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*bangs fist on the table frantically* Zenyatta and Genji outfit switch god yes I'll wait 20K years to see that!





I love yaaaa tomorrow you’re only a daaaay aaawaaaaay

life would be so much more interesting if we could grow the collective balls to switch the hufflepuff and slytherin aesthetic stereotypes

*fall out boy playing in the distance*
I’ve realized I never posted this version from the archeology AU comic aka Dorian’s introduction shot for when I maybe someday do the shitty anime opening with character sliders and dramatic zooms ☞▰ل͜▰☞

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Headcanons for Katsuki with an artistic s/o? Thanks so much, your blog is fantastic!

Yessssssss I love to draw btw, just never posted cuz idk don’t know if peeps would like it lol. But anyways I had a cute idea lol hope you like!


You took your sketchbook everywhere, Bakugou hasn’t really ever seen you without it. Class, in the hallways, hell, he even caught you sketching in training or sparring matches on the sidelines.

The only reason he knew it was for drawing was because Kirishima told him how awesome her work was, him and y/n sat beside eachother in class, he assumed he saw it that way.

He wanted to ask, I mean, he already admired you from afar, you were pretty damn good at fighting for a being ‘shy’ around most. He’d never admit it ofcourse, but he’d developed a crush on you when you joined him and Kirishima’s little group, which was odd to most too.

You were kind and you could kick ass, what more could he ask for? Other than your adorable face and soft eyes and..

“Earth to Explosion boy? You there buddy?” He heard Kirishima’s laugh as the red head turned to him.
‘Shit he was doing it again.’

“You’re still staring…or well glaring at y/n? What’s up with you?” He raised a brow and ran over to the quiet girl walking down the halls. He scoffed.


“Oi y/n.” Your head spun around to his voice. He was approaching with a tray full of food. Before he could sneak a peek your sketchbook was slammed shut and shoved in your bag.
He sent you a ‘wth’ look and paused, brows furrowing.

“You forget lunch money again idiot.”
He stated practically slamming a sandwich your way, taking the other for himself.
“Sorry, woke up late.” You sent a shaky smile to your crush, a little sweat dripping down your neck.

He stopped chewing and ran a hand threw his spiky ash blonde hair, he HAD to see it, it was pissing him off.
“Oi! Let me see your sketchbook.” You paused too, looking at him confused.

“Nah, it’s not all that great so-”
You shrugged feeling clever with the excuse.

“Weird Hair says otherwise.”
His eyes narrowed.


He didn’t hesitate to slide it out of your bag hanging on the cafeteria chair.
You reached for it and failed miserably, you’d been drawing him for the past days and he was NOT going to see those drawings.

“Seriously boom boy, give it back!”

“Oi! You showed the hard guy! At least let me see!”

“Well I suck and I don’t like-”

He tore the book out of your hands and hunched over, keeping you away from it.
Game over.
Theres goes your chances with him whatsoever, your were now a total creep.
He placed on the table knowing it was too late, and flipped through the pages rapidly.

There seemed to be sketches of flowers and roses on some of the pages, than advance d looking stock figures.

And then he stopped, seeing an actual (pretty much) complete piece that was covered with was pretty colours.
It was him. Shit he looked badass.
(And accurate af)
The tsundere was beyond flattered.

It was a portrait of him from the waist up, the page was scattered with what looked like works in progress of roses nearing where his where body was cut on the page, an explosion in one palm, the background looking like a fiery sunset.

He was too busy admiring the work to realizing you freaking out internally, and a blush rushed to his face.

You saw blood rushing to his face, even the tips of his ears were red. Was that from embarrassment? Dissapointment? Anger?! You were so dead (inside and out now). You sat there defeated when you saw him turn to you, still with a surprised expression. The bell rang, and he closed it up, you squinted preparing for a response. He took the tray still blushing, and stood up.

“Those are r-really badass! Why didn’t you show me before?!” You couldn’t even tell what your emotions were at this point.
Was he trying to be nice?

“T-thanks! Thought you wouldn’t like them aha.” You laughed nervously, frantically searching your head for answers, and when you looked up, you swore there was a tiny smile on his face for at least a second.
Then he looked at you like you grew a second head.

“Pfft o-of-course I would! You could damn show me next time!” He blushed harder and stomped away, trying to fight a smile.

You’d never been so happy to walk to class,
You had a lot to tell Kirishima.

***edit: didn’t see 'headcanons’ woops :,)

This is Morrigan. Remember when I said it looks a bit too beastly? Now you see why.

Morrigan foretells death, that’s why it got a skull for its head. Edgy aesthetic (aka cape and belt) comes from Croix. The edge of the cape becomes its bird tail. The feathers on the lower arm? Sharp metal feathers, just like the claws. No wings for now, maybe that’s for Branwen?

Attack moves: for spells it just put its hand outward while looking nonchalant (she got frei spells, rite? no need for grand movement but crazy destruction) for physical it lunges forward (what else would you use those sharp feathers for?)

Phantom witch anon

Why the fuck do people gender dogs so much?

I have two german Shepards. They’re both girls yet people constantly gender my black/brown dog as a boy. The white dog gets gendered as a girl most of the time and if not, they ask her gender. They never hesitate to call my black/brown german Shepard a boy. I personally know my dogs could care less but like just because my dark colored dog looks more buffed up doesn’t make them a boy.

Why is smart leorio so under-appreciated? 

Remember that time in Yorkshin where a crowd fucking cheered for him because he was such a damn good negotiator? and ended up buying two cellphones for much cheaper than in the price they were being sold at? 

also that time he used the wrestling matches as a cover-up for sneaking into important places and meeting important people?

and it worked? 

Gon, Killua and Kurapika can do abnormal shit and look badass as fuck while doing it, but only Leorio can survive in the real world. He’s street smart and knows his shit. he has an “urban charisma” the other three lack.