shit rizzoli and isles fans say

I sat on this post for a while, because honestly, I didn’t know what to say. I know many people have the attitude of, “It’s just a show; what’s the big deal?” And I get that for sure. To each their own. Or “Chill out and look at the positives!” and I suppose that one is a bit harder to swallow.

The positives? I don’t know, really. We got to see Sasha smile a few times? Maura looks happy? Is that what I’m supposed to take out of it to get me back in February? Here’s what I’m taking out of these 12 episodes:

  • A show runner who dismisses her own medium when confronted with criticism (“We’re just writing a tv show. Seriously.”)
  • A show runner who, by her own admission, didn’t watch the show when she got the job
  • A show runner who is clearly in love with her own work (based on tweets and live-tweeting videos)
  • A glaring lack of research (how many times has Maura been wrong on basic information?)
  • A glaring lack of continuity nods (The Lady GaGa moment in this episode has been debunked more than once by other posters)
  • A show of “moments” that don’t even add to the episode
  • And yet also a show of “moments” that SHOULD be part of an episode, but take place off-camera (Jane telling Casey of her miscarriage. Are you kidding me??)
  • The Angiefication of Jane Rizzoli
  • Less and less time for the “Isles” part of the title
  • An egregious lack of quality story lines for the “Isles”, when she does get screen time
  • Still no residual effects of life-changing events

Etc., etc. So many missed opportunities pushed to the side in order to get a scene in about baseballs, or Jack and his fly, or shilling their latest money-maker (Toyota, Dunkin’ Donuts, Autotrader, Rosetta Stone). The miscarriage was woefully underwritten, and Maura Isles is neglectfully cast aside.

Here’s the thing about Jack: remember that scene where Maura listed off all the previous love interests that turned out poorly? If Jack doesn’t stick around, it will be yet ANOTHER love interest that fails Maura. How in the world will they ever be able to write her trusting ANYONE as a love interest ever again? How many times does she need to get her heart broken before throwing her hands in the air and saying, “Yep. I’m going to be alone the rest of my life. Yay, me”? That’s kinda depressing, isn’t it? At least Jane had control over all of her break-ups. *thinks* I’ve never thought about it that way- Jane, either on-screen or implied, was the dumper, never the dumpee. Grant, Dean, Martinez, Casey. All caught in the chopper blades of Jane Rizzoli. Maura? The recipient, every single time. It goes towards the victimizing of the character. And if there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of Rizzles ever happening, how can Maura trust Jane won’t be like everyone else, or treat HER like she’s treated every other relationship?

So why do I keep watching? I used to say it was because I saw potential in the show and wanted it to get better. With just the right attention to detail, with just the right amount of care, this show could be really good. (It’ll never be great, but why can’t it be really good?) I don’t think I see potential in this show anymore. I don’t think anyone really, truly gives a shit about it, beyond putting out an episode next week, and getting the fucking thing to trend on Twitter.

The truth? I watch because of Sasha Alexander. I watch for a morsel of someone who could and should be doing so much better somewhere else. And because I still enjoy writing fan fiction about these characters, though as I’ve said in the past, they’re becoming less and less like the characters I once knew.

Of course, I could say that about the entire show in general.