shit omnivores say

Shit People Say (To Vegetarians/ Vegans)
  • Them: Do you want a salad?
  • Them: Do you eat fish?
  • Them: I love meat SO much I could never give it up!
  • Them: I was a vegetarian for 2 months and then I went into an In-N-Out.
  • Them: I'm a vegetarian, but I'm not when I'm really hungry.
  • Them: Can you have chicken?
  • Them: What is gelatin?
  • Them: Dude, you should totally try this hambur- ... Oh...
  • Them: So all you eat is salad?
  • Them: Tofu is nasty!
  • Them: What do you mean gelato isn't vegan?
  • Them: Fake meat? That's gross. I'm not eating that.
  • Them: MMMMM, CHICKEN NUGGETS! *Shoves in vegetarian/ vegan persons face*