shit of 2 hours

i just started reading sbr and so far……i’m mcloving it

hello everyone!! today i hit my first thousand!! ive only been on this website for about 2 months so the fact that ive already hit a thousand already is absolutely insane to me!! im so incredibly overwhelmed with genuine happiness and love for each and every one of you, whether we talk or not, i love you immensely and care about you more than you could ever imagine. one thousand individuals all with you own thoughts and feelings and problems and lives, i love you all and i cant thank you enough.

now that being said, im gonna be doing a follow forever!! 

peoples whos usernames are bolded are people im in a groupchat with ( i obviously love you guys so much its just easier on me to do that) and my favs on here are italicized :)


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again thank you all for 1k, i never thought i would make it this far, i love all of u sm and if i forgot anyone pls feel free to punt me across a field. 


while it may be hard to navigate this masquerade, we can still go back to our place with some cheap champagne. you’re my l o v e r.


let’s just say it’s my present for y’all because I love you <3

please don’t kick me out of this fandom

Step one is sometimes the most important step

Rogue: I go to pick the lock to the church

DM (Me): You put the lockpick into the lock, and after a few seconds you notice that it feels different than most other locks you’ve picked

Rogue: Shit this isn’t good

Druid: I cast detect magic!

Me: You don’t notice any sort of magic affecting the lock

Bard: Should we go in through the window?

*general muttering in agreement*

Barbarian: Hold up, I’m just gonna try the handle. I’ve got danger sense so if it’s trapped I’ll probably be okay.

Me: The door swings open. It was never locked

Queue everyone making fun of the Rogue for the next 2 hours

Oh man, I forgot to finish this ages ago. Okokok, hear me out:
Pharah’s Raptora armor is severly damaged and/or wrecked. It’s gonna be in for repairs for a long time, which, consequently, puts Pharah out of commission for a while. Now Fareeha being Fareeha is like oh hell no, not gonna happen, I got justice to deliver. But fortunately, Watchpoint Gibralter still has some old uniforms in storage from Overwatch’s golden days. So she grabs one and dusts it off, trades in the rocket launcher for something more practical (I just went with a standard military assault rifle because she probably knows one of these like the back of her hand from her Egyptian Military days).
I had another headcannon of her becoming the new Strike Commander eventually and wanted to see how she looked in the uniform. Strike Commander Pharah has a cool ring to it  

Each Type Doing Homework

Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow - ESFJ, ENFJ


Teacher says: ‘’please take out your homework’’… *HOLY SH*T. WAS THERE HOMEWORK?!* - INFP, INTP

Spends 2 hours on youtube - Does one fifth of the homework - Spends 2 hours on youtube - Does on fifth of the homework - Spends 2 hours on youtube - Does one fifth…. ‘’HOLY SHIT ITS ALREADY 2AM’’ - ISFP, ISTP

Ok……LETS GET THIS HOMEWORK DONE!!!  *6 hours of intensity later*……. DONE! :) - INFJ, ISFJ

*Is at a party* ‘’OMFG HOLY SHIT, DID I HAVE HOMEWORK?! nah, probably not’’ :) (has an essay that hasn’t been started due tomorrow) - ESFP, ESTP

Gets… The… Homework…. DOOOONEEEE!!!!!!!!! - INTJ, ISTJ, ENTJ, ESTJ

anonymous asked:

I love you, and I love your Martian!Voltron crossover event thing happening rn... I would beg for more but don't you have a paper to write?... and if there's one thing Mark Watney and Shiro both agree on it's the importance of schooling...

“It’s a terrible thing to have my life depend on my half-assed handiwork.” –Mark Watney

7 am

Scoups: [pours boiling coffee on his head] I’m ready for the day!

Jeonghan: [hasn’t opened his eyes in 2 months]

Joshua: [watching hentai in the bathroom]

Jun: [missing??? where is he]

Hoshi: [changing all the clocks to 10:10]

Wonwoo: I was born with glass bones and paper skin

Woozi: [hiding in bed, trying to hack the Pledis schedule to buy more time to sleep]

DK: [looking up how to boil an egg]

Mingyu: [shitting with the door open]

Minghao: [has been holding his pee for 2 hours waiting for Mingyu to get out]

Seungkwan: [hits a tenor C while shaving legs]

Vernon: [having a nightmare] headlines headlines…

Dino: [drinks decaf vanilla mocha w extra sugar] im NOT a baby. I drink adult beverages