shit so cash

this is the sam adams of fanart, like real light shit.

Pennywise on Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil *reading his notes*: So, your name is………. penny….. pennywise the….. dancing clown?

Pennywise: *nods his head with a shark smile*

Dr. Phil: ……….

Pennywise: ………..

Dr. Phil: ………… well, penn-


*audience laughing and clapping*

Pennywise: cash me in my sewers, how bout dat???

*audience exploding and sirens going out in the back*

Honestly one time while I was working at steak and shake, the register I was assigned to was short $25.
So the manager I hated was like “so,,, what are we going to do about this?”, implying that I put My tips in the register to make up the difference.
I literally looked her dead in the eye and was like “i dont know girl. Glad I’m not a manager though so I don’t have to worry about this” and walked my happy ass back to serving customers

Qrowin!Jelsa for @knightsquall and @shinamatsuoka 

I think I just need excuse to draw Elsa in Atlas Specialist uniform

I woke up from my slumber to throw at you this shit meme and go back to sleep for at least another hundred years bye

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I'm sad that your PGSM time is almost over (well, it'll never be over, but still). I loved your comments! Will you watch some Sera Myu one day?

Once I finish PGSM I’ll need something else to consume my entire soul forever. I’m actually trying to work out a “schedule” (unheard of!) in which I watch a certain number of 22-minute episodes per month, and 4 or so of those could be replaced by one longer thing (i.e. movie or musical). I want a guarantee of consistency to make sure I’m providing content on a regular basis, but what those numbers are may differ wildly between theory and practice.  

TLDR I know I’ve been saying it for years, but I WILL watch the musicals and I WILL enjoy them with my entire heart and mind. 


I was cleaning up and stumbled on an old friend –  here is my re-cased DS! I love it lots.  It was originally all pink, but I got a mint DS shell, and my bf swapped out parts of my pink DS and replaced it with the mint.  I remember it was nerve wracking at the time since several things could go wrong with recasing a DS, but luckily mine survived the operation ^^ I just wish my 3DS could be as “easily” modified.  Shit would be so cash

I want to go to school in philadelphia and possibly live there after college and I really want to open a store where I repurpose cool shit I find in thrift stores and!! there’s like 50 thrift stores in Philly alone! im so hype

magickedteacup reblogged your post  “hey i hope this isn’t too intrusive of me, but have you ever researched ADHD? Specifically, ADHD in women. I have it,…” and said

 I don’t know if this is going to be helpful to comment, but how you described the way all of this is affecting you, especially in the tags, makes me think of something we’ve been talking about in my communication disorder class, but about how like, a lot of these conditions, ADHD, disabilities related to autism, all these various learning disabilities and so forth, aren’t generally “cured” they’re managed. And some people have access to better managing systems or treatments or so forth than others for whatever reason, but that doesn’t mean their conditions magically go away. But anyway I thought about how you commented more than once that you’d resigned yourself to never getting cured and just getting on with things to whatever degree you can, and I think it’s admirable that you really have always shown determination to do what you can with what you have. And honestly you always sound like you’re always getting piles of things done that are also important to you, between the writing and raising a million baby chicks and driving between farm and work and all kinds of things :)

Aw. It’s sweet of you to note that, really it is. Yes, I do do a lot of things in my life, I don’t sit around miserable or anything, and I’m overall just fine.

And I know it’s not a thing you can cure– a lot of it is literally just how I am, it’s not a disorder per se, I’m just like this, and if you changed that you’d be changing my personality.

But it’s also something that can be treated and managed. There are resources available, strategies and therapies and, yes, medications. I know that there are. If my mother had gotten me a diagnosis she might be right in that it would have labeled me and possibly held me back, maybe colleges wouldn’t have admitted me whether that’s legal or not, maybe I would have been hurt by thinking I couldn’t because of my diagnosis.

But it also would have gotten me access to resources, would have let me talk to people who know coping strategies instead of trying to piece them together myself out of tortuous research and contradictory quackery. And I could have tried medication, maybe, or at least evaluated whether it would help me, instead of being antidepressants that I think have permanently harmed me. 

I’m angry, furiously angry, because I’ll never know. Because so many people who sound a whole lot like me speak so fondly of the work they’ve been able to do on themselves with the right guidance, and all my attempts to get that kind of guidance have been condescendingly rebuffed. 

Maybe there isn’t really help! But I’ll never know, because I can’t get it anyway. 

i fucking hate when u point out a flaw and some dumbass is like “UM? RUBY HAS A SNIPER SCYTHE THE SHOW DOESNT HAVE TO MAKE SENSE???”

like no you stupid fuck literally one of the key points of monty’s style is utilizing physics and momentum to generate cleaver and fast fight scenes. sniper scythes dont make sense irl but literally one of the most talked about thing when the red trailer dropped was ruby utilizing the recoil of her gun to swing her impossibly big weapon around. shit was cash. so many characters have fighting styles that work off the same principals, to ignore them is to ignore monty’s techniques and write them off as “illogical anime stuff”

which is why its annoying v3 onward has so much legitimate stupid anime stuff like blake floating midair or ruby wielding her scythe weird. it shows the dirctors and animators either dont recognize what monty was doing or dont care 

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Hey! I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your suburbia au. Do you have any more headcanons for it?

Aw thanks, I’m so glad you do! Oh man, do i ever.. 

  • Ryan got into gardening reluctantly, and only because it allowed for decent casual surveillance of the street, but it has somehow accidentally grown into something of a passion. He brought out a slightly inappropriate level of menace after catching the bratty neighbourhood teenagers ruining his flowers..
  • Someone buys a drone (totally for cool tech reasons and absolutely not to test out hypothetical surveillance methods) and before long all six of them own one, kit them out ridiculously, and race each other around the neighbourhood doing their best to destroy each other. 
  • Jack has poisons hidden amongst the spices in his kitchen, which would be fine if Geoff didn’t insist on barging in and borrowing them uninvited. Geoff relentlessly laments about the time Jack ruined a perfectly good curry when he had a tantrum about stolen spices. 
  • One ice cream truck does stealth missions into the street - the stuffy neighbourhood would report any hint of green-sleeves but its worth sneaking into the cul de sack for the outrageous tips Geoff and Gavin both give out.
  • Michael is the king of fireworks. His are 100% bigger, more exciting and more likely to result in a trip the the emergency room than the standard sort. He definitely doesn’t add inappropriate explosives into the mix. 
  • They all have Roombas, because who has time to vacuum. Gavin named them all and they’ve caught him ‘feeding’ them when he thinks they look sad. Ryan’s initially had remote controlled blades which could pop out on command but he was terrified Gavin was going to find them. 
  • Gavin made a habit of ‘almost’ stumbling across various hidden weapons/surveillance equipment just to make the others panic. On one such occasion he meandered around a shrub he knew hid grenades for long enough that Geoff offered to buy Gavin that shiny new motorbike he’s been talking about if he’d just hurry up and come inside now.
  • There was a christmas light competition. It started casually but competitive natures and endless money quickly turned it into a 5 way race to hell (Ray threw up a couple of inappropriate christmas themed figures and called it a day).  There were no winners, and they all spent 3 days without power. The less said about it the better.