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Mikayuu or Yuumika?

okay, so i was hesitant to answer this because i’m sure you’re a troll but i also just want to say my piece so that it’s done and over with. 

i like mika and yuu as they are in canon. 

i use the ship name mikayuu not because i follow the weird rule that “whoever tops has their name go first” but because i feel like it flows better than yuumika. i don’t write smut, so the whole “who tops” argument doesn’t apply to me, and i very rarely read smut, because i find the characters so ooc in any way that it’s not enjoyable for me. if i wanted to read fics where yuu acted just like misaki from junjou romantica and where mika acted like yuki from gravitation (or vice versa, because it happens that way too, i just see more of it since top!mika is written more often), then i’d read fics with those characters (even though i would never, since they’re horrible stereotypes tbh, and i’m fucking picky with my fic, let me tell you). 

and when people get too invested in those portrayals of yuu and mika, we get issues like this, because honestly, taking out personal opinions/issues, who gives a shit if fan a prefers if mika sticks his wonder rod in yuu’s butt when they have The Sex, or if fan b likes it when yuu sticks his man popsicle in mika’s butt. because outside of how they have sex, mika and yuu are loving, adorable characters, and deserve to have all of the happiness in the world, and i think that’s what fans should focus on, not whether or not some other fan they’ve never met and probably never will meet likes it when yuu or mika gives it to the other.  

these characters and their personalities do not revolve around how they have sex: a character blushing or crying doesn’t mean they’re weak and therefore automatically the bottom (????), and a character not showing much emotion or being cocky doesn’t mean they’re automatically a top either. sticking characters in a box takes away the excitement and joy of having such a diverse cast of characters to work with when writing; they’re more than that. 

and now, i present you with the gif that explains exactly how these types of arguments make me feel: