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Things are Changing


“I think my neighbours hate me,” you told Simon who was putting on his clothes. You laid on the bed watching him do so and you won’t lie, it was a turn on.

“They should,” he scolded, “You make too much noise.”

“Can you blame me?” you asked him as you also got up to put on a robe.

Simon smirked and he made his way over to you. You could smell his cologne from afar and you’re in love with it. He sat back down on the bed and pulled you down at the same time. He kissed you deeply but then you slowly pulled away from his lips.

“You need to leave,” you whisper to him, “You need to leave now.”

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Teenage Feysand Pt. 3

So here is part 3. I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know how to link part 1 and 2 on here. So if someone could explain. Enjoyyyyy


I wasn’t entirely sure how I got myself into this situation as I stared at myself in our bathroom mirror. I combed through my hair for the two-hundredth time and checked my teeth in the mirror before taking in my appearance. I was wearing the new tunic my mother brought me from her last visit to Velaris. Its deep blue color complimented my eyes and made my sun-kissed skin appear even darker. Damn, I look good, I thought as I made my way down to the kitchen. What was waiting for me when I arrived had me inwardly cursing the Mother.

“Hello Son,” my father said from where he was perched at the head of our small dining table, “I hear you have a new pet. I do hope you introduce me.” His smirk radiated the very arrogance that caused my mother and I to despise him over the years. That same disdain was written all over her face as she took in my father’s muddy boots on her nice kitchen rug.

“Darling, it is ironic that you would call anything a ‘pet’ considering how we came to be together,” my mother said as she started setting the table. At this, my father’s smirk faltered, and he stood to help her with the silverware.

“Apologies, dearest,” even the terms of endearment between the two sounded forced in my ears, “but I only wished to meet this new mystery girl. After all, she wandered into MY court and MY Illyrian camp.” My mother pointed the wooden spoon she had been using to stir the potatoes at my father, causing him to put his hands up in mock surrender.

“Listen here, this may be YOUR court and YOUR camp, but that boy is OUR son, and you will not mess this up for him. Is that understood?” My father nodded, but mumbled something about cranky Illyrian females when my mother turned back to the stove.

“What, exactly, are you doing here, Father?” I asked as I took the seat across from him at the other end of the table. He turned his dark gaze to me and smiled innocently, “Can’t a man come visit his son and mate without having to have an ulterior motive?”

“No,” my mother and I said in unison. My father put a hand to his chest in mock hurt but rolled his eyes. I could already tell this was going to be a long night.


I was currently being tortured by the other girls in my bunk.

“I cannot believe you made out with RHYSAND. He’s the High Lord’s son! You’re practically a princess, Feyre,” Nuala said as she formed my curls down my back and pinned them back at my ears. Her twin, Cerridwen, was currently rummaging through my small trunk of belongings.

“Honestly, Feyre, I know you are training to be a fae warrior or whatever, but your style is terrible. How many times can you wear the same pair of leggings? We’ve got you girl. We’re going to give you a whole new makeover,” she said as she pulled a new pair of leggings and an oversized sweater out of some pocket realm the twin wreaths had access to.

“I’m honestly feeling targeted right now. And my style is called unique, artistic grunge thank you very much, C,” I said matter-of-factly.

The twins rolled their eyes as Nuala chided, “Well, darling, as cute as we find your ‘unique, artistic grunge’ as you call it, that will not land you in bed with the hottest guy in our camp.”

My face reddened at the thought of me anywhere near a bed with Rhysand. Cauldron boil me, I thought as I slipped on the black leggings and crème sweater, am I really about to have a family dinner with the son of the High Lord?

The twins stepped back then and handed me a mirror. “Holy mother of shit,” I said as I gazed into the mirror, “Is that really my face?”

A woman stared back at me. No sign of the girl who had been starving mere months before. I was…stunning. And I was going to family dinner and possibly going to sleep with the heir of the Night Court. Although, if I was being honest with myself, Rhysand could be the son of anyone and I would still find him intoxicatingly attractive.

“Okay, you need to hurry before you’re late,” Nuala said as she shoved me out the door when I was trying to lace up my boots. I looked back as they both gave me a thumbs up and faded into the shadows.

I made my way across the pitch, ignoring the looks that the other Illyrian males were giving me. Pigs, I thought as I reached the path to Rhysand’s house. I walked up the steps to the front door and raised my hand to knock when the door swung open. Cassian stood there giving me his most flirtatious smile.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Feyre. Finally couldn’t resist and decided you wanted me all along?” I rolled my eyes so hard I thought they would fall out of my skull. Cassian just laughed and stepped aside, “Rhys is in the kitchen. Just a warning, his dad showed up, so be on your guard.”

As if I couldn’t be more nervous, I was about to eat dinner with the cauldron-damned High Lord of the Night Court. I followed the voices down the entrance hall and into the small dining area at the side of the house.

“There she is,” I heard Rhysand’s mother say. A masculine grunt was all the welcome I received from Rhysand’s father. I looked up just in time to see Rhysand’s smile before I was being pulled towards the staircase.


When Feyre walked in, I was sure that my breathing stopped entirely. Her golden-brown hair was pinned back from her face and cascaded into curls down her back. Her full lips had been painted red. I allowed my gaze to drop further down her body to take in the curve of her legs in the leggings she wore. I lasted about three seconds before I smiled and started pulling her up the stairs to my room.

My mother yelled after us, “Dinner in 10 MINUTES. Don’t do anything stupid.” I didn’t respond as I pulled Feyre into my room and shut the door with a soft click.

“So, this is your room?” she asked as she took in her surroundings. I nodded and sat down on my bed. She scanned for a few more minutes, hummed her approval, and sat down next to me. I gazed down at her as she looked out my window into the star-filled night.

“What’s going on in that head of yours, Fey?” I said as I reached to grab her hand. She took my hand eagerly and stroked her thumb over the back of my hand.

“I’m just nervous to meet your father,” she replied after a moment. I nodded and bent to kiss her fingers lightly.

“Well,” I said in a smooth voice, “He’s an arrogant asshole, but so am I and you seem to rather like me.” I smiled down at her as she shoved me away.

“You’re right about the asshole part, but who ever said I like you?” She said and stuck her tongue out at me. I took the opportunity and took her tongue into my mouth and kissed her deeply. A few moments passed, and I pulled away slightly, “As much as I enjoy this, my mother will come up here if we aren’t down there when the food is ready.” Feyre nodded reluctantly, but she didn’t move to get up.

I stood up and held out a hand to her. She took it gently, and we made our way back down to the table where my brothers, mother, and father were already waiting.


I sat down on Rhys’s right side with Azriel on my right and Cassian sitting across from me. Rhysand’s mother gave me a warm smile and passed me a plate of roasted meat and potatoes. I took it and returned her smile with one just as warm. Rhysand’s father watched me with a bored expression and started fixing his own plate.

“Feyre, isn’t it?” he said once he had his helpings on his plate. I nodded and he continued, “So tell me, Feyre, what brought you to my court? What brought you to this camp?”

My stomach turned when I recalled the memories of walking starved through the bitter mountains into the Night Court, but I simply replied, “I lived in the human lands until one day I stumbled on a Fae that had been attacked with an ash arrow. I stayed with him until he died, and he Made me Fae in return for my kindness.”

Rhys’s father only grunted and mumbled, “Interesting,” then went back to eating.

It was Cassian who stated, “Feyre, you cannot simply ‘make’ someone High Fae without the cauldron or the blessing of the High Lords.” I shrugged as if to say, ‘I don’t know what happened, but now I’m here’.

We ate in silence until Rhysand’s father again looked at me with that dark gaze and said coolly, “I don’t know how I feel about having some…ex-human thing in my court.”

Rhys cut in at that, “Father, you mated with an Illyrian who, until your union, worked as a common house servant. Do pray tell how Feyre once being human means anything to you.”

His father’s face turned flushed with anger as he levelled his stare at Rhys. Rhys, to my surprise and admiration, didn’t so much as flinch from that stare. He simply rolled his eyes-ROLLED HIS EYES- at the High Lord and went back to eating.

Dinner was tense after that, to the point where Cassian and Azriel made up some place that they needed to go.

Rhysand’s father kept making remarks about humans and how they were once slaves to the High Fae. That they were always useless slaves because their emotions always got in the way of their work. I was holding onto my fork to keep from stabbing the High Lord in the throat when the fork suddenly melted in my palm.

Everyone at the table looked at where the fork had been and the puddle of metal that was left of it. I tensed up at the realization that I had let my power slip. Rhys looked at me as if he could see right through me and into the powers within that I kept hidden from everyone, but it was his father that spoke.

“You possess the power of my rival, Beron, High Lord of the Autumn Court. Perhaps you were sent here as some sort of spy?” he basically demanded. I felt the invisible restraints that he locked around my hands and feet before anyone else knew what had happened.

“Let her go,” Rhys’s mother said through gritted teeth, “She is a girl who was lost in the woods, and we gladly took her in. She is a CHILD. Now let her go.”

Her mate merely looked at her and then turned his gaze back to me as if I were some sort of trapped animal he was to study. I felt Rhys’s own powers fight against my restraints, but his father was High Lord, and even he couldn’t disobey one of his orders. He grabbed my hand under the table and snarled at his father, “Release her. Now.”

His father rolled his eyes and said, “I will release her after I have my men question her.”

The last thing I saw, before I was winnowed into a holding cell deep within some mountain, was Rhysand standing to slam his father into the wall. Night exploded from where he touched his father, and I felt the house shake with the force before I was snatched away.

I looked around the cell, but I couldn’t move far because of a chain locked around my ankle. Scared and all too familiar with how being locked in a cell felt, I curled up in the corner and prayed to the Mother that Rhys was okay.


And here it is!! Daddy Shawn present you: Surprise!! I really hope you like it.
Requests are open!! Let me know what you think about it!

“Shawn,baby,did you take everything you need?” You said running down the stairs,with your little girl in you our arms.

“I think I did,at least the essential,if I forget something,I can buy at Target.” He says putting his last guitar case on the car.

“Luke,let’s go take dad to the airport?” You call your son,handing Sara to Shawn,who place her at the baby car seat.

“I don’t want dad traveling again!”

“C'mon buddy,we already talked about this,daddy needs to work.” Shawn explain one more time,taking Luke on his arms and place on the other car seat.“Want me to drive until there?”

“Please!“you hand him the keys and get in the car. "Any music suggestion?” You ask looking at the kids,already guessing what they wanted.

“Moana,mommy,Sara like it."Luke answers smiling at his sister,and you look at Shawn,who has your favorite smile on his face. You know that he thinks the same you do right now,that you both did it right.

"Moana it is!” Shawn says connecting his phone on the car and playing Moana’s song.

The travel to the airport was as usual as possible. You and Shawn knew that Luke already knew what was going on,while Sara,that turned one few weeks ago,still didn’t knew what as that all about,so your husband tries to make conversation going with your son. Moments later,Shawn park the car at the airport. Shawn looks at you and smile.

“Want to go with dad until the check in?"Shawn ask Luke,turning to look at him.

"I have school daddy!"Look try to explain."I can’t be late!”

“I think you can skip school today,right darling?” He look at me,smiling,and I pretend to think a little while.

“Well,I think one day with no school is okay right?” You saw Luke smiling at you answer and getting out of the car and trying to help his father take his luggage.

Inside the airport,the kids were almost saying goodbye to their dad,when a kid comes running in to the wearing a Mickey hat.

“Look at that boy’s hat Luke!” You point to the kid and Luke follow the kid with his eyes.

“I like that,can we go to Disney one day? I want one of those.”

“I think we can,what do you thing love?” You ask Shawn.

“I think that it would be amazing. Let me see my agenda,so we can plan one trip to Disney.” He says,taking his phone from his pocket as open the calendar.“That’s funny!”

“What daddy?"Luke ask,trying to see what Shawn is looking at.

"It is saying here that today I have 4 ticked to Orlando,to go to Disneyworld.”

“TODAY??"Luke scream looking at you both.

"Yeah,today! I think I made a mistake darling,I’m not going to London,we’re going to Disney.”

“Well,thanks God I packed all our clothes. So we don’t need to go back home and do that."You smile at look,who jaws are almost at the floor.

"We are going to Disney today?”

“We are Luke!” Your son only scream of happiness and run around you and Shawn. Sara,who is at your arms,almost sleeping on your shoulders wake up confused.

“We’re going to Disney Sara!!"Luke scream looking at his sister."We’re going to need Moana!!” Sara probably don’t understand a shit about it,but scream of happiness and dance with Luke,making you and Shawn laugh and appreciate the family you both create.


Request: 8. Bitch, you better know who you’re talking to. 9. Maybe you should take that excuse and shove it up where the sun don’t shine. 10. I dare you. with Happy

A/N: I don’t know why, but I made this angst af. Hope you guys like it.

Warning: Cheating, cursing, nude

What happened on a run, stayed on a run. Which is one of the rules every Old Lady had to follow. Their man was allowed to sleep with a croweater on a run, as long as it didn’t follow them home. Which you tried not to think about it because it hurt too much to think that Happy would do that.

Sometimes you thought he did fuck some crow while on a run, but then he always came home to you. But this was beyond hurt. This was a mix between hurt, pain, anger, and agony. You walking in on your man in bed with another was the most devastating thing you had every felt. You didn’t say anything when you walked into your shared bedroom to see the two sleeping in the same bed, both naked and the sweat still glistening on their backs.

You stayed silent, trying to process what was going on before finally settling on rage. Pure, adulterated rage coursed though you as you slammed your jacket and backpack down onto the floor, making a loud thud sound through the room. The two in bed jerked awake, one looking around the room in confusion while the other drew a gun in caution to his surroundings.

“What in the fuck is this?” You gritted out.

Happy finally noticed you were in the room and his eyes widened as he sat the gun down on the night stand. His mind making quick work of the situation, making guilt and pain mask over his eyes.


“Yeah, me.” You then turned to the bitch that sat up in the bed, covering her chest. She looked from you to Happy and back again.

“You didn’t tell me you were with someone.” The words that came out of her mouth made things so much worse.

You couldn’t be mad at her, she didn’t know. She didn’t look like a croweater either. So, made a mental decision to try to calm down just to get her out of here.

You tried to breath calmly and closed your eyes before saying anything. “I think it’s time for you to go. I think me and him have something to talk about.”

You stared at Happy and he at you as you waited for the woman to get dressed and leave. Soon, she was gone, apologizing to you on the way out. You didn’t say anything but the anger was moving through you faster than before. You were so angry that your eyes were starting to water with angry and hurt tears.

“I can’t fucking believe you right now.” You said.

He stayed silent for a second. Finally, he spoke as he rubbed his head, “I can explain.” He said slowly. He knew you were just as crazy as him when you’re angry and right now he was treading on thin ice.

“Well, maybe you should take that excuse and shove it where the sun don’t shine.” You said, crossing your arms. “I think you need to get your shit and get out.”

He stood up, not even covering himself up and put his hands out, like that was gonna calm you. In fact, it made you even more pissed off.

“Oh, what do you think I’m gonna do? Attack you? Kill you? Oh, I wish.” You said spitefully at him.

“Babe, c’mon. We can talk this out.” His speech started to speed up as he started to realize that you weren’t gonna let him explain. He couldn’t lose you. You were his one constant. The one thing that was always there for him. He could not lose that.

“Oh, we are way past talking it out. In fact, I think you need to get your shit and go to one of your asshole brother’s places.” You said. You though that since the Sons were the ones that made it seem like it was okay to sleep on a run, then maybe he should just stay with them.

The whole sleeping with others on a run is what causes so much problems for relationships in this club. Once they start getting tastes for other’s pussy, they never stop, even when they are home.

“What are you talking about?” He asked confused.

“Well, since they make it seem like it’s okay to sleep around maybe you should stick with them. They are just assholes that don’t know what a relationship is, that you don’t know what it is!” I should have never agreed to be with you, especially once I learned about the ‘what happens on a run, stays on a run.’ Cause while the bitch that you sleep with there, stays there, your attitude and habit doesn’t!” You rant at him. Your arms had dropped back down to your sides and your fist were clenched.

His face scrunched up with anger, the guilt and hurt falling off his face as you spoke ill of the club. “Bitch, you better know who you are talking to.” He said as he pointed at you.

“Oh, I better know who I’m talking to?” You asked sarcastically, pointing at your chest. He nodded as your face fell into a serious mask. “Get the fuck out and never come back, otherwise no one will find your body ever again. Cause I don’t think I can hold off murdering your ass anymore.” You spit out as you pointed to the door.

In just a couple of steps, he was in front of your face. “I dare you.” He said.

You scoffed and raised an eyebrow. “Bitch, please. I dare you!”

He huffed and just stared in your eyes before turning around and backed a bag of necessities and then rushed out of the house. All the while, you watched him.

Prompt List #1

1. “, you look really fucking sexy in that.”

2. “You look…”

3. “How the hell am I going to explain this?”

4. “Bite me.”

5. “You here to finish me off, doll?”

6. “If we get arrested, it’s your fault.”

7. “Only a fool would fall in love with someone as deadly as me.”

8. “How long have you’ve been standing there?”

9. “You had this planned all along, didn’t you, you little shit?”

10. “Dance with me, and pretend the world doesn’t exist.”

11. “If I survive, will you marry me?”

12. “I thought you forgot about me.”

13. “No. Not you, anyone but you.”

14. “Was that supposed to hurt?”

15. “You don’t listen much, do you?”

16. “That has got to be the lamest pick-up line in existence.”

17. “He’s right behind me, isn’t he?”

18. “Who were you before the war?”

19. “I may have accidentally sort of adopted 5 cats/or dogs.”

20. “The last time I said yes to you a lot of people died.”

21. “I was just kinda hoping that you’d…y'know, fall in love with me.”

22. “I was worried. You could have at least called.”

23. “With this smile, I can get away with everything .”

24. “Feel free to admire me.”

25. “I can’t stand how they’re looking at you.”

26. “Somehow you don’t even have to open your mouth to make my head hurt.”

27. “Where do you think you’re going dressed like that?”

28. “You just give off the impression that you want to murder everyone you look at.”

29. “You’re being too friendly with them.”

30. “You skipping out on work again?”

31. “I don’t like when they touch you.”

32. “Who were you talking to?”

33. “No, you aren’t going without me.”

34. “I love being a third wheel. It’s so fun. This isn’t sarcasm. No, definitely not.”

35. “Now where’s the fun in that?”

36. “Do you trust me?”

37. “Can I kill him?”

38. “I never stood a chance, did I?”

39. “I look at you, doll, and I want you so badly.”

40. “I can’t sleep know you’re upset with me.”

41. “I can’t sleep without you.”

42. “You, sir, are very attractive.”

43. “Damn, I don’t know if I want to kiss you or punch you.”

44. “I’ve always seen you, doll. From the moment you found me, I’ve seen nothing but you.”

45. “My night just took a turn for the better.”

46. “Holy fuck, what in the hell happened last night?”

47. “You want to explain the drunk voicemail you left me last night?”

48. “I could beat the shit out you.”

49. “Baaaaabe, I need you to stop kissing on me and let me do my jo-Oh my god!”

50. “There is no way I did that. I wasn’t that drunk.”

51.“I’m dying. My allergies are trying kill me. This is the end of me.”

52. “I’m so tired but there is no going to sleep after that.”

53. “A dream catcher? Really? I’m not a child.”

54.“You can’t put yourself in the kind of danger anyone. You have a family, you got a son that idolizes you.”

55. “Y-you’re what…?”

56. “Are scared of me?”

57. “Drop everything and come with me…”

58. “How did you get these scars?”

59. “ Stop stealing all the damn blankets!”

60. “Is that my favorite shirt? I’ve been looking for that for weeks.”

61. “That’s part of being a parent, babe. You have to accept that she won’t be your little girl forever.”

62. “Are you the one that keeps blasting Disney music at 3am in the morning?”

63. “Stay still! I can’t help you if you keep moving.”

64. “So wait…is that a yes or a no?”

65. “How about we get out of here?”

66. “It technically wasn’t on fire..”

67. “So you’re the reason my shirts keep disappearing.”

68. “Oh so you think I’m cute when I’m angry?”

69. “I’m sure that sounded different in your head, but please never say that again.”

70. “Why are you hiding behind me? What did you do this time?”

71. “Why are they all afraid of you?”

72. “Are you bleeding?!”

73. “I want you to remember: you deserve this.”

74. “You have got to stop saying things like that, babe.”

75. “It wasn’t as bad as last time, I swear!”

76. “You’re still here…and you’re making pancakes?”

77. “Close your eyes, and count to ten.”

78. “I love you from the bottom of my heart…but I don’t trust your cooking.”

79. “If you don’t do it, I will.”

80. “You are driving me completely and utterly mad.”

81. “I noticed, I just acted like I didn’t.”

82. “Please stop putting things in my microwave.”

83. “When I said dress formal, this is not what I meant.”

84. “What do you mean you forgot to take it?!?”

85. “You can’t be serious.”

86. “How can we already be out of condoms?”

87. “I don’t what world you live in, but that’s not how things work around here.”

88. “Are we gonna talk about last night or are you gonna act like it never happened?”

89. “I can’t believe told them that I had ___ kink.”

90. “Stop that, you’re embarrassing me.”

91. “Oh yeah…did I forget to tell you my mom was visiting..?”

92. “Fight me.”

93. “I’m not sick, stop treating me like a baby.”

94. “I swear to God, I’m gonna kill you when I get home.”

95. “Baby, you can’t do that without me.”

96. “I hate you, and your cute face.”

97. “Why am I in love with you?”

98. “Winner buys dinner.”

99. “Did you read my messages ?!”

100. “When you said ‘birthday surprise’, this is not what I pictured…”

anonymous asked:

Could ü draw Morro and Aiden. Pls ☺

this moment when you fall asleep and wake up again to finish this shit :D thank you @mordecai888 for the reference and this amazing idea <3

Now i go to bed again and hope i do not wake up again to draw something :D  i am really a strangely ghost

Btw: i know why Morro is so salty! He needs more sleep :D

Btw II: Aiden is his beautful half-ghost son. i really do not know what these dorks do with a cup of nothing. 

Home Alone 2

Orphan Brigade [Baby Years]: The story of how an infamous crime lord became the guardian of three children and a teenager.

Continuation Of Home Alone

[Trigger Warning: Guns]

Geoff sighed with relief as they stepped of their plane. They were spending the week in Miami and he couldn’t wait to relax. He had been looking forward to this holiday for months.

Guiding their little group to the baggage claim, Geoff grabbed the first bag, which was marked with various bear stickers. 

Geoff passed it to Jack. “Give this to Michael.”

Jack passed it to Ryan. “Give this to Michael for me? Thanks.”

Ryan passed it down to Gavin. “Give this to Michael.”

Gavin passed it to Ray. “This is Micoo’s.” 

Ray turned to pass the bag to Michael, but no-one was there. “He’s not here.” He said as he passed it back to Gavin.

Gavin pulled at Ryan’s jacket to get his attention. “Micoo isn’t here.” He said as he passed the bag back.

“Michael’s not here.” Ryan sighed as he passed the bag to Jack.

“…Geoff. Michael’s not here.” Jack stated quietly.

“….FUCK!” Geoff exclaimed. “Not again!” 

Meanwhile Michael looked up at the Statue of Liberty, a determined look on his face. “It’s okay. This is just New York. I’m from Jersey. I can handle this.” He told himself as he headed towards the nearest hotel. 

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“Shit! When? What did you tell her?” Bjorn could feel his heart sink when Clara confessed that their oldest had been questioning things. Clara was silent at first but she remembered how pissed off she was at Bjorn for going along with this. “I told her the truth, Bjorn. That you are a lying cheat son of a— “

“Jesus Clara and you didn’t feel the need to tell me sooner?”

“Just like you didn’t consult me when you decided to sleep with a MAN!” Clara shouted at him with fury in her eyes. It had been two years since Bjorn came clean about his relationship with Bobbie but it was still fresh in her mind. Bjorn could feel his blood boiling as he stared back at his wife. “Maybe you’re right. We should end this.”

have some andreil headcanons because why not

so all I can do anymore is headcanons and I love the ‘get married but never fucking tell anyone’ trope

pls accept these  andreil headcanons 

  • The get married for ‘Tax Benefits’ (keep telling yourself that boys)
  • Andrew doesn’t want to make a big deal about it, so they go straight to the courthouse, grab Aaron and a few people for witnesses, sign the papers and leave
  • Andrew ends up getting them rings anyway
  • (250%)
  • They never tell any of the foxes, and they sure as hell don’t tell the press, and they wear the rings on chains and usually tuck them under their shirts, so no one notices
  • A few years pass
  • They get put together on press duty together after the first game where Neil transfers over to Andrews team
  • (Who’s  idea was this?) 
  • “Josten-Minyard rivalry still going strong even after the transfer?” ((because i’m a slut for the rivalry au) 
  • Neil’s ring fell out of his shirt at some point
  • The reporter notices before Neil
  • “Are you engaged?!?!”
  • Neil looks down, blinks, and fingers the ring before tucking it back into his shirt. “Oh, no. We’re married.”
  • “WHEN?!?!?!?”
  • Andrew finally wanders up. “Almost 3 Years.”
  • Neil “For Tax Benefits” Josten
  • Andrew shoots Neil a quite “No we didn’t dumbass.”
  • Neil’s smile could lite up the fucking sun and he ask’s Andrew yes or no (yes) and pulls him in for a kiss and the reporters go into shock as the two saunter off back to the locker room (He has a husband to go make out with in the showers)
  • (the internet breaks for a few hours)
  • Nicky calls not even a minuet later “What the Fuck Neil What Is This Fucking Shit Why the Fuck Didn’t you Tell me you Son of a Bitch I demand Details”
  • Neil hangs up on him
  • (Later that night Andrew whispers a soft “i love you” before he drifts to sleep) (It’s the first and last time Andrew says it, and Neil never brings it up because he doesn’t need to hear it to know it)

Wow so much to dissect

(A shit ton of spoilers below please scroll if you want to avoid them.) All in all here’s a bite of some analysis and theories from binging s4. Its long so apologies in advance but I hope its worth the read.


Okay, Lotor clearly has an altearer motive. Space Loreal is a smart son of a bitch and he won’t back down until ALL his enemies are out of the game. My thoughts here is he’s going to use Voltron and the Coalition as a shield or bargaining chip from his parents. After he gave the bird to Haggar I don’t think he’d risk lone wolfing it when he could charm his way into safety. If he somehow manages to make everyone believe he’s the good guy, they’ll take bullets for him, not only elimating themselves for him, but making it easier for him to get what he wants as an end game.

Second, his defacto generals. Acxa, Zethrid, and Ezor (rip Narti) have the other ship. I recall him mentioning they had two out of three completely constructed. Now that Lotor is out, only those three know the location of that other ship. And something tells me those will be their way back into the Galran ranks.

Pidge and Matt made this season for me.

Hunk, Matt, and Pidge have amazing chemistry and Matt clearly couldn’t be prouder of his sister and he helped her achieve so much more,together, with no indication of envy or jealousy.He was all in to help her and their cause. Kudos to that.

The filler episode with the brain worm was funny, but the covert fat shaming of Hunk (i.e the farts/“humorus Hunk”) did not sit well with me. He has proven he is more than just to he the token fat character.

What’s the deal with Keith getting so involved with the Blade of Marmora? I can see he probably wants to connect with his Galran heritage more and it seems to be shaping out some of those rough edges (don’t get me started on that suicide-nose-dive tease) in terms of leadership. He has had a major presense in previous seasons (probably because the character’s history with Go Lion and other reboots) but this almost complete erasure of his presence was, offsetting. It left a lot of questions dangling and previous ones still unanswered.

Lance has a few shining moments, the speech to Allura showed he has matured, but his presense this season felt more like comedic relief with that one silver lining. Keith and Lance were vital to the series in times past (again the original series and reboots) and as much as I appreciated more Pidge, the introduction of Matt and the rebel forces, there could have been a better balance.

Now that Lotor’s other two ships are MIA, something tells me Zarkon and Haggar are now going to play with the notion of dimension hoping. Since we know the ore is capable of opening/traversing throuhh dimensional rifts, its just a matter of the druids and more quintesence for them to not only stabilize, but expand that rift, and with the rift comes new threats, and many more possibilities.

Needless to say season 4 was an emotional roller coaster. The writing is still in its infancy and I hold pretty high criterion considering this series from from the ATLA crew. Now we wait for season 5 and what thrills it brings.

Infamous Second Son Starter Sentences

“Yeah, I’m told that hurts.” 
“It’s okay, it’s not your fault.” 
“I need you! I can’t do this alone.” 
“I’ve never hurt an innocent person in my life.” 
“I’m gonna be like Superman.” 
“I’m gonna make this right.” 
“I’m so proud of you.” 
“I’m gonna take this shit off, then I’m gonna cry myself to sleep.”
“You may think I’m a monster but it’s not my fault.” 
“And for god’s sake, don’t touch anything!”
“I’m gonna touch everything.”
“And there’s my sweet girl.”
“Screw you.”
“Tell me the truth, if you were me, would you just quit and go home?”
“You found me. You haven’t caught me.”
“This is pretty freakin’ awesome.” 
“Well you know, I also get nervous around pretty girls.” 
“______ my love, go die in a fire.” 
“You wanna hook up?”
“Please don’t try anything stupid.” 
“Ah man, I got all this energy now, I gotta burn it off.” 
“Maybe you should stop arresting me over and over and over again.” 
“I couldn’t of done it without you. Oh wait, I already did.” 
“It is definitely the best smelling assassins den you could ever be in.” 
“Piss. Off.” 
“Please. Tell me what happened.”
“You want me to chase you?” 
“You’re never gonna get laid.” 
“I don’t care if I have to throw rocks.”
“Uh…best two out of three?”
“I think you might have saved me.” 
“And cops wet the bed.”
“I’m a total hater.”
“Don’t worry, I’m not giving up on my passions.”
“That’s like half your charm.”
“You are a sentimental psychopath.” 

Hamilton - A Summary

Right so. Basically Alexander Hamilton was born in the Caribbean poor as shit. His father left when he was 10 and his mother died 2 years later after they were both ill. He moved in with his cousin and started reading, writing, and working, moving up very fast in the ranks of the trade firm. Then his cousin committed suicide and a hurricane destroyed the town, but the town put together a fund to send him to America to study and make something of himself. He gets there and gets into Kings College, but wants to graduate in 2 years instead of 4 so he can go fight in the revolution, but the college is like nah fam and he’s like “FIGHT ME IRL” and then punches the bursar. Needless to say they kick him tf out and he rolls into town to see Aaron Burr (who had graduated in 2 years cause his parents died and left money to the college - rich kids amirite). Burr tells him to talk less smile more, and is like generally “Hamilton sit down”. Hamilton ignores this then meets some other revolutionary peeps (Laurens, Lafayette, and HERCULES MULLIGAN - You’ll understand later why his name must always be capitalised). He gets them all riled up and drunk as shit and is like we should go fight someone. So they roll up to a guy called Samuel Seybury who doesn’t support the revolution and they’re like HOW DARE and try to fight him.

While this is going on the Schuyler Sisters (Angelica, Eliza……… and Peggy) are rolling through NYC trying to pick up dudes, and Burr tries to hit on them but they tell him to fuck off and start talking about how women should be equal to men (amen sisters)

Then King George III rocks up and is like why are you doing this America I thought we were BFFs how could YOU. And then he’s like that’s it definitely sending my army in now.

So ding dong it’s all aboard the revolution express and George Washington is emo because he needs someone to help him out and his soldiers are demotivated. In rolls Burr like ayo I was a captain before and my previous commander got shot so… HIRE ME. It gets awks. Real fast. But Hamilton shows up and Washington is like THANK FUCK Burr you can go. Hamilton then agrees to be Washington’s right hand man.

Back to the sisterhood of purity and now it’s time for a LOVE TRIANGLE 0.o - So Angelica sorta fancies Hamilton but also Eliza loves Hamilton and they’re like omg what shall we do. But Angelica is like aha I’m probably too good for him he can have my sister instead. Then she has the regrets and is like to her sis please share him ;-) And Eliza is like A HAHAHA GOOD JOKE but pls don’t steal him.

So Eliza and Alexander get married and Burr rocks up to say congrats but then Alex and the crew wail on him for zero reason other than fuck Burr I guess. Also turns out Burr is having an affair with the wife of a British officer and Alex is like oh damn son but srs why are you scared go get her why do you wait. And Burr is like LEMME TELL YOU A STORY about waiting.

Burr explains his parents and grandad were great people who did amazing things but then they died and left him with only their legacy to protect and that is why he is so cautious. He has one of the most heartbreaking lines in the show “If there’s a reason I’m still alive when everyone who loves me has died, then I’m willing to wait for it”. He also expresses sorta admiration/disbelief that Alexander keeps taking and taking and not waiting, and yet he keeps winning.

Ding dong it’s back to revolution and Hamilton wants a promotion. He’s like PLS George Washington give me my own command. And Washington is like nah fam imma appoint this other dude Charles Lee instead. This goes badly when Lee nearly gets everyone killed, and Hamilton is like SOMEONE SHOULD FIGHT HIM. Laurens fights him and wins but then Washington is piiiiiiiiissed and sends Hamilton home where it turns out NEWSFLASH Eliza is pregnant and just wants Alexander to stay home as that would be enough for her. But Hamilton is like nah fam war isn’t done - ANGST.

Back to revolution and Lafayette is rapping REALLY FUCKING FAST cause he’s suddenly learned all of English when he wasn’t very good at it before. He explains how he brought reinforcements and shit from France but is like Washington you really need Hamilton back and Washington is like omg you’re right Hamilton pls come back I’ll give you soldiers to command BUT first listen to my song about the first time I was in command and oopsed and got my men killed so yeah DON’T DO THAT also bear in mind history has its eyes on you they may even make a musical someday ayo ;)

So Hamilton comes back and they end up winning and King George gets SUPER UPSET because parliament won’t pay for his war anymore but he’s like good luck lmao now see what I’ve had to deal with being in charge. So revolution is over and America is born, meanwhile Burr and Hamilton both have kids at the same time and turns out they’re pretty similar in that they wanna build a good world for their kids to live in.

Hamilton moves back to New York finishes his studies and becomes a lawyer, where he ends up working with Burr on the first murder trial in America. He shows off as usual and Burr gets pissed, but is also like how do you keep doing all this stuff oh my God you’re non stop.


So yeah now we’ve skipped forward a bit and Washington is President, Hamilton becomes Treasury Secretary. But UH OH Thomas Jefferson is back from France where he has been getting hella high and sleeping with loads of women, and he’s here to fuck Hamilton’s shit up. They have a straight up rap battle in a cabinet meeting and Hamilton wins but realises he’s outnumbered anyway and need to change tactics if he wants his financial plans implemented.

Meanwhile Eliza really wants him to take a fucking break and listen to his son play piano and rap, and also go with her and Angelica on holiday. Hamilton is like nah fam I have to work soz and they go away anyway. But then Hamilton fucks up. Literally. He sleeps with a woman called Maria Reynolds who rolls into his office asking for dolla. But UH OH turns out her husband knows and blackmails Hamilton to keep it quiet, and he agrees because he’s an atrocious human being.

Back to politics for a sec and Hamilton makes a deal with Jefferson to move the capital to Washington DC from NYC if his financial plans go through. But Burr gets super angry because nobody invited him to government camp, and then Hamilton is like I got what I wanted but WHAT DO YOU WANT. *side eyes emoji* And Burr is like I wanna be in the room where it happens. So finally in the second act we know what Burr actually wants.

And apparently his first step is to get elected a Senator. So ofc he’s like lol I’ll just kick Eliza’s dad out of the Senate how could this go wrong ^^

Surprise surprise it goes poorly and Hamilton is piiiiisssssed. And Burr’s dropping mega shady vibes like Hamilton your pride will be the death of us all ;) ;) Beware it cometh before the fall ;) ;) ;)

So there’s another cabinet meeting now and France is fighting Britain and wants America’s help. Hamilton is like NUUUUPE we can’t do that it’s a mess lol sorry France. Jefferson meanwhile is like WHAT THIS IS OUTRAGEOUSSSSSSS. He forms an alliance with Burr and they call themselves SOUTHERN MOTHER FUCKING DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS. He then resigns from the cabinet and is like imma run for President.

Washington by this point is too old for this shit and is like I don’t wanna be President anymore. And Alexander is like A hahaha ha good joke. And Washington is like no fam I’m serious. And Hamilton is like 😭😭😭 so they write a farewell address to the nation and everyone is sad but then Washington rides off to go enjoy his retirement.

So Jefferson loses the election to Washington’s Vice President, John Adams. But Jefferson is the new VP. Adams fires Hamilton and is super racist towards him but then Alexander is like HOW DARE and destroys him in the paper.

Jefferson and Burr have at this point noticed some weird payments coming out of Hamilton’s accounts to James Reynolds and think he’s been doing some dodgy financial corruption shit. So they roll up like hey we got the cheque stubs boy explain this. And Hamilton is like oh shit so he confesses his affair but is like please keep it secret omg. And they’re like k I guess.

Hamilton then remembers how he wrote his way out of the Caribbean and so OF COURSE he can write his way out of this situation as well. So he decides to write and publish the Reynolds pamphlet where he is like “yall think I’m guilty of financial crimes but JOKES ON YOU I actually had an affair ayo” and everyone’s like wait what. And Eliza is like wait WHAT. And Angelica is like MOTHERFUCKER WHAT. So Hamilton definitely fucked up his whole political career never to be fixed woops.

Angelica shows up and Hamilton is like thank gawd someone who understands me and Angelica is like BITCH I’M NOT HERE FOR YOU I’m here for my sister so go away.

Eliza is v angry and basically burns all Hamilton’s letters to her and is like I hope that YOU burn (also a fucking chilling emotional line).

Ding dong. It’s time for a time shift and now Hamilton’s son Philip is 19 and just graduated from King’s College. But UH OH someone talked shit about his father and he’s like IMMA FIGHT THEM and Hamilton is like fine but pls don’t actually shoot them and Philip is like fine when we duel I won’t shoot dad omg.

So they duel and Philip aims for the sky intending not to shoot but they other guys pulls a dick move and shoots before they count to 10. So Philip is deceased and Eliza and Hamilton r upset.

So Hamilton is pretty :’( and now wanders the streets by himself, finds jesus (not in the streets, in like his heart), and eventually him and Eliza make everything right.

But hold up its politics time again and now it’s an election year. Jefferson is running for President again and John Adams is gonna lose but uh oh Burr also runs for President. It’s a tie and the whole party goes to Hamilton like Bro who you want to be Pres? And Hamilton is like leave me alone. And then they say it again LOUDER and Hamilton meets Burr whilst out campaigning and is like “is there anything you wouldn’t do to win” and Burr is like “no and I learned that from you”.

So Hamilton finally agrees to endorse someone and SHOCKER endorses Jefferson. His reasoning is I’m enemies with Jefferson but at least he has principles cos Burr has none. And Jefferson is like wait what. And Burr is like MOTHERFUCKER WHAT.

So Burr writes some angry letters to Hamilton basically blaming him for everything that’s gone wrong in his life. Hamilton responds with an itemised FUCKING LIST of the disagreements they’ve had. Burr is like take it back. Hamilton says no. Burr is like fight me then. Hamilton is like k fam let’s go.

So they’re gonna duel but before that Hamilton writes a letter to Eliza explaining all this shit. He then rocks up to the dueling ground across the river and Burr is like Wait is he actually gonna shoot me omg THIS MAN WILL NOT MAKE AN ORPHAN OF MY DAUGHTER (also a tearjerker moment) so they count to 10 and shots are fired. Hamilton is hit and does a death soliloquy like oh shit what is my legacy. He sees the light and all the dead people he loves and is like imma go there too.

Back to realtime and Burr is like he’s aiming his pistol to the sky? ? WAAAAIIIIIT. But it’s too late he’s shot Hamilton in the ribs and he’s rushed away and gets a drink. He’s told he’d better hide cause Alexander died. He now laments that history obliterates and paints him in all his mistakes, and that he’s now the villain in our history. Basically he has the mega regrets.

Then everyone gets together and sings about Alexander’s life and Eliza explains how she’s telling his story to everyone, and how she lives another 50 years (time that he always wanted). She raises funds to build the Washington Monument, speaks out against slavery, and is basically the real MVP for the rest of her life. But her proudest achievement is establishing the first private orphanage in NYC and helping loads of kids grow up and she’s like “in their eyes I see you Alexander I see you every time”. She now wonders if she has done enough and if people will tell her story, and that she can’t wait to see him again

Musical over.

Derek Luh Imagine - Secrets.

Wattpad request: “It’s a derek luh one obviously, and I’m pregnant with our second child because the first one passed away, and I didn’t tell him about the babies and, I discover something terrible when, Mark tells me all bout dereks drug problems. So I pack all my things and leave, when derek gets home, he finds the pictures of our first baby along with a name. You can come up with the rest. I want it to be long and dramatic.”

This is for my boo @dopexomaha sorry it took hella long. I just wanted it to be perfect and hopefully it is, you will want a part two I understand.

Change it to Y/N if you must.

Contains upsetting content and swear words (cuss/curse words)

– Ky’s POV –

I’ve cried way too much. I couldn’t handle it the first time, there’s no way I can handle it for the second time. My heart is aching severely, as well as my stomach. The cramps are still unbearable, even hours later after the process.

I can’t tell Derek. It’ll break his heart. He’ll hate me.

Sinking down onto the couch, I pick up my phone and speed dial my boyfriend’s number, still crying. “Ky.” A voice answers.

That isn’t my Derek’s voice.

“D-Derek, where is Derek.” I utter out, snivelling to try and keep myself from crying hysterically.

“He’s just went to the store, Ky I need to talk to you about him.” Mark states, sounding concerned.

“I n-need Derek.”

“I understand, but Ky you need to help him, he’s lost his self control. He’s gettin’ back on the drugs, this new guy - whatever the fuck his name is - is a bad influence. You’re the only one he will listen to, me and the guys have tried telling him.” He explains softly yet sternly, indicating the seriousness of the situation.

“Is that where he’s been all night?” I ask, rubbing my forehead.

Mark sighs. “We tried gettin’ him to go home but he wouldn’t listen, he wants to finish this project as soon as he can, but the drugs aren’t helping at all.”

The reality of it only makes me cry harder, to the point I end the call and throw my phone across the room.

I’ve let him down. I promised I would never let him go back to the drugs that almost ruined his life. I promised. I’ve let him down.

Sobbing, an idea pops into mind that I never thought or wanted to refer to. It wouldn’t be right. But what needs to be done should be done.

I’m not leaving forever…just for a week or two? I’ll call his dad and tell him the situation, Derek always listens to his dad no matter how much he resists.

I pack whatever I can fit into my bag before writing Derek a letter - to inform him why I am leaving and how long I will be gone for - and leaving an ultrasound scan of both of our babies laying on top of it. After searching the room for anything else I will need, I quickly shove one of Derek’s t-shirts in and pick up my bags and head downstairs to leave the letter and pictures on the kitchen counter.

Soon after, I am gone.

– Derek’s POV –

Regrettably, I stumble into the house - still sobering up from my last high. It’s wearing off now, but my past actions remain a blur. I’ve let her down.

My mind is slowly sobering up. Slowly but surely. “Ky?” I yell throughout our house, kicking off my shoes.

But she doesn’t answer. “Ky?” I yell again, as loud as I can. “Ky fuckin’ answer me.”

Still, the house remains silent apart from my footsteps moving towards the living room. Maybe she fell asleep on the couch.

No, she’s not in there. “Ky!” My words are slurred but right now I couldn’t care less, I just need and want my girl in my arms.

Walking into the kitchen, I see a piece of paper on the counter with two pictures beside it. “What the fuck?” I mumble to myself, walking closer to the counter.

I furrow my eyebrows when I see two ultrasound scans and a letter from Ky. I stare at the pictures for a minute or two before reading the letter.

As I finish reading the last of her written words, a tear drop falls on the piece of paper.

She’s left? She’s left me. She was pregnant? Twice?

I quickly pull out my phone, wiping my eyes and nose with the back of my hand. “Answer the fuckin’ phone.” I seethe through gritted teeth as her recorded voice blurts into my ear. I ring her over and over and over again until I reach my limit and throw my phone at the wall. I scream, slamming my hands down on the counter in anger.

She can’t leave me. I need her. We need eachother.

After a few minutes of crying profusely and throwing a few things at the walls, I run to the hallway and pick up the house phone to call her again but she doesn’t answer.

Instead, I call my dad. I hate to lean on him for advice, I let him down with the drugs but he’s the only one who gets me. The guys try to, but they just can’t.

“Just stay calm, son.” Is the first thing he says. I slide my back down the wall until I’m sitting on the ground with the phone held to my ear.

“Y-You know?” I ask, resting my other arm on my knees.

“She called me before she left, she’s coming back.” He responds, his voice firm.

I take a second to cry, squeezing my eyes closed. “You promise?” I mutter.

“I promise, she promised. She wouldn’t do that to you, Derek, she loves you just as much as you love her. You both just need time to breathe. She’s got her stuff to deal with and you have your stuff to deal with.”

“But we should be dealing with them together, she was pregnant Dad she was fuckin’ pregnant twice and she never told me. She shouldn’t be going through that shit on her own. She needs me, why would she leave me?” I break down, banging the back of my head against the wall I’m sitting against.

“You need to focus on recovering, she told me everything Derek. You need to help yourself before you help her, she’s with people who’s gonna’ be there for her. She’s going to be fine and so are you.” He sternly tells me, I nod my head and snivel.

“I just need her Dad, and she needs me.”

“Sleep it off son, you just need to sleep and a fresh start. Tomorrow is a new day, if your own health isn’t enough determination to get clean then think of her. Think of the day she’ll be back.”

I finish up our conversation, not wanting to lose any more of my dignity before ending the call and making my way upstairs to the spare bedroom. I can’t get her or our babies out of my head and sleeping in our bed will not help but a fresh start is what I need. I will get my girl back, as soon as I can.

son! finally I see you again!

okay, listen up, I know mommy wasn’t around lately, mommy had to go to the US and shit but listen up son

you can’t always just stay up until 4am and post random videos on twitter

you need your beauty sleep also you have to get up early and train again

you gotta get at least 8h of sleep, understand? I know you’re not a baby anymore but it’s not good if you stay up in front of the laptop all night, seriously! 

are we clear on that?!

geez mum, why do you always have to embarrass me in front of everyone?!

things said by my friend in chemistry class.

“ fucking melons! “
“ did my phone vibrate? yes it did. i don’t care. “
“ i fucking hate super training. “
“ hey ____! do you still hate life? “
“ everyone’s a hoe nowadays. “
“ i need more radishes. “
“ that almost made sense. almost. so close. “
“ wait can i intrude while they sleep? “
“ *unintelligible yelling* “
“ oh shit there’s a mole in the floor! “
“ look at him! piece of shit! “
“ you wanna go son?! “
“ fucking flies! “
“ back i say! back! “
“ i know literally nothing about pokemon. “
“ why didn’t you help me before?! “
“ yes i am gonna die! it does not matter! “
“ otra vez! “
“ cave carrot! “
“ you called yourself ‘pencil shavings’ in spanish? “
“ so much sex, so little time. “
“ all the gay sex. “
“ i can’t believe you just said that to me. “
“ i keep thinking you’re saying ‘cock’ or ‘ore’! “
“ i certainly have intentions. “
“ the gay agenda: my favorite card in cards against humanity. “
“ hitler is the answer to everything. “
“ i am so writing this down. “
“ i thought you were talking about real life for a second. “
“ video games are everything. “
“ ____ please! get with the times! “
“ there’s no other way to live without a treehouse. “
“ why do you get the boring ones? “
“ you’re gonna have less of a life than you already do. “
“ you have a donald trump dad. “
“ feel the bern! “
“ he/she is never sexual. ever. “
“ i constantly have to ask ‘____ are you still alive’? “
“ nope. he/she’s dead. “
“ i no longer need algae because in fact i can sell it. “
“ i’m trying to hoe this bitch! “
“ hoe that ground! “
“ please don’t ever say that again. “
“ that cat is gonna leave your ass. “
“ pancakes!! “
“ oh no! the spirits are displeased! “
“ it’s probably cum or something. “
“ ____! stop trying to make me a meme! “

15. Beat It Up

“I know lately that we ain’t did much
But on my mama girl I promise
I'mma make that up
I know you sick of all these bitches
Wit deze rumors and lies
But however against the weather
You gon always be mine”
- Boosie: Beat It Up


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