shit photos i took


here we have jpparents and their youngest children showing us the true meaning of friendship while also doing perfect imitations of each other, truly a site to behold.


Anne with an E  |  Ep 1 | Your Will Shall Decide Your Destiny

‘I never understood it. If children are such a burden, then why do people have so many of them?’


wot in safe transportation


(Sorry for the shit photos, took them while I was at Walmart)

If anyone by any chance is looking for some cheap stim or fidget toys, Walmart has a lot of cool stuff in their seasonal section for Easter. I got all of this for about 5$.

1) Puzzle Erasers
They are just erasers that you can pull apart and put back together. Good for fidgeting but probably not great for focus as you might need to look at them to put them back together, but if you just need to distract yourself for a little bit, these are probably a good thing for you. Also, they are good for school cause they are erasers!
Price: 98 cents

2) Styro Putty
It’s basically floam or kenetic foam but cheaper. It’s kinda hard to manipulate, but that can be really good for those who just want something to squeeze. It also makes a slight crunch noise while you work with it if that’s something you enjoy. It’s Non-Scented. Good for tactile stimming.
Price: 98 cents

3) Putty Eggs
Kinda feels like slime. It’s easier to manipulate than the Styro Putty and is fun to squish and play with. Makes small squish noises, but not much. It’s Non-Scented. There is glitter in the putty. Ok for tactile stimming.
Price: 98 cents

4) Bubble Noise Maker
The bubbles are fun to play with but I mostly got it cause I like the noise it makes when you shake it. It kinda makes a “Woop-Woop” noise when you shake it back and forth. If you just want bubbles, they do sell just bubbles. This would be great for anyone who likes to flap around and make noise to stim.
Price: 98 cents

5) Play-Doh
I’m not sure how many people use play-doh to stim, but I sure like it as a fidget toy to squish and mess with when focusing. Not too distracting. Don’t really need to explain much for play-doh. I’m expecting most people know what it is…
Price: 50 cents per container.

Sorry if this was a stupid post… Thought this might help people on a budget who are looking for new stim or fidget toys… They also had some sets of textured balls, mini poppers and stretchy bunnies.


Holy shit you guys, I took these photos with my phone screen brightness turned all the way down to save battery and didn’t actually see how they came out until I was home. It was like back before digital cameras, when I had a Le Clic disc-film camera and you had to send off the film and wait a week for it to be developed. 

But when I did finally get a look at them they came out really awesome, I’m so pleased.