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If your still taking requests then can you please give jack and Gabe a wedding like after the war and after the Talon thing like in there old age finally tying the knot?!?!?! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ please if not then thanks for the lovely artwork you make :3

I imagine them just going off somewhere quiet and having it. Ahhh,Thank you for kind words anon ❤️

and a probably more realistic version of scruffy old man Jack with his wraith husband <3

Ello! I am the back!

Hoo hooo! I am the back with the posting of the Eldarya~

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Soooo I’ve skipped a lot of episodes of Eldarya and I’m sorry about that. I’ve recently found a job so things have been slipping my mind, but I’m here again so I hope you guys forgive me~

So basically I am on the Valkyon route and have set him as my crush. After the whole “potion” thing I chose not to be spiteful of Valk and Miiko. I wasn’t making decisions based only on my emotion at that time. True, what they did to us was awful and I would keep some distance from them, but only until I was able to think rationally about why it is that they made such a rash decision in the first place. But OF COURSE our dear Guardian had different ideas. Like look at this:




You are CLEARLY not the only person to have lost your family, Guardian! Do you honestly think that you losing yours has NO affect on them whatsoever?!?! Hell to the NO! Their feeling for this shit runs so deep that they closed their own emotions off, plan to kill for revenge! They had to live with these feelings WAAAAAYYY longer than your petty few months! I personally feel that the least you can do, Guardian is not be such a whining little cunt about this. Okay?

The only complaint I’d ever, and I mean EVER, have about the Eldarya game, is that I just can’t get on the same wavelength as the Guardian most of the time. Like she literally falls into another world that is in a dire situation. She tells the inhabitants there to take her back home, but they say they can’t because blah blah blah. Okay, I understand why should wouldn’t fully trust them, but if you are going to try and go home yourself, the least you could do was find more information about the place you’re in, research more about portals, and make them think you’re settled in so you couldso they won’t have to be breathing down your neck whenever you go down the hallway.

Take that determination to get home and turn it into strength! Don’t bottle it up inside you and explode like you did in episode 15! You have been suffering the entire time because you have piled everything on your shoulders and pushed your frustrations off all at one time causing distrust and possible betrayal within the only place you really know in this foreign world! THAT IS BAD!! And especially for you!

Okay…now that I took some time to get all that out. I would like to say that these are all my opinions of the Guardian’s attitudes about the Guard and the events that have transpired. You guys reading this are more than welcome to reply to this or message me in my Askbox about your feelings towards her. I’m actually curious about what you guys think. But all in all I really, TRULY am enjoying Eldarya and I’m really nervous about what is going to happen in episode 16 and so one. A friend messaged me and told me that at the beginning of the next episode, there is a recap option. ….If there is an option to recap what I’ve done so far that means either things about to go downhill or all the choices are about to come into play, which could also mean shit is about to hit the fan. So…I wish luck to all of us hat has yet to get to episode 16 and hopefully it won’t be as painful as I imagine it will be (though I doubt it becuase Chino is involved so we were most likely screwed from episode 1)

Good luck you guys!!!

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10 and 30 for the artist ask :)

10.) Are you confident about your art?
I try to be :’^)

30.) What inspires you to not just make art, but to be a better artist?
God so many things. I try hard to do better for myself ? I don’t feel satisfied if I’m not constantly improving. I’m also really inspired by other artists and by all my sweet followers ??

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a03 wouldnt let me comment on chp4 of qpq so. This is amazing omg i love it so so so so so much ash i just he seems such a good lover and person to talk to and he is just amazing in this oh i love how you wrote everything its so so real so real the feelings everything and ash head tilt thing and ooh the food sounds lovely but where did he learn to be a masues? and the love was just awww it was perfect for the h/c i loved the olympian/greek nod as well and how in love but not in love these two

I’m so so glad you enjoyed the chapter. *bounces*

(Ash doing the head tilt thing gives me life, like I kind of love that he’s always calling Gwyn puppy when he is, himself, the biggest puppy, and is happy to admit it).

but  where did he learn to be a masues? 

Ash has spent a lot of time in the human world. He is both a stock-market whiz, has invested in all kinds of gems and a lot of gold bullion, and has gone to like thousands of courses over the years. Thousands. Which is how he became a masseuse.

He enrols himself in free day courses at universities around the world (he is multi-lingual after all), he’s sat in on lectures and he’s done whole semesters. I mean he lives in the human realm, and when he’s not fucking (which he generally saves for weekends) he’s actually kind of a universal student.

Ash not only knows massage, he knows like 60 different kinds. That’s one of the reasons he talks about being rusty sometimes, because he doesn’t have the time to chase a lot of those things up.

Ash is kind of a ‘jack of all trades, master of none.’ Except by human standards, he’d be a master of a lot of things. Though Ash is most interested in psychology since that started trending upwards, and philosophy before that. I mean Ash knows how to repair and drive cars and he doesn’t even own one. Ash is that dude who could hotwire a 4WD and then drive one pretty damn well while Gwyn and Augus just watched with their mouths half open like ‘what the hell.’ He even has his own microbreweries and distilleries.

I mean Ash has had 3,000 years in the human realm. He’s lacking in a lot of knowledge of fae world politics, but if he had any desire for real power, he could be controlling the human world right about now, lol.

Everyone after WKM: omg.. That’s so sad…! I cannot believe darkiplier has gone through so much;; oh my goodness!

Me after WKM: *narrows eyes, trying to determine if this is the truth or just some fake lore dark is using to manipulate us*