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Kamen Rider Super Forms From Kuuga Amazing Mighty to Drive Type Formula, Described by Someone Who Doesn’t Watch Kamen Rider

Kuuga Amazing Mighty Form: He looks like a Wii U. I love him even more than before, which was a lot. 

Agito Burning Form: Those veins on his chest are freaking me out, but over all he looks rad, kind of like a evil baddie man that uses fire and hates justice and rides a motorcycle. 

Faiz Accel Form: This guy gives me kind of a tanky vibe, maybe it’s because of those fucking ridiculous shoulder pads. Also what’s up with that huge circle he’s got on his eyes? What’s with every fucking rider having these bizarre shapes around their eyes? Whatever, he’s okay. He’s the type of guy that you don’t really mind being around because your friend likes him but if you’re alone just one on one you want to get out of there as fast as possible. (tanky?) Tank-ish. Heavy. Sturdy.

Blade Jack Form: *booming voice* “Hello mortals, I am an angel here to rid you of you sin. Not like that meem shit fuck you if you think that’s a funny meme you can’t come to heaven with me.”

Hibiki Kurenai: Holy SHIT okay this guy is the exact opposite of the last guy, he’s fucking HARDCORE. Wait is this the drummer guy. Holy shit he’s so seriously intense, that flaming background is not helping. He reminds me of a chili pepper.

Den-O (Super) Climax Form: Den-O woke up today and he just thought to himself “Man my costume is too mundane I gotta spice that shit up but I’m broke as fuck” and he just cleaned out his closet putting every sharp object he could on himself like a fucking fashion disaster. 

Kiva DoGaBaKi Form: W-What fucking weapon is that. Why does he have a chain around only one leg. Why are all those fucking colors clashing. Who designed this. I still like his belt though. I also like his like 2005 stereo chest.

W FangJoker: Those big ‘ol fucking pecs are drawing my attention, I can’t focus on anything else.  I feel like I’m slowly losing my mind.

OOO TaJaDor Combo: I don’t have anything for this guy, he’s just a red dude looking to make it by in the world. he’s got a wife and children and he needs to support them with his office job. Lose the bird thing on your chest it’s a little tacky.

Fourze Magnet States: Holy SHIT those shoulder turrets are incredible, Fourze how are you holding up those?  Actually no Fourze can do anything, he’s the friend guy. Friendship can accomplish anything. 

Wizard All Dragon Style: These designs just keep getting better and better, not only does he have gigantic fucking dragon wings but he’s got a stupid tail and fucking robot claws, this guy is a hoot and a holler and I expect nothing less from a guy who’s name is Wizard All Dragon Style.

Gaim Kachidoki Arms: This dude is that one guy that always puts way too much effort into his cosplays. right now though I think he just looks like a tool

Drive Type Formula: This is the greatest thing I’ve ever had the luxury of veiwing in my entire life. Everything about this from the fucking huge chest piece to the fucking outrageous sunglasses makes me feel in ecstasy. Tireman you never let me down and for that, I thank you.

comments as always by munchywearstinyhats

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