shit results

  • jungkook: are ur legs tired? because–
  • jimin: no? i feel fine..
  • jungkook: [sigh] –you've been running through my mind all day
  • [in the background]
  • tae: which attempt was this?
  • hoseok: number 275
  • tae: [snorts] sucks to suck

another thing that I think about a lot is how absolutely terrible han solo is at calculating when he’s going to make planetfall

which is not to say han solo is bad with numbers, han solo is one of those self-taught savants, who can do complicated interest calculations in his head; what han solo cannot do is the finicky interstellar calculus that tells you if you start out at 1800 hours local time, on a planet with a 90 hour sidereal day, and travel at 9 parsecs per hour, skipping between the Terrabe Bypass and the Alui Corridor, you’ll make planetfall on Tatooine around 0700 local time, just when everybody’s headed out to the noonday meal.

that’s the kind of shit he hates.

it also results in an unending string of hilarious misadventures wherein han solo arrives at precisely the wrong time anywhere he goes and ends up 1) preventing the kidnapping of a young duke’s son because everyone else was asleep, 2) dropping through atmo at the exact right moment to stop an Imperial rollout of monitoring droids, because he throught the no fly order wasn’t in effect until the next day, 3) hanging around at high noon, waiting for jabba to come back from his daily nap, only to be waylaid by a man claiming to be a jedi and his wide-eyed kid, 4) amusing leia to no end as he sits at one of the mess hall tables, biting his thumb and trying to work out four-dimensional calculus with a flimsi napkin and an old-fashioned stylus, 5) annoying his son to no end as he was late for everything, yes, dad, everything—uncle luke said you arrived four days after I was born.

better late than never, han says with a grin, every time. and anyway, your mom was on a planet with a very short solar cycle, messed up everything.

for his 40th birthday, leia buys him a top of the line galactic calculator, which only needs the local time, and then galactic coordinates of origin and destination to estimate the local time of arrival.

she finds han at the kitchen table three days later, biting his thumb and working out the time to the outer rim with a flimsi napkin, and a stylus.

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There is hope, his heart is still pure right? …This was supposed to be a serious gifset I swear

nerd shaming

@Twitter explain yourself

renegadeforlemonade  asked:

So... Not entirely sure if anyone has ever asked you this before, but how the hell are you motivated enough to animate stuff? Is it validation from others? The responsibility of catering to an audience? I mean, I'm unmotivated af with my interests. I'm kinda jealous of the people who can eventually get shit done.

The final result and the fact that people loves what I do keeps me going.

Also tumblr is much more mature than the undertale amino.

I think I received 5 messages from people saying that lost respect for what I do because I wasn’t supporting the ships that allow incest and pedophilia… and that basically I hate all my fans lol.