shit millenials like

Me and other ppl need to start respecting younger kids more,, like we think nothing of ridiculing 12-year old kids with those “acting 12” insults when there are plenty of adults who do the same. I know for a fact that I’m not the only teen who’s been condescended by older ppl or adults. It’s not fair to anyone at all. There’s no benefit to brushing off kids as immature and useless, teaching them that they’re dumb, and that we don’t think anything of them. Respect ur elders is a bullshit saying. I know some kids can be annoying and seem immature, but we can’t write off every single 12-year old child as an idiot. They’re at a weird point between childhood and becoming a teen, and they’re developing, and we’re teaching them that we can tell them they’re dumb without knowing anything about them and it’s okay. We’ve gotta support upcoming generations

it annoys me so much when i see tumblr posts that say shit like millenials are the first generation to be poor or have modest goals, like u cant name me any person in their 50s who has an okay but not awesome job w an apartment and u dont know any millenials making a rly good living w a nice house and money