shit like this doesn't happen anymore

Sagittarius & Libra
  • Sagittarius: There is so many things I have to do before I get ready for that party tomorrow night... So, what are your plans for New Year's Eve?
  • Libra, smiles: Netflix and self-pity!
  • Sagittarius: Oh.
  • Libra: Yeah. Bitch.

freezing--fire  asked:

Not to be rude or anything, but that was the end of the comic? It was cute, but kinda anticlimactic. Is there going to be anything else? Because I really love this AU and I can't wait to see what happens.

shit youre right, theres some missing panels

now thats an ending!


ah swap Ryan is a lil shit who likes to inform Ray of the timely memes at terrible hours of the morning.

He was probably up playing video games when he noticed the time at a very opportunistic time for memes

To add this isn’t the first or last time this has happened 

I swear the more I work on a single piece the more i feel that it isn’t worth anyone’s time I’m practicing though so shhh 

I’m sorry, but I could not hold back. This level of idiocy… I can’t even. More like naming it McKinley is a cultural insult to the Koyukon Athabaskans (or Na-Dené tribe) that have lived there for at least two centuries, before the first Europeans (Russians) arrived, naming the mountain the Russian equivalent to Denali, because you know, they had been trading with coastal eskimos for years beforehand and had some respect for the natives.

FUN FACT: The first man to ever reach the top of Mt. McKinley was a Koyukon, and his name was Walter Harper.

So don’t tell me, Donald J. Trump, that this is an insult to Ohio. I can tell you that President McKinley did not climb to the top of that mountain, he did not put a plaque on the mountain saying “This is my mountain.” No one owns that mountain. It is a mountain. So sit the fuck down and superglue your hair back on. 

i’m just. dying for the day that people stop treating dropouts like absolute garbage and acting like it’s the absolute worst thing that can ever happen to anyone

like sometimes shit happens and you can’t finish. sometimes your mental health prevents you from doing it. sometimes you just can’t keep up. sometimes you just can’t do it anymore. sometimes you don’t want to do it anymore. that’s okay! dropouts are important! all of us! no matter what your reason was! 

so yeah what i’m saying is it’d be nice to see people standing up for us more than just occasionally reblogging like a post saying “yeah that’s fine i guess you’re not so bad” like call that out when you see it? when you see people using dropouts like it’s a dirty word and using it as an insult, tell them to knock it off. please