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The new art is a big deal

First of all, this official art is absolutely stunning. 

But I couldn’t help but notice the white skates. And yes, I can see that tights are covering them, so the real colour of the actual skate can’t really be seen, but this also represents so much. 

Figure skating is a pretty homophobic and sexist sport. Particularly in the time when young Viktor would have been skating. Girls were meant to be flouncy and pretty and graceful (which is partially why Surya Bonaly had such a hard time and ended up doing the illegal backflip - it’s a really interesting story), and men athletic and manly. 

A huge point of this is that women have to wear white skates, and men have to wear black skates. So, young Viktor, who canonically says he used to play off his androgynous appearance, is wearing ‘white skates’, ladies skates, probably, I think, to make a point. We know from the extra information in one of the BD releases that he doesn’t have a particularly good relationship with the ISU, so maybe this is partly why. It’s pretty damn rebellious against the patriarchy for him to be doing this. 

And perhaps this is reaching, but…

Look at the two crowns. In his younger self, the flowers are smaller and are white like his skates, symbolising innocence and purity. But in his older self, with short hair and black skates, the flowers are golden and taller, representing his victory. We can also see a difference in the colouring of his clothing, his younger self with warm colours, and his older self with cold colours, blue, representing sadness. His colour’s been stripped away from his soul, and finds itself in his crown, in his success. 

I see a powerful message here, about a boy who tried to beat the system but tragically became a part of it once he started winning. 

Or maybe it’s just a really cute art… who knows… But with the amount of symbolism within the anime, some lowkey message put here intentionally like this wouldn’t be too far out of the realms of possibility. 

anonymous asked:

pride and prejudice wasn't written as a resistance to the patriarchy djdjfhdhsj what

i mean i’ve been staring at this message for a solid minute now pondering how to reply, trying to figure out how ro reply, but honestly it boils down to one question: have you read it?

because literally the prevalent theme of pride & prejudice as well as other works of Austen—perhaps most visibly, sense & sensibility—is the ironic social commentary on the degraded role of women, as subjected and dependent on the way of whether they would marry well as they used to be?

like, honestly, what did you think it was about? sure it has a romance in it, but it’s probably one of the the most politically designed and carried out romantical arcs in literature, as it relies not so much on mutual affection, but rather darcy aknowledging his fault of diminishing elizabeth as an intelligent human being. at first, we see him as quite obviously set upon taking her for granted and applying stereotypes; startled with her outspoken attitude and clueless as to why she would reject him. because it IS surprising, that’s the point, given the context of Austen’s novel, the commonly praised choice would be to accept not only darcy, but mr collins without another thought. what do you think is the reason mrs bennet was so distraught all the time? there was no way of securing the future of her daughters other than marriage, we hear it being repeated over and over again—they cannot inherit their father’s fortune.

and—good grief. that’s the romantic ‘main plot’ concerning darcy and elizabeth alone, because the whole point is that he changes his beliefs and acknowledges elizabeth as an equal in the end. darcy isn’t exceptional for being surly and broody, he’s exceptional because he listens and learns.

but all the rest? the whole arc of charlotte, and her unhappy and dull marriage to mr collins, and the stark contrast with elizabeth. charlotte is not WRONG, she does the only thing she knows for certain will allow her to live in a respectful way without becoming ‘a burden to her parents’. the arc of lydia, basing off her portrayal against wickham? even with all his debt, infamy and faults, wickham’s opinion is at no point more blemished than lydia’s. that’s the point, that’s reiteraring the original notion of the disparity between men and women in regency England. the radiating, stinging paternalistic attitude of mr collins towards elizabeth when he marries charlotte and TELLS her that she would probably get no better chance. his absolute belief—corresponding with darcy’s, and contrasted with the latter’s rehabilitation later on—that elizabeth has no choice but accept him.

and elizabeth herself—for all the composition and impeccable manners, she IS a controversial figure in the novel. take the scene when she’s bashed by lady catherine de bourgh, the ongoing commentary on her being too forward with her opinions, the continuous bashing coming from her mother—the lingering threat that lizzy’s ‘stubbornness’ will cause her much trouble and, above all, prevent her from securing both her and the other sisters from absolute poverty when their father dies.

and, just … of course it’s written subtly, it’s conveyed in elizabeth’s wit, in austen’s slightly ironic narrative. the problem with the situation of women is not EXPLICITLY named and stated. it’s not modern times where we’re accustomed to forward addressing of feminist issues. no: it’s shown. it is not only the consistent theme in her works, it’s the prevalent theme of them. i mean, come on, there’s tonnes and tonnes of books that were NOT written with a purpose of targeting partiarchy. fuck, there are much MORE of such books than there is of the latter kind. But to choose Pride & Prejudice specifically, a novel which became one of the most famous books in the world, renowned for e x a c t l y t h i s … i cannot comprehend. please, at least consider this: do you really think the purpose of austen writing p&p was writing a romance? really? why would it become so much of a literature landmark, then?

i don’t mean to be nasty and honestly, go and have your opinion, you’re perfectly entitled to it, but it does make me sad that a novel that is a witty, outsanding and one of a kind social commentary on the plight of women in a specific time period written by a woman IN the time period is turned into something as common as a novel with a romantic plot. that’s all.

On this July 1st, this “Canada Day”, this “150th anniversary”, here’s your reminder that “Canada” is trash and not worth celebrating.

The “Fathers of the Confederation” acted out of economic and geopolitical interests and “Canada” was not founded on the interests nor the voice of anyone but the bourgeois’.

Hundreds of underpaid Chinese workers died building a transcontinental railway that ran through indigenous lands, violating the treaties. Reminder that the Québécois are as insensitive as any other white people when they call a certain meal “pâté chinois”. Reminder that the Québécois are settlers too and that past oppression does not excuse us.

In less than a decade in the late 19th century, Cree, the Niitsítapi, the Nakoda, the Métis and the Sioux, to name a few, dealt with the extinction of bisons, famines, diseases and persecutions. In 1881 the Saskatchewan Herald mocked them for starving in the streets. The Canadian government then sent in more guns to defend the food supply, than food.

The RCMP and the Canadian police departments have a history of violence against Indigenous people (and specifically Indigenous women), people of colour, leftists, and the LGBTQIA2S communities. “Canada” purged thousands of queer people from the government and the army between the 1950s and the 1990s. Despite it being continuously shown as a cute symbol of “Canada”, the RCMP represents colonialism, capitalism and patriarchy.

Tens of thousands of Indigenous children were taken away from their homes, their land, their families, their culture and their language to “take the Indian out of them” in residential schools. The last one closed in 1996. Reminder of the ongoing, historical, intergenerational trauma of colonialism and racism.

Thousands more Indigenous children were taken away from their homes between the 1960s and the 1980s and given to strangers’ families. Thousands still live in foster care today, away from home.

The deadly trains still go through the town of Lac-Mégantic (and many more towns), despite the 2013 fire and the lost lives and the trauma, as a false compromise for pipelines.

The Canadian army takes part in various wars, in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria. “Canada” sells tanks to Saudi Arabia.

White Canadians love to make fun of, co-opt, appropriate and folklorize other people’s cultures.

White Canadians relish in images of great mountains, white snow, strong rivers and mighty winds in books, poems, plays, music, paintings; they relish in an idea of the “True North” that was never theirs. They willingly take part in the destruction of nature for economic interests anyway.

Justin Trudeau (as if his family name alone wasn’t a red flag) is a liberal; his PR team should not fool us; he keeps promising without delivering; his speeches and symbolic gestures are not enough, and he keeps approving detrimental policies just like his predecessors.

Indigenous people are not an artefact or a relic from the past; speaking of them in the past tense only serves white people’s interests and embarrassment.

The people of Attawapiskat are still in a state of emergency and have yet to see any promise fulfilled, more than one year after 9 people attempted suicide on a single day.

The Inuit in Nunavut, as well as Indigenous peoples in Alaska and Greenland, are punished and marginalized nationally and internationally for seal hunting. Sealing is a traditional and necessary practice in the north.

There are still hundreds (if not thousands) of missing and murdered Indigenous women whose cases are ignored or unsolved.

Water protectors exist in “Canada”, too. Many communities don’t even have access to clean water or electricity.

There are currently Indigenous activists on Parliament Hill, which is situated on unceded Algonquin land. Canadians and the Canadian media are currently afraid of a tipi.

PM Trudeau sat in the tipi last night, while protesters could not enter it and many were arrested on the site.

Many other protests, demonstrations, drum circles, prayers and road blocks are being held around the country. Reminder that violence is as legitimate as peaceful protest in the face of colonial violence.

Reminder that land is not property, that it is not mine, and that us settlers are uninvited and occupiers. We live comfortably at the expense of a land that we distabilize, plunder, poison, drown, starve.

Reminder that Canada is a society rooted in colonial, capitalist, patriarchal and racist ideologies that should not be celebrated.

Sources will follow when I have access to my laptop.

Things Ravenclaws Say #20
  • Random Person: So, the Slytherins sound punk. And so do the Gryffindors
  • Gryffindorr: Nah. Hufflepuffs are pretty punk rock actually. Dyed hair, the music.
  • Slytherin: And the Ravenclaws are a hodgepodge. Punk, emo, all that shit
  • Ravenclaw: The world sucks.
  • Ravenclaw: Gotta defy the patriarchy
  • Ravenclaw: Gotta kick ass
  • Ravenclaw: Gotta rebel

anti feminists will accuse us of being sexist until the end of time, but the only possible explanation for men having so much political, social, and economic power over women besides patriarchal suppression is that men are inherently superior. 

you either believe in patriarchy, believe in natural male superiority, or believe that every major government on earth is ~coincidentally~ male dominated.


This is a thing now.
Yes, this is a real app.

Just throw the word man in front of any non-gendered action and boom, instant feminist issue.

“A man said words when I was trying say words! No woman has ever done this throughout all of time and history! DAMN YOU PATRIARCHY!!”

This shit is why no one takes feminism seriously. If this is what feminists are focusing on women must not have it all that bad.

For those of you who think I’m joking here’s the promotional video. Enjoy the cancer-

✨ sense8 appreciation post ✨

I’ve never watched a show so beautiful that I’m having trouble coming up with fanfiction ideas because there’s no scene I have even the remotest desire to change…

It’s perfect. Everything… Perfect.

Need a reason to watch the show? Here, have eight:

Sun Bak? Perfect. 12/10 softie with ninja skills. shit brother i’d give my right buttcheek to TKO. terminator.

Kala Rasal? Perfect. BAMF scientist who takes no shit and gives a grand total of zero fucks about the patriarchy.

Riley Blue? Perfect. magical dj with heart of gold and soul of steel. in need of love, hugs, and more scenes with her father.

Nomi Marks? Perfect. beautiful gay, transgender baby with a shit mother I’d give my left buttcheek to be able to punch.

Will Gorski? Perfect. robo cop ain’t got shit on this Chicago detective, my sweet smol bean needs love and cuddles, free to good home, package deal with Riley Blue.

Lito Rodriguez? Perfect. mean, green, viral gif machine. queer and ready to take on the world with chiseled abs and a sculpted ass.

Wolfgang? Perfect. hella gangsta with a crooked moral compass. still cute. still needs hugs. can’t ask for help. needs help tho.

Capheus Onyango? Perfect. future politician. better president than douchebag trashcan. mad driving skills. runs best matatu in kibera.

Trans/queer theory says that biological sex is a social construct and gender identity is real.
The average person can’t fathom what this means. We can’t find truth in it.
Experts in this theory can’t explain it without using post-modern abstraction and pseudoscience. 
The rest of the world knows that biological sex is real and gender is a social construct.
You don’t need to be educated on a certain theory to discern truth in that. We experience it as reality.
These opposing statements are the root of all disagreement about gender and subsequently transgenderism.
I am not on the side that legitimizes sex roles/stereotypes, which is what makes up the concept of gender. 
The embracing of gender is the embracing of an oppressive caste system that assigns dominance/”masculinity” to males, and submission/”femininity” to females, in order to carry out patriarchy which is the exploitation of female reproductive capabilities. 
Feminism is (supposed to be) about females achieving liberation from this system.
Feminism is inherently in opposition to gender. 

I used to get so tired of people quoting Audre Lorde, ‘the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house’, but that was exactly what she meant–that you are not going to destroy this imperialist, white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy by creating your own version of it.
—  Bell Hooks
Its like, I try and make friends with people and play Destiny with new people, but yall fucking dicks.

You do not need to say, “bitch” or, “cunt”, or “skull fuck” or “tbag”, or “nigger”, or “fag”, or “corpse humP”, or any of this shit. what is your fucking problem. Yeah I get pissed when I die but I don’t go saying that garbage. I don’t care about trash talking, I just do not see the need to be swearing up a storm. Like sure, I say “fucking hell” or whatever, but I don’t go calling people a bitch nigger because they won in a video game. 

What the fuck. 

And even the people who seem to be really dope, like those zombie peeps, like all I wanted to know was what we were supposed to be attacking. this game is based on swat and zombies right? so… what color is the other team? We turned off huds. I gotta know. Even in swat they had color coded armor. Its not that abstract a concept. I just want a fair chance in the game, to not just be shot at and die. Thats not a game, thats masturbation, for the gunner. 

I feel like every time I get in a game with new people onmic its such a gamble. Like are they going to be trash and start saying a shit ton of bigoted obscenities? 9 ties outta 10 yeah. 

Why do you think I don’t have a lot of destiny friends. 

Because I haven’t found a whole lot of good ones. I maybe have 10, but only a couple of them regularly play. 

man if s/v gets cancelled i will lowkey blame tumblr too 

it’s got 2 female leads, one of who is bi, a feminist, and smokes a lot of weed, the other who is a sexual assault survivor who is literally kicking the shit out of rapists and together they’re both trying to dismantle the patriarchy, to dismantle the system that ignores sexual assault victims

there’s a handful of well rounded, well written, three dimensional female characters, mental health is actually talked about in a realistic way, racism is touched upon when a black man gets stopped while eating fucking frozen yogurt because he “looked” like an assailant they were chasing (aka they touched upon the “black people all look the same!” trope/stereotype)

this show is literally the embodiment of EVERYTHING liberal tumblr stands for??? and all y’all fuckers are sleeping on it 

a show is actually talking about rape on college campuses and giving victims/survivors a story, a voice, and y’all just sleeping on it!!!!