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‘Love Actually’ sentence meme

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  • “It seems to me that love is everywhere.”
  • “We need Kate, and we need Leo. And we need them now. Come on.”
  • “We’ve been given our parts in the nativity play and I’m the lobster!”
  • “Tell me, if you were in my position, what would you do?”
  • “Let’s go get the shit kicked out of us by love.”
  • “The SAS are absolutely charming. Ruthless trained killers are just a phone call away.”
  • “It’s the saddest part of my day, leaving you.”
  • “Basically, you’re fucked, aren’t you?”
  • “Don’t buy drugs. Become a pop star, and they give you them for free!”
  • “I’m very busy and important. How can I help you?”
  • “General opinion’s starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed, but I don’t see that.”
  • “Invite him out for a drink and then, after about twenty minutes, casually drop into the conversation the fact that you’d like to marry him and have lots of sex and babies.”
  • “Ask me anything you like, I’ll tell you the truth.”
  • “Who do you have to screw around here to get a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit?”
  • “No one’s ever gonna shag you if you cry all the time.”
  • “I did have an awful premonition that I was going to fuck up on the first day.”
  • “Well, the truth is… actually… I’m in love.”
  • “Fuck wank bugger shitting arse head and hole.”
  • “I’ll just be hanging around the mistletoe, hoping to be kissed.”
  • “Um, why don’t you come upstairs in about ten seconds?”
  • “This is SO much more than a bag…”
  • “What else are you gonna do? Dip it in yogurt? Cover it with chocolate buttons?”
  • “We’ve never got friendly. But I just wanted to say, I hope that can change. I’m nice. I really am. Apart from my terrible taste in pie…”
  • “I love you even when you’re sick and look disgusting.”
  • “You’re a lonely, ugly asshole. You must accept it.”
  • “If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around.”

Whew! What an easy year that was, amiright?!

Just kidding. We literally got the shit kicked out of us for over half the year and quite honestly, I couldn’t and we couldn’t have had a better support system to get though it than this damn fandom. We lost a few along the way, we gained a few new people, who were brought in by the injustice they witnessed being committed, and when one of us fell, the others picked them up. That is what I truly, truly love about this fandom. We’re a fucking family and I don’t care how hippy that makes me to say. I have never felt such strong love and support from a group of people in my whole life than what I experienced with you guys this year. From my hiatus before the shit storm, to during and after, you guys sent me the sweetest messages, consistent support, and I promise you it did not go unnoticed. I even saved a bunch of the messages because they gave and give me strength when I was weak this summer.

Last year, I made a list of just things that I did that year and I had a separate ‘retrospective’ for Johnny’s year, but I’m going to combine them this year and highlight everything we and he have done.

  • DEPP THOUGHTS {Because I was bored and thought it would be fun to write what I thought was going through his mind during certain scenarios}
  • HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES TOUR {Every single one of his musical wet dreams came true in Summer 2016, when he embarked on a four month world tour with the Hollywood Vampires; the band he created with his musical heroes, Joe Perry and Alice Cooper, and his childhood best friend and band mate, Bruce Witkin. I think I can safely say that every single one of us were so proud of him, and so, so happy for him.}
  • CAREER AWARDS {In early 2016, Johnny won two prestigious, career spanning awards for his brilliant contributions to the film industry. First, the Desert Palm Achievement Award at the Palm Springs Film Festival. Second, the Maltin Modern Master Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.}
  • #WEAREWITHYOUJOHNNYDEPP {Together, not only on Tumblr but everywhere, we used this hashtag to show Johnny our support during the toughest time he’s ever faced in the public eye. Along with this, we created a support video comprising of Tumblr bloggers and other Depp fans as well, reminding him of how much he means to so many, and how much support he has. He was sent a version of that and we were thanked for the support.} 
  • THE PRICE OF FREEDOM {I read this incredible novel, the canon origin story of Jack Sparrow, last year, and decided to make a whole lot of edits, complete with quotes, for those who haven’t had the pleasure or opportunity to read it!} 
  • FINDING THE CREATIVITY IN MADNESS: ASU TALK {Johnny graciously agreed to sit down with his friend and hero, Professor Lawrence Krauss, at Arizona State University to discuss how Creativity could be found in Madness. He opened up more than ever about his past, his mental illness, his struggle with addiction and more. He gave so much of himself to us in those two hours and is important to watch for anyone who doesn’t understand Johnny Depp. (Part 2)}
  • JOHNNY DEPP 53 {We went BIG this year for his birthday and made and delivered to him a vinyl record, comprising of covers and readings of his favourite songs and literature. We even received a thank you back from him! Thank you to everyone who participated in the polls and the ideas and for the incredible support surrounding the project, and especially to Justine, Alysha, Rowan, Annika, Lisa, Alessia, Vera, Emerson, Jordan, Sabrina, Elisa, Stefania, Oriella and Maya for all sending in tracks and participating on the vinyl, and to Gina & Stephen Deuters and Malcolm Connolly for all their help and kindness! :) ♥} 
  • SPARRABETH ARCHIVE {I decided to rip open my heart by going through every Sparrabeth fanfiction I could possibly think of, and that were submitted to me, and organized them all on one blog! (This may be particularly useful now that LIZZIE MAY BRIEFLY RETURN SHSKSHDKAHDUKK)}

Honourable Mentions:

As last year, I want to also give a huge shout out to a few amazing blogs run by some fantastic human beings. If you’re on this list, it’s because I truly love seeing you on my dash, or you’ve helped give me perspective and hope during the worst year the Depp fandom has ever seen, or you’ve helped me and supported me throughout this year; when I was at my absolute lowest, the messages I got from some of you were what kept me going. If you’re not on this list, it’s probably because I am #TheWorst. I’m excited for a much better year in 2017 with all of you, and Johnny!

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sometimes the real world just doesn’t make sense

we as human beings, and especially as members of oppressed groups, often come to expect the real world to kick the shit out of us without warning, without reason

fiction, though, is supposed to make sense

so far we have no reason to suspect this show won’t make sense after sunday and hundreds of reasons to suspect it will

take a breath, then another

we are real, but this isn’t real life

this is fiction

this is supposed to make sense

there is only one way this makes sense

I Want To Stop Right There OR I Feel Like This Episode Was Lucy Setting Up The Football And Next Week We’re All Charlie Brown

But for now, to quote a holiday classic*, “Let’s go get the shit kicked out of us by love!”

(gif source: pansexualbcky *holiday classic: Love, Actually)

My thoughts on Season 7 Episode 10 under the cut.

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I love the chess game with Cullen because

If you play fair, HE lets you win, if you “let him win,” he lets you THINK you let him win, and if you cheat, he beats you and TELLS you he knows you cheated.

Faggot, on top of your weekly fag tax, we decided we’re going to beat the shit out of you today, because why the fuck not.  If you don’t want us to beat your queer ass, that’ll be another $50 each.  

That’s right, cunt, pay up.  Now that we’ve drained your fag cash, time to fuck you up, fag.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t want us to kick the shit out of you.  We’re gonna do it anyway.  Stupid faggot.

Love Actually  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Tell me, exactly, how long it is that you’ve been working here?”
  • “Are you being bullied? Or is it something worse? Can you give me any clues at all?”
  • “Tell me, if you were in my position, what would you do?”
  • “I don’t want something I need. I want something I want - something pretty.”
  • “I’m afraid that there’s something really wrong, you know.”
  • “Life is full of interruptions and complications.”
  • “But I just wanted to say, I hope that can change. I’m nice. I really am.”
  • “Let’s do it. Let’s go get the shit kicked out of us by love.”
  • “By the way, I feel bad. I never asked you how your love life is going.”
  • “Let’s get pissed and watch porn.”
  • “You’ve got nothing to lose, and you’ll always regret it if you don’t!”
  • “Aren’t you a bit young to be in love?”
  • “General opinion’s starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed, but I don’t see that.”
  • “With any luck, by next year - I’ll be going out with one of these girls.”
  • “I love that word ‘relationship’. Covers all manner of sins, doesn’t it?”
  • “Would you stay, knowing life would always be a little bit worse? Or would you cut and run?”
  • “It seems to me that love is everywhere.”
  • “I’m very busy and important. How can I help you?”
  • “I’ll give you anything you ask for - as long as it’s not something I don’t want to give.”
  • “Where the fuck is my fucking coat?”
  • “Ruthless, trained killers are just a phone call away.”

anonymous asked:

Companions and soles reaction to a weak and helpless-looking teenager riding a tamed giant legendary albino deathclaw (sorry I'm just obsessed with deathclaws I fcking luv them and I wish so hard to tame them and hav them as a companion!) ^^

You’d be surprised at what you can encounter out in the wasteland.

Cait: “It’s tame, right? It better be fuckin’ tame. Deathclaw or no deathclaw, if that kid sics their beast on us, I’m'a kick the shit out of ‘em.” Once Cait is properly assured that, yes, the Deathclaw is tame, and that the teen means no harm, she calms down a bit. “Right. Alright. Deadly Beastie is good beastie, sure.” She shoots Sole a side-eyeing look. “I need a drink.”

Codsworth: You wouldn’t think a robot could faint. The explanation is something about ‘overloaded circuits’ and ‘an overheated central processor,’ but the effect is the same; Codsworth saw the deathclaw and collapsed.

Curie: She… forgets, at first, that deathclaws are not friends. “Oh! They are docile, yes?” Without a moment of hesitation, she walks over, pulling a clipboard from somewhere on her person. She’s scrabbling for a pen as well, when the deathclaw breathes hot air from it’s nostrils, growling low in its throat to warn her away. A little sheepish, Curie gives the creature and its rider some space.

Danse: “This- This is not-” He’s not entirely sure what to make of the sight. A deathclaw? Being ridden? Ridiculous. Impossible! And by a sickly adolescent no less. But, as if sensing his thoughts, the deathclaw has its dark, piercing eyes on him, and doesn’t seem to like him whatsoever. The feeling is mutual. Sole can go interact with the creature, but Danse stays a healthy thirty feet away at all times.

Deacon: He insists on riding it. The teenager currently doing so explains that this is a terrible idea, to which Deacon replies with, “Terrible ideas are kind of my thing. Just ask my coworkers.” He has his heart set on riding the creature. Everyone present refuses to let him do so, so he goes along with it… Until no one’s looking. At which point he throws a leg over the beast and cries, “Yee-haw!” It does not end well.

Dogmeat: Doesn’t like the deathclaw at all. Nope. Nope, no like. No good. He growls and whines whenever he’s forced to be around the best, and when he’s not forced, he makes himself scarce and is nowhere to be found outside of mealtimes. He only appears when his bowl is full and when the deathclaw is away.

Hancock: “Either I’m tripping, or I’m seeing some really cool shit right now.” Proceeds to take a long drag from his cigarette and engage in an intense staring contest with the deathclaw.

Nick Valentine: “Are you sure that’s safe?” He sounds more grumpy than anything, though also a bit concerned. “Would a dog not be less… Uh, ostentatious?” After explaining the meaning of ostentatious (showy, for those not equipped with fancy Pre-War vocabulary) Valentine relents that a deathclaw is a bit more intimidating than your average guard dog. Though he still worries about the teen.

MacCready: “No.” He shakes his head, turning on his heel and pointedly stalking the other way. “I don’t care if it’s fu- freaking tamed.” His voice cracks on the not-swear. “Come get me when the giant goddamn people eater is two miles away! They can smell fear, you know!”

Piper: “Oh my god,” she whispers. “This could be the story of the century.” She stares, desperately, at the creature before her, her camera clutched in a white-knuckle grip. No flash photography, the teen had said. Piper is dying inside.

Preston: “Uhhh…” His eyes move between the deathclaw, the teen, and Sole, who’s staring at him, waiting for him to say something. Preston swallows. “I guess it’s too hopeful to ask if he’s a vegetarian, huh?”

Strong: He attempts to wrestle the deathclaw.

X6-88: “I… have not encountered a creature like this before.” It’s then that something magical happens. X6 walks forward, closer, and closer, coming up to the deathclaw just inches away from the creature’s massive jaws. Much to the amazement of onlookers, X6 reaches a hand out and begins fondly petting the beast, causing it to let out a pleased rumble resembling a purr. With his back to Sole, the Courser speaks. “I want one.”

((Thanks for the ask, anon! Also… with the new Wasteland Workshop DLC, this fantasy can be yours. Deacon and I are calling our deathclaw Fluffy.))

so I don’t post a lot of meta/analysis on here because (a) I’m lazy af and (b) everyone phrases it better than I do anyway but imma wander out of my lane for a lil bit because I’m fucking obsessed with Sam’s little enraged “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!”

[insert gif here but I’m also too lazy for that apparently whOOPS MOVING ON]

because we finally



have a Sam who isn’t just passively resigned to reliving his traumas over and over again. yes he is scared and alone and dying, and he’s literally been through Hell. but he also put his faith on the line and opened his heart to God. and all he gets in return is a flashback of (I’m assuming) his time in the Cage.

and he is SO. DONE. WITH IT.

he is done with reminders of “hey #tbt to that time you suffered a lot lol” and he is done with being a victim and so help him he is going to save everyone if it’s the last thing he does. his outburst is basically him telling God/the universe/the broken, traumatized parts of himself that if they’re not gonna help they’d best shut the fuck up cause Sam fucking Winchester is gonna save the fucking day whether you like it or not

and…. yeah that’s it that’s all I have to say Sam is the best ok bye

My cousin likes to talk about abusing my pets

So my fuck-up cousin did a lot of stupid shit and got kicked out of his house and is now living here with us.
He’s really fucking annoying in all aspects but i am at a loss at what to do about this.

If he isn’t talking about chopping my snakes’ heads off- which by the way is stupid as fuck because he grew up in Hawaii and has never interacted with a snake before in his life- anyway, if he’s not talking about chopping their heads off, he’s talking about bashing the rats’ heads in, and if it’s not that, it’s kicking my sweet baby dog who has never done a single terrible thing in her life.

I walked out the other day and he was chasing my nephews which scares poor Kaia. She thinks he’s trying to hurt them, so she herds him away by nipping. Well he got pissed off at her because he’s a weenie and cant take a little nip, and told my mom he needs to teach her “who’s boss” which is SUCH an outdated way of thinking but the way he would choose to do this would be by “kicking her in the ribs.”

I lost my shit as you can imagine. I told him if he ever touches my dog in any other way than nicely, it will be the last thing he does and i will make his life hell afterward. My mom laughed until she realized not an ounce of me was joking.

Ive told both of my parents now that this has been going on and they just shrug it off like it’s nothing- but with how often he says shit like that I’m kind of concerned something might actually happen.

Plus if i hear him say anything like that again, i probably won’t be able to control myself. Ill walk up and give him the biggest, blackest, most painful eye injury his pathetic life has ever seen.

I love how America’s foundational narrative is like, “FUCK YOUR TEA!” and “REVOLUTION!” while Australia’s is just like, “…well shit, America’s kicked us out, guess we better find another place to send our criminals.”

And then America’s got the Lewis and Clark expedition, and Australia just has a couple of fuckwits who hauled 20 tonnes of shit including a heavy oak dining table into the desert, then wandered around blindly getting progressively sicker and shooting at the Indigenous people who tried to help them until they died still wondering when the hell they were gonna find that inland sea.

And America had four presidents killed by assassination (well, technically one of them was killed by the doctors pawing around in the bullet wound with their unsterilised hands, but still), while Australia just… lost one. Look, he was out swimming at the beach, we glanced away for a moment and when we looked back he’d fucked off! Whaddaya want from us?

And American culture is all “THE CONSTITUTION!!!!!” while Australia is just like, “oh yeah we’ve got one of those, but some of it’s fuckin bullshit so we’ve just collectively agreed to ignore certain bits, it’s a Westminster thing”.

my edgy batman headcanon is what if batman were fabulously wealthy and rather than using his vast fortune to address poverty or mental illness as societal problems decides to beat the shit out of people for kicks using advanced military hardware

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Anyone with unironic misandry in the title

Anyone with unironic nazi in the title

Any racist

Any homophobe

Anyone who discriminates against people based on gender/race/sexuality or anything else

Just remember when kicking the shit out of a nazi ask “use your white power to defend yourself” :^)

@ all LGBTQ people, don’t forget that local Tough Guy Hardcore™ shitheads Fire & Ice, who are clear experts on this issue, think it’s our fault that we’re scared and offended when people call us f**gots!! And that when we get verbally harrassed and maybe even the shit kicked out of us for being f**gots we should realize it’s our fault this is a problem!!!