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i am beyond sick of looking at this so im just gonna….. leave it here….

idk i thought it’d be fun to do a sort of redraw, but use ellie’s new design instead of her old one (spoiler: it wasn’t. it was torture)

werewolf!eijun and vampire!miyuki living in the same house because hey why not (please feel free to add more because i know this isn’t the most well-thought out headcanon)

  • housemates?? roommates?? what are they?? they are mostly Angry at each other
  • surprisingly eijun doesnt care about the whole vampire vs wolf ordeal; all he cares about is how ANNOYING miyuki kazuya is 
  • he likes how miyuki cooks though 
  • miyuki on the other doesn’t actually like to cook much because he’s not eating them why would he cook them 
  • but then eijun’s puppy eyes and metaphorical wagging tail and how can he say no to that 
  • they both like steaks. miyuki likes his rare, because it tastes okay for human food in his opinion, but eijun’s fine with how it’s cooked because miyuki made it 
  • actually he likes anything miyuki cooks 
  • during full moons they both separately go to on their own ways, trying not to snarl and bite and scratch each other. if one is to visit their house on days of full moon, they’d see an extremely pissed, red-eyed kazuya who tries to be calm by doing household chores and eijun chopping wood outside and chasing the stray bits that go flying
  • but after full moon they’d both stumble in the house and collapse in the pre-made pillow nest in the living room, tired from the ordeal of having their senses peak so much it becomes sensitive
  • “bakamura, you stinky, mangy mutt, get away from me” “shut up miyuki, you’re the one not rolling away from me. also can you please try not to get blood in my shirt, ew”
  •  CUDDLING they try to lazily strangle each other until they give up and just lie there
  • after that in the morning eijun will see how utterly destroyed miyuki looks and he’ll laugh 
  •  "miyuki kazuya, you look like shit, you should go look in the-” “the what, sawamura” “..i..n.. the.. in th-the..” “say it. i want to hear you say it." “the, uh, mirror?” cue extremely annoyed HISSING
  • eijun fixing how miyuki looks because miyuki can’t do it himself
  • miyuki absolutely hates it when eijun finishes his run and leaves mud in the house can’t you even take care of yourself you dog
  • and eijun cannot stand it when miyuki blasts his playlist in the dead of the night because some people aren’t nocturnal bloodsuckers like you, miyuki kazuya
  • the occasional arguing is because eijun forgot to separate the whites in the laundry, and not because his great-great grandfather once fought a young miyuki
  • vampire miyuki and werewolf eijun living together in harmony okay

Skip Muck (feat. That one thing we all pretend didn’t happen) + text posts (4/?)

Here we go lol

Once upon a time, when they were still young and stupid, Jack was never one to suggest on flying out of a whim. Given the colour of his wings, it was completely justified. Even though Gabriel had tried to change that, he understood and respected Jack’s decision.

Now, despite getting used to Jack confidently putting his wings on full display, Gabriel is still rather surprised when his mate suggests going out for a fly. Pleasantly so, at least. Though Gabriel has to admit he is rather worried. Jack has been quiet these days, quieter than usual, that is. Blue eyes have this faraway look, thoughtful and just a bit melancholic. He smiles every time Gabriel breaks him out of it, but there is this tint of sadness around the crinkles of his eyes that bothers Gabriel.

Perhaps today he would find out why.

The perk of being a self-organized group is that they don’t have to take order from anyone. They can leave or be on duty whenever they choose to. And there are not many people who would say no to either Jack or Gabriel.

There aren’t a lot of words exchanged between them as they ride the wind, Gabriel’s arms curl around Jack’s waist as his smoke weaves among smooth, obsidian feathers, enjoying the crisp, cold air that refreshes their senses after so many days holed up at point. Jack has his hands threaded with Gabriel’s, humming and chuckling whenever his mate drops a kiss at his nape. Neither brushes the topic of where they are going. They fly for hours, it seems, silent and lost in their own little world, but also basking in the presence of the other half.

When the sky turns gold and red, Jack brings them both to a halt. The range of trees below them are lush and dusted white, catching the late light and whispering in the wind. After a few surveying circles, they land in a hidden clearing on the mountain, snow crunching under their boots. Gabriel raises an eyebrow as he takes in the scenery. Beautiful, lacking of the human’s touch and definitely unexpected.

“Not the ideal place for a picnic. Unless you’re into some cold sex kink, then I can’t complain.”

After all these years, it still amuses him greatly how he can make Jack fluster in a second flat. His grin only widens at the expected punch on his arm, “Get your mind out of the gutter.”

Jack links their hands together anyway, dragging Gabriel with him as they trudge uphill and into the trees. Questions bubbling at the tip of Gabriel’s tongue, but he holds them down, because Jack looks both excited and nervous at the same time. Besides, Gabriel has most of them answered just after ten minutes of hiking.

A cottage, crude, tiny and fucking adorable, sits hidden under the shadows of evergreens. It is obviously hand-built, the logs frayed at the edges yet still impeccable, windows and doors resilient under the piled-up snow.

Instinctively, Gabriel’s heart picks up its pace as Jack gives him a small smile, bashfulness written all over his face, and pushes the door open. 

There is obviously no electricity here, but the fading sun through various windows is enough to make Gabriel’s breath catch in his throat.

Feathers, layered and woven together, are laid in the middle of the sparsely decorated room, gathered into an unmistakable structure. It was of a solid midnight colour, with bits of fabric and ropes bound into them in a traditional pattern, if not a bit clumsily so. Some parts seems unfinished, uneven wherever Jack seemed to be uncertain, and the nest over all is simple, but study at just the first glance. What surprises Gabriel most is the fine, if not old, layer of whiteness in the middle, glinting with obvious specs of gold.

“I…came back to our last place.” Jack’s voice is quiet, the edge of anxiety is there, as if afraid Gabriel would disapprove, when the man is just too stunned to say a word, “It was difficult to salvage whatever I could find, since you don’t like leaving your feathers around. And…uh, the rest…I came here to shed every moulting season…I just…I thought it was stupid, it is stupid, because we’re fucking old now, it’s too fucking latr for this and-and I didn’t even know…I didn’t even know if you were still alive or not back then. But this…doing this gave me closure…I just…”

His rambling is cut short when Gabriel grabs the front of his stupid jacket and slots their mouths together. Hungry, desperate, possessive. He pushes Jack into the structure, right in the middle, and his dazed mind can only be awed at how soft and right this feeling is.

“It’s perfect.” Gabriel says finally, breathless as he stares into Jack’s hopeful blue eyes, “Everything is perfect.”

Good glow on that JO crystal. Must of been a lot of positive energy at the sesh. I used to have a JO crystal similar to that one until the TSA confiscated it. They said it wasn’t safe to bring in the plane on account that it could interfere with the planes avionics. I don’t blame them. Me and the bros spent all Memorial Day charging that JO crystal up.