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Shaunry is the True OTP. I am curious, how is Shaunry !Morgan?

Of course Henry taught him dark magic, be it behind my back or right under my nose. The kid is no good with a sword despite all my efforts but he’s a magic prodigy.

Also he has no problem remembering the stuff he read like 6 months ago at 1am but usually can’t recall what he hate for breakfast.

And he reads while eating.

He and his father usually play in the mages’ tent and guess who has to come running when they both somehow raise the dead?

cmon guys we need more shitposts memes and broke college student jokes with these fuckers they’re from our generation after all

do you really think they wouldnt

[also im crying dahl stop]


Some headcanons I harshly subscribe to like my life depends on it
I like coloring pride flags tbh they’re amazing ♡!!

John Winchester with a pager

John Winchester with a pager that goes off every. time. he’s in. a fight.

John Winchester panicking and rushing to finish the fight so he can get to a phone and call the boys.

John Winchester being relieved when he finds out Sam paged him because Dean wouldn’t let him change the channel or some other stupid thing little boys fight about.

John Winchester with a pager, setting up a time for Dean to beep him so when he’s scoping a place out dressed as a fed, he can subtly ask to use their phone to buy more time there and get deeper in the house/business.

John Winchester with a pager who writes the number down on ten different pieces of paper and leaves them in different spots in the motel room because of that time he called them after not hearing from them all day and Dean was crying because he couldn’t remember the number and wanted to tell his dad about the good grade he’d gotten on his test in school.

John Winchester with a pager that he keeps as close to him as his gun when he’s not with his boys.


Some favourite Christine backstage selfies: 

1. and 2. Anna O'Byrne, West End. 
3. Olivia Brereton, West End. 
4. Samantha Hill, Broadway. 
5. Grace Morgan, restaged US tour. 
6. Teresia Bokor, Copenhagen. 
7. Claire Lyon, World Tour. 
8. Emilie Lynn, World Tour. 
9. Claire Lyon, World Tour. 

FAKE FILM MEME → Playing Cupid - Comedy
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Meet Greg (Freeman) and his buddy, Tim (de Niro), two retired men with nothing better to do with their time. Without any excitement in their lives to get the old adrenaline rushing again, they turn to the new generation for some sense of excitement. The game is simple. Both these men will play matchmaker and set up Greg’s daughter (Saldana) and Tim’s son (Stan). The winner of the whole thing will be the parent of the one who pops the “I love you” first, which all sounds simple enough if only love was as easy as these two Cupids make it out to be.