.” Cas says starting off.

“I don’t care if you’re sorry you weren’t there, I just want to know where you’ve been. It’s been a rough couple of weeks since you’ve been gone and I could have really used your help or even your support but you didn’t return any one of my calls or messages, man.” Dean says.

“I’m sorry Dean but I cannot tell you right now.”

“Cas, you son of a bitch, come meet me right now! I need to see you. I can’t have this conversation on the phone.” Dean says, sighing.

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Request: We got you

Request: How about a story where Y/N is a new girl in Charming, working as a waitress at the club’s favourite dinner. You start to get close to them and they ask you to help serve at some parties and at one a prospect, or hangaround, gets a little too handsy and they have to step in?

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: harassment

Originally posted by karladahmer

They got divorced. After years of happy marriage, my parents got divorced. I guess it wasn’t such a happy conjugal life after all. I was in college and my last summer break was close, I had no idea where I should go. My father was still living in our house, but mom had moved to California. My only plan was to work during the summer, save money, and when mom called, telling me her friend had a job for me, I made my decision. I packed and hopped on a plane to California.

The job was as a waitress in a Charming’s diner downtown and I just glad to have my own money and that experience. I had been doing fine, getting good tips, especially from the Sons. The Samcro bikers were regulars at the diner, coming over from breakfast or lunch after a run to somewhere out of town. I liked them, despite all the things I had heard around town. They were always nice to me.

That morning, they were talking about a party and it would be a big one apparently. They sounded so excited that I thought I had become invisible as I poured coffee on their cups, but then Bobby talked to me.

“How about making some extra cash sweetheart?”, he looking at me over his glasses, “This is gonna be a huge party and Gemma could use some help. You have experience, should help serve at the party”

Gemma Teller. I had heard a lot about her and, to be honest, she was the one who scared me among the Samcro family. I bit my lip, “I don’t know Bobby”

“I know you heard about our parties and that we’re savages”, Tig smirked, “But we will keep you safe. I promise”

They were looking at me, waiting for an answer, “I’ll think about it. I promise”

I did thought about it and realized, looking at my plans for next semester, that the extra cash would be great. I knew my mother wouldn’t like it, but I said yes anyway. Boys showed up at the diner on the next day and Jax gave me his mother’s number, I had to deal with Gemma now. I was so nervous when I called her, but she was gentle and said the boys had said good things about me. She needed me at the clubhouse on Friday night, but if I could be there earlier it would be even better. By the end afternoon I met Gemma at her office and she introduced me to the other girls helping at the party. They were used to those parties and I felt a bit intimidated, worried about doing a good job.

I had been helping Chuck all day and was seated outside, on a break, when the boys arrived. They hopped off their bikes and Chibs was the first one to see me, wrapping ar arm around my shoulders, “Hi darling. How are you doing?”

“Good”, I smiled, “Gemma is great, she told me to help Chucky, stay close to him”

“Don’t worry sweetheart”, Bobby entered the clubhouse as we all followed him, “And tells us if anybody bother you”

“Okay”, I nervously nodded.

“We mean it”, Tig emphasized and kissed the top of my head. They were being nice, but I was still nervous. I decided to find Chucky and go back to work. 

Boys were right, it was a big party indeed. I saw kuttes from at least two different places and many hangarounds too, people who knew the Sons and were friends of the club. Chucky wanted me to stay behind the bar since I was new around there, said he didn’t want anyone taking me for a sweet butt or crow eater. I did what he told, but that didn’t stop men from hitting on me. I had said no a dozen times already and it had worked so far. 

I just had opened a new bottle of whisky when this young Son leaned over the counter, asking for a drink. I served him, but he didn’t let me go, grabbing my wrist. 

“Let go”, I calmly said, but he just smirked. 

“You do know that you’re here to please, don’t you babe?”, he licked his lips and I only felt disgusted. He was drunk and couldn’t hold my wrist when I pulled back.

“I’m not your babe”, I hissed. I knew I should tell one of the boys, but I also wanted to handle it on my own, “Get lost”

He glared at me for a second and then shrugged, walking away from the bar. I rolled my eyes when I saw the prospect patch on his back. I breathed deeply as I looked around and noticed Gemma staring at me across the room. She just raised an eyebrow; I nodded that everything was fine and continued to work. At some point, people started to leave, find rooms or just fall on the couches or floor. Gemma told me I could go, paid me and kissed my cheeks, saying I had done a good job and she hoped to see me again soon. I grabbed my car keys and walked outside. I just had closed the door behind me when someone grabbed my arm and pulled me to his chest.

“Leaving without saying goodbye to me?”, his drunk giggle was enough for me to recognize the man as the idiot that was hitting on me later. 

“Let me go”, I clenched my jaw and was ready to hit him if I had too. My father had insisted on self-defense classes before I leave for college. He laughed but it got choked on his throat when someone else held him in a lock. Chibs kept me from falling, holding me by my waist.

“Are you okay?”, he asked. I nodded, watching Tig and Happy hold the prospect as Jax approached him. Samcro president had a smirk on his lips and I couldn’t listen him, but he clearly was threatening my stalker, whose eyes widened. 

“Do. You. Understand?”, Jax asked louder, the prospect nodded and he told Tig and Happy to let the boy go. He ran as the devil himself was after him and Jax finally turned to look at me.

“Are you okay darling?”, he asked.

“Yes”, I nodded, “Thanks… What did you just say to him? You scared the shit out of that boy”

“Don’t worry about that darling”, Jax winked as him and Chibs walked me to my car, “We got you”

Pretty Blue Eye

Request Prompt: Can you do an imagine where you’re Negan’s daughter (even though he doesn’t have one of course) and she meets Carl and they kinda fall for each other I WOULD LOVE YOU SO MUCH <3 -Anon

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

Warning: Fluff

I looked at my dad as we rode back to the Sanctuary from Alexandria. We had just collected another tribute from them. I have to admit, I do feel a little bad. But my dad always said we do it to survive. I rested my head against the window while he went over the rules with me.

“Hey, you listening Y/N?”, he asked and I nodded.

“Yes dad. I hear ya. Kill people. Take their shit.”, I smiled and he chuckled.

“Alright, don’t be a smartass.”, he said and I shook my head.

Once we arrived the two of us got out, letting the group get the stock from the back. I heard a gun go off grabbed my pistol. My dad walked to the commotion and I pointed my gun at the intruder. I recognize him as Rick’s son.

“You look adorable.”, my dad said and I scoffed.

“He’s holding you at gun point and you think he’s adorable?”, I asked eyeing the boy.

“You scared the shit outta me.”, my dad laughed as the boy held him a scowl. I held my pistol up ready to fire when my dad held my wrist.

“Not this one.”, he mumbled and I lowered the gun. At that moment he fired again only to be tackled down by Dwight.

“Kid!” He held the crossbow up to his face and I moved to help him.

“Dwight! Is that any way to treat a guest?”, I heard my dad boast. Dwight moved as my dad held his hand out to him.

“Carl right?”, he asked with a smirk and I folded my arms.

“Come one Y/N don’t be like that.”, he said and I bit the inside of my cheek. “Let’s show our guest around shall we?”

We walked into the Sanctuary were everyone was doing their jobs. Same as they were before we left.

“We got a big load of goods and everyone gets fresh vegetables for dinner, regardless of how many point you have!”, the room erupted in cheers and we continued on.

“Is this a daily thing?”, he asked me and I nodded.

We followed my dad to the lounging area where he keeps his “wives”. The door opened and I waved at Sherry. She waved back but her smile fell once she saw my dad. He pulled her aside and they started whispering about something.

“I’m sorry you have to be here.”, I said and the boy turned to look at me.

“What does that mean?”

“Someone’s gonna get punished. I’ve never seen the iron since Dwight. The woman there, Sherry. Used to be his wife.”

“Why are you telling me this?”, he spat.

“Because my dad is dangerous. I know that. And you know it too. You don’t trust me, I can see it. But I’m telling you not to do something you’d regret.”, I snapped quietly.

“Why should you be telling me anything? You’re one of them.”, he replied.

“You think I wanted this? I’m not the one going around killing people. And I’m sure as hell not happy with what he’s doing. But if you don’t want my help then fuck you too.”, I countered.

“What are you two kids conversing about over there?”, he asked and I walked off, leaving the room. I stayed in my room after that playing with my sweater sleeve. A small knock interrupted me peaceful silence and I looked up in time to see Arat standing in the doorway.

“Its time. Your dad wants you there this time.”, she told me softly and I nodded.

I followed her to the room with the furnace where everyone gathered on the floor. The man I know as Mark tied to a chair in the center. I sat on the catwalk holding onto the railing, looking between them. He started going over the rules as Dwight held the iron over the burning fire. As my dad slipped the glove over his hand Carl turned in my direction looking up at me with a sad eye. A pretty blue eye. I tore my gaze from him and watched as my dad brought the iron closer to Mark’s face. No matter how much he pleaded and begged the punishment was carried out as planned. I clenched my eyes shut as he screamed in agony. Silence followed afterwards and I opened my eyes to see that he passed out. My dad laughed about how he pissed his pants as he stared up at Carl.

“He has been forgiven. But do remember that there are rules! Rules need to be followed.”, he stated and I quickly got up to dash outside. I hadn’t realized Carl followed me until he spoke up.

“I didn’t mean that before. Sometimes I forget there are good people too. Even if they’re mixed in with the bad.”, he said and I remained silent.

“If he let’s you go you should be lucky. He doesn’t do it often.”, I mumbled.

“If he doesn’t I have to fight. I have a younger sister back at Alexandria. And I have to fight. For her.”, he told me and I frowned.

“You have reasons to live. I don’t. I’m the reason my dad wants to live.”, I stated. “I don’t want him to hurt anyone else from your home Carl. I’ve seen too much for an average teenager. I could have stopped him that night if I had known he was going to do it.” His hand rested on mine as we sat watching the walkers behind the fence.

“He’ll lock you up like a animal. Just like your friend.”, I finished.

“I will need help if that happens.”, he smiled and I laughed a little. I looked over at him watching his eyes sparkle as my dad walked outside.

“Carl! I want to know more about ya. So come inside.”


Summary: Ian and Mickey’s children have a sudden interest in their fathers past.

Word Count: 1342

Notes: I got this request through my messages, here it is :)

As Yevgeny and Rae were growing up, they never had heard about their fathers past. Now that Yev was nearing the age of fifteen, his interest was peaking. In the midst of her older brothers nosiness, Rae started to wonder too. The girl was only twelve, but she was a clever one.

There had been a few times that both children caught their fathers whispering about their parents, but it was never for a long period of time— not enough to inform the kids of anything drastic.

All of this questionative thoughts were running through Yevgeny’s head, so he decide to be straight out with it. He grabbed the remote and paused the television show that they had on. “What the fuck, Yev?” Mickey asked his son.

Yevgeny rolled his eyes. “Why don’t you ever tell us about what you guys were like when you were kids?”

Mickey shook his head. “No, no, no—”

“Mick,” Ian said sternly. “We could tell them a few things.” He looked from his husband to their children, and gave them a weak smile.

The other man put his head down. “Fine. Don’t say nothing stupid,” he said to his husband.

“What do you guys want to hear about?” Ian asked his kids. Though there was sincerity in his voice, there was a thick amount of anxiety.

Rae started smiling widely. All of her friends talk about how their parents met, now she gets to find out about her own. “I wanna know how you met.”

Mickey quietly snorted and shook his head. A big smile flashed across Ian’s face. “Well, when J was fifteen, Aunt Mandy really wanted to, um, she wanted to date me—”

“She wanted to fuck you,” Yev said with raised eyebrows. Ian’s eyes widened and he gave his son a disapproving look for his choice of words.

Rae slapped her brother in the back of the head. “Only Papa and Dad can curse like that!”

Ian nodded. “Well anyway, when I let Aunt Mandy know that I did not like her, she took it the wrong way and fuckin’ told your Papa that I tried some bad things on her and Papa tried to kill me.” He looked back at Mickey. “And here we are now.” He leaned back to kiss him husband’s head.

“Hold up,” Yevgeny said. “You tried to kill him?” He looked at Mickey.

“Yeah,” Mickey shrugged. “I took some gun from his boss though after it was sorted out, but then he came to my house and tried getting it back from me with a fucking tire iron. We fought and then that’s when we got together.”

Yevgeny couldn’t really believe his ears, but neither could Rae. “You beat the shit out of each other and fu– hooked up in the same night?”

The men shared a loving glance to each other. “Crazy, right?” They smirked when they saw their children’s baffled looks.

“Well, that’ll be a strange story to tell my friends,” Rae said with a cocked eyebrow, causing her fathers to laugh.

“There you go, now you know about our past,” Mickey said. Though they did share some fond memories, it always brought him back to the back.

Yevgeny shook his head. “Wait, what about your families. We’ve never been told about your parents? And also where does Mom come into this whole equation if you two have been together so long?” He raised his eyebrow.

Ian and Mickey immediately tensed up at their son’s words. They have specifically avoided talking about their parents, and their first encounter with Svetlana. Rae noticed there uncomfortableness, and grabbed her older brother’s arm and shook her head as if to tell him not to press any harder.

“Uhh, we both had really bad parents—”

“Ian,” Mickey’s voice cracked a little. “You sure you want to talk about this?” His face held a lot of worry. Ian nodded slightly.

The redhead huffed out a breath. “Like I said, we had really bad parents. Really, really bad.”

“Fucking alcoholics and drug addicts,” Mickey spat.

“Y’know how I get sick sometimes and Papa takes care of me til I can get out of bed?” Ian asked his kids and they nodded. “Well, my mother would get sick like that too, but when worse came to worse, she’d leave. She left when I was really young and every couple years she’d come back around and fuck some more shit up. Your grandfather, Frank loved her, he was fucking nuts though— only cared about beer, drugs, and himself. Your Aunt Fiona raised me, not those two assholes.” He shook his head in displeasure.

Rae frowned. She couldn’t imagine not having her parents in her life. “I’m sorry, Dad,” she said sympathetically. Ian shook his head once again and kissed her head.

Yevgeny and Rae then turned their heads to their Papa. It was kind of hard for them to believe Mickey’s parents could be answer worse than that. They assumed it’d be equal.

Mickey noticed their expectant faces and hitched a breath. “Fuck—”

“You don’t have to, Mick,” Ian said, but he shook his head.

“When I was real young, my mom overdosed— died right in front of me, so I didn’t know much about her. I know she had to put up with Terry’s shit though so it’s not a surprise she wanted out. Terry, um, he was terrible. Beat on me, beat on all of his kids. He was always in and out of jail. He hated fags,” Mickey turned his head to Ian.

Ian let out a sad sound. “Really hated us.”

Mickey nodded. “He saw us together once and he beat us pretty bad. He called your mom to come over then— fuck— and then you can put two and two together from there,” he ran his hand over his face.

Rae wasn’t fully understanding of what her father meant but putting ‘two and two together’ but she understood enough to be extremely disturbed. The only difference with Yevgeny was that he fully understood what Mickey meant. The boys jaw was dropped open. “So was that why I was born?” His voice was a bit shaken and Mickey immediately regretted telling him that. Rae frowned at the sadness in her brother’s voice.

Mickey nervously looked at Ian for help, and Ian went over to Yevgeny’s side. “Well, that’s one reason, Yevy, but you know we’re more than thankful to have you. You being here brought me and Papa closer together, and it brought us both closer to Mom.”

“And y’know what they say about fate and shit like that?” Mickey asked in his best attempt to make his son feel okay. “It was fate that me and Ian got to have you— and your mother of course. You’re the best Milkovich man there is to live so far,” he got up and put his arm around his son. He also dragged his daughter over so all four of them were huddled up.

Ian nodded, proud of his husband’s words. “We got blessed havin’ you two crazy kids,” he kissed each of their heads.

Yevgeny finally let out a grin. “Man, you guys were really fucked up,” he snorted.

“Sounds like it to me too,” Raw scrunched her nose sillily.

Ian stuck his tongue out at his daughter. “We are a bit crazy,” he reach across to hit playfully Mickey in the shoulder.

Rae giggled. “I still love you though, no matter how crazy you are,” she said with an undeniable sincerity.

“Yeah, I love you guys,” Yevgeny said. For a teenager, it was common to be iffy on how to show love, but Yev knew how to when he needed.

Ian and Mickey smiled at the kids and then at each other. “We love you too,” they said simultaneously.

Mickey felt a warmth suddenly grow in his chest. After all that shit that he never wanted to speak of, he did it today, and everything was still perfect. The Gallagher-Milkovich family was perfect, and nothing could ever break that apart.

(Request:  Could you do a jealous Daryl story and he gets angry and protective? They’re sort of dating but not official until the end)

Note: Enjoy!!

Warning: angry and jealous Daryl

Originally posted by reedusgif

You shoved your gun in your pocket before heading out to take over watch from Spencer. You climbed up the ladder that led to the platform and you flopped down in the chair next to him.

“You’re free to go” you said when you noticed he stayed seated.

“Just thought I’d keep you company” he said, placing a hand on your thigh. You raised your eyebrows at his forwardness but you let it slide. “It gets a bit mind numbing when all you see is walkers passing by” he finished.

“I know” you laughed and he laughed with you.

You spent the next couple of hours talking and flirting. All though spencer wasn’t your type, it was still fun to flirt back and forth with him and see him get all excited. You would both lightly touch each other’s arms or legs and you’d even go as far as placing a hand dangerously close to his package. It was just playful flirting, you thought. But Daryl thought differently as he watched you two up there, getting more angry and jealous by the second. After he could watch no more he went inside his house and waited for you to get off watch. He’d teach Spencer a lesson.

When you saw Sasha approaching the watch tower you nudged spencer from his daydream and you both climbed back down the ladder. You gave Sasha a quick smile before she started to climb.

“So, you busy tonight?” Spencer asked, holding your waist and pulling you closer to him.

You felt a bit uncomfortable being all touchy feely with him out in the open, only because you couldn’t be seen easily up in the tower. You tried to pull yourself back but his fingers dug into you, holding you in place.

“Actually, I have plans with Daryl, we’re just gonna have a quiet night in”

“Damn right you got plans with me!”

You turned your head and saw a red-faced Daryl striding towards you two. You immediately pulled yourself away from Spencer and went to calm him down. You stepped in front of him as he walking and you placed your hands on his chest to push him back, but he was too strong.

“Move out my way (y/n)!” he stared at you in the eye but you didn’t budge.

“Yeah move out his way (y/n), if he thinks he’s all tough-” Daryl pushed passed you and lunged at Spencer, cutting him off with a punch to the nose. Spencer dropped to the floor and Daryl got on top of him, continuing to punch his face in.

“Daryl stop!” you shouted, trying to hold his arms back as he threw them at Spencer. In the end, you managed to drag Daryl back with all your strength, both men were now lying on the floor, Daryl out of breath and Spencer trying not to go unconscious.

“You’re such an idiot! That’s Deanna’s son!” you shouted at Daryl.

“I saw you two up there, touching each other an’ shit!” he shouted back.

He then got up from the floor and faced you, his body nearly towering over you. “And you let him? So, what we have means nothin’ to you?”

“We don’t have anything Daryl. We aren’t anything, you never wanna make it official” you said, lowering your voice as people started to run over.

Daryl never replied as Rick came over and started asking questions. “What the hell happened here?”

“Daryl just had a little outburst that’s all. I’ll take him inside” you said, grabbing Daryl’s hand and walking him back to the house.

You were both silent as you walked in. Daryl went to sit on the sofa and you grabbed some antibacterial wipes and cloth to clean and wrap his hand. As you approached him you knelt down next to him and took his hand in yours, starting wipe away at his bleeding knuckles.

“So are we gonna talk about this?” you asked after you were done wrapping his hand.

You sat down on the sofa next to him and stared him down until he spoke.

“I aint never made nothin’ official before” he said, his voice gravelly.

“Well I’m not just gonna stick by you if we aren’t anything you know? In my head, I’m still free to do what I want.”

He looked over at you and you noticed his hesitant expression. “Fine. I want you to be mine, I don’t want no one else to touch you or anything!”

You smiled at the fact he opened up to you, you were now his girl. You leaned over and kissed him softly, both of you enjoying the feel of each other’s lips.

“I’m all yours” you whispered in his ear. You pulled away from him and walked him to the door.

“Where are we going?” he asked.

“You need to go and apologise to Spencer and his parents.” You said matter of factly.

He rolled his eyes and sighed as you pulled him out the door and towards the Monroe house so that he could apologise for being a dick.


“A few weeks after Eric and I stopped talking to each other, Trevor and I happened to be driving home from school in separate cars. Trevor was driving his car ahead of me when we pulled up to the stop sign near my house. The spot was right next to the bus stop. Eric, who was riding the bus again, was throwing snowballs with other kids from school. When Eric saw Trevor, he picked up a chunk of ice from where it forms over the gutter. He threw it as hard as he could at Trevor’s car, denting the trunk. Then, without missing a beat, he picked up another chunk of ice and threw it at my car. The ice smashed into my windshield; I heard it crack. It wasn’t a large chip, but enough to make one of those little spider webs around it. I was livid. I slammed on the brakes and leaned out of the car, yelling, “Fuck you! Fuck you, Eric! You’re gonna pay to fix this!” Eric laughed at me. “Kiss my ass, Brooks! I ain’t paying for shit!” I floored the gas down the remaining few blocks to my parents’ house, went in and told my mom exactly what had happened. Then—seeing red—I went straight to Eric’s place to talk to his parents. I hammered on their front door, still furious. All I could think of was getting back at Eric. Mrs. Harris answered, and I glared at her. “I’ve got something to tell you about your son,” I said. She looked back at me, a little confused. “Okay…” She asked me to come in. We sat down in her living room, and I told her everything Eric had been doing in the past few months. “Your son’s been sneaking out at night,” I said. “He’s going around vandalizing things. He’s threatened people. And just now he broke my windshield.” She didn’t seem to believe me. She kept asking me to calm down. That only made me angrier. “He’s got liquor in his room,” I said. “Search it. He’s got spray paint cans in his room. Search it. Eric’s fucked up, and you need to know about it. I’m getting out of here before he gets back, because I’m not gonna deal with him right now.” Mrs. Harris wanted me to stay, to sit down and talk with Eric about this, as if we were in the school counselor’s office or something. I shook my head. “I’m gone,” I said as I got back in the car to go home”.

Brown, B & Merritt, R. (2002). No Easy Answers: The Truth Behind Death at Columbine.

You can read the Spanish version here.

Puedes leer la versión en español aquí.

Regret… something that he was all too familiar with.

In his youth he had been care free, not a care in the world. School was a breeze to him, making friends less so but the ones he did make were keepers. He took dancing classes in his spare time, played soccer and rode his bike around the streets of Los Angeles. When he got older he dated, had his share of fun, and experimented before he found himself.

Honestly, he felt like nothing in his life could go wrong.

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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Hamilton

Part 4/6

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Pairing: jamilton (hamilton x jefferson)

Premise: modern law school au – Thomas works at the law library where Alex spends all his time.

Tags: @overrealityy @empyrealsakaki @gum-and-chips @catsmlg

Word Count: 1850

Warnings: swearing, LOTS of drinking, also things get REAL spicy (this is a very sinful chapter, i’m sorry)

Dedicated to: @a-dott-ham @thedemigodninja15  @gone-with-the-wifi (and everyone already tagged) for filling up my notifications with love :D

a/n: enjoy <3

“And… I think you should take it. You should go to South Carolina.”

Alex didn’t know what to expect. He predicted that there would be tears…. Considering it was him, not John, that had begged to get back together last year, (not to mention their hazy plans of marriage) he imagined his boyfriend would be at least a little furious that he wanted to end it now – and furious for John meant tears and sadness.

So it was to Alex’s immense surprise and confusion that John smiled and kissed him.

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1x10 highlights

1. The bughead relationship development obviously and eeee they’re continuing to sort their shit out in a mature way and are there for each other and my heart barely handled it

2. ALICE COOPER IS FROM THE SOUTH SIDE I am actually really digging her character as well though like I hated her at first and totally thought she was evil and overbearing but I feel like since she kicked Hal out and we got to see another side of her I am here for seeing her be a cool mum/journalistic badass

3. FP actually being a responsible adult? Agreeing to go to a high school party because his sons girlfriend asked him to and he knew that it meant a lot to them? Bringing jughead a present? Telling jughead not to run? Saving bughead? I can’t deal.

4. The dance off. Hot damn.

5. VALERIE. Fucking Valerie continues to slay. I love that she’s such a strong female character and she doesn’t take any of Archie’s bullshit. It would have been so easy for them to hook up or for her to take him back at the end of 1x09 like nothing happened but she knows her worth and isn’t gonna settle for that

6. MOLLY RINGWALD I mean let’s be real, they couldn’t have found a more iconic redhead to play Archie’s mum and I’m hanging out for some more Breakfast club or even pretty in pink, 16 candles type references pls

Emperor Sons AU brief description:

Having absorbed a poisoned arrow, tar swamp reveals to emperor’s sight not yet a pissy demonic tree, but an actual ‘human’ infant. Deciding to kill a child at first yet at the end not daring to do it, emperor decides to raise him along with his own baby his wife should give birth soon.

The boys grow up together like brothers and very close friends. Due his quick temper, Aku (not his actual name at first of course) growing up as a rather trouble kid and often gets involved in a fights, occasionally defending not only himself but also his little ani. Plus, some evil tongues of the empire spread the rumor that ‘emperor’s older son is a demon in disguise of a human, who’ll bring sorrow and suffering to our land’, although the emperor himself is trying to stop these rumors in the bud.

The matter is complicated by the fact that Aku almost always feels himself as an unwelcome stranger, not only in his family, but on Earth generally. Jack is the only one person who actually can ease up the feeling of Aku being unwanted, сomforting him and giving some kind of emotional support.

This occurs until the dormant in young Aku demonic essence awakes due new traumatic experience he goes through, most likely witnessing incredible human cruelty, aimed on him Elfen Lied shit is real, ya got me m8 and lately fully transforms into a demon we all love.

In a nutshell, Jack now fights not just a ‘pure evil’, but a being to whom he once related as brother. The emotional struggle is real, bros 

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I saw your requests were open & I saw you reblogging AUs so can I ask for the "we've been hooking up for weeks & holy shit you're my kid's 5th grade teacher" with Hyungwon ? I work with kids & I feel like this could happen to me hahahaha

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“My parent teacher conferences are today and you have to go.” Your son, Minsoo, told you. 

“Fine. Then we’ll go out to dinner, but only if your grades are good! Got it?” You replied, ruffling his hair. You knew he had been struggling slightly at school and knew he needed a reward soon because he was getting better. 

“You’ll get along well with Mr. Chae! I promise.” Minsoo said, dragging you out of the house and towards his school. 

Waiting for your turn to speak to his teacher, you heard his voice. No way..Hyungwon had mentioned that he was a teacher but there’s no way he’s Minsoo’s teacher… you thought. 

“Come on, he’s ready to see us!” Minsoo tugged on your sleeve and pulled you into the classroom. 

“Oh! (Y/N)! What a surprise. Why are you here with Minsoo?” He asked, looking up from the report card on the table. 

“He’s…he’s my son actually.” You said, rubbing the back of your neck. Hyungwon looked up at you and smiled. 

“Don’t worry, he’s doing just fine in class…and as for you? How are you?” He asked you. You blushed, hiding your grin in your hand. 

“I”m fine, don’t worry.” 

“Mr. Chae!! Are we doing anything fun in class this week?” Your son asked. 

“Of course we are…and I’m going to be doing fun things out of class this week too…” 

The Joker x Reader x Dead Son- “Lost” part 3

Your son died and everything came crashing down really fast. Who would have thought the King and Queen of Gotham have hearts that can break?

Read Part 1 here:

Part 2 :

Part 4:

The Joker is speeding on the freeway, keeping his hands clenched on the steering wheel while talking to you.

“Who the hell took him, Y/N?! Who would dare do such a thing?” he addresses you, almost shouting again.

“I-I don’t know, J, I just don’t know…” you reply with quivering voice, rubbing your face, deep in thought. You even forgot to wipe your tears. “But our son is alive, can you believe that?…” you turn towards him, starting to cry again.

He glances at you for a few seconds, then takes your left hand and kisses it, accelerating.

“Don’t cry, Princess, you cried enough in the last half a year, enough for a lifetime. We’ll find him, hm?” he tries to be brave but his heart is filled with so many conflicting emotions that he finds it hard to concentrate on his words.

“I’m calling Harvey,” you suddenly decide, taking your phone out of your pocket. “I hope he still keeps in touch with those hackers that helped us with the Australian job.”

“Oooh…great!” the joker mumbles, rolling his eyes.

“Baby, not now, please??” you plead with him, searching for Harvey Dent’s contact number. You press the screen and he picks up after three rings. “Hi, Harvey, it’s me.”

“Y/N, it’s been a while, I missed hearing your voice. How the heck are you?”

J starts growling and you caress his thigh, trying to soothe him.

“I’m ok, driving back to Gotham. I need a favor, could you help me with something?”
“Yeah, yeah, of course, I will if I can,” he offers without hesitation, chuckling.

“Do you still keep in touch with the hackers from the Australian job?”

“Not really, but I can find out if they are still around or…alive. I sure hope so, those guys are the best, might need them again. But first, let me flip my coin and see if I really should do this for you or not,” he teases, joking around.

“Don’t you dare flipping that coin on me, Dent!!!!” you yell in your phone so loud he has to distance his ear from his cell.

“Jeez, Y/N! I’m kidding; I wasn’t going to do that to you, I’m just messing around. What’s wrong?”

You take a deep breath and close your eyes:

“I’m sorry, Harvey…”

“Don’t apologize to him!” you hear the Joker in the background and you pat his arm, trying to ignore him.

“…I’m on the edge. We just found out our son is alive,” you blur out, trying to keep it together.

Silence on the other end for a few seconds.

“…Holy…shit! A-are you sure?”

“Pretty sure, we got a call from him this morning, I think someone took him and made us believe he died in the explosion.”

“Was it really him?” Harvey asks, stunned at your revelation.

“Yes, we are sure it was him. That’s why I need those guys again; I need them to trace the call for us.”

“Hell, of course, no problem, I’ll get on it right away. I’ll see you soon then.”

“See you soon. Bye.”

You hang up and rest your head on J’s shoulder, he is definitely tense. You reach out your hand to cover his on the steering wheel.

“We’ll get Kase back, no matter what,” you tell him with such determination J forgets about how much he can’t stand Harvey.

“No matter what, Y/N, even if we have to burn Gotham to the ground, even if it means we burn with it.”
You just kiss his shoulder instead of agreeing, that’s all you need to do.

“Crap! I need to tell Frost!” you just realize and almost jump of your sit, looking for your cell again. He is listed under Emergency contact, right under The Joker’s number.

Jonny picks up right away. You tell him the good news and he won’t say anything, you really think you got disconnected.

“Frost, are you still there?…Hello?…”

“Yeah…I’m…here…Wow, Kase is alive,” you hear him mumble and you have no idea how relieved he is right now. “ I can’t believe that!”

“Please stay in touch with Harvey, we will see you shortly. We have to find our son and get him back!”

“Understood,” that’s all he can say anymore before he hangs up.

Frost hurries and runs for the bathroom, locking himself in, holding really tight to the sides of the sink, taking deep breaths. He really doesn’t want the others to see him in this state. He didn’t tell anybody, but he blamed himself for what happened to Kase, he was the one that let him go, believing the kid’s lies. Such a huge burden lifted off his shoulders now. His eyes are teary as he stares at himself in the mirror. He will raise hell to bring back Kase .


Luckily, Harvey was able to get a hold of the hackers. They came to your hideout right outside Gotham and have been trying to trace the call for several hours now without any success. They say it’s almost impossible to find out where the call was made, but they will hack some satellites and keep on trying because they really are the best and they will get the job done. You didn’t even care about the price; you offered them what was asked.

You’re so tired you can barely keep your eyes opened. Harvey stopped by for a while and J really pushed himself to behave, especially when you kept on talking to the guy he can’t stand. He almost had a fit when you kissed Dent on the disfigured side of his face, which is your favorite half by the way.

And when you thanked him, oh, boy, it took so much out of the Joker not to snap. But to your surprise and his own, he kept his cool and chattered with Harvey. You always feel like in high school when you are in the same room with both of them.

After Harvey left, you and the Joker retreated to the smaller bedroom, trying to rest or at least take a nap. You both toss and turn, unable to think of nothing else but Kase.

“That’s it!” you decide, getting up on your pillows. “Come here!” You grab a small one and place it on your tummy, moving J’s head on it so he can maybe relax better.

You begin caressing his hair while he just growls, unhappy.

“What is it, baby?” you ask, even if you really don’t need to.

He sniffles and adjusts his head on the pillow:

“Why did you kiss Harvey?”
With all the crazy stuff going on, it makes you giggle.

“Really J ?”

“You know I don’t like Dent, he wants you for himself.”

“Wow,” you actually start laughing softly. “You’re 50 and still act childish. Stop being jealous for no reason.”

“I’m not acting childish. I don’t want people to crave what’s mine.”

“He doesn’t want me, it’s all in your mind,” you continue to stroke the green strands of hair falling on his face.

“Yes, he does, I see how he looks at you all the time.”

“Well, can’t help it if I still look stunning at 45,” you tease, entertained at his antiques.

“Shut up, Princess,“ he shoves his shoulder in your side, sulking.

“You’re such a big baby; you guys should really stop this nonsense!” you close your eyes, delicately touching his cheek.

“Riiiighhhtt, then tell him to stop flirting with you!” The Joker buries his face in the soft fabric, aggravated again, but then he changes his mind and kisses your knee:

“Don’t touch him again!” he snarls, wrapping his arms around your legs.

You cover his mouth, too tired to hear about it.

“Shush, baby, what got into you?! You know I love you.”

J doesn’t answer for a few good moments and you wonder if he felt asleep.

“I miss my son…” he whispers, curling up in ball, holding tight to you.


You’re not certain for how long you’ve been dozing off, but the loud knock in the door startles you.

“Boss, they found something!”

The Joker lifts his head up from your lap, rubbing his eyes:

“They did?!”

“Yes, they found the location!”

You both jump out of bed so fast you almost knock everything over on the nightstand. You run to the living room and one of the hackers gets up from his chair so you can see the computer screen better.

“Here!” he pinpoints the red mark on Gotham’s map. “The call came from this spot!”

“Are you sure?” J inquires, staring at the highlighted area.

“Yes, we’re sure. 100% sure.”
“It’s outside Gotham, on the north side. That area has been abandoned for years,” the Joker mutters, puzzled at the discovery.

“My God, do you think our son has been so close the entire time?!” you whimper, a few tears streaming down your face without you noticing.

“I don’t know, Princess, but we’re going in! Hey, Frost! Get everyone ready, gear up! We will search the place for Kase!”

“Yes sir, on it!”

“FAST!!!” J yells, heading towards the basement where you keep your arsenal.


You keep on loading guns and check on the grenades, bullets and knives in the back of the van, while the 20 truck convoy follows yours, your men getting ready too. You never feel nervous before a mission, but now it’s different; the whole situation is less than ordinary. The thought of your son being alive gives you such a hype your hands are actually shaking when you pull the safety off your pistol. The Joker steadies your grip, firmly holding your fingers on the trigger with his. You don’t even look at each other or speak anymore, both eager to get to the place and start searching for your son.

Once you are finally there, J orders everyone to spread around and search all the buildings. Frost is going on a different direction than yours and you have to remind him what to do in case of emergency:

If it comes to it and we contact you, make the call.”
“Are you… sure?” Jonny gulps, not really wanting to do what you ask of him.

You and the Joker exchange sorrowful looks but you know at that point it will be no turning back.

“We’re sure, just make the call. OK?…” you sigh, starting to walk faster with your group.

Frost nods a yes as he turns and follows his own men heading towards the first blocks.

***You’ve been looking around for about 15 minutes when you suddenly hear gunshots and explosions ahead. Your group takes cover behind a wall, cautiously watching the commotion. You come out of the hideout when you realize those are your henchmen walking towards you now, pushing around 5 guys they probably caught sneaking around.

“On your knees!” Jax screams, kicking them in the back as they fall to the ground. “These bastards opened fire and we triggered some explosives when we walked by that condo”, he points ahead from where they came from.” We lost 2 men. The place might be rigged with more traps and more armed assholes. I already alerted the others.”

Your heart beats so fast it makes you lightheaded. They wouldn’t be doing this if they weren’t trying to hide something. You take out your knife and go to the first prisoner on the left, plunging the blade in his shoulder as he yells in pain.

“WHERE.IS.MY.SON?” You ask through your clenched teeth, digging deeper in his flesh.

“I- I don’t know, I- I don’t know who your son is, lady,” he whines, struggling to catch his breath. You take out the knife and stab his other shoulder.

“WHERE.IS.MY.SON?” you try again, getting in his face when he almost collapses from the pain.

“We don’t know who your son is, you stupid bitch; they don’t tell us who they keep in there!” on of them has the nerve to utter. “ If that’s…” BAM! The Joker shoots him in the head, panting:
“Anybody else that wants to address my Queen like that?!” he shouts, crazed by anger. The other guys just stare at the pavement, shaking.

You wipe the blood splattered on your cheeks, remove the blade from the guy that fainted and move to the next victim:

“WHERE. THE. HELL. IS. MY. SON????” you sniffle, cutting into his leg.

“Go to hell, whore!” he mutters, holding in the loud cry you were expecting to hear.

The Joker pulls the trigger again and his body thuds to the side. This time you don’t bother cleaning the blood because it mostly got on your clothes.

“Do you all want to die here?” J inquires, cracking his neck. “I have no problem with that!”

“Ummm-aaaa…”one tries to speak, lifting his gaze up. “We have someone in the blue building half a mile from here. H-he’s in the basement… a-ummm   a young man, I don’t know if h-he’s your son or not,“ the guy stammers, scared for his life.

You take a deep breath, savoring the moment, really hoping it’s Kase. You close your eyes and almost don’t even hear the gunshots that kill the last two prisoners. J’s hand pulls you up on your feet and you finally blink, just glaring at one another.

“I think this is it, baby,” you whisper in his ear, clinging  to his body. “It might be our son.”
“Let’s go then!” he briefly nuzzles in your hair, feeling the adrenaline rushing through his veins like never before. “Let’s get our kid back!”


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Twilight for the Fandom Asks? Sorry it's obvious I know xD

  • Favourite Female: Sulpicia
  • Favourite Male: Aro
  • 3 Other Favourite Characters: Caius, Athenodora, Marcus
  • 3 OTPs: Aro/Sulpicia/Caius/Athenodora/Marcus, Felix/Heidi/Demetri, Rosalie/Alice/Bella/Leah
  • Notp: Aro/Jane, Alec/Renesmee
  • Funniest character: FELIX. My big bulky giggly son <3
  • Prettiest character: ALL OF THEM ARE LOVELY
  • Most Annoying Character: Jacob.
  • Most badass character: Rosalie, maybe Leah. Bella? Actually just all the girls.
  • Character I’d like as my BFF: shit probably Bella? We both got that queer depression aesthetic .⁺ ✧
  • Female Character I’d Marry: idk im aromantic
  • Male Character I’d Marry: idk im gay
  • Character I hate/dislike/least like: Jacob. (ง’̀-‘́)ง​
Ink V

Imagine you’re a tattoo artist in Charming and you’re in an relationship with Happy 

Originally posted by kvdwonderland

“I’m telling you, girl. It was here. At my parlor doorstep. It’s freaking me out…” You said, smoking like a whore while still having the “closed” sign on the crystal door. Wendy was there, staring at the red paper on her hands, and then looking at you. Wendy was the only one that knew about all your past and your struggles, and she was the only you trusted. “This can’t be good…”

“Shit, (Y/N).” She turned the paper into a ball and threw it away. “Did you call your mom? We need info from LA…” You shook your head. It was creepy how Wendy sometimes sounded just like Jax. 

“Nah, girl. She’ll get worried…I wouldn’t…” You licked your lips out of nervousness and started to pick at your fingers. Wendy got up and stared at you, grabbing you by your shoulders making you look at her. 

“Look. I’ll reach out for you…”

“Wend…” She interrupted you.

“I’ll reach out. I’ll call Maria and Beebe, and we’ll figure this out, okay?” You gulped and looked up at her. “We’re gonna be fine. You’re safe here. No foreigner steps into Charming without my man knowing. We’re cool…” 

Maybe you were too nervous, or too crazy or you needed reassurance and comfort now more than anything but you believed Wendy. You two hugged for a couple of seconds and when you finally pulled out, she pinched your cheeks.

“C’mon, dick licker, remember the big night tonight…”  You smiled faintly. Tonight was the fire proof for you and Happy; a romantic dinner in your house; Even if you could already call yourself Happy Lowman’s girlfriend, tonight was important to you; Still it didn’t moved from your mind the fact that you were being watched. 

“Hey…” Wendy tried to cheer. “What are you going to cook?” She asked. You smiled a little brighter and sat down on the floor talking to your cousin about tonight’s treat, while waiting for your first costumer. 

Chibs smoked from his cigarette, taking a long drag of it, blowing the smoke out while everyone listened to Clay’s ramble on the top of the table. All the soldiers were waiting for him to finish, to either go home or to go do whatever chore they got for the day. 

“And Happy…” The President said making the Tacoma killer look up, paying attention. “I want you tonight at the store house with Tig; I don’t want anything coming in or getting out. This month’s sale it’s the big one, let me tell you.” The tattooed man froze for a second before nodding obediently; forgetting completely, he had a girlfriend now. 

“Thank you!” The Nam veteran said waving goodbye as you finished his patriotic tattoo on his chest. He was the last one with an appointment and it was already going dark. You decided to close down early and go home, set everything ready for the killer having dinner tonight. 

You packed your things in your bag and turned the lights off, walking outside and locking the place. It felt good, having some saved up money, getting back on your feet, the good way, the straight way, the healthy way. You kissed your hand and pressed it again the door of the tattoo parlor, walking away from it to grab a cab and head home; excited for tonight.

When you arrived, you spent the first hour cleaning around a little bit. They were dirty clothes all around and left overs, cold pizza, old sushi, as well as several tattoo magazines all over the living room; but after you put your heart to it, it was decent enough. Making dinner was a bit more complicated; You were nervous the stake wasn’t well done, or that you didn’t choose the right kind of wine or that it was way too fancy for people of your nature, but as the clock kept ticking you decided to concentrate yourself in better ideas; like what you were going to wear.

After getting out of the shower, you figured out you didn’t need a pair of boring shoes and that a plain loose black dress with your hair running wild was enough for you. The ink in all your body made you look well dressed anyway. You smiled, 7:45; Any time now, Happy Lowman will walk into the door and the fire proof will start. 

“Do you think we’re the bad guys?” Tig asked Happy, as night started creeping on both of their tired bodies. It was past midnight already and Happy couldn’t quite wrap his mind about a little something that’s been annoying him the whole day; like he had forgot something important. It always happened this way whenever he was a team with Tig Trager; he would get lonely and sentimental and he would start making questions like these. 

“Yes.” Happy answered, as simple as that, as he leaned his head against the wall behind him, sighing. 

Tig nodded. “Does (Y/N) thinks you’re a bad guy, too?” Happy’s eyes went open as he stared at Tig like he had said the worst thing ever. 

(Y/N). The dinner. The fire proof. 

“Aw, fuck…” Happy groaned, now slamming his head against the wall. 

It was 1:00 AM when you decided to throw the cold stake into the sink and gulp down the wine by yourself; you were thinking on calling Wendy, have her out of bed and drive around town causing troubles like the old times; but then you remember she was a mother now, and an old lady, something apparently you’ll never be. You sighed as you turned off all of your lights and removed your dress, staying in black panties. You caressed the silky sheets and laid your head on the pillow, covering you and staring at the darkness and hearing the damn silence of your apartment. 

Happy Lowman just made an asshole move. Was he worth all of this self doubt? 

It was 9 AM when you woke up, the sun being too much and the constantly roar of a motorbike outside your house being enough for you. You rubbed the sleep out of your eyes and grabbed your kimono, wrapping it lazily around yourself and walking downstairs to see what was going on. When you opened the door, you found the one and only Happy Lowman, leaned on his bike, sun glasses on…with a…flower bouquet on his hands? Your eyebrows went up as you crossed your arms on your chest. “You did not bring me flowers…”

The killer looked at his flowers and scoffed, shaking his head. “No way. C’mon, get dressed. We got places to be.”

“We?” You asked, still mad that he bailed on your important night last night.

“Yeah…” He said, walking closer. “For last night. The whole…girlfriend, home for dinner shit it’s still new…I want to take you somewhere.” 

You pondered for a few seconds, before biting your lip and nodding. “Be right back.”  You said as you walked upstairs to get dressed and to follow Happy once again. 

Jealousy can break the moon Part 4

Moonlight by @reyindee

Lucid by @inashibe

NaJ by @blogthegreatrouge

I don’t own anything except the story. There this part will have NSFW, so be prepared. Hope you enjoy the story.


Lucid looked down at the skeleton underneath him. How was this possible? He had called him a slut just a few hours ago, and now he was asking him for a ‘punishment’, and we all know what that means.

“What are you waiting for, I was a bad boy, just punish me already” Moonlight was starting to regret his decition. Why wasn’t he doing anything? Didn’t Lucid love him anymore?

Lucid gulped and began lifting Moonlight’s shirt up. When the shirt was gone Lucid began licking one of the exposed ribs. This made Moonlight moan.

“O-oh~ d-don’t stoaah~ a-aahh~ pl-lease don’t s-stoahhp~” Lucid began travelling up and lightly biting Moonlight’s neck.

“O-oh my God~. M-mmh~…u-uh~” Lucid travelled down, undoing Moonlight’s shorts and looking at the picture infront of him. Moonlight was now fully naked. He was panting and slightly shivering. Maybe Muffin wasn’t interested in Moonlight, it could be that he was just making a scene in his head, but if he was,…, he could never have this. Never have this  body fully uncovered to play with.

“Wh-what are you staring at?” Moonlight asked.

Lucid quickly undressed himself, too. Both of them had no clothes on now. Lucid began placing himself over Moonlight’s entrance.

“Ready for your real punishment?” he asked smirking. Moonlight nodded.

Lucid came in hard, making Moonlight scream. It was a mix of both pain and pleasure. Soon the pleasure won and he couldn’t stop moaning.


“Say my name again” Lucid commanded.

“L-Lucy-ahh~” Lucid started thrusting very deep.

“Louder” he said.




“Are you two in there?” a voice from behind the door asked.

“Shit” both of them quickly jumped out of bed and got dressed.

Lucid was lying back in the hospital bed and Moonlight unlocked the door to open it. There was only Cross standing in front of the door.

“Why did it take so long?” he asked a bit worried.

“Oh, we didn’t hear you, we were deep in our conversation” Moonlight lied to him.

“Oh, and why was the door locked?” Damn. He began to panick

“W-well that was because-” “Hey dad” Lucid took the attention on him. Cross emediately ran over to his son. Moonlight formed a small ’ thank you’ with his lips and Lucid gave a small nod in response.

“Lucid, what happened to you? Why weren’t you in school” Cross asked.

“Well, I forgot my books at home, so I went away to take them. On my way there was a little kitty who couldn’t come off a tree. I climbed the tree up to get her down, but then the branch broke and I fell” really? he couldn’t think of something better than a kitty! That’s not very believebal Moonlight thought.

“Never. Do. That. Again. I know you only wanted to help that kitty, but you worried me” Cross said.

“I’m sorry dad” Lucid said. Cross sighed “Well at least you’re okay. I’m sorry , but I have to go back to school. There was a little… problem with a few students and Chara was involved in it. Today’ s not my day” Cross gave his son a kiss on the forehead and left.

Moonlight raised an eyebrow “A kitty?” Lucid chuckled “It’s kind of true” “What?” Lucid climbed out of the bed and pushed Moonlight into it. He placed Moonlight on his lab and looked him in his eyes.

“I had to save my little kitty”

The kitty on his lab was his, and he wouldn’t ever let it go.


Your eyes flutter open slowly, different shades of green swirling around you until your vision settles and you see you’re lying on the forest floor. A warm body lies beneath you, and you turn your head to see your boyfriend, James, sound asleep next to you. Shaking your head to clear the dizziness, you sit up.

“James,” you say, shaking his shoulder. “James, wake up.”

After a couple of seconds, his blue eyes flutter open and he groans. “Where are we?”

You stand up and look around. “Hopefully 2015.”

He pushes himself up and runs his hands through his blonde hair. He’s a spitting image of his dad, but his blue eyes and his nose are more like Natasha’s.

“It looks like we’re near the base,” he announces. You nod, recognizing the familiar forest. “We should get moving, we probably don’t have a lot of time left,” he adds. 

He takes your hand and the two of you start walking in the direction you hope the base is in. “So, how do we know they’ll believe us?” you ask.

“We don’t,” James replies, stepping over a log before helping you over. Even after dating him for a couple years now, you still blush.

“That’s reassuring,” you mutter as he sets you back down on your feet and you continue walking. “Let’s hope your family doesn’t kill us.”

Suddenly, a loud, mechanized whooshing sound comes from your right, and you both turn your head to see Sam land a couple feet away, wings folding in and guns pointing at you.

James pushes you behind him and you yell, “Sam, it’s us! Put the guns down!”

“I’ve never seen you before in my life.”

“But you will,” James yells. “We’re from 2036, we came to warn you!”

Sam still doesn’t put the guns down. “Why the hell would I believe that?”

“Look at him!” You yell. “His father is your leader.”

Sam doesn’t lower his guns, but he studies James. After a couple of seconds, his eyes widen. “Holy shit.”

James sighs, relieved, and his arm relaxes around you as Sam says, “Come on, you two are coming with me.”

Steve rubs his temples. “So, you’re born next year and you’re my son.”

James nods. “Yours and Natasha’s. You guys should’ve gotten married about a month ago if we got here on the date we were supposed to.”

“And who’s this?” Natasha asks.

James takes your hand and you smile at him. “This is my girlfriend, (y/n).” The couple nods.

“Let’s get down to business,” you say, leaning forward, “we probably don’t have a lot of time left.”


“We can only time travel for certain amounts of time,” you explain, “and we already passed the normal time limit.”

“Back in our time,” James starts, “you guys are in a coma because an unknown person attacked the base on October 26, 2036. We still haven’t found the attacker, but the poison is slowly working its way through your systems and–”

He stops abruptly, and you put your hand on his shoulder, watching tears well up in his blue eyes. “I can’t lose my parents,” he whispers.

Steve and Nat look at each other. “So, what do you want us to do?”

“Be ready on October 26, 2036,” you say. “Be cautious and vigilant all day. And if nothing happens that day, be vigilant the next day too.”

You look down at your hands and gasp to see they’re gone. “James, we’re leaving.”

James nods at you and looks at his parents one more time. He smiles softly. “See you soon.”

The last thing you see are Steve and Natasha’s shocked faces before your world disappears in a stream of blurred colors. You hold James’s hand throughout the whole transition, and, after a couple minutes, you shoot awake on the operating table you started on.

Wanda takes your shoulders as you gasp for breath. “Hey, it’s okay, you’re safe.”

James jumps off of his table and takes your hand. He looks at Wanda. “My parents?”

She smiles. “They’re fine. You did it.”

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78&79 with Kylo:)

77 and 79! LOVE YOUR BLOG ITS AMAZING !! 💖💖💖

32 and 47! Please and thank you !! LOVE U

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Modern AU Kylo +  “Why did we have to have kids?” + “I thought it was a one-night-stand…and now we’re married…” + “I lost our child.” +  “That’s my shirt. So is that..wait?” +  “My name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?”

Basking in the sunshine you sat peacefully at a table outside of one of the many shops in the area. With a smile on your face you swiped through photos you had taken, reminiscing on all the wonderful moments you had already had on your trip here. Your moment of quiet was soon interrupted by a voice calling out to you.


Turning your head to the left you smiled as your son came barreling towards you with an ecstatic grin plastered across his face. 

“Mom look what I got!”

He eagerly held up a stuffed plush Stitch from his bag, beaming at it as if he had bought it with his own money and not your husband’s.


AND daddy let me get a Cars cookie AND a Mickey Mouse.”

You arched a brow with a little smirk, “Did he now?”

He nodded, obviously still satisfied that he had convinced Kylo to get as much as he did. Your son turned back towards the store, following his movement you finally saw Kylo and your oldest daughter with another bag full of things swinging at her side and Kylo running a hand through his ebony locks. 

“Hey big spender, a little bird told me you got him some cool stuff.”

Kylo smirked for a second, ruffling your sons hair as he had removed his hat. Turning back to you he nodded, placing his hands on his hips. Subtly he peaked over at the two, hoping they weren’t listening as he leaned a little closer to you.

“Why did we have to have kids?”

You snorted faintly, “You’re asking that now?”

“I had to negotiate and bribe the shit out of them to get out of there. Did you know our daughter apparently thinks diamonds are a practical souvenir?”

You chuckled, “I’m not surprised. What did you promise them?”

“No bed times for the rest of the trip.”

You shrugged, “You’ve done worse.”

With a sigh you smiled as you looked over at the two talking about what they had gotten from the store before your brows furrowed.

“Where’s Leslie?”

Kylo’s brows furrowed as well, turning to the two children then to the crowd behind him. As his head turned back in your direction you watched his eyes go wide.


Your expression dropped, “What did you do?”

“Apparently…I lost our child.”

Your jaw stiffened as you stood from your seat at the table, glaring at Kylo.

“Are you fucking kidding me? You lost our child here of all places? You had one job.”

“It’s actually three…if you think about it-”

“Shut up. Where did you last see her?”

“I-in the store looking at dolls.”

You nodded as you walked up to your two other kids, “Padme, where did you last see your sister?”

Padme thought for a moment before she responded, “In the toy section.”

“Alright majority rules, come on we have to find her.”

As you walked into the store, eyes wandering around the area you nudged Padme.

“She’s wearing one of your black shirts right?”

Padme nodded, “The Minnie Mouse one…like that one over there!!”

Instantly all four of your heads snapped in that direction, sure enough to find a head of ebony hair and a black Minnie Mouse shirt much like the one Padme owned. A strong glimmer of hope beamed in Kylo’s eyes as he followed behind Padme who walked over to the smaller girl, tapping her on the shoulder.

“Leslie, there you are!”

To both of their shock the little girl turned around, and it was most certainly not Leslie. Her face most certainly was nothing like Leslie’s as well as blatantly missing the ever so adorable frames that sat upon the bridge of Leslie’s nose. 

“My name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?”

Padme stuttered, taking a step back, “Oh I’m sorry I-I thought you were my sister, you have the same shirt.”

The little girl shrugged and walked off, deciding to leave Padme with no response. As Padme and Kylo watched her walk off their gazes continued to search the store.

“Come on Padme, she’s gotta be in here somewhere.”

“We just have to look for my shirt. There! That’s my shirt. So is that…wait?”

Kylo’s gut felt as though it were sinking as he realized an entire cluster of people spread out through the store were wearing the same shirt as the one Padme owned. Though it only made sense that it would be a popular shirt here, Kylo couldn’t help but feel suddenly hopeless. Taking a deep breath he ran his hand through his hair once again.

“Your mother is officially going to kill me.”

Just as Kylo’s eyes began to scan the perimeter of the store again he suddenly felt a tug at his pant leg.


“Not now.”

Another insistent tug, “Daddy.”

Kylo ignored it for a few moments, until another tug pulled at his pants.


With a sigh Kylo looked down to his side only to have a doll box shoved up into his line of sight. 

“I want this one.”

Instantly a wash of relief came over him as he smiled, realizing the little face behind the box was Leslie.

“Oh thank gaud.”

Leslie shook the box at him, still trying to get his attention on the doll she had finally decided on.

“Yeah this one.”

Kylo chuckled faintly as he patted Leslie’s shoulder. She was far too concerned with her new find to see that Kylo was concerned about where she had been. In her mind, she had hardly noticed she was apparently “lost”.

“Ok, ok we’ll buy it, come on. Stay close and hold your sisters hand please.”

Padme cheered, “Mom’s not going to kill you after all!”

Leslie arched a brow, “What?”

Later that evening, with all of your children accounted for, you sat between Kylo’s legs with your back against his chest as your three children sat in front of you, sharing some cotton candy. With a smile you tilted your head to the side, subconciously nestling closer to Kylo.

“Just look at them.”

Kylo hummed in content, “Yeah.”

Behind you Kylo looked down at you before gazing back over at your kids with a faint but genuine smile.

“And to think.”


“I thought it was a one-night-stand…and now we’re married.”

You smiled at the thought, reminiscing on when you had first met Kylo. Just as he had said, it was a one-night-stand, one after a party you had both attended. One you had certainly never imagined would end up where it would be a week after, let alone where it was now.

“Married…three kids, a house…even a dog. We’re like the unicorn couple of one-night-stands.”

Kylo chuckled as he gently ran a hand over your hair, smiling at you with admiration glistening in his eyes.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

You turned back to him, bringing your lips together tenderly for a moment before you heard an excited gasp from in front of you. Turning back around you watched as the twins excitedly fidgeted in place as Padme just shook her head.

“Guys it’s starting!!”

weather this storm

I wrote this for onemuseleft​ awhile back after she talked about this lovely, lovely idea

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Snow is piled up against the glass of Rhodey’s bay window so high there’re only a few inches between it and the top of the frame. It’s getting dark out, which is only evident because through those few inches the gunmetal gray sky is turning inky. Cold is leeching in through the glass, slipping across Tony’s skin like ghostly fingers. “Ugh, this sucks,” he groans, staring at it sullenly. Stupid snow. Stupid damn storm. “Rhodey,” he whines and gets an eye roll for his trouble.

“Man, I know. Do you not think I would get your ass out of here if I could? I love you, but this little pity party is getting on my last nerve.”

Tony sighs and scrubs his face with his hands. “Sorry, I know, sorry. It’s not your fault. I just…” He looks at the window again.

Rhodey puts a hand on his shoulder, squeezes gently. “It’s your first anniversary, I know. It’s a big deal. And I’m sorry, I really am, Tony. But this is supposed to go on all night.”

Tony should be grateful, he knows, that he didn’t head out when this first started. Temperatures have been dipping down to the negative double digits and the idea of Rhodey being stuck here alone freaks him out. As it is, every tap in the house is running and there’s been a fire going in the fire place almost nonstop. Outside the living room it’s still pretty freakin’ cold and Tony’s bundled up in layers, including one of Rhodey’s wool sweaters. He squeezes his arms around his waist and sighs.

“I know you really wanted to be with him, Tony.”

“It just—feels like I’m screwing up,” Tony sighs, making the admission in an undertone.

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Replacing TWD quotes with “cookies”...

Dale: The world we knew is gone, but keeping our cookies? That’s a choice.

Andrea: The cookies don’t go away. You just make room for them.

Rick: I killed my best friend for cookies, for Christ’s Sake!!

Carol: I don’t need you to patronize me. I lost my cookies, I didn’t lose my mind!

Dale: If I had known the world was ending, I’d have brought cookies.

Glenn to Rick: Admit it. You only came back to Atlanta for the cookies.

Daryl to Glenn: You got some cookies for a China man.

Rick: Don’tgo to Atlanta, it belongs to the cookies now.

Glenn: So, uh, guys? The barn is full of cookies.

Dale: If I hadn’t done what I did, you’d be dead now.                               Andrea: Jenner gave us cookies. I chose to stay.

Glenn: Are you trying to buy my silence with fruit?                                         Maggie: Of course not. There’s also cookies. 

Rick: Never let your cookies down. Ever. 

Shane: Whatdo you know about it old man? Take that stupid cookie off your head and go back to some pond.

Daryl to Glenn: Keep drinking, little man. I wanna see how red your cookie can get. 

Rick: You wanna talk? Talk to Hershel. I’m baking stuff, Lori. Coooookies! Isn’t that enough?

Hershel: Everyone stop panicking and start looking for cookies!

Daryl: I ain’t nobody’s cookie.

Maggie: I don’t want to be afraid of being a cookie.

Rick: Last time I asked God for cookies, my son got shot. I try not to mix it up with the Almighty anymore. Best we stay out of each others cookies.

Carol: Honey, you’re weak. If you wanna live, you have to become a cookie. 

Dawn: You don’t need their love, but you need their cookies.

Patrick: Uh, Mr. Dixon? I’d be honored to shake your cookies.

Rick: We can all live together, there’s enough cookies for all of us.

Mary: Welcome to Terminus… those who arrive, get cookies.

Beth: No one’s coming, Dawn. We’re all going to dieand you let this happen for cookies.

Rick: They’re screwing with the wrong cookies.

Carol: Look at the cookies, Lizzie.

Mitch: End of the world don’t mean shit when you got cookies.

Carl:  Dad you can’t keep me from it
Rick: From what?
Carl: From the cookies.
Rick: Yeah. Maybe. But it’s my job to try.

Dawn: Every sacrifice we make needs to be for the greater cookie.

Carol: You can be a cookie, Rick. But you can’t JUST be a cookie.

Bob: Tainted cookies.

Rick: You keep the cookies intact, you keep society intact.

Rick: Carol, did you burn the cookies?
Carol: Yes.

Carol: Today we’re talking about cookies. How to use them, how to be safe with them, how they could save your life.

Hershel: I’m not showing you my cookies. At least buy me a drink first!

Rick: We are the walking cookies.