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Oh, the things I can’t say to you because I’m your superior…
—  Ravenclaw, barely holding back from reaming a coworker.

IMA NEED YOU AMERICAN EXO-LS ATTENTION. When you’re going to EXO’s concerts - For the love of whatever you believe in. DO NOT show up with ex-member merch!! They’re not in EXO anymore, stop. (whoever had the hunhan banner project shouldn’t have been let inside the venue) And most importantly, DO NOT and I repeat; DO NOT show up with other groups’ merch! Why would you do this? I saw people doing this last year .. like.. no pls

It’s like, over the last year and a bit, some Harries have forgotten that Niall KNOWS Harry. It’s like, in their vain attempt to pretend like 1D was never a thing, they’ve forgotten that it very much was and that not only did Niall live through it and in it, HARRY did too.

It’s like they’ve forgotten that Niall and Harry spent nearly every day for five years together – living with each other, travelling with each other, knowing each other. And now, whenever Niall says something about 1D – or *gasp* about Harry – they act like Niall doesn’t even know him. They act like Niall is just some random, like he’s an outsider who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

And you know what? Maybe he doesn’t. Maybe 1D will actually never get back together, ever – and maybe he is talking complete shit. But how do THEY know that? (They don’t.)

How do they know that all four of them didn’t come to an agreement to revisit talking about it when they decided on the hiatus? How do they know that Niall and Harry (and Louis and Liam) never talked about how wild and crazy it was to have been in 1D and how success like that will probably never happen for them again? (Hence his latest comment. Psst, don’t hate him because he speaks the truth.)

These boys spent FIVE YEARS together, riding out their successfulness together – and here Harries are, acting like they know the boys have never talked about it? Acting like Niall’s just talking to hear himself talk? (And so what if he were? Why does it matter to them if they’re oh-so confident?)

Acting like Niall is some sort of evil mastermind who’s only purpose in life now is to bring Harry down by talking about 1D? LMAO. Come on. (But, hey- Maybe they’re right. Maybe Niall’s little leather bound book isn’t for his songs at all… Maybe it’s actually for plotting to ruin Harry’s career. Step One: This Town. Step Two: Slow Hands. Step Three: Works domination. [That would make quite the fic, y'all.])

Anyway, @ these Harries, here’s a tidbit of advice:

Niall is not the outsider here. YOU are. Stop acting like you know Harry better than anyone else, especially Niall. Because, as Niall has said, people may think that they know them, but he actually does. (And, yes, that includes Harry.)

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Why ppl are attacking kaisoo shippers for kxk "breaking up"?? Like it's in every article dragging kaisoo shippers and they are being like "kaisoo shippers this""kaisoo shippers that""annoying kaisoo shippers""theories bla bla bla" and "pathetic kaisoo shippers being happy about bla bla bla"? Like even ji himself is so happy so why we should feel sad because a fake relationship is coming to an end? Ji and krys is probably the most happy ppl right now, so fuckers need to fuck off us.

Se*kai shippers and Ji stans are all throwing a party. But if you can’t explain shit, you attack. Just last week we had people saying that KxK were going to get married and have babies and Kaisoo shippers will STILL be shipping. But look at where we at now. They can’t use KxK in an argument anymore. Now they simply go to ‘i wish they’ll die’. Edgy teens. We said SM has patterns with their fake rs and that breakups news will come out right behind a comeback for atn. And here we are. They’re alarmed. It’s not that even fking dramatic. It just media and entertainment business doing what they do.

And also someone said they were gunna report me? For what????? Receiving a death threat? Making memes???

I really appreciate all the sweet messages I’ve gotten lately, thank you again ✌️

Please pray for me. Something happened and I just went from having a great evening to having a serious meltdown in less than 5 minutes. I’m floored and I don’t know what to do.


Shit people say to language learners.



My forehead creased in total disbelief “Are you turning down sex?” I asked incredulously

How could this possibly be the man that was bugging me for days to, how he put “stop being a baby and hurry up and get the shot”

I just couldn’t wrap my mind around Alex turning me down.

“Yeah, I just got a lot of shit on my mind right now”

“So you’re turning down sex because of it?” I asked with squinted eyes

This wasn’t like Alex at all, the house could be burning down and he still wouldn’t turn down sex so what could possibly be on his mind that’s clouding his better judgement.

He nodded “Maybe later?” he asked

“Yeah, whatever” I mumbled just as I was about to get off of his lap

I had a feeling there wasn’t going to be a later but I didn’t push it, we just got back on good terms and I didn’t want something like sex to mess us up already.

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Here’s the problem: The vast majority of people haven’t experienced racism, so it’s going to be next to impossible for an audience to relate to your story. And, like, a film about racism by a woman? Nobody’s gonna finance that. What were you thinking?

Story editor who was assigned to work with me (the writer-director) during development.

I fired him.

We wrapped post-production last week.

those damn nurses shoulda killed Ryan murphy for the last R on the wall for making this shitty ass season