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2AM - part 6 (A Minseok Series)

You awoke some hours later alone with memories of your breakdown in front of Minseok, his reaction, his tearful apologies that faded as the grief and pain in your heart took over.

You’d let him see just how badly his actions had hurt you and as your eyes adjusted to the light your ears caught a sound in the distance. Somewhere else in the home you could hear voices.

What time was it? It had to be late morning by now.

You sat up on his bed, pushing off the covers that he seemed to have thrown over you in the night, and your feet sank to the floor, resting over a pair of slippers carefully set just where you would be sure to stand and walk.

Had he done this?

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Tosaki’s wedding

Haha okay so: 31.07. Day 7: rest?  | anything goes  | sun

I decided to take this day to draw Tosaki’s wedding (with his fiance, I think her name is Ai?) in a happy ending maybe…haha I don’t know it seemed like a funny idea in my mind XD and drawing all this crap was actually really fun. So this was clearly meant to be ridiculous so, what the hell? I just hope you enjoy and laugh with me at this shit I made. 

Since Ajin is such a dense manga, and I really love the characters, sometimes I just feel like I want to see them doing stupid things together… (unfortunately I didn’t think it’d be right to include Sato and the others here xd except for Tanaka, cuz he’s just a cinnamon roll). 

(Anyway I apologize for the bad quality of some drawings that are next ): when I’ve my computer fixed, I’ll make them well).


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Do you ever just...

Aries: Curl up your toes and smile uncontrollably because you’ve fallen in love with someone so hard

Taurus: Stare at a dog and just look at their eyes it’s just WOW

Gemini: Look at your best friend and wonder all the shit you two are gonna start up when you’re like 80

Cancer: Feel like you’ll never find someone you can love AND trust at the same time

Leo: Just look at your handwriting and think WOW call me John Hancock because that A is LIT

Virgo: End up in the same room as that ONE person and you just keep repeating in your head “please don’t talk to me”

Libra: Truly wonder how can anyone possibly honestly say they like your qualities and may actually WANNA date you

Scorpio: Wonder if everything’s gonna be okay the way everyone says it will be because right now I’m not feeling it

Sagittarius: Legit wanna smack the teacher with her ruler when she says “the bell doesn’t dismiss you I dismiss you”

Capricorn: lay your head in your hand and look at your friends and wonder how they’re still alive with all their crazy crap

Aquarius: Want to have perfect memory, so you don’t forget/underappreciate anything ever again?

Pisces: Feel like your whole life is validated because a SINGLE person said that your post was relatable bc sameeee

Things the world needs to stop hating about the signs
  • aries: your straightforward, sometimes aggressive approach to things. you are energetic and know your self-worth, so fuckin what ????? those are good qualities if u ask me
  • taurus: how stubborn you are. you are stubborn for all of the right reasons baby cakes—sticking up for your beliefs es muy bueno!!!¡¡
  • gemini: i have a lot to say about this one whew.....i don't care who says you're a two-faced, lying bitch—YOURE ALL SMART AS FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!! you're just having fun with life ain't nothin wrong with that. As for being two-faced, you just have a never-ending stream of different thoughts, and you are very adaptable
  • cancer: apparently you are couch potato cry babies, but no. you probably feel most comfortable at home and that is perfectly okay. And just because you aren't afraid of letting out your emotions, doesn't make you a cry baby. CRYING IS HEALTHY WHEN UR SAD GOD DAMMIT
  • leo: snobby, stuck up, self-absorbed, etc.. God, you are none of those things. You are creative and talented and showing that off is nothing to be ashamed of. A lot of your qualities stem from insecurity; you feel the need to overcompensate in areas you feel you are weak in, so you may come off as stuck-up, but NO, u are not.
  • virgo: over-critical prudes that are always depressing and boring. WRONG. Your brains are wired to perfect things, so that is what you try to do. If you fail, you may become sad and come off as depressed, but you are just very disciplined. That ain't bad, U are STRONG
  • libra: ditzy, self-absorbed people who are addicted to anything beautiful, regardless of what lies underneath the surface. WRONG AGAIN. You do have an eye for aesthetics and beauty plays a large role in your life, but you are very intellectual and selfless. You do your best to make sure everything and everyone involved in a situation is at ease.
  • Scorpio: damn u guys got some real ass hate ..... people always say you are the truly evil people in the world, all this darkness and sadness deep inside of you. There is darkness in you, just as there is in the rest of us, but your darkness can be accentuated by the fact that you experience emotions to the extreme. You are passionate in everything that you do, and very determined. Good things!!!!!
  • Sagittarius: You are brutally honest, rude, you speak out of turn, all that crap. Yes you usually are very truthful, but that is because you don't see a reason to lie in life—lying only causes problems. When you see somebody beating around the bush about a topic, you are quick to get to the point. Being able to see the truth through all of the bulllllshitttt is a very lucky trait.
  • Capricorn: Often you are regarded as the spawn of satan (symbolized by the seaGOAT), emotionless, rude, careless, etc.. It is hard for you to be emotional because you may feel like you are letting your precious guard down, that's just the way your mind works. underneath a stone cold surface is a melting pot of emotions, and you are not trying to be rude, you just call it how you see it. You are strong and determined and will get where you want to be in life with those qualities
  • Aquarius: Weird one who never talks and seems to always be rebelling on purpose. You have so much in your head, you have seen all there is to see, imagined every possible situation, and you are left with yourself to deal with it all. Your mind naturally is geared towards change, and you are quite inventive.
  • Pisces: over-emotional, confused babies. No! You are beautiful, delicate creatures with cascading emotions and thoughts. you are very intuitive, but sometimes your thoughts and feelings can overwhelm you. Regardless, ur cutie patooties: creative, thoughtful, and selfless. Go master that occult stuff all the books about astrology r telling u to

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Tom Wilson or Michael Latta

okay, let’s get one thing out of the way first:

  • michael latta can make some nice juice [x]

now, i don’t drink juice, but i’m sure he and i will be able to find some other quality uses for those guns arms.

  • beyond that, he is known to find the good deals at CostCo, and honestly i get so excited whenever anything’s on sale. my dad says that’s the inner capitalist in me, but whatever, michael and i would save so much money on quality offers:

  • while we’re on the subject of food, he can cut cucumbers:

and i love cucumbers [no joke].

  • of course, michael latta’s shoulders are an actual mountain slope:

  • and lastly, he can sing justin bieber, which obviously means he’s a man clearly in touch with his feelings[x]:

and i think that’s a sexy quality to have.

have i made my case yet? like, just imagine, michael latta juicing cucumbers while singing ‘what do you mean’, now that’s the shit dreams are made of right there. (he will be shirtless, of course, while doing this)

send me two hockey players and i’ll say which i think is hotter

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So I'm also trying to great my own AU ( going to post it on this blog). And I was wondering what make a good group of characters

🌙: Oh, something I actually specialize in!

I’ve written and designed characters for a little over a decade (albeit I still have a ways to learn), so here is what I know on what makes a good group of characters! This not only goes for character portrayal in Undertale AUs, but to original stories as well. (I mean…I deal with a group of eight characters in Shisenota.)

1. Varying personalities: a group of five who are determined, always sad, edgy, comical and wise sounds better than five people who are all angstbuckets. Unless they’re all angstbuckets for varying reasons, but let’s be honest. Unless you’re a total angst-lover, if all your story is angst angst angst, it may not really be that enjoyable to most. (I love angst myself, but if exposed 100% of the time, then…that’s a turnaway for me.)

2. It’s all about the little things! (character depth) Sure, some base personalities might be cutboard cutouts (ie. the shonen dork of a main character), but they have different interests and experiences that still make them different in some way, namely how they react to certain situations. One character can laugh at a dangerous situation as another is freaking out while another is just stone-faced.

3. Not every past is a tragic past! Some characters have tragic pasts, yes. But there are also characters who have not-as-tragic pasts. It can spawn for some nice character development moments, both for the tragic character and the normal character.

4. Interaction! Some characters become BFFs right off the bat, other characters might hate another’s guts. While its good to focus on major interactions with certain characters, don’t have them forget about the rest of the group (unless, like…one character doesn’t really acknowledge another’s existence, then that’s a totally different story.) Different interactions are fun, also.

5. Characters with GLARING flaws are okay! It’s totally okay to make a character that’s SUPER ANNOYING and that you wanna just strangle them (like some bratty rich woman who was thrown into conflict way outside of her comfort zone), it gives them SO MUCH ROOM for character development.

6. The world isn’t the only thing that shapes you. Character development happens through interaction with the group, as well. Two people that hate each other’s guts may one day come to understand one another. Two friends that fight will make up and be stronger as friends. One character can develop by just OBSERVING interaction with another two or three characters in the group, and it prompts them to think about something regarding their actions.

7. OBSERVE, OBSERVE, OBSERVE. Now, I do not reccommend stalking, but what I do HIGHLY reccommend is people watching. Go to a mall or some place with loads of people, observe the way they interact with each other. You don’t have to interact with any of them, just look at them, but don’t stare at one for too long. D: This one may not be an easy thing to do, ESPECIALLY if you’re someone with social anxiety.

8. Realistic portrayals. Let’s be honest, there are characters with traits that are exaggerated SO bad, like the tsundere trait! Believe me, tsunderes don’t do…whatever they do in anime. They will treat you like shit just to hide their feelings. (also they don’t go like “IT’S NOT LIKE I LIKE YOU OR ANYTHING, B-B-BAKA!”)

9. Everyone has flaws. Flaws that are sometimes hidden in their best qualities. While they may seem right to their eyes and maybe our eyes, it’s hurting another character in the group. A character reacting a certain way due to a certain reason is also a flaw. Hell, look inside yourself, think about what some of your flaws are and put them into certain characters! Connection with them is a great advantage to have has a creator in portraying characters in a group.

10. Inspiration! Look at certain critically acclaimed movies, anime, games and shows! Quite a few of them have amazing portrayals of characters! (like Studio Ghibli films, for example.) Another thing I HIGHLY reccommend is looking at critique videos and reviews on certain animes. It can really give you some pointers and an idea if you’re doing something right or wrong.

I believe that’s all I can think about so far! Sorry for the long-ass post, but hope these tips will help you in writing a group of people!

Today, I fucked up... by finding a bag of weed on the ground

I live in a small midwest college town so used rubbers, beer cans, and puddles of vomit on the sidewalks are all everyday encounters. But today I was walking down the main party street coming back from playing frisbee with my dog. I’m standing on the corner waiting to cross the street, looking back and forth, when I spot it. Laying on the ground in a cornered off plastic sandwich bag was what had to be at least an eighth of weed. It’s a Saturday afternoon and there are people fucking everywhere. Socially awkward as I am, I figure I can’t just bend down and pick it up for fear of someone seeing me. Luckily I have this dog leash that has a poop bag dispenser built in so I’m like, yeah just pick it up and put it in the non-see-through poop bag. So I do, and I cross the street. I walk for a minute I’m still 10 blocks away from my apartment but off of the main party street and my curiosity starts to get the best of me. I glance around and don’t think anyone is paying attention to me. I reach into the poop bag and open the internal bag of “shit” to check the quality of the goods. Part of me says the price is right so what do you care? But caught up in the moment, and blinded by the concept of free weed; I reach my hand in just to cop a feel of a nug and then foolishly brought the compound bag to my face for a quick sniff. As my nostrils flooded with the smell of sweet cheeba my eyes and ears filled with the sights and sounds of some dude yelling from his deck at me, with at least 20 people around him, “I JUST WATCHED THAT FUCKIN’ GUY FINGER FUCK THAT BAG OF DOG SHIT AND SMELL IT!” My fantasy world came crashing down around me in an instant and the only thing I could think to say was, “ baaaAAHHH…IT’S GOOD SHIT!” Then proceeded to run home and attempted to wipe my short-term memory with free shit-bag weed. Needless to say I’ll never walk down that street again.

by NotVeryMagicMike

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i would scroll through but your blog is shit so no thanks. Yes you are a kid. First of all your spellings suck read some QUALITY books and improve that. Anyone sensible would know that who's right and who's wrong so I dont need to explain myself. Oh I am embarrassing myself? Omg i feel so bad bc of you!!! Lmao. The difference between us is that my parents would be proud of what i have done and yours would be ashamed. Bye.

Ooooooh, I wouldn’t be so sure about that.
I could give you a full list of reasons why my parents would feel proud of me, but how abut a reason why yours would feel ashamed of you? You got out of arguments and complained about my spelling? Really? It’s really normal I have spelling mistakes bc as I said, I am still studying english right now, so yeah, I am reading good books, thank you for the unnecessary tip.
And why does it matter if my blog is shit? It’s a personal blog, I reblog things I like, I don’t even post nothing here from myself, you practically just insulted some of your biases.
If you are fighting me over all that I thought it was because you cared about Haechan, but you don’t care enough to the point you wouldn’t scroll through a shitty blog? Huuuum ok

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these sexy lyrics from liam and now zayn have got me thinking. do you think zayn calls liam daddy during their special sexy times? cuz i'm getting serious freak vibes from both of them. i mean that in a good way! love to you as always, warrior princess.

Warrior princess? I like that. Me and you could have some special sexy times if you keep talking to me like that, nonnie. ;D

Wasn’t Zayn the one to give Liam that nickname?

Zayn got some Freudian shit going on and I love it! Now that we know Yaser Malik is a personal trainer, Zayn’s obsession with Liam’s fitness makes even more sense now. You know how people say guys always marry another version of their mother? Well Zayn is gonna marry another version of his father. Fan-fucking-tastic.

You can’t make this shit up. I’m cartwheeling on the inside.

Do you think Zayn ever talks to his mom about the downside of loving a gym rat?

Bless. This is amazing.

So to answer your question, I’m more sure than ever that Zayn gets off on calling Liam daddy. Kind, responsible, lowkey, R&B/Hip Hop loving, ripped Liam is right up Zayn’s alley. That’s his dad!  These are the qualities Zayn’s literally been raised to look for in a mate. Liam truly is daddy. This tidbit of information has made me feel so alive. Thank you fate for making this happen and allowing us to witness it.

And yes, I think there’s a reason the bits of lyrics we’ve gotten from both of them are sexually charged. To paraphrase Zayn, they’re not supposed to talk about it, but they gotta tell us. :)))

What the fuck is this.

I ordered a cute sitting taichi plushie from Digimon tri…NOT this sad, depressed, PTSD riddled man. I have never in my life been so disappointed before..holy shit look at this. The expression on the face of what I am holding in my hand is exactly how i feel right now.. he looks so sad! he looks like he suffered a great deal of pain and torture being shipped to me. He is so crappily and low quality made, and he knows. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, well id say this one is worth 1000 tears.

You know how you can look at someone and you just just KNOW that they are suffering but chose to hide it behind a mellow smile in hopes that nobody will notice even though they kinda want people to know? This is it. He looks like he has no reason to get out of bed but did it anyway because he is too scared to take his own life. Hes suffering silently. What i ordered was a cute little anime plushie of my husband, but instead i got someone who has no reason to live and knows it. Yeah he keeps hanging around with Yamato and the others and he laughs as they tell their funny stories but he’s dead inside. He’s dead. 

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OMG you know really good Drarry fics?! I'm trying to get back into that ship, but all the fics I liked when I was 14 are, well, kinda shit. At least in comparison to the quality of stuff I've been reading lately. Do you have any recs?

OH GOD I FEEL YOU, been shipping these two since 2k10 and i was 12 at that time so I only read shitty German ones haha but since i started reading English fanfic a whole new world unfolded in front of me, fic-quality wise haha


Most of my faves are 100k+ words ones, I hope you don’t mind epic fics :D


first of all, my absolute favourite, Underwater Light by Maya. Of ALL fics I have ever read this is the most beautiful. It’s not available on any fanfiction online platform anymore, so you have to read it here. I have read it at least 10 times and I intend on reading it another 10 times. also:

only some of my faves, if you want more, dont hesitate to ask me again! :)