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NEW VIDEO: Shit Pats Fans Say: 2016 Edition


NEW VIDEO: Back by popular demand it’s “Shit Pats Fans Say: Playoff Edition,” a season’s worth of musings, rumblings, grumblings, grousings and gripes, all in one compact three-minute package. Here’s to hoping we get to do a version involving or around a certain game in New Jersey about a month from now.

If there are any Patriots phrases, expressions, lines or laughs we missed or that you want us to consider for a future episode hit me up on “the twittah” (@FitzyGFY) and use the hashtag #ShitPatsFansSay - hey, we’re all in this together, right?


Shit Pats Fans Are Saying This Week...

No way the Pats win in Buffalo without Amendola.

See! I toldya about friggin’ Amendola.

I miss Welkah.

How did Sudfeld hurt himself, by not catching any passes?

Who’s Brady gonna throw to this week?

Brady has no one to throw to. This feels like 2006 all over again.

We need Gronk.

Anyone know what Deion Branch and Jabar Gaffney are up to?

I friggin’ love Edelman.

Vereen’s out 2 months? Aww man, that f**ks my real AND fantasy teams.

Vereen is a tough bastard.

I miss Woodhead.

Can Tebow play receiver?

It’s only Week 2.

Maybe Belichick can use the million dollars he saved on Mesko to sign a good free agent puntah next season.

If the Pats lose to the Jets my weekend will be ruined.

Time for the defense to win a game for a change.


Keep Calm and Brady On.

I hate the Jets.


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Shit Pats Fans Say: Playoff Edition.


I’ve never felt the need to make a video, to stick up for someone and something that has brought me such joy and meant so much to me for so long, in my entire life. So it is with defiant pride and great Patriot pleasure that I present to you, “Shit Pats Fans Say: The Wells Report” edition. Big thanks to WEEI’s Jerry Thornton for playing along and hopping aboard. Finally, a chance to work with one of the good guys who speaks our language and lives our obsessive life.

GFY, Wells, Goodell, Colts and every “Cheatriots” bandwagoneer! Keep Calm and Brady On! Long Live Brady! And Let’s Go Pats!


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