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idk i thought it’d be fun to do a sort of redraw, but use ellie’s new design instead of her old one (spoiler: it wasn’t. it was torture)

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soo… ok y'all see ya on the other side.. @bcydbeaulieu ’s big ass package just arrived for me and I can tell you right now I’m going to end up crying into a puddle of my own feelings and emotions so if you don’t hear from me again, know that this was the cause of my death 😄

                 YOU  know what’s interesting, though ??  During her confidant, there’s this… Conflict… She repeatedly has with this other model, & although it quickly became obvious the other model had it out for her a bit, Anne seemed genuinely surprised both times. I was trying to think it over because… Normally she strikes me as quite realistic; not when it comes to understanding how to strengthen her heart or the concept of dumpling sandwiches, mind you, but with  PEOPLE  . She’s consistently the one to show doubt, worry, or even empathize with a point of view that opposes the Phantom Thieves; she seems to understand all sorts of different perspectives, good & bad — & often is the first, if not only member, to posit theories ( usually close to the mark or dead on ) about their targets’ motivations or past experiences. So I thought it was pretty strange that she often strikes me as naive in her confidant ranks, but after some thought, I’ve nailed it down.

                 At first, I thought maybe it was that same empathy that was clouding her ability to grasp the situation — to realize she was being goaded & / or tricked. But on the other hand, she’s dealt with catty girls & women her entire life to the point that even  RYUJI  knew & understood. Honestly, I think the real issue here isn’t that she values others’ perspectives & opinions too highly — I think it’s that she  devalues  her  own  instincts & opinions. It actually makes a lot of sense considering not only the many times she’s conceded to someone’s else’s thoughts or even apologized for her own, but also considering she’s been so  WRONG  . In her eyes, what happened to Shiho was her own personal failure& although she gradually comes to accept that Kamoshida is the  only  one to blame, it’s still a considerable obstacle for her to have understood her best friend’s situation so  wrong  . Not only that, but she also misjudges Makoto as well — believing she was complicit in covering for Kamoshida, & resenting her for it. When she apologizes, even though she says what I said above — that Kamoshida is to blame — she still admits that she was taking out her own guilt, blame, & failures on Makoto… So I think the real issue here is that she’s having trouble trusting  HERSELF  &  HER  instincts. She spends  days  trying to convince herself her instinct is off about Yusuke following her, after all — even though it becomes quite clear that he is. It’s a recurring problem that, from where I am in July, she’s yet to resolve.

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The CW it’s the guilty for what happens, and here we are blaming other shoppers for what happen to our ships
(Karamel: bad development,
Sanvers: little screentime and SuperCorp: queerbaiting).
But not, we send hate between us and justify one ship over the others. But the show is the only thing about abusive, unhealthy and toxic things. Yeah, great.

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ok...., so i swear you once said something about the professor being scoot's abuser;, like im 91% sure...I agree with that definitely for my own reasons but:: if you could maybe give me an explanation of why u think so that would be great bc i love meta or if u already have a post about it,, maybe repost it? thanks yall i love ur blog

idk if ive ever made a real post explaining it bc im shit at writing serious meta but here we go

so starting with imo the most obvious 

(this panel is from the evolution comic but shh)  Charles takes in a traumatized, abused, mentally ill & disabled orphan to become part of his personal army. That already is pretty fucked up but ya know, maybe just an oversight by the writers ?

but time goes on, scott is made field leader, which is a ridiculous amount of pressure to put on a someone so young. 

I don’t have any specific examples but he pretty consistently uses position of power to manipulate Scott, a child with no other support system, into doing/acting like he wants him to. Not to mention using his powers to actually alter Scott’s mind (like making him forget about his brothers death !) And he physically hit him at least once.  

he hates scott being his own person and not an obedient little soldier, and it only get worse when Scott became an adult 

he also had a crush on jean. so, theres that

anyway, there’s a reason i tend to fail essays. @mutantleaderinthemaking u got anything to add

@geminitournaments holy shit dude you are busy

werewolf!eijun and vampire!miyuki living in the same house because hey why not (please feel free to add more because i know this isn’t the most well-thought out headcanon)

  • housemates?? roommates?? what are they?? they are mostly Angry at each other
  • surprisingly eijun doesnt care about the whole vampire vs wolf ordeal; all he cares about is how ANNOYING miyuki kazuya is 
  • he likes how miyuki cooks though 
  • miyuki on the other doesn’t actually like to cook much because he’s not eating them why would he cook them 
  • but then eijun’s puppy eyes and metaphorical wagging tail and how can he say no to that 
  • they both like steaks. miyuki likes his rare, because it tastes okay for human food in his opinion, but eijun’s fine with how it’s cooked because miyuki made it 
  • actually he likes anything miyuki cooks 
  • during full moons they both separately go to on their own ways, trying not to snarl and bite and scratch each other. if one is to visit their house on days of full moon, they’d see an extremely pissed, red-eyed kazuya who tries to be calm by doing household chores and eijun chopping wood outside and chasing the stray bits that go flying
  • but after full moon they’d both stumble in the house and collapse in the pre-made pillow nest in the living room, tired from the ordeal of having their senses peak so much it becomes sensitive
  • “bakamura, you stinky, mangy mutt, get away from me” “shut up miyuki, you’re the one not rolling away from me. also can you please try not to get blood in my shirt, ew”
  •  CUDDLING they try to lazily strangle each other until they give up and just lie there
  • after that in the morning eijun will see how utterly destroyed miyuki looks and he’ll laugh 
  •  "miyuki kazuya, you look like shit, you should go look in the-” “the what, sawamura” “..i..n.. the.. in th-the..” “say it. i want to hear you say it." “the, uh, mirror?” cue extremely annoyed HISSING
  • eijun fixing how miyuki looks because miyuki can’t do it himself
  • miyuki absolutely hates it when eijun finishes his run and leaves mud in the house can’t you even take care of yourself you dog
  • and eijun cannot stand it when miyuki blasts his playlist in the dead of the night because some people aren’t nocturnal bloodsuckers like you, miyuki kazuya
  • the occasional arguing is because eijun forgot to separate the whites in the laundry, and not because his great-great grandfather once fought a young miyuki
  • vampire miyuki and werewolf eijun living together in harmony okay

Peter Pan had found James Hook roaming the streets of London as a child and brought him back to Neverland with him. For almost fifty years the pair had sauntered around the island, going on various adventures, but it wasn’t enough for James. One night he fled and stole magic beans from Pan so he could return to London and grow up. His actions left Peter heartbroken and as a result, Peter prohibited anyone from leaving the island without his permission again.

Many years later, James Hook returns to Neverland, an adult and Pirate Captain of the Jolly Roger. Peter, still heartbroken over being abandoned, cuts off the pirate’s hand as punishment and feeds it to the island’s crocodile as an attempt to dissuade the Captain from leaving him again.