shit libertarians say

If a man theoretically wanted to test nuclear weapons on his own property and his neighbors were theoretically adversely affected, that is their fault, because they chose where they wanted to live. The government shouldn’t put their filthy hands on that man using his property how he sees fit.
—  Junior Political Science Major

Libertarians say shit like “Liberals think I’m conservative and conservatives think I’m liberal” like it makes them better or somehow different.

Liberals, conservatives and libertarians are all neoliberal pieces of shit and it’s quite annoying dealing with people within those groups who try to differentiate themselves like it’s a big deal.

like-a-bag-of-sunshine-deactiva  asked:

do the political conversations have to keep happening? i find it really annoying to be quite honest, and would rather you stick with the actual theme of the blog so i don't have to unfollow :(

Because part of being a fat person is being a fat person who occupies a political space. And there’s a lot of shit that thin people say about fat people which is also political. Like the shit some thin progressives say about fat people and “materialism.” And the shit some thin libertarians say about fat people and “their taxes.” 

So please unfollow if you think fat people don’t occupy political spaces, or that political spaces aren’t filled with shitty things that thin people say about fat people.



*The note about materialism is about consumerism — how some shitty thin progressives claim that fat people are killing the planet because they consume “too much,” are causing famines because they consume “too much,” etc. If you’re not comfortable with people of your political stripe having their faulty thinking approached skeptically, I don’t know what to say to you. Try being more intellectually honest, I guess.