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Been a while since I prompted wincest so here goes *cracks knuckles* wincest + the morning after a tough hunt?

Dean wakes up to fingers stroking his hair in long, languid movements that nearly put him straight back to sleep.  He flutters on the edge of consciousness, letting out a soft little “muh” that makes Sam laugh right in his ear.  Dean grumbles–he’s fucking exhausted, since they were up most of the night hunting a skinwalker, and the stitches on his collarbone hurt like a bitch.  At least the pain in his knee has faded to a dull throb.  

“S’mmy,” Dean sighs.  He tilts his head up without opening his eyes; finds the spot just under Sam’s chin and buries himself in his brother’s skin.  Sam scratches his scalp, and Dean tries really, really hard not to purr like a fucking cat.  

“You wanna get breakfast?” Sam asks, soft and affectionate like they tend to talk to each other when the other isn’t quite awake yet.  “I can make a run if your knee hurts.” 

“No, stay,” Dean mumbles.  “Inna minute.” Sam laughs again.

“Yeah, okay.” He kisses Dean’s forehead, and breathes a gust of warm air that makes Dean shiver and press closer.  His little brother is so fucking warm all the time, and yeah, that’s Dean’s excuse for clinging like an octopus right now–that, and the pain meds he swallowed a few hours ago.  Sam lets him, probably because he’s always a little shaken after Dean gets hurt.  “You wanna sleep a little longer?” 

“Mmhmm.  Asleep.” 

Sam presses a hard kiss to Dean’s hair, and his hands trail down to rub the back of his neck.  Dean huffs into Sam’s shoulder, and honestly he’s probably going to get drool all over his little brother’s bare skin, but he doesn’t care enough to move.  He falls back to sleep under Sam’s hands, and nothing hurts anymore. 

Like damn criticism is always tough to hear but what really sucks is when your favorite professor in your favorite class who is a published author makes it 110% clear that he hates just about everything you write hahah


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