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[Mikki Kendall tweeted: “I am fascinated by how many people have assumed the kid having the tantrum on the train is on the spectrum & thus needs extra patience. I can say with some authority a Black kid on the spectrum having that same issue wouldn’t get half as much patience nor would his parent. My youngest is on the spectrum. He had a tantrum in our house when he was 2. My white neighbor threatened to call the cops on me. But okay… When I tell you that my kids couldn’t act that way? That’s totally the voice of experience. Because Black boys on the spectrum can’t do that. At least not if you want to avoid being reported to DCFS or having them handcuffed at school or you know… shot by a cop. Just saying. This is the voice of bitter Black mom speaking though. Because I spend 2-3 days every year at his school dealing with racist assumptions. Black boys do not get to have tantrums in public. They do not get to have them at school either. No matter what’s going on. Trust me on that. Because (and here is indeed a fuck you very much) they will get killed if they cannot control themselves. No matter what’s going on. I have to make sure kid #2 doesn’t have a meltdown in public, isn’t too loud at home either. We live in the hood for a reason. If he’s having a rough day? My neighbors won’t call the cops. They will look out for him. But then they’re Black & they get it. We literally work with him constantly on impulse control & self soothing. Because I want him to live past 20. [link to related NPR article]

“There’s no compassion for kids like my son. My patience for your white ass feelings about Black parenting is pretty much nonexistent. I’m a hardass. I know that. I do. But then I’ve had a dozen  giant red warning signs that my kid can’t stay alive if he’s not in control. Get at me when your kid on the spectrum has a meltdown & you get a call about the possibility of charges being pressed for yelling. Because he’s tall & Black & repeated the same profanity as all the other kids involved in the fight. Call me when you realize he’s at risk. I want you to sit at a table & listen to an adult white woman tell you she doesn’t like teaching your kid because he’s scary at 8. Not that he’s been violent or threatening. Nope. He just yelled at her one day after she blamed him for being bullied. Go to that meeting. Get a call about your kid being a problem because he’s too flat when he speaks. Not that he’s done anything. They don’t like his voice. Have the “We’re going to write him up for trespassing” conversation because your kid sat in an empty classroom to study. Have that call. My kids get good grades. They don’t do half the shit I did. But I have two sons & I stay in their schools keeping them safe from admins. Meanwhile one of my neighbors did 10 years for attempted murder. He’s got no training. But he stops & chats with every kid on our block. He warns them off gangs & listens when they’re mad. He helped teach kid #2 to throw a football. Because he knows how easy it is to get lost. The grace you show to white kids? Try showing it to all kids. Our girls aren’t grown at 5 & our boys aren’t weapons at birth.“]

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Birthday Blues

Hey babes! This is my contribution to the Harry birthday one shots. It’s going to be a little different to other birthday one shot’s you may have read, with plenty of angst, but of course with a VERY fluffy ending! PSA: this is not a part of my one shot series, and does include some explicit language! xxx

Y/N’s P.O.V.
The fighting started weeks ago. God knows why, it just did. At first, it was just bickering. I understood Harry was tired from work, and I’d been studying for exams a lot so the both of us were constantly exhausted. But to make matters worse, the two of us being so tired meant no sex, which meant no stress relief. So we kept bickering, going to bed without good night kisses and leaving in the morning without so much as a “good bye.” Until the real fights started. One day I got home late because I forgot to tell Harry I was working late, and when I came home at nearly 11 PM, he lost it. Then everything came out, and we haven’t gone more than a few days without a fight since. It exhausted me, but today was his birthday. I was going to make it so special for him, and put the past few weeks behind us. I woke up without Harry next to me, so I grabbed his present (a new journal) and wandered down stairs to find him fully dressed, looking like he was about to leave. “Going somewhere, birthday boy?” He looked up, startled. “Oh, hi. I’ve got meetings all morning then I’m going to lunch with Gem, so I won’t be home until later. Then the boys and I are going out for drinks tonight.” My stomach dropped as the cold tone of his voice washed over me. “Oh, okay. Well, here’s your present. Enjoy lunch with Gem. Happy birthday.” I tried to control the shaking of my voice, and walked back upstairs so he wouldn’t see me cry. An hour later, I woke up again and wandered downstairs to see his present completely untouched.

Harry’s P.O.V.
I wasn’t really going to lunch with Gemma. I was going with Kendall. I felt bad for lying to Y/N, I really did. But Kendall offered for my birthday and I knew Y/N would be mad at me, so I lied. As long as no one told her, I’d be fine. The morning dragged, and guilt started to set in. Y/N was supposed to be the love of my life and I was going behind her back. The meetings finally finished, and I hesitantly went to lunch with Kendall. All went smoothly, with no paparazzi, but I was anxious to get home to Y/N. I needed to put everything behind us. I pulled up to the house, and made my way inside. “You home, baby?” I called out, but the house was quiet. I walked around looking for her until I saw her outside, a cigarette in her hand, and her face all puffy like she’d been crying. I opened the back door and she glared at me. “How’s Kendall, Harry?” My stomach dropped. “W-who told you?” She took a drag of her cigarette. “Niall. Thought I should know you were going behind my back. Why’d you lie, Harry? You know I wouldn’t have minded if you had told me the truth.” Her voice was calmed, which scared me. “I just wasn’t sure how you’d react, given the past few weeks. I know I shouldn’t have lied. I’m so sorry.” “I was ready to forgive you, Harry. Forgive you for treating me like shit lately, but then you go and pull this shit! How fucking dare you!” She was yelling now, her voice dripping with venom. I was mad now, too. “Are you fucking kidding me, Y/N?! You’re the one who’s been moping around for weeks!” “Is Kendall going to be there tonight, Harry?! You gonna spend the night balls deep in her fucking pussy?!” I was raging now, and approached her, yelling in her face. “Maybe I fucking will, considering you haven’t given it up in weeks!” As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew I fucked up. Bad. Y/N was shaking and tears were running down her cheeks. “No, no baby. Don’t cry. I’m so sorry, sweetheart.” I reached up to wipe her face, but she hit my hand away. “Get away from me, Harry. Get out. Now.” I nodded, not wanting to cause any further arguments, and left.

Y/N’s P.O.V.
I spent hours just crying and smoking. I only ever smoked cigarette’s when I was under a lot of stress, and now they at least soothed the pain. It was dark, and late so I made my way upstairs to shower and try to get some sleep. After tossing and turning for hours, I finally started dozing until my phone started ringing. Niall’s name came up on the screen and I answered, nerves starting to build in my stomach. “Niall? What’s going on?” “Y/N, you need to get down here and get Harry. He’s not in a good shape.” I sighed, rubbing my eyes. “Niall, I don’t care. I’m not ready to face him.” “He’s sobbing for you, Y/N. He needs you.” I sat up, getting out of bed. “Okay, I’ll be there soon. Make sure he doesn’t drink anymore.” “Thank you, Y/N. We’ll be outside.” With that I hung up, got dressed and made my way to the local pub. I pulled up to see Harry and Niall, standing outside, my 6ft tall boyfriend a sobbing mess. I got out the car, and Harry stumbled over to me, wrapping me in a huge bear hug. “Oh, my baby. I’m so fucking sorry I’m such a piece of shit. I would never cheat on you. I’m sorry baby. I’m sorry.” I rubbed his back. “Baby, we can talk about it in the morning, okay? We need to get you home.” He nodded and sniffled, letting me help him into the car. I waved goodbye and called out “thank you” to Niall, and drove home. Harry was still a mess, but I managed to get him upstairs and into bed, where he fell asleep almost instantly. I curled up beside him, and quickly fell asleep, too.

I woke up, my head pounding and stomach churning. I got up and ran into the bathroom, vomiting into the toilet. After a while, I groaned and stumbled downstairs to find Y/N pottering in the kitchen. The sight of her wearing only a pair of knickers and one of my t-shirts with her hair in a floppy bun warmed my heart. She turned around, a small smile on her face. “Morning. I made some peppermint tea to help your tummy.” I picked up the tea and sipped on it. “Thanks, love. Now, about last night.” She shook her head at me. “Drink your tea. Then we can talk about it.” I nodded and sat down beside her at the table. “Did you sleep okay last night?” She rubbed my shoulder gently and whispered, her voice cracking. “Only after you got home.” I put my tea down and took Y/N into my arms. “Oh, my sweet girl. I’m so, so sorry.” She sobbed hard into my chest. “You can’t say stuff like that to me, Harry. You almost killed me.” I held her tighter. “Sweetheart, stop cryin’, please. You’re breakin’ my heart.  I know I’m a terrible boyfriend, and you deserve so much better, especially with how I’ve been treatin’ ya lately. But you mean the world to me, and I don’t think I could function without you.” I cupped her face so she’d look at me. “You’re the love of my life baby, and I am going to marry you one day.” Tears were still running down her face, but she smiled at me. “Really? You wanna get married?” I kissed her lips gently. “There’s no one else I want to spend my life with.”

After I showered, Y/N made the two of us breakfast and we spent the whole day watching movies. After we finished watching If I Stay, Y/N stood up and walked to the counter and picked up my present I’d left there yesterday morning and brought over to me. “I know it’s not much but-” I cut her off with a kiss. “Sweetheart, stop. Whatever it is, is perfect.” I unwrapped the paper, carefully, revealing the journal. My breath caught in my throat. Y/N never failed to amaze me. It was a beautiful, leather bound journal with thick paper. “Baby, I love it. I truly love it. Thank you so much.” She leaned in and kissed me sweetly. “You’re welcome.”

Even though my hang over was terrible, Y/N and I had sweet, lazy, intimate sex and were laying in bed. All was quiet until Y/N whispered “Harry?” I kissed the top of her head. “Yes, my sweet girl?” She looked up at me, her big eyes full of love. “Happy birthday, baby.”

Happy 23rd birthday to the love of my life. Happy reading, honeys. Please reblog! xxx

Admitting it

One shot : You’re Harry’s best friend who happens to be hopelessly in love with him. He doesn’t know, though and is dating Kendall Jenner. Until he shows up at your door. 

I hope you guys will like this one shot! I feel a little bad because it’s again Kendall’s name I’m using, but it really is simply because of her’s and Harry’s past relationship.
As always, requests and feedback are welcome. 

Picture is not mine. It’s a gift from tumblr. 

A loud sigh escaped  my mouth and I hung my head low in exhaustion, my face hidden behind my sweaty palms. I felt as if all the responsibilities I had been trying to somehow balance on my shoulders over the past weeks came crumbling down like a wall of bricks, burying me. The familiar sound of my ringtone interrupted my thoughts and seeing the name flashing on the screen stopped any tears from spilling over.  My shaking fingers hastily slid over the phone screen and I eagerly pressed the device to my ear, desperate to hear the warmth of his voice.

“Harry! You have no idea how relieved I am that you’re calling.”

“M'glad to hear your voice, too, babe,” Harry answered, no hint of  a smile in his voice. He sounded oddly quiet and collected, not at all like the cheerful best friend he normally was.

“Are you alright?” I asked and pushed some of the books sprawled out in front of me away. There wasn’t much I would finish today anyway, especially not if Harry was unwell.

Ever since we had first bumped into each other it hadn’t taken more than one coffee to forge a strong bond between us. I always had his back and he had mine, protecting and supporting each other without questioning it. We often stayed at each other’s places for several days at once, trying to make the most of it given that the hectics of our daily lives didn’t allow us to spend too much time together. All of this remained merely platonic to him. I however, foolish as I was, had to fall so deeply in love with him I couldn’t even see the surface anymore.

“M'fine,” Harry hummed.

I didn’t quite buy his promise by the still rather void tone in his voice.

“You don’t sound like it, love,” I murmured, “what’s bugging you?”

I heard him take in a deep breath on the other side of the line, as if he needed to prepare for what he wanted to say next. When he spoke again his voice was much more tense.

“You know how Kendall and I have been going out and stuff, right?”  

I coughed as a lump crawled up my throat and swallowed hard before forcing out a small, “Yes.” My mind was already racing and torturing me with endless scenarios of what exactly he was implying by saying “stuff”.

When Harry had first brought Kendall around, I had already built a biased opinion on her. Her family’s public oriented life wasn’t something I could understand and never would it have come to my mind that Harry somehow could. Privacy was one of his top priorities. Meeting Kendall in person however had been different than expected and after two drinks with her I had to admit that she and Harry did fit together. She knew when to laugh, asked me questions about my much less eventful life than hers was and even hugged me when saying goodbye. And of course, she was of striking beauty. One look at her and it was clear how she was Harry’s match in every sense of the word.
After leaving them to climb into their taxi together and to head to his place I was overcome by sadness. Never had I confessed my feelings for Harry to him and now came the regret. I had noticed him observe me throughout the night, proving further how important it was to him that his friends liked her. A clear sign that their relationship was to be taken serious.

“I hope everything’s fine between the two of you,” I mumbled, hoping he’d believe the small lie.

“Not quite,” Harry replied, “we aren’t working out like I thought we would. And I feel so confused.” he broke off and I just knew he was shaking his head in lack of understanding.

“Is it because you’re apart too much?”

“No, I don’t think so,” he answered quickly, “Our houses aren’t too far apart from each other’s and now that I’m on my break I often fly out to see her. I’d say we spend 4 out of 7 days per week with each other.”

I tried to ignore the sting in my chest upon that information.

“If time isn’t the problem, then what is?” I asked.

So far in the year of us being close we’d only had two arguments and in both situations it was about me being upset because he wasn’t around.
Harry didn’t answer my question but paused to think of his next words, picking them carefully like he always did.

“She’s just not been acting the way the way she did when I met her. Not a day goes by where she doesn’t question me about my whereabouts or who it is that I am texting or calling. Kendall complains about everything I do and claims I’m distracted. Sometimes she even says she thinks it’s because of you. That you and I are dating. Can you believe that?”

“Crazy,” I laughed dryly. “What does she say when you ask her about her doubts?”

“Either that it’s nothing, she doesn’t want to talk about it or she refuses to answer me altogether. Shit like ‘you know exactly what this is about’, too.”

Harry cleared his throat and took a deep breath, “Aside from missing you like crazy, I called to ask for advice on what I should do.”

“I couldn’t possibly tell you. I only know half about your relationship or how your feelings for her are,” I protested.
I knew full well I could never stay objective and so any advice I would give him wouldn’t be an honest one.
“All I could do is tell you to listen to your instincts. As they’re usually pretty good.”

“So you wouldn’t advise me to break up with her?” he asked me, sounding almost shy.
I cleared my throat, searching for words. He was unbelievable. Why did he have to ask me, the girl who loved him more than his girlfriend ever could, whether or not he should be single again?

“No, I wouldn’t,” I whispered timidly, choosing to push my selfishness aside.

“Hm. Alright.”

“Would you break up with her had just told you that I think it would be for the best?”

“Probably, yeah,” he answered. “But I’ll think it through one more time then.”

I wanted to die.

“You should do that,” I encouraged, mentally slapping myself. “You have to take care of yourself, though. I don’t want you to let it get too close to your heart.”

Harry sighed and I grinned when he mumbled something under his breath.

“What was that, H?”

“I miss you,” he repeated quietly.

“I miss you, too, Harry,” I admitted, “A lot.”

The faint noise of his laugh was enough to make my stomach flutter. My breathing picked up and I pictured him sitting there with a smile on his face because he had me advising him. After years of supporting his career I was glad to be able to be there for him privately as well.  

“You should come visit me,” I spoke abruptly.


“Think about it. You’ve never met my family before and it would give you a break from everything! Here in my hometown you would be safe from media attention and you could think about what to do next with Kendall,” I rambled, unable to contain what I truly wanted any longer. Him by my side and away from his model to maybe, finally, see me the way I saw him.

“Visit?” he asked, surprise evident in his tone, “I-I can’t- Y/N, I miss you. I do, really, but I don’t think I can leave just like that. Kendall would throw a fit and I can’t just leave in the middle of all this without talking properly to her. I’m sorry-”

I swallowed hard and tried to breath through the stinging feeling in my chest.

“I understand that,” I interrupted him quickly. “Figuring out your relationship comes first. As it should.”

“No,” Harry disagreed, his voice sounded urgent, “Don’t say it like that. You know I would never put anyone or anything before you.”

The corner of my mouth twitched into a smile.

“Are you in LA?” I asked.

“I am. Why?”

“I just want you to know that there’s a door to my house that is always wide open for you. Metaphorically speaking, not literally. That’d be weird otherwise.”

He exhaled loudly and cleared his throat.


“Yes, H?”

“You really are the best friend I have.”

My heart swelled and I felt glad that he couldn’t see my burning cheeks.  

“Right back at you. Please take good care of yourself, okay?”

“I’ll try. You do too, yeah?”

“Always do.”

And with that we ended the phone call. That Harry hadn’t jumped onto my offer of him to come here began to hurt a little, but it wasn’t like I had expected anything else. The fact that he still wanted to be a good boyfriend to a woman he knew didn’t appreciate it, made me love him even more.


It had been little over two weeks since I’d spoked to Harry and there had been absolute radio silence since. My family left town for the weekend and I had decided to use the quiet home to catch up on some of the work I had still left to do. On one evening however I didn’t feel like it at all.
Although the story I was reading had me clinging to every word, I couldn’t stop myself from glancing at the phone to check for a message from Harry every once in a while. The hope hadn’t died down yet.
The sound of the doorbell straddled me. It was 10:30 pm and the sky outside had turned dark hours ago. A nervous feeling settled in the pit of my stomach. I’ve definitely watched too many horror films. Hesitantly I got up and walked to the door where I peeked through the window next to it. A movement in the dark made me jump but my heart instantly squeezed when I recognized the person waiting outside. I quickly unlocked the door and stepped out. The breath was knocked right out of me. The surprise of seeing him and how beautiful he was didn’t didn’t distract me from how exhausted he looked.


“Hi,” he murmured, a faint smile on his face.

Within a second I had thrown myself at him and secured my arms around his neck while his wrapped tightly around my waist, holding me close to his chest.

“I can’t believe you came! I missed you so much,” I gushed.

After three months of being apart, I finally had him in front of me. Finally held him again. His body was warm and his shoulders strong under my touch. My hands found his hair and I exhaled happily upon finally being able to play with his soft curls again. I couldn’t swipe the smile off my face and enjoyed being able to breath him in again. Three months apart and he felt as familiar as if he’d never been gone.

“I hope it’s okay,” Harry mumbled into my hair. “You said I could visit and I…I just-” he broke off and pulled away from me before coughing heavily.

I gently patted his back in an effort to calm him. “Did your flannels not protect you from the threat that is the common cold? You should know better given how much time you spent in the oh so cold LA.”

A faint smile danced on his lips at my jokingly cooing voice, as he shook his head and with a final cough relaxed again.

“More likely in Ireland. I was visiting Niall last week.”

He came closer again and widen his arms to me. My heart jumped at the cocky half smile he had dancing on his cheeks and I gladly stepped into his arms, attaching mine once more around his shoulders. He squeezed my waist and I in return pressed a kiss to his warm cheek.

“That’s lovely,” I mumbled, “And it’s more than okay that you’re here, Harry. You’re always welcome.”

Harry hummed and nuzzled his face into my neck. I giggled quietly and shrieked when he bit down.

“I’ve missed this.”

“Me too,” he whispered and exhaled a long breath.

Though I loved having Harry this close, it was this exact kind of behavior that had me close to loosing my mind. Having him embrace and holding on to me like this felt as if he needed me as desperately as I did him. And that wasn’t the case. He had Kendall.

Humming upon feeling his lips against the skin of my neck, I whispered gently: “How did everything go?”

He shrugged and released me slowly only leaving his hands to rest on my shoulders. From this close I could see the glossiness of his eyes and how sore the skin around his eyes and his cheeks was. I carefully brushed the back of my hand over the redness, hissing at how tender it felt.


“It went fine,” he muttered. “Kendall and I are over.”

Relief, mixed with worry for my friend flooded me and I felt like crying when he looked at me with what I interpreted as sadness in his eyes.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered. “I know how much she meant to you.”

Though I didn’t. Selfish as I was I had never asked him a lot about Kendall and was a little taken aback by the emotion in his eyes.

He shook his head, smiling a little. “That’s not what’s going on right now, Y/N.”

“Then what is?” I asked, confused by his words.

Harry shrugged and took my hand. “I’ll tell you later.”

“I’m so sorry,” I whispered. “You seem so upset. This isn’t fair. No one as kind and good as you should feel like this.”

Harry shook his head once more and leaned forward to press a quick kiss to my cheek. “I’m alright, love. You worry more than you have to.”

My eyes narrowed as I observed his face. “I still don’t buy it, but let’s go inside, okay? I don’t want you to actually get sick.”

Ten minutes later Harry sat in my kitchen and watched me make tea for us both while he recollected the invents of the past weeks. He told me that Kendall hadn’t been surprised when he told her that he thought a break up would be for the best and that they were on good terms still.

“But I figured I’m gonna give her some space before calling or texting her again. To cool off a bit.”

“So it was you who ended things and not her?” I asked, a frown forming on my forehead.

Harry smiled when he noticed and tilted his head. “Does that surprise you?”

“I mean,” I began carefully, “if you’re happier like this I’m all for it of course, but I just didn’t expect it. Over the phone you sounded like you were sad about her creating distance between the two of you. I thought you loved her.”

At that he shook his head and cleared his throat.

“Absolutely not. I liked her, but I could have never been in love with her. And neither did she love me. We were friends feeling like we somehow owed it to each other to at least try to be more, but she mistrusted me so quickly and always jumped on every article of me cheating on her. She read the worst shit about me and always believed every prejudice.”

I snorted at that. “Well that’s rich coming from her. God knows how much crap is being said about her on a daily basis and you never let that change a thing about how you felt for her. She couldn’t even give the same to you? That’s plain shitty of her.”

I shook my head, anger flooding through my body. Harry was so much more than what people made him out to be over the media and to know that his girlfriend didn’t appreciate him enough to see that, disappointed me. I was in the middle of turning to get mugs for our tea when I felt two arms wrap around me from behind. A small gasp escaped my lips when Harry stepped closer to press his chest against my back.

“Don’t frown, darling,” he mumbled and pressed his lips against my temple, “It’s all good now.”

I reached down and gently caressed his hands that were resting against my stomach.

“I just hate it when people treat you like that. You’re the kindest man I know and I wish you’d get some of what you give back sometimes. Especially from people you care about a lot.”

He only hummed and nuzzled his head into my neck where he kissed my skin. His hold on me tightened and I leaned my head further back so I could feel his short hair against my cheek.



“Is it true that you love me?”

My entire body froze and my heart beat so fast I could’ve sworn it would burst at any second.

“W-what?” I whispered. My body twisted and I tried to shrug his hold off but he only tightened his arms.

“Niall told me,” Harry murmured quietly, pulling me back closer against his chest. “He said you have for ages. You told him that you were too afraid to tell me. Is that true?”

“Niall he-” I cleared my throat, my mind desperate to catch up on what was going on. I shrugged again and this time Harry loosened his hold and allowed me to move away. My mind tried to think of a story I could sell him that would somehow keep me from loosing my best friend. All because I couldn’t keep my emotions at bay.

“You’re why I broke up with Kendall,” Harry said calmly.

I looked up to meet his shy gaze. When he knew he had my attention he continued:

“Y/N, I couldn’t force myself to try to fix this relationship. It wasn’t working out and it really began to mess with my head.”

I shook my head and willed myself not to cry in front of him.  

“So you travled to Ireland where Niall gave you the perfect solution.”

I took a deep breath and Harry frowned at my words.

“Go get the girl who’s easy and wouldn’t mind being your rebound,” I spat, anger replacing my hurt and betrayal. I couldn’t even decide at whom I was more angry. Niall or Harry.
“Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but I am not a rebound for you and how even dare you think that! Using my feelings for you against me like this?!”

Harry moved quickly when the first sob shook me and took my hands in his. His sincere eyes met my teary ones and he reached his hands up to brush my cheeks.
“That’s not what’s going on here, Y/N. Calm breaths, darling and let me explain.”

I nodded, still slightly dazed and he smiled in relief.

“You are the most important person in my life, Y/N. You have been for what feels like forever now. But I didn’t think you felt the same so I didn’t say anything and threw myself into this relationship with Kendall, because honestly, I got lonely.”

He breathed heavily and moved his hands to my waist, holding me less than an arms reach away.

“And I was so unhappy in this relationship with her, because all I wanted is you. You never left my mind, not once and every minute I was with her, I wished it was you instead.”

I pulled a face at that. The situations he might have been in with her while thinking of me came to my mind. Reading my thoughts he chuckled a bit.

“Yeah, in those situations, too.”

“Oh, good god Harry!” I scolded and he laughed, grasping my hands when I tried to push him away. He cleared his throat and coughed.

“When I called you, I hoped you’d say something to indicate that you felt the same. When you didn’t, I decided to travel to Niall for advise and to clear my head. But before that I broke off with her. Niall didn’t tell me anything about your feelings for me while I was still with Kendall, I swear. I broke up because I felt too guilty for lying to Kendall like this and not because I knew there was a possibility that you’d let me have you.”

I swallowed hard, my heart pounding in my chest.

“This is…” I began, taking a deep breath, “a lot.”

“I know,” Harry replied, a cocky smile playing on his lips.

I shoved him back. “Don’t grin at me like that!”

“Why?” he laughed and took hold of my waist again. The warmth of his hands instantly relaxed me as he moved his hands to rest beneath my shirt so he could touch my skin. “I feel such a relief now. Having this out in the open, you know?”

My kitchen felt awfully small though I knew this conversation wouldn’t be half as bearable if it was with anyone else. I pried Harry’s hands from me and moved a few steps away again. His worried gaze followed me.

“Aren’t you happy?”

“I am,” I reassured him, not liking the scared undertone his words had, “But I’m a little overwhelmed, Harry. It wasn’t like I chose to tell you about how I feel. I wasn’t ready. You basically forced it out of me.”

“Just tell me what you feel,” he proposed.

When I didn’t answer he sighed and slowly stepped closer to me.  "Y/N, I love you.“
His voice was soft and his eyes were almost pleading. "Please. You do too, just say it.”

I looked up at him, searching for words before deciding to follow his lead and to just put everything out in the open. After all, he claimed it felt good.

“Of course, I do, Harry. I’ve loved you for longer than I’ll ever admit. Do you need me to spell it out each day for you now?”

He shrugged. “Wouldn’t complain.”

“Stop being cheeky, Harry, you really caught me completely off guard here. My mind is having trouble wrapping my head around all of what you just told me.”

“Okay, I’m sorry,” Harry said and held up his hands, “I shouldn’t have pushed you like this.”

I fiddled with my fingers and hesitated before speaking up again. Having Harry confess his feelings for me had been everything I ever wanted, but now that it had happened I didn’t feel as happy as I had expected to be. Seeing Harry with Kendall had somehow changed the way I saw him. I never saw him as a celebrity, but watching him show off his model girlfriend had shifted my view and now I saw how awfully different we were. He was an attractive and rich artist while I looked terrible plain and boring by his side.

“I just don’t know what we should do now,” I confessed, “Our lives are so different, Harry. Where would I fit in?”

“Right here with me, by my side. Like you always did,” Harry assured and I didn’t fight him when his hands reached for my hips. “Y/N, I love you. I’ll make sure that whatever it is that worries you, won’t ever be a threat to us, alright? M'gonna make you happy, Y/N. Please let me.”

His warm fingers gently massaged mine and his green eyes searched for some sign of consent to what he was proposing. I knew that I wanted this. He was who I wanted for years now and I knew that my need for him would never lessen or disappear.

“Y/N,” Harry begged softly, “Trust me on this.”

I sighed, moved forward and touched my hand to his cheek. I gently scratched the skin before reaching up to comb his soft hair. My lips moved to his, hesitantly at first but eager when I felt him kiss me back. I whined when he pulled away and he chuckled.

“S'that mean you wanna be my girlfriend?”

I nodded and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Yes.”

Hope you enjoyed this! Requests and Feedback are welcome! 


He Forgot Your Birthday

Harry hadn’t meant to forget her birthday. He was always really good at remembering important dates, her birthday, graduation, doctor appointments, everything and anything. But for some reason he slipped and assumed it was next week, his days were all thrown off. He hadn’t noticed until nine pm, the whole day she didn’t mention it.

She didn’t mention it in the morning when he said he was going to be out, she didn’t mention it when she asked him if he would come home for dinner, she didn’t mention it when he called to say he was going to show up later than expected. She just didn’t say anything, and Harry felt like an ass.

It wasn’t like Harry even went to work, no, he went out with Mitch and Kendall Jenner. The three had spent the day shopping, grabbing lunch, and shopping some more. They laughed, hung out, and Harry had invited them back to the house. He texted Y/N to let them know that they would have company, and she still didn’t mention it. She just stated that she was going to bed and asked for them to clean up.

“Is Y/N going to join us for a drink?” Mitch asked, sitting in the living room.

“No, she’s in bed,” Harry said, handing them a beer.

He sits on the couch, crossing his legs and slumping into the cushions, “oh I love her,” Kendall smiled, “but she should come down and join us!”

The three keep talking, until Mitch says something making Harry toss his head back and laugh. They hadn’t realized how loud they were being until Y/N walked downstairs, rubbing her eyes. Her hair was a mess, a silk robe hiding her body from all of them. She yawned, peaking at the clock, it was one am.

“Let’s go to a club!” Kendall says, smiling, “oh Y/N! You’re up! You can join us!”

“Hi baby,” Harry smiled, standing and walking towards her, kissing her softly.

“Hi,” Y/N smiled, “how was your day out?”

“It was so fun, you should’ve joined us,” Harry says, “I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” she says, leaning into him and yawning.

“Did you go out with your family or something?” Mitch asked.

“No I just watched some telly,” Y/N says, walking over to pick up the empty beer cans, none of them seemed drunk and she was thankful.

Kendall gasped, “you stayed in and watched TV on your birthday instead of coming out with us, I’m offended,” she says.

Harry freezes, the smile on his face dropping, all the excitement he felt vanished. It was now one am, meaning yesterday, the whole day he spent with his friends and not Y/N was her birthday. He hadn’t said happy birthday to her, he hadn’t spent a single hour with her, he didn’t make her breakfast or watch a movie with her, he had forgotten.

“I’m not a big fan of celebrating birthdays,” Y/N says, walking to the kitchen, “but you guys go on ahead to the club. I’m going to head back to bed.”

Kendall frowned, “okay, but can I take you out for lunch on Friday?” she asked.

“Of course,” Y/N smiled, walking back into the common room and hugging her, “I’ll call you.”

“Happy birthday,” Mitch says, hugging her.

Y/N giggled, hugging him back. She loved Mitch, but he always sounded to bored and tired. Kendall tucked her hair behind her ear, “are you coming Harry?”

“You can go if you want,” Y/N says sweetly, fixing her robe.

Harry shakes his head, and it’s evident to everyone in the room that he’s upset. Kendall nods, not pushing it and says her goodbye’s, Mitch following behind her. Harry runs a hand through his hair, looking at Y/N who sits on the couch.

“I am so sorry,” Harry whispered, “I’m so stupid, I didn’t-I don’t even know how I let it happen.”

“It’s okay,” Y/N giggled as he sat next to her, “I just did laundry and ate some food, nothing wild. You know I hate celebrating my birthday.”

“Still,” Harry frowned, “I went out all day. I’m a shit boyfriend-“

“You’re not, we all make mistakes Harry, and it’s not like we had plans,” Y/N says, leaning her head on his shoulder.

“But it’s your birthday,” Harry whispered, kissing the top of her head, “I didn’t make you breakfast or anything.”

“It’s alright, I promise,” Y/N squeezes his hand, “how about tomorrow it’s just us. You can cook me brunch, we can lay in the pool, watch movies, and just relax.”

“Yeah, of course, I’m so sorry-“

“Harry it’s okay,” she sits up, smiling at him, “really. We spent the last two weeks together and you have a life outside of us, we didn’t make plans, I don’t like celebrating, I’m not upset, I promise you.”

“Okay,” Harry sighed.

Y/N stands, holding his hand, “now will you please come upstairs and let me be the small spoon for once,” Y/N asked, tugging him up.

“Fine, only ‘cause I forgot your birthday,” Harry said.

It’s Been Years ~ Jack Maynrd (Smut)

.Characters: Jack Maynard X Reader X Justin Bieber

Word count: 2468

Summary: What happened last night?

Requested: Part four

Warning: There is high smut and with gifs. If you are uncomfortable with reading about taking weed or reading smut with gifs, I recommend not to read this and if you want me to post this with out smut or drugs I will. I mean it, this is some kinky shit.

Not my gifs

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Groaning you let your eyes flutter open to the sound of loud laughter, blinking a couple of times your surroundings came clearer. It was a couple of minutes later when you realised your head was not on a pillow but a bare chest.

Now usually you wouldn’t freak out but this chest was very bare.

And when you say very bare, you mean it was tattoo less.

It wasn’t Justin’s.

Panic raised up in you, now only noticing you were naked but it all disappeared when you saw the familiar skull tattoo on the arm that was slung across your waist. Lifting your head up from the chest, your eyes locked on the beautiful face of Jack Maynard.

A small grin spread across your face as you traced over every one of his features, he truly was beautiful.

That’s when last night came rushing to you.

It had been of hours since you had run into your old best friends and now they and their friends were all sat in a circle on the floor in yours and Justin’s house. You were sat in between Justin and Conor laughing and talking when Caspar suggest playing Never Have I ever so ‘we can all get to know each other’ he had said.

So here you were a shot in front of you smirking at all the boys, “Never have I ever kissed the opposite sex.” Yourself, Josh and Jack all took a shot.

“Who did you guys kiss?” Conor at the embarrassed look on Josh’s face.

“Each other.” Josh muttered pointing in-between himself and the younger Maynard, causing everyone to burst into laughter. “We were drunk!”

Once everyone calmed down they all looked towards you, “I have kissed Kendall, many of times.” You smirked at all the boys faces and Jack’s face was the best. He looked like he had just hit the jackpot/

“Oh and what a pleasant sight there were baby.” Justin laughed throwing his arm around your shoulder.

“Okay, okay. Never have I ever had a threesome.” Conor laughed, causing you, Justin, Jack and Joe to all drink.

“Details or it didn’t happen.” Mikey laughed.

“Just two girls mate.” Both Joe and Jack said.

“Me, Y/N, Kendall, Me, Y/n and numerous of girls.” Justin smirked and fist bumped Conor.

You looked around the circle and your eyes locked on Jacks who was staring at you in wonder, ‘Did you really?’ he mouthed. Nodding your head, a smirk grew across his face. He never knew his innocent nerdy old best friend become the person she become today.

“Okay, never have I ever taken drugs.” When the words slipped Joe’s mouth he instantly threw his hand over it. Everyone was staring wide eyed at the boy besides you and Justin who shrugged at each other and both took a shot of your drink.

“You’ve taken drugs!” Conor shouted, causing the attention to be out on you.

“Well yeah?” You questioned staring at the boy who looked wide-eyed at you.

“When.” Jack’s voice broke the silence, if you listened carefully you could hint the lace of anger and disappointment.

“It was only weed.” You shrugged at him, “Oh and I tried that shit Jay used to take.”

“I never let her take anything else.” Justin said, “Like I said, I care for Y/N I wasn’t letting her to follow the same root I was taking.”

“But wait, doesn’t that mean she was with you when you got arrested?” Oli questioned.

Justin looked at you and you slowly nodded your head, “I was in the car with Justin but because I was only on weed and wasn’t driving they never arrested me but I paid a fine. I didn’t have to be tested or taken to court like Jay and Za were. Although I did have my picture taken but fair play it came out pretty good.”

“After that I never let her go down the same road I was going; it wasn’t fair on her.” Justin said staring at Conor and Jack who seemed to be most worried.

It was awkward for a few minutes before Joe broke it, “I’m going to go to bed, do you think you can show us our rooms please?”

Justin chuckled standing up, “Sure but you’re going to have to pair up.”

All the boys said goodnight to you besides Conor and Jack whom were still sat down, “Can we have a us day tomorrow?” Conor asked.

“Hell yeah.” You spoke standing up slowly along with brothers, “I missed you guys and we need to have as many us days as we can.”

Conor wrapped his arms around, “I missed you so much, I’ll see you tomorrow yeah?”

“Yep, here let me take you guys to your rooms.” You smiled walking up the stairs and taking them down a left corridor where you spotted Josh leaning outside one of the doors, “Is everything okay?”

“Uh, yeh. Justin said one of boys is going to have to stay in your room.” Josh smiled tiredly at the three of you.

 Behind your back Jack already said he would before Conor could, making the older Maynard smirk. “Hey, I’ll go with Josh.” Conor said smirking walking past you and into the room Josh was in.

“Looks like your sharing with me babyJ.” You smiled at the boy before you, who still managed to take your breath away.

“Looks like we are Munchkin.” Jack smiled back. Walking slowly towards you he grabbed your hand and lean closer to your face, his lips going straight to your ear. “Show me the room baby.”

The way he spoke sent sparks straight to you core, tugging his hand you lead him to another stair case and made your way to your room. Pushing your door open you lead yourself and Jack in the room, Jack looked around your room and slowly made his way to the bed.

“I hope you don’t mind me sleeping in boxers.” The boy smirked watching as you froze in your tracks while heading to some drawers.

“I hope you don’t mind me smoking.” You replied pulling out some weed from your drawers turning to face Jack. “I also hope you don’t mind me sleeping in my underwear too.”

You walked forward to the bed and put the weed on the bed next to Jack who looked down at in with slight hesitant. “I’ve never been around someone who smoked this.” He muttered still looking at the weed.

“Do you want to try it?” You asked, slipping off your dress leaving you in a black lace set. Noticing the look on Jacks face you crawled onto the bed and lifted his chin up to see you, “You don’t have to.” You whispered.

Jack looked into yours eyes before looking down towards your body and nearly let a moan slip at the look of you, “I’ll try it.” He whispered back.

However, you didn’t catch the way he said it. He would try the weed but he would also try you.

You grinned crawling up the bed so your back was resting against the headboard, getting the idea Jack stood up and started stripping before sitting up next to you.

Whilst he was stripping you managed to roll a blunt and light it up, “Okay just follow my lead. Inhale, hold, exhale, breath.”

Originally posted by touchmytralalaaa

Jack drank in your appearance as you took a puff from the blunt and he thought it was the sexiest thing he has ever seen. He snapped out his lust phrase when you passed him the blunt, following what you said he took a hit. Once he exhaled he started coughing.

“I don’t think I can do that without coughing.” He wheezed passing you the blunt back.

“Here let me shotgun you.” You smiled hitting the blunt and before he could ask what does shot gunning mean.

You kissed him

Jack kissed back with twice as much effort and when he felt something get pushed into his mouth, he realised what it was and broke apart blowing out before going back to kissing you.

Pulling back, you lazily grinned at Jack who lazily grinned back, you took a hit of the blunt passed it to Jack. “Think you can this now?”

Jack looked at the smirk on your face and felt himself smirking back, “Oh god yes.” And with that he took a hit as your lips found his neck.

Your lips travelled up and down his neck biting and sucking until you found that special spot that made Jack’s body jolt. “Munchkin.” Jack moaned as you straddled him to carry on with your assault on his neck.

Leaning back, you smirked at the purple marks all over Jacks neck before lean back and watching him blow smoke into you face. Silently he passed you the blunt and just like that he had flipped both of you over and started trailing kisses down your neck and down the valley of your breasts.

Originally posted by sensuous

Jack looked up at you as he kissed the top right of your breast, he watched the smoke leave your mouth, the way your eyes were glazed with lust; just like his. “Put down baby.” He lowly spoke kissing around the curve of your bra.

You put the blunt on the ash tray next to your bed and looked back down at Jack, “Hands on the headboard.” He spoke again leaning up so he was sat up straight. You stared at him in shock not knowing what he meant and well he wasn’t happy with this. Growling he roughly grabbed your hands and held them up against your metal headboard, with another hand he reached down the end of the bed and grabbed his t-shirt.

Jack crawled up your body and you noticed his crotch was directly in front of you and you couldn’t help but bite your lip at the sight of his throbbing dick in his boxers. “You like what you see?” he asked taking your hands in his again and wrapping his shirt around your hands. He backed away a little bit, so he lowers himself, his face was at the same height as yours and all you wanted to do was kiss him.

So that’s what you tried to do.

You moved your head up but he was faster and backed away, only a little bit but enough that you couldn’t reach. Whining you moved your head up again and watched as Jack smirked, leaning his head down he trailed his lips over your check to your ear and whispered lowly in your ear, “I hope you don’t have any love to this bra.”

With that he backs up and his hands came down to your bra and ripped it off your body. You had no time to react though, as his mouth came crashing down on your breast making a pornographic moan leave your lips. He circled your nipple with tongue before gently biting onto it, once he was satisfied he moved other to your other breast and did exact same thing to it.

“Jack.” You moaned but it turned into a whine when Jack lift his head up and looked you dead in your eyes.

“That’s not my name baby girl.” You looked at him in confusion and slight lust as his lips were right above yours, “It’s Daddy.”

His lips crashed down onto yours and moaned into the kiss, his tongue pushed into your mouth and you both fought for dominance. Even though you both knew who really was the dominance one.

As you were kissing his hand travelled down towards your clit but never reached it, only tracing the outline of your thong. “Are you wet for me?” He whispered against your lips.

“Yes daddy.”

“Hm… well I’ll have to find out.” Jack kissed you once more time, before backing away till he was in between your legs. Jack harshly pressed his right hand on your pussy, rubbing your clit through the thong. You moaned aloud in pleasure at his roughness. “Someone is dripping wet.” He muttered.

Ripping your thong off, he stood up and ripped his boxers off as well, “I need you right now.” He got back on the bed and in a matter of second pushed himself into you.

“Daddy!” You shouted feeling him ramming himself in you.

“So fucking tight baby.” Jack growled out with every thrust.

With his left hand he placed it onto your left leg and onto his shoulder, lightly hovering over you, his right hand found her right nipple, harshly tugging onto it. Jack was going faster and faster and you don’t know how long you can carry on.  

Tugging onto his t-shirt you let out a moan, “Let me touch you.”

“No can do babydoll.” Jack smirked his thrust getting hard and harder as he felt his orgasm coming, “Tell me your close.”

Jack pulled back and thrusted hard into you and hit your g-spot, a couple more strokes you will be done. “Daddy, I’m close.”

Jack noticed you gripping hard onto his t-shirt with your eyes sealed closed and smirked, he brought his hand down and wrapped his fingers around your throat. “Open your eyes baby.”

You shook your head, physically can’t open your eyes. You felt Jack fumbling with his t-shirt and soon enough your hands were free, you wrapped it around his back and dragged your nails down.

“Open your eyes baby girl.” Jack muttered again, when he felt you clenching around him. “Open. Your. Eyes.” You opened your eyes and you locked eyes with Jack, “Come for your daddy.”

Jack thrust into you once more and you started shaking feeling the wetness pool inside you explode all over Jack, you hand wrapped around Jacks as you felt his hips start to stutter.

“Come for me daddy.” Just as the words left your mouth, Jack moaned loudly collapsing down on to you as he hit his orgasm moaning your name.

Jack rolled himself onto his back as you both breathed heavily. It was quite the only sound was your breaths coming out in before you started chuckling softly, “I never knew you had a daddy kink.”

Jack laughed turning his face to face you, “I blame the weed, it brings out all the kinks in me.”

You rolled over putting your head on his as his arm wrapped around your body, “I’ve missed you so much babyJ. I’m so sorry for leaving and not saying anything.”

“I missed you too munchkin, It’s okay we will talk about in the morning okay?” Jack whispered kissing your head.

You nodded your head, your eyes closing and breath getting slower. Just before you drifted you heard Jack mumble something, you couldn’t quite hear.

Second choice

Request: Y/N and Hailey were best friends until Y/N realized that Hailey was only using Y/N to get closer to Justin. Will Justin and Y/N’s friendship be affected when she tells him this?

Warning: a little long

“Justin, don’t you get it? She used me just to get close to you!” You yell in frustration.

Justin doesn’t look up as he was too preoccupied tuning his guitar.
“I really don’t have the time for your excuses, if you can’t handle Hailey and I being in a relationship then-”

“Then what?” You say interrupting him before he can continue. You knew where this was going but you were too guliable to think otherwise so you decided to test him.

Justin puts his guitar aside as he takes a deep breath before looking at you. “Then we can’t be friends…”

Can’t be friends? You thought to yourself. This was just getting ridiculous, you didn’t know wether to be upset or just to laugh about it. The sentence kept repeating in your head causing your eyes to water.

“Are you fucking serious?!” You say upset, but you tried your best to contain your emotions. “You chose her over your own best friend?!” You say raising your voice. You were hurt but you weren’t going to let him know but it was helpless, your emotions were getting the best of you.

Justin shakes his head and takes a step towards you. “You’re the one who made it come to this…if you weren’t so selfish-”

“Woah, woah, woah….selfish? I’m the one being selfish?” You ask surprised as you take a step back. You chuckle before continuing. “Was I not the one who considered your feelings before my own? I could have just left this whole thing and not tell you, thinking maybe you would realize on your own that she was just going to use you like she used me but I didn’t…I wanted to tell you because I didn’t want to see you hurt. Hailey was my best friend but if it meant losing you…I just couldn’t be her friend anymore even if it tore me but I mean, maybe I am just a selfish idiot.” You say as tears rolled down your face. Justin looks at you, and your swore you saw guilt but he quickly looks away.

“Can you please leave…” he says quietly, and you felt your heart shatter once more. After all you guys been through, he ended it just like that. You were the second choice…. yet you put him first.

Your friendship with Hailey meant the world to you but your friendship with Justin was a whole other level. He was the one you grew up with, the one you told your most darkest deepest secrets, the one you can stay up till 4 am talking about the most random at stuff, and through all that you fell for him.

“No need to tell me, I was just going to”. You say harshly before storming out the door.

You continued to walk without stopping until you reached your car. Suddenly you just bursted into tears, you held onto your car door as you yell in frustration.

You felt so many feelings at the same time and it made you sick. You slowly got into your car, and sat there quietly, and emotionless. After a few minutes, you finally calmed down. You took a deep breath before driving away.
*at your house*

“He’s such a jerk!” You yell angrily as you throw a pillow across the living room. You were now circled by your and Justin’s closest friends, Tyga, Fredo, Kendall, Kylie, Za, Khalil, etc.

“Shhh, forget about him” Kendall says as she gently pats your back.

“Who do they think they are? T-that bitch…how could she just humiliate me like that and act so clueless about it!” You say, as you angrily bit into your chocolate bar that Za gave you.

You suddenly hear chuckling, you look up to see the guys trying their hardest not to laugh.
“You think this is funny?” You ask glaring at them, they quickly stop laughing as they shake their heads no. “That’s what I thought” you say before finishing your last piece of chocolate.

“You don’t need them, you’re better off without them.” Kylie says, you watch as everyone agrees.
“Yeah, you have us” Ryan says, and everyone agrees once more.

“You don’t understand…” you say quietly, but it was loud enough for them to hear.

“Understand what?” Khalil asks, and suddenly the room got quiet. You felt your cheeks heat up as all the attention was now on you.

“Guys, I think us girls can take it from here,” Kylie says, as they all stand up before leading me upstairs.
“Wooooow,” we hear the guys say in union causing us to giggle.
**in the bedroom**

“Why are we up here?” You ask confused before taking a seat on your bed.

Kylie takes a seat next to you as Kendall closes the door. “Y/N…there’s something else that’s bugging you, it’s not just the whole Hailey-Justin thing.” Kylie says gently.

You felt tears peak through the corner of your eyes as your breaths were becoming short. Suddenly Kendall and Kylie wrap their arms around you, trying their best to comfort you. That’s the moment, you couldn’t hold it in.

**back with the boys**

Justin’s POV:

After the argument Y/N and I had, I knew what I did to her was wrong. She was only concerned about me. I even confronted Hailey about the whole thing to find out the Y/N was telling the truth. I felt like an idiot, I was so harsh to her and now she probably hates me.

I decided to go to her house and apologize even if I knew I was probably the last person she wanted to talk to. As I made it to her house, I noticed there were other cars parked in the driveway. I observed closely and realized those were my friends cars.

Shit…well I’m probably in trouble. Even though they were my best friends aswell, they will still kick my ass for hurting Y/N.

I reached the doorstep and doorbelled. Tyga opens the door, his reaction changes from similing to frowning. “What are you doing here?” He asks bitterly. “Come on Man…I’m here to apologize.” I say desperately, after a few seconds have gone by he finally lets me in.

I walked in and I was welcomed by a bunch of glares from the guys. I swear if Y/N did me wrong they probably wouldn’t even care. I repeated what I said to Tyga to them. They looked at me uncertain before signalling she was upstairs. I looked at them smiling before thanking them. “I swear Justin if I hear her cry, you’re out of here”. Khalil says, I glared at him. “Uh I mean love you bro…” he says quickly causing the other guys including myself to laugh.

I quickly thanked them again before running upstairs. Just as I was about to open her door, I overheard her saying things. I knew it was wrong to eavesdrop but I bet she would remain silent if I walked in.

**back with the girls**

You heard the doorbell, but the three of you didn’t mind it. After a few minutes you finally had the courage to tell them what was wrong.

“I’m tired of being the second choice, the one who gets chosen if the other one is taken. I’m tired of the fact that I fall in love with so many guys that are close to me to end up being broken-hearted at the end. It fucking hurts to let people get so close to you, so close that they can just rip your heart out any time without mercy. Every time I’m the one who gets hurt…it’s either because I’m not good enough, I’m not perfect, I’m not beautiful-”

“Shhh that’s enough…” Kendall says as she pulls you in for a hug. Kylie quickly wipes away a tear as she hated seeing you like that. She grabs your hands gently, “Y/N you are not a second choice, and you will never be. Take it from the two of us you have always been first. You are such and amazing, beautiful, kind, most down to earth person and you don’t need a man to tell you that. They may have been a lot of heartbreaks in the past but that’s what makes you stronger, and if you feel weak…Kendall and I also even the guys will be right behind you pushing you to get back on your feet.” She says causing you to tear more, you squeeze her hand gently to let her know you appreciated all those words. “We love you Y/N, we’re like sisters…don’t ever forget that.” Kendall says. “Aww I freaking love you guys…” you say as you pull them in for a hug causing all three of you to giggle.

Suddenly you hear someone knock on the door. “Go away!” Kendall yells causing you to giggle. “Uh it’s Justin,” and the three of you look at eachother surprised. You nod at the girls letting them know it was okay. Kendall and Kylie hug you once more before opening the door. You watch as Justin has his hands in his pockets, “can I please talk to Y/N?” He quietly says.

“If you hurt her, you’re going to wish you never came here…” Kendall says, causing you to chuckle. The girls run downstairs, leaving the two of you alone.

“Seems like I’ve been getting death threats all day…” Justin says trying to lighten the mood, but you remained silent as you looked away.

“I’m sorry” he says breaking the silence. You look up to see that his expression was pure guiltness. “I’m sorry for what I said and for not believing you. It was wrong for me to push you away like that when you were only concerned. I’m sorry, you didn’t deserve that.” He says sincerely.

“Y/N I know that’s not what you’re mainly upset about…uh before you get mad…I overheard you, Kylie and Kendall talking”, you suddenly whack him with a pillow, “you fucking eavesdropper!” You yell interrupting him.

“No, no, no! Y/N listen to me carefully, yes I eavesdropped-ow!” Justin yells as you hit him once again with a pillow. “Hit me once again and I’ll tickle you so hard.” He says sternly, you slowly put the pillow down, glaring at him for knowing you were ticklish.

“As I was saying, Y/N why do you feel that way? It pains me to see that you think of yourself like that. In fact you’re the opposite of the things you said. Y/N you know you’re always first to me, whether it’s for anything. I know sometimes I don’t show it especially today but I swear Y/N I would take a bullet for you. That’s how much you mean to me…from day one, you’re the one who has always been there for me, through my happiest moments to my bullshit ones. Everything I’ve experienced was with you and I’m so honoured that they were spent with with you…I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Justin says, you quickly wipe away your tear. “What are you trying to say?” You ask confused.

Justin hesitates before taking a step closer to you, he kneels infront of your bed before taking your hands. “I’m in love with you…”

You look at him shocked, before shaking your head. You get up slowly before looking at him sadly. “What? Now that Hailey is out of the picture, you’re going to crawl back to me? I don’t want to be a second choice!” You yell angrily. Justin walks to you before grabbing your hands once again. “Y/N you’re not a second choice, I’ve had feelings for you since you walked into my life but I held it in thinking it wasn’t going to work out. Why do you think you’re the one I always want to hang out with? Or how I get so overprotective when you have a date. Why do you think I call you in the middle of the night, it’s because I miss you and I want to hear your voice. Why do you think I can’t spend a day without you by my side? I love you that’s why, when you walked out that door it was one of the worst feelings ever, and I never want it to happen-”

You gently grabbed his face, as you press your lips onto his. You felt Justin smile through the kiss, as he places his arms around your waist pulling you in closer. You wrap your arms around his neck, as he deepens the kiss. You both pull away to catch your breath. He looks at you, “you will always be my first choice…don’t forget that.” He says gently causing you to smile. He pulls you in for one more kiss.

You pull away before looking at the door confused. “What’s wrong?” Justin asks worried. You walk towards the door, opening it. You watch as the guys fell on the floor and the girls on top of them.

Justin looks at you then back at them. “Uh Uhm we were just checking if the door was stable…and it is.” Za quickly says as they all immediately get up.

“why the hell do you all eavesdrop?” You say causing everyone to laugh.

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Choosing the wrong Priorities Part 1

This is part one of a two part story in which Harry wants to use the Hendall ship to be in the news more. His girlfriend isn’t too fond of that idea though.  I hope you’ll like this story. According to Wattpad, it’ll take about 5 minutes to read. Also, I’m using Kendall’s name because of her relationship to Harry. I don’t have anything against her personally. 

Coming home to him was what I thought about the minute I shut the door behind me when I left in the morning. He would be asleep, now that he got to stay home more and I’d have to leave him behind with his cheeks flushed and his plumb lips slightly open as he snore quietly. The urge to kiss him would sometimes overwhelm me and I’d steal a small peck. When I came home he always told me that he loved the gentle kisses I gave in the morning. That it gave him a sense of what we were, each other’s.

And it was because of this that I would never have imagined what tumbled from his lips that night. I was absorbed into a different world when Harry sat down by my side and carefully pulled my book from my grasp, trying to make me give him my full attention.

“We need to talk about something. S'important, love.”

His words worried me at first, but I relaxed when he smiled warmly. I scooted back on the bed to make more space for him and sat into a cross-legged position.

“What is it?”

Harry cleared his throat and pushed some of his hair back that had fallen into his face. I resisted to grin, admiring how handsome and genuinely beautiful he was. I loved the way his green eyes sparkled in contrast to his black shirt and how soft the skin of his neck looked. The pink of his lips.

“Remember how I told you that I would be meeting with Jeff today to discuss some ideas he had?”

I nodded, recalling it to have been a few nights ago when we were cuddled up in bed.

“Did it go well?”

“Yeah. He’s got some pretty cool ideas for what the guys and me should do for our comeback. We really need to get right back into business, you know?”

“You will,” I said confidently. “You’re adored so deeply as well as widely.”

“I sure hope so,” he chuckled. “But there is this one thing Jeff proposed I should do. He said it’d be in order for people to not forget about me. And you won’t be too fond of it, but I must remind you that it would be really good for me.”

When the only answer he got was a frown he continued, his fingers twitching nervously in his lap.

“Y/N, there have been a lot of pictures of us together lately. In a restaurant, you and me grocery shopping, entering this house.”

“None of them are displays of affection. They’re no prove that we’re dating,” I interrupted quietly.

We had agreed to keep our relationship as private as we possibly could. Only immediate family and friends knew. And Harry’s management of course. Naturally, we did spend time together outside our apartment and of course paps occasionally snapped pictures of us, but with neither of us commenting on them, there wasn’t much of a story for anyone to tell.

“I know that,” Harry agreed, “but Jeff says that he gets questions about us every day. He’s worried for our relationship and how I’m gonna be treated by the public once I’ll get back into the spotlight.”

“So you mean he’s worried for your image.”

Harry hesitated before muttering: “He doesn’t want every question in the interviews we’ll give to be one that I can’t answer honestly.”

“I understand that,” I assured him, lacing my fingers with his gently, “but I’m already worried about Jeff’s proposition.”

A small smile danced on his lips when I caressed his cross tattoo on the back of his hand.

“It isn’t that bad,” Harry mumbled, though he avoided meeting my eyes. He took a deep breath. “Jeff wants me to kiss Kendall and have some paps photograph it.”

His tone was slightly higher than usual and I was hoping that he was joking.

“I’m sorry?”

My voice stayed surprisingly calm for someone who’d just been told that her boyfriend was to make out with one of his ex girlfriends. I knew that he was still on good terms with her and that they occasionally met up when he went to LA, but he always assured that their friendship was solely platonic. And now they were to change that for it to be her in the pictures and not me?

“Magazines would talk about it for a while and it’d allow rumors about us to calm down again. He’s throwing a party next weekend and thinks it would be the perfect place.”

“I know he is,” I said dubiously and pulled my hand from his grasp. “You invited me to go with you, remember? Are you just gonna take Kendall instead while I’m to stay home and act the good girl?”

“Actually,” Harry began but trailed off when he finally met my eyes.

“What?” I growled.

He took a deep breath. “Jeff says it’d be ideal for you to be there as well. Just to make it more believable. I would leave with Kendall n'maybe give the paps some PDA while you leave shortly after. Or the other way around. It doesn’t matter really so you can choose. ”

“Oh jeez, thanks, Harry.”

I let out a harsh breath and shot off the bed. Harry watched as I stomped over to the window, putting space between us.


“What happens if I say no?” I asked, finally my voice reflected my emotions by trembling.

Harry scratched the back of his neck. “S'not really an option. Kendall already said she’d be fine with it.”

“Of course she is.”

He dropped his head and pushed himself off the bed as well.

“Look, it’s only half as bad as you think it is right now. It will all be a show to please everyone and that’s it. You n'me are still together aft-”

“Are we?” I shrieked.

My fingers shook heavily, my vision was blurred as my eyes drowned with tears and Harry watched me with an almost frightened expression on his face. I felt like laughing at him. He had obviously expected this to go much different. Easier I supposed. With less resistance and more understanding on my part. But how could I? It felt like he was willingly replacing me with her.

“I mean,” I began and backed off when he moved closer to me, “Jeff knows right? And you know that you’re my boyfriend, right? Not hers. And that I am your girlfriend, not her. That it’s me who’s coming home to you, not-”

“It’s not about her, Y/N!” he interrupted, his voice resounding from the walls. “I know that I’m with you-”

“Then why can’t I be the only one who kisses you?” I yelled and forcefully pushed away his outstretched hands when he reached for me.

I stepped further back and held up my own hand, signaling him not to come any closer.  

“I can’t understand how you could possibly think that I would agree to this. Why would I?”

Harry turned away and pulled at his hair in frustration. “I thought you cared about me doing well in my career, that’s why.”

“Oh, don’t you pull that shit on me,” I said, the tears falling rapidly. “You’re my best friend and I love you. Of course I want you to do well.”

His green eyes sparkled with sympathy when he turned to look at me as my fingers hastily brushed the water from beneath my eyes. Guilt crossed his features.

“It’s not fair of you to try and bribe me,” I mumbled.

He stayed silent and the only noise remaining was my heavy breathing mixed with the faint sound of traffic outside. When he spoke his voice was quiet and careful.

“I can ask Jeff if you being there is really necessary,” he tried to soothe me.

“That’s not the point, Harry.”

He shook his head and let himself fall back down on the mattress with a groan, hiding his face behind his palms. I wrapped my arms around my middle and stared at him wordlessly. When he removed his hands again he spoke with finality in his voice.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. Truly. But this is going to happen. I understand why you’re not thrilled. M'sorry about that. But you’re making this a bigger deal than it has to be and I’m sure that if you’d just went along with it, you’d see that it’s the best solution for our problem.”

The compassion hadn’t quite left his eyes, but he looked at me like the discussion we were having was  over. Like it was him who had ultimately the last say in this. I raised my eyebrows. My bottom lip quivered when I spoke.

“Then it’s going to happen without me.”

“That can be arranged. M'sure Jeff’ll understand that you don’t want to be there when-”

“No”, I interrupted quietly. “I mean, then it will happen completely without me.”

Harry tilted his head, his eyebrows furrowing. He looked so lovely. Even with his forehead glistening and his curls a mess on top of his head from being pushed back roughly repeatedly. I swallowed the lump in my throat and forced myself to continue.

“Either you stay with me and don’t do this, or you kiss her, but then you and I are over.”  

His mouth dropped open and he got back to his feet. I was glad when he didn’t try to move closer again.

“You’d break up with me?”

My heart hurt at how soft and vulnerable his voice sounded. The green eyes filled with disappointment as his jaw tensed and the vain in his neck got more visible. I cleared my throat.

“I don’t want to be with you when I’m not good enough for your standards.”

“Who said anything of that?” Harry asked, annoyance clear in his tone.

“You did when you said kissing Kendall would be good for you and the solution for our problem!” I shouted, emphasizing the last word.

I forced myself not to back away again. Fighting with Harry felt awful and wrong. Our relationship was always one of loving words, not arguments. He always playfully said that he was more of a lover than a fighter anyway.

“I get it, okay? Having pictures of you and a hot model cruising through the internet is way better than pictures of us.”

“Y/N”, Harry tried, but there was nothing for him to say. He had already said enough.

“I feel like you’re asking if it’s okay for you to cheat on me and it’s not.”

“It’d be for my fucking job, Y/N!”

“It says nowhere in your contract that you have to make out with a model to hide your relationship, Harry! This is just a stupid idea from your manager to hide your problem, as you put it, and for some reason you find it a brilliant one! Your career wouldn’t suffer if you’d refuse this proposition.”

Harry looked at me like he couldn’t believe what I had just said.

“You’re just being difficult. You won’t break up with me over something this insignificant. It’s just a fucking kiss for god’s sake.”

And with that, we walked out on me, leaving me by the window with tears rolling down my cheeks. He didn’t even look back. I jumped when the sound of our front door shutting echoed. Not quite believing he just left I let out a broken hiss and angrily brushed the rest of my tears away. My feet carried me to our wardrobe where I stood onto my tiptoes to reach my duffle bag. I felt my heart break into pieces but I knew that I was doing what was right. I loved Harry. I truly did. But if he couldn’t see that he was mine as much as I was his, then this relationship wasn’t a healthy one. His words kept replaying in my head. You won’t break up with me over something this insignificant.

“Like hell I won’t.”

Harry POV

The sun hid behind heavy grey clouds as the trees marking the way swung back and forth with the wind. I shuddered. It felt as if the London air refused to stay warm for even one minute longer after sunset. My fingers pulled at the sleeves of my shirt and it only now occurred to me how long I must’ve stayed out. When I left Y/N standing in our bedroom the thin material had been more than enough to keep me comfortable. I scratched the back of my neck, guilt spreading from the pit of my stomach up to my throat. The keys between my fingers shook heavily as I noticed the lack of light in the house in front of me.

By coincident my former schoolfriend John had come to the city and after leaving Y/N to cool off I decided to pay him a visit. He hadn’t met Y/N and I wondered if it was smart to go to him after an argument with her. Usually the person I talked to was Gemma, though it wasn’t like Y/N and I fought often, on the contrary. She was always understanding, loving and too kind for the world. This had been the first time where she hadn’t supported one of my decisions, even when she disagreed, she at least supported me. How she couldn’t see that me getting associated with Kendall Jenner was a good thing, was beyond me. Of course I understood jealousy. God knows I felt it often enough, but this wasn’t about being unfaithful to her, it was about promoting myself. Furthermore, a happy management meant more pay and more favors, like days off.

Due to John not knowing Y/N, I figured if anyone wouldn’t hesitate to call me out if I was in the wrong, it’d be him. And he was.

While yelling back and forth with her, it was a mystery to me how Y/N could possibly act the way she did. Why she refused being a help in my career, her, the person meant to always support me, even when it meant me having a meaningless make out session with Kendall. But after voicing my request a second time, the realization of how much of an asshole I’d been came crushing down onto me. Of course she couldn’t bear the thought of watching me kiss my ex girlfriend, no matter how fleeting our relationship had been. The mere thought of another man’s lips pressing against her soft ones made my insides turn. John had sighed and even admitted his surprise that she didn’t slap me. I found myself wishing she would’ve so we’d be somehow even.

“Don’t get me wrong”, John had assured, “I’ve seen Kendall and if I had the chance then I certainly wouldn’t push her out of bed. Tell you what, there’s hardly anything I wouldn’t do to have those legs wrapped around-”

“What’s your point?”

John had barked a laugh and reached out to clap my shoulder. “Your girl, Y/N, only has to cross your mind and your whole face lights up. I’d say you’re pretty whipped.”

I cleared my throat, nodding at his statement. I truly hadn’t ever been as in love with someone as I was now. Maybe that was somehow an explanation to why I sometimes struggled to

“I know you have to stay popular and all”, John had spoken gently, squeezing my arm, “but is it worth losing the girl who has you completely smitten with her and is just as utterly smitten with you?”

No. The word I spoke before practically running out of John’s hotel room and the word echoing in my head now as the fear crept up my chest. Our home looked so empty. My stomach felt as if in knots when I discovered that our front door was locked. It seemed odd, since Y/N wouldn’t have left our home without securing it, I’d reminded her of that often enough. There were no lights on, and even when she slept she normally left at least one lamp alight. But she couldn’t have left me this fast, right?

After not spotting her in our living room against my predictions, I quietly made my way to the stairs. I skipped the last few as I hurried up into our bedroom where I had left her. But this room, too, was empty. Instead, on the very bed Y/N and I had spend a night filled with kisses and whispered promises less than 24 hours ago, were our sheets in a heap and the shirt and shorts of mine she had been wearing today. My heart stopped and salty water shot to my eyes, drowning them instantly. She really was gone.

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Part two: 

Beg For It

Part 4 of Music Video 

// In which Justin truly takes control //

*Warning Mature Content*


“That was so good,” Justin laughed between shaken gasps as he recovered from his high.

“Yeah,” I agreed.

“I love this,“ he said a moment later.

“Yeah,” I let out a deep sigh before sitting up on the bed.

“What are you doing?” Justin looked over at me. The bliss that ones captured his face turned to concerned as his broad sweating chest rose up and down from the bed. Justin’s blonde hair was tossed ferociously all over his head.

“I’m getting dressed,” I pulled on the underwear and the t shirt I came in.

“Why? You can stay the night?” he sat up and took my shirt from my hand.

“Actually I can’t. I having brunch with a friend,“ I snatched it back from his grip.

“That doesn’t matter. Please, just stay the night. I’ll cook in the morning and everything,” he gave me a hopeful smile.

“As good as burnt food sounds, I think I’m going to pass,” I shimmied my shorts onto my legs then reached for my phone to see all the messages I missed while I was fooling around with Justin.

“When people ask you about us what do you say?” Justin asked out of nowhere.

“What do you mean?”

“Like I don’t know, what are we? If we went somewhere and you knew someone there, how would you introduce me?” he didn’t make eye contact with me as he spoke.

“As my friend,” I stated, matter of factly.

“Just your friend?” He dug.

“My really good friend?“ I tried to laugh the awkwardness away. Knowing that Justin was lowkey feeling me was only making me want to be around him less. This was just topping the cake.

“And how many really good friends like me do you have?” He asked trying to sound nonchalant, wanting to know how many other people I was fucking.

“Why does it matter?” I snapped.

“Just wondering,” he mumbled while putting his shirt on as well.

“Well you can quit,” I pulled on my shoes.

“I just wanted to know if we’re good,” Justin placed a hand on my waist.

“I’m good. We’re just friends who, occasionally fuck. There’s nothing wrong with it,“ I spoke with a hot little attitude.

“Right,” Justin pulled his hand off of me.

“Oh,” I feigned surprise.

"Oh what?” he asked.

“I think I know what this is about, Justin,” I faked a smile before continuing. “You don’t need to worry about me. I’m not high maintenance like the other girls you fuck around with. I don’t want anything from you but a good time,” I pushed him down on the bed and straddled him. I was hoping he would catch my hint without me having to flat out tell him that I didn’t feel the same way.

“So you aren’t getting attached?” Justin asked while rubbing my hips. He looked anxious waiting for my answer although he did hide it well.

“I understand the boundaries and I do not plan to cross them,” I hummed before engaging him in a provocative kiss. Our lips continued to be pressed together until I felt him getting hard again. I laughed and pressed my hand against his stirring dick once before removing myself from the heated embrace.

“When can we hang out again?” Justin groaned, knowing that he wasn’t getting anymore pleasing right now.

“You mean fuck?” I giggled.

“Yes,” Justin shuttered back a bit.

“Well, my schedule is booked up for the next week and a half so…” I lightly brushed off our next meeting.

“Oh, okay. Am I going to see you at Drake’s release party next Friday?” Justin asked about our mutual friend and colleagues’ album drop.

“Yeah, I’ll be there,” I nodded. I would never miss one of Drake’s parties, they were always my

“Let me walk you out then,” Justin handed me my purse and led me out the front door.

“Hit me up if you find free time?” Justin opened the door to my Mercedes.  

“Sure,” I climbed into the car, shut the door behind me, and got the hell out of here.

“Kenny,” I spoke as soon as Kendall picked up the phone.

“Hey Y/N whats up?” She answered six rings later.  

“He likes me so much,” I groaned.

“Give me the details.“


Justin’s Point of View

“Okay so like can you just asks if she likes me?” I begged Kendall as I glanced over at Y/N who was sipping on her glass of champagne.

She looked beautiful as ever, in a nude skin tight dressed. All night, Y/N has been socializing with person to person yet, hasn’t spoken to me yet. Ever since the Pour It Up music video, she has been the talk of the industry. It was hard to believe that while everyone wanted her, I was the one that actually got her.

“I don’t think she’s really in the mood to be bothered with you,” Kendall spoke as she swayed to the beat of the blasting music.

“She won’t be bothered if she likes me back too,“ I reasoned.

“What is this? Elementary school? If you like her so bad then ask her on a date,” Kendall wasn’t having my shit either apparently.

“I will as soon as I know she’s interes- She’s moving go go ask her,” I shoved Kendall towards Y/N who was walking over to the bar.

Kendall flicked me off before going off to greet her friend. They hugged then Kendall said something that made a laugh brighten up Y/N’s face. Suddenly, they were both looking at me. I quickly turned to talk to who ever was closest to me at that moment and it just so happened to be Khalil.

“Yo, Y/N has been looking over here all night,” Khalil nodded over at Y/N who sent a smile back.

“Really bro?” I played it off cool.

“Yeah, like damn she’s so fine,” Khalil laughed before taking a sip of his drink.

“Hmm,“ I didn’t want to burst Khalil’s bubble.

“We actually went out to breakfast a couple of weeks ago,” Khalil didn’t noticed my dryness.

“Excuse me,” I stopped looking at Y/N to look at Khalil that just had to be lying.

“Yeah, it was last last Wednesday I think. We had a good time though. I’m trying to ask her out again since its been a minute,” Khalil shrugged while I tried to fix the puzzle together in my head. If I thought back correctly, then that means the real reason Y/N wouldn’t spend the night the last time we were together was because she was going out on a date with my friend the very next morning.

“Did you two…” My voice trailed thinking that if I didn’t ask the question, I wouldn’t hear the answer I didn’t want to hear.

“Fuck? Nah. At least not yet, it did get a little heated after breakfast though if you know what I mean. But like she’s your friend so put in a good word for me, yeah?” Khalil gave me a hard pat on my back before turing around to talk to Kylie. I rolled my eyes as I took a sip of my drink, looking at Y/N in a whole new light. Y/N couldn’t possibly have actual feelings for Khalil after a date. Granted, I’ve never taken her out but, I still have more of a chance with her than he does. The fact that Khalil thought he was going to be with Y/N in the same ways that I’m with her made my blood boil. She was mine and only mine.

“Who you looking at?” Za came up to me a moment later after I downed my tequila. I nodded at Y/N who laughed loudly with Kendall.

“Damn, Y/N stays thicc,” Za held up his glass as to toast to Y/N’s holy body.

“Not you too,” I groaned. Damn, the moment I’m actually into a girl, all my friends notice her as well.

“What’s wrong Bieber? You feeling Y/N or something?” Za teased me.

“No, she’s just my good friend,” I mocked Y/N’s words.

“Ya’ll fucking?” Za guessed correctly straight off the back.

“No,“ he gave me a boy please face, already detecting my lie. "Fuck, I mean yes but it’s more than that?”

“Hey guys,” suddenly Y/N came over with a cocky smile present on her face as she hugged each of us. Her embraced lasted a beat longer with me compared to the rest of the guys.

“You look really good tonight,” Khalil complimented, coming out of fucking no where. His little comment brightened up her entire face, making her laugh and spin so that we could admire her entire outfit that hugged her just right. Za smiled at me causing me to I rolled my eyes at his teasing.

“Ya’ll look good too. I love this suit on you,” She reached out and pattern her hands against Khalil’s silver suit. A suit that I bought while shopping with him. I shook my head and grabbed another drink as Khalil and Y/N drooled over each other.

“Thank you. How about I get you a drink and we go dance?” Khalil asked, annoyingly.

“Yeah I’d love that. Surprise me with the drink,” Y/N called after Khalil who winked before heading off to retrieve the drinks. Y/N bluntly flirting with my friend made me want to gouge my eyes out. We set ground rules at the beginning of our friends with benefits relationship yet somehow, I didn’t make flirting with each other’s friends off limits. I goofed.
“Nice hair. Although there won’t be much for me to hang on to now, I still like it,” Y/N stated suggestively, once no one was paying attention to us.

“Thank you. You look ready good tonight,” I said a moment later, once my competition was gone.

“I know, babes, that’s why I wore this,” she posed dramatically.

“Well, you always dress so well for me,” I smirked and put an innocent hand on her waist.

“That’s cute that you think I dress up for you,” she used a baby voice on me.

“Tell me that you don’t,” I pulled her closer into me.

“I don’t,” she pulled my hand off of her.

“Which is why you strut around in this sexy ass dress and act like you aren’t coming home with me?” I pushed her straightened hair behind her ear with the bite of my lip. Y/N knew who she belonged to and it was me.

“Hm… I’m not sure what I’m doing after this. Maybe I’ll see what your friends are up to tonight. Maybe Maejor or Za? Better yet, I could be down for Khalil’s fine ass. You know I’ve always had a thing for light skins. We’ll just have to see where the night takes me,“ she shrugged with teasing grin on her face and a hand popped on her hip. Gaining control of my jealousy, I boosted my confident up a notch.

“It’s cute that you think I’m bothered,” I took another sip of my drink.

“What’s really cute is that you sent Kendall to ask about me because you’re so worried about what I’m doing,” she raised her eyebrow and took the glass of champagne from my hand to finished it off.

“I’m not worried about you,” I denied.

“Hmm, okay. We’ll see,” Y/N hummed before leaning into me and pressing her hand over my bulge. “Talk to you later,” She winked before talking Khalil’s hand and following him out onto the dance floor.


‘it’s funny that the girl on your lap swears that she’s the reason that you’re hard when i know the only thing you’re doing is hoping that i’ll let you meet me in the bathroom’ Y/N’s text read.

After watching Y/N grind on Khalil on the dance floor, I accepted the attention of one of the sluts that craved a star’s attention. I reread Y/N’s message and couldn’t help but laugh about the fact that she was obviously bothered about the blonde sitting in my lap. Of course this random hoe could never compare to Y/N but, I couldn’t let her know that.

’No. I think I might take her home instead’ I sent back, knowing it would piss Y/N off.

‘i guess i’ll just have one of your friends fuck me open tonight. i’m not wearing underwear. do you think that will turn them on?’ i choked out at her message.

“Fuck,” I mumbled out and before I could even start to type, the three dots symbol popped up under the last message.

‘god I’m dripping at the thought of leaving this party and being fucked into. i’m tempted to help myself out in the bathroom. I wish someone would join me. khalil hasn’t changed his number has he?’

‘Give me 5 mins to meet you in the bathroom,’ I typed quickly, giving into her game.

‘i’ll give you 3 minutes. tick tock babe’ I groaned at y/n’s challenge and patted at the girls hip’s signaling for her to get the hell off of me.

“What’s wrong baby? Want to take this somewhere else?” the nameless woman rasped into my ear and pressed her hand over my hard dick.

“I need to do something important,” I started walking to the closest bathroom sign in the corner of the room.

“I can handle an urgent, situation,” she grabbed onto my hand.

“Can you please go somewhere? There’s a million rappers in the building with just as much money as me, go fuck one of them,” I yanked my hand away from the desperate girl in search of the bathroom. I made it there quickly and blatantly walked in.

“What the fuck Justin?“ Kylie asked while applying another coat of lipstick in the mirror.

“Is Y/N in here?” I looked under the closed stalls hoping to recognize Y/N’s black heels.  

“No why,” Kylie tugged me up.

“She told me to meet her in the bathroom,” I explained quickly

“There’s like 2 other bathrooms in the building,” Kylie rolled her eyes.

“Shit, shit, shit,” I quickly left the ladies room in search of the the next bathroom but Y/N wasn’t in that one either. Just as I was going to walk into the last possible bathroom
Y/N could be in with seconds to spare, I was stopped by a legendary producer.

She was one of the many producers that worked on of the best songs from both Take Care and Views. I had been waiting months to have a conversation with this woman but the ONE time that I don’t have time for her, she decides to approach me. Unbelievable.

I carried on with the conversation with the woman but, a few moments later, I saw Y/N appear from behind the bathroom door. She looked down as she walked and proceed to bump into me lightly. To the unknowing eye, it looked like she was innocently off balance but, what really happened was that she slipped her lacy underwear into the pocket of my coat. I groaned eternally at the feeling of the soft sheer and lace against my calloused hands.

“So we’ll be in touch?” the producer interrupted my thoughts of Y/N walking around, dripping with no underwear on.

“Yes, ma'am,” I nodded and used my unoccupied hand to give a parting shake. She smiled before leaving towards the other music producers in attendance.

"Fuck,” I groaned before going back to the table that my friends seated at. Open arrival, I immediately noticed Y/N sat on Khalil’s lap. My jaw clenched in frustration as I proceeded to walk past the table and to the bar where I sat beside Kanye who was ranting to guy about poor bottle service. I nodded along when Kanye started going off to me but my mind was preoccupied.

‘if you got to me quick enough you wouldn’t be so frustrated. it’s okay though because it’s really sexy when you’re mad’ another text came through. Tired of Y/N’s shit, I moved from the bar and stalked angrily back to the table.

“I need to talk to you,” I glared at Y/N.

“I’m busy,” She took a sip of her frozen drink, without even looking at me.

“Let’s go,” I grabbed her hand.

“I’m not going anywhere,” she rolled her eyes.

“I’m going to go get my car and you better be at the back entrance when I come back. Do you understand me?” I rasped in her ear with a change of tone. I was tired of having her play around, it was time for me to take control of the situation. Noticing my lack of patience, Y/N said nothing as she nodded her head.

“Then tell our friends bye and meet me at the fucking car,” I cussed before leaving the building and instructed the valet to bring my car back. Sure enough, by the time the keys to my Lamborghini were given to me, Y/N joined me at the exit. I opened the car door for her and slammed it shut before getting in and taking off down the road.

“Y/N,” I called her name and took a glance over at her to see her staring at the expanse of dark road ahead of us. We had been driving for 5 minutes in silence, sexual tension swirling in the air.

“Yes, Justin?” Her voice slightly quivered. I felt her eyes looking me up and down, questioning my next move.

“I don’t like the way you’ve been acting. First you curb me all week and then you walk around the club playing with me when you have already given me blue balls. What’s even worse is that I found out you’ve been talking to one of my friends,” I listed my grievances to her. "Pay me back,” I grasped her thigh once before holding the wheel again. A heartbeat later, I flicked my eyes between Y/N and the road as she silently leaned over to me and started to unzip my pants.

I let out a soft sigh at the feeling of her take my hard dick out of it’s confines. The car jerked as she suddenly downed me completely in my mouth. A coarse of adrenaline ran through me as I realized how dangerous and provocative this is. Taking one hand off the wheel, I could easily grab a ponytail of her hair now that it was straightened. Moaning on my cock, Y/N bopped the length of my dick even farther down her tight, wet throat. I had to fight to keep my eyes open as I drove down the deserted Los Angeles streets. Seconds away from cumming, I pulled Y/N off of my dick before I would shoot my arousal down her throat.

After a moment of struggling, I managed to put my self back in my jeans. In the next moment, I had my hand trailing circles up and down Y/N’s smooth thigh. “Justin, please,” She whimpered. For the first time ever, Y/N was begging me to do something for her. With my newfound power, I merely smirked as a drew lines on her thick legs. Each time I drew closer to her center, I retreated my hand even farther than it originally was.

Tired of my teasing, Y/N desperately pulled my hand so that my finger were pressed to her wet clit. Laughing at her need, I pulled my hand from under her dress and up two fingers in front of her face for her to suck on. She quickly complied and made my fingers wet enough for them to fill her up. Instead of teasing, I gave her want she wanted. She panted beside me as I drew my fingers back and forth into her wet heat. I worked her open slowly until I pulled into my garage. I said nothing as I got out the car and walked into the house, not having to look back to know that Y/N was following inside.

“You hungry? Thirsty? I could go for a snack myself,” I hummed as I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge.

“No. I’m fine, Justin,” Y/N sighed from the entrance of the kitchen as she waited for me to finish what was started. I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of her getting what she wants so soon.

“I have some apple juice. Or do you want a soda? I have Sprite Coke, and Fanta strawberry,” I looked through the refrigerator, ignoring Y/N’s need.

“I just want you to fuck me,” She stated blatantly as she began to undress herself. Her matching underwear set was undeniably sexy as she exposed herself to my eyes. The newly added barbells through her nipples, shined in the dully lit room. I looked her over slowly once more before going into my pantry.

“Aw, someone ate all Girl Scout Cookies. I really wanted some peanut butter patties,” I sighed in unhappiness.

“Fuck me, Justin,” Y/N said harshly as moved her bra straps out of place.

“Maybe if you ask nicely,” I scoffed, shoving a few Pringles into my mouth.

“I didn’t come here for snacks,” Y/N took a step towards me so that she could reach my aching bulge that I had been ignoring. I grasped her hand and used it to spend her around and trap her between my body and the cool kitchen counter. I kissed her soft lips then her neck before beginning to whisper in her ear.

“Don’t get besides yourself, Y/N. I’m doing what I want tonight and you’re going to take what I give you without complaints. In fact, you’re going to beg for it,” I said quickly, letting her in on what the night was going to bring.


“But nothing baby girl. I’ll meet you in my bedroom. Be naked,” I nodded her away after giving my instructions. After replying to Za’s texts about whether or not I made home, I walked up to the bedroom to see Y/N obediently waiting for my presence.

“You look good like this,” I noted as I stepped to the edge of the beg, where she was kneeling.

“Make me feel as good as I look,” she challenged against my lips.

“Beg for it,” I told her, my teeth tugging at her plump bottom lip as my hands traveled up and down her sides. Noticing she didn’t say anything, I looked at her face to see a stubborn look that I was oh so familiar with.

“Oh so you aren’t going to say anything? You make think you have me figured out since, I let you take control but there’s a whole other side of me that you have never experienced. So, I’m going to ask you one more time. Beg for it,” My hands roughly grasped her ass as I waited to hear what I wanted. Receiving nothing from Y/N, yet again, I ruthlessly wanted to hear her praise. I turned around and pushed Y/N on all fours so that she couldn’t see what I was retrieving. I reached into my beside drawer with a devilish smile on my face before I pulling out one of many vibrators.

“Being stubborn isn’t cute,” I hummed as I turned it onto its highest setting. At the light buzz in the air, Y/N tensed under my hand, obviously recognizing the sound. Still not saying anything, I mercilessly placed the end of the vibe against her aching core. Not expecting the vibe to be so strong, Y/N shuddered out as I ran the little device down her slit to be pressed against her swollen clit. Once there, her whole body rocked as she tried to get both more and less of the vibrations. Obviously torn between overstimulation and pleasure, she shook as she moved against it.

Being so irresistibly hot, I turned Y/N and laid her on her back as I watched her struggle beneath me. Her straightened hair frizzed against my pillow and her dark skin glistened as her pleasure continued to build up. I leaned up against her and sucked on her pierced nippled as I worked the little toy against her. Wanting a proper taste, I lowered myself and licked up all the arousal she was producing because of my actions. At the feeling of my flat tongue swipe up to meet the vibrator against her clit, I heard something come out of her beautifully gifted lips.

“What was that?” I asked as I put my two fingers in her again. She shook her head no, concentrating on not giving me the satisfaction of her pleasure. Enjoying how much Y/N was testing both me and her, I shrugged my shoulders in disregard before leaning down again.

There was no mistaking the way she muttered out a ‘please’ between her clenched teeth as my tongue drew circles in her opening, I laughed against her before imbedding my whole tongue into her wet heat while rubbing the vibe from side to side against her clit. A movement later, Y/N gave up on the pride she was desperately hanging onto and threw her hand into my shortly cute hair. She held onto whatever she could grab of me as I lapped circles in her.

“Justin please. I’m gonna- Justin,” she couldn’t form complete sentences as she convulsed around my tongue. I quickly removed myself from her before she could tip over the edge. I watched her flushed face turn from bliss to annoyance as she realized I was holding off on her orgasm.

“Ask again,” I teased as I made light circles in her wetness.

“Please, Justin,” She glared at me, looking unimpressed at my antics.

“Oh you can do better than that, babe. Beg like you mean it,” I instructed as I kneeled on the bed to pulled my shirt off and undo the zipper of my pants. I waited expectantly as I slowing downed my Calvin Kleins, my hard dick smacking my abs in freedom.

“Justin, please,” She started again as she stared at my cock that was aching for her as bad as she was aching for me. Her face softened up as she gave up her need for control. “Touch me. I need you fuck me please. You’re always so big inside me. I need you in me,” She whined while grasping her breasts in dainty hands for temporary pleasure. I hummed in respond to her pleas as I jacked myself off, subduing my need for her. Tired of my hands, I crawled back up her heated body and pressed myself against her entrance.

“Please, Justin. Fuck me,” She panted out as I eased myself into her wetness. I paused once I filled her to the hilt. I looked down admiring the sight of her bliss. Fuck, she was so beautiful laid out and begging for me, wanting me, needing me.

No longer wanting to deprive both of us, I slowly pulled out before slamming back into her. At the puff of air that escaped her raw bitten lips I smiled and continued my intrusion. Her arms latched around my neck, pulling my lips against hers as I thrusted into her body. Her lips attacked mine, giving herself that little amount of control over what was happening.

At one of my heavier thrusts her lips slipped away from mine and bit into my shoulder. Little tuts of air radiated against my skin as I drilled into her quickly. Feeling my orgasm at the brink, I pulled out, giving myself a chance to regroup.

“Please Justin,” She asked again. Nothing was hotter than seeing someone so powerful and confident so submissive to my touch. High on dominance, I teased the head of my cock against her drenched slit. Her arousal dripping down her core and unto the sheets as I rallied her up on the feeling. Unable to hold back any longer, I slammed back into her.

Instead of the fast pace that she probably expected, I slowed down my movements and ground into her languidly, the way that I knew would make her feel the best. Moans like I’ve never heard before left the both of us as I created the perfect rhythm. I hissed as I felt her clench around me as her sharp nails ran down my back. My body tensed up as I continued to roll into her. I grasped onto her breast and fucked into her with hard thrusts as she convulsed around me, my name being screamed from her lips. With two more heavy thrusts, I was done for as well. The coil in my stomach heightened before I released my cum into her stirring body.

Too tired to do anything other than pull out and fall in post orgasmic mindset, I looked up at the ceiling and watched the fan spin above our jaded bodies. I wanted and waited for Y/N to remove herself from the bed to get dressed and leave like she always did but, it didn’t happen this time. Even after she regained her breath, she laid their beside me in silence. I looked over at her out of curiosity to see her dozing off, her manicure nails clenching to the duvet while her hair was wildly laid out on the pillow. She looked beautiful as ever as I watched her give in to her fatigue. Unable to stop myself, I wrapped my arm around her and pulled into me, wanting nothing more than to hold her through the night. I wanted her to hold her. I wanted to kiss her. I wanted all of her for forever.

Bad Intentions

[ part oo1 ] aka the one where justin’s the newest student at school and everyone places bets on who he’ll date first, y/n’s too petty to let things go, khalil’s the ringleader, hailey has beef with chantel, za feels very strongly about parking spaces, and they’re all rich seniors with too much time on their hands.

if the summary sounds familiar to you then you’ve probably read the masterpiece that was me and you got it deadlocked. i’ve finally turned it into a fic since it’s still one of my favorite things i’ve ever written. it won’t play out the same way as the imagine but it may get a lil repetitive since some scenes will be reused in the fic. idk man, i’m nervous, just enjoy this.

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Summery: based on the storyline of Peter, Juliet, and Mark in the film Love Actually.
Word Count: 1400+
Triggers: angst, unrequited love, Christmas, (my undying love for Love Actually)
A/N: I watched Love Actually 4 times in 2 weeks and I’m not even sorry. Also I wrote this v late on my phone coz I’m at my grandmothers so if there’s any grammar or spelling mistakes please let me know.
Key: italics is Bucky’s thoughts.
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When Steve first woke up you were the first person to explain to him what had happened. It wasn’t your job or anything, he just asked you to explain technology to him. Of course he had been given quick history lessons, main event he missed, but nothing about real life in the 21st century. That’s where you came in. You taught him how to live in the 21st century, about music and films and culture. It started with technology, since a black and white tv was rare when he was younger having a tiny computer fit in your pocket was understandably confusing.

‘Hey, Y/N?’, you were in the lab, working on your latest crazy task. Steve always said that your ambition was one of your best qualities.

‘Hey Steve’, you looked up briefly to acknowledge him. You wanted to drop everything and run over to him to give him a hug but your work contained you.

‘Remember that band you really liked from that list you gave me’ You hummed in reply, occupied by your work. ‘They’re playing in a concert and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me, there. Tonight?’

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Accidentally on Purpose Falling For You

Accidentally on Purpose Falling For You | After being set up on a blind date neither boy was prepared for, Dan and Phil come up with a plan to get back at their friends; Pretend to date, and then have the ugliest break up imaginable. The problem? They hadn’t expected to fall for each other. | Phan | Mature | Co-Written With notanannoyingfangirl​ | 11,409 Words

This part: 4,554 Words

Part 2: Here

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

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s u m m a r y // While hanging out wit the squad Justin decides to snapchat a little and gets excited when y/n jokingly moans.

* WARNING CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT*                                                

Your point of view

Stepping into Justin’s house, you heard laughter and weird joking a small smile appearing on your face. Taking off your black jacket, you set it down on a chair. You were wearing a navy blue long sleeved crop top with black skinny jeans and navy blue converse to go with your shirt.

Walking into the living room you said, “Hey guys,” smiling as you went around giving everyone a hug. Fredo, Za, Ryan, Kendall, Hailey, Khalil and this other girl you didn’t know were all here.

“Hey sugar tits.” Hailey joked standing up to give you a hug everyone laughed making you blush a little. Maybe you should have kept your jacket own now that you see your boobs were noticeable in the shirt even though it wasn’t low cut.

“Hey Justin,” You said, as his eyes traveled up and down your body. He was in pants and a random white t-shirt, he had a snap-back on probably because his hair was a mess but it always looks sexy to you.

“Hey,” He finally replied, letting out a deep breath. You sat down next to him in the empty spot giving him a confusing look because he was acting weird right now.

“You okay?” You asked lowly only so that he could hear you. Everyone else was going on with his or her conversations.

“Yeah,” He replied not making eye contact with you.

You could tell he was lying but you really didn’t get why we was acting like this. “Justin,” You pouted laying your head on his shoulder.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing y/n.”

“Then why are you acting weird?” You questioned his gaze still on his lap as he was fumbling with his hands.

“It’s nothing, I promise.” He said finally looking into your eyes a small smile coming on his face.

“You sure?”

“Yeah,” He babbled, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear. Putting his arm around your shoulder, you shrugged the subject off finally believing what he was saying it was probably nothing.

“So y/n?” Kendall spoke making you turn your attention to her. You took your head off Justin’s chest and leaned back into his arm that was rested around you. “That photo shoot you did that came out yesterday was hot.”

“The Calvin Klein one?”

“Yeah so was that guy he was cute who is he?” Kendall giggled; she was sitting next to Hailey and Za.

You laughed then said, “His name is Damon, he was pretty nice. You want me to set you two up?”

“Yes,” She quickly said making everyone laugh.

“Damn Ken,” Za joked.

Justin’s body started to tense up as they went on about how sexy the photo shoot was so I rubbed his arm a little bit to try and keep him calm.

“I have to get going its getting late.” Hailey said standing up from the couch. We just finished watching an episode of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix we watched about two and now it was almost ten.

“Aw what? You can’t hang?” You joked, standing up to stretch your arms, your shirt moving up slightly showing you belly.

“Shit I can’t hang either, I got to go too.” Za added yawning.

“Well okay you guys want to meet up tomorrow to do something?” Justin asked standing up and taking his hat off to run his hands through his messy hair.

“Yeah we can do that hit me up.” Za agreed, putting on black Supras.

“Me too.” Everyone else said in unison.

“You leaving y/n?” Fredo asked, slipping on his worn out jacket.

“Nah I think I’ll stay and hang for a little longer. If that’s okay with you J.”

“Yeah that’s cool.” He said giving you a nod.

You said your good byes to everyone and Justin walked them out. Sitting on the couch you looked around waiting for him to come back. You didn’t really know why you didn’t leave but you weren’t really that tired and it’s not like you had anything to do tomorrow. Besides, you wanted to see what was up with Justin earlier and you had a feeling he wasn’t going to talk about it in front of everyone else. Deciding you didn’t want to stay in the living room you wandered off into Justin’s room. Laying on his bed you stared at the ceiling waiting for him to come back.

Justin walked in and plopped down on the bed next to you, giving you a smirk. “So what do you want to do?”

“I don’t know Bieber” You said scrunching your nose up trying to think of something.

It was silent for a few minutes until Justin spoke up, “So this Damon model guy?”

“Yeah what about him?”

“You like him or something?”

You started to laugh catching on to him, “No Justin. I don’t it was just work.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.” You smiled. You’ve kind of always suspected Justin has a crush on you but you’ve always been too shy to bring it up. Even though you two constantly flirt, you wouldn’t want to be rejected by him because it would be embarrassing.

Justin sat up and looked at you not knowing what else to say. “What has been up with you today?” You asked sitting up also.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean—you’ve been acting weird ever since I’ve got here,” You paused and straddled him taking him by surprise but hands went on your waist making little butterflies float in your stomach. “So are you going to tell me what’s been going on?”

“It’s nothing y/n.”

“It’s obviously something J.”

He remained silent starting to draw small circles with his fingers on your hip. He grabbed his phone still not saying anything and leaned back so that his back was on the bed making you roll your eyes at him. You moved your hands to his chest and he scrolled on his phone.

“Justin,” You paused leaning down so that you were eye level with him making a small smirk form on his lips.

“Yes?” He asked, oblivious to the fact that he still hasn’t answered your question yet.

“Are you doing to answer my question?” You said, your head laying on his chest a few inches away from his face.

“Nah.” He joked, knowing he was doing that to make you mad.

“Why?” You pouted, sticking out your bottom lip. He looked away from his phone for a second then looked back to it starting to tap the screen. “What are you even doing?”

“Snapchat.” He responded.

“What? What is snapchat?”

As you said that, he sat back up giving, you a confused look and looked back at him with the same look because you were just as confused as he was right now.

“What?” You laughed as he continued to stare at you starting to make you feel a little self-conscious, your hands resting in his lap.

“You really don’t know what snapchat is?”

“No.” You giggled, moving your hair from off your shoulder. He pulled you closer by your waist so that you were just a few inches away from him. He put his phone in between the two of you and started to explain what snapchat was and even though you were confused at first you soon caught on.

“So it just like texting kind of but you can only send videos or pictures?”

“Well yeah but you can chat with people too,”

“Oh okay I get it now.”

“Great hold on let’s make a video,”

“No no no no no.” You quickly said covering your face as he laid back down on the bed. Your legs still on each side of his torso.

“Yes yes yes.” He chuckled mocking you. You couldn’t tell if he was recording or not so you peaked through your fingers seeing him smiling at you then moved them back together. Justin pulled on your shirt making you lay on top of him but you didn’t move your hands away from your eyes.

“Say hi” Justin grinned, recording a little five-second video of you just covering your eyes.

“Nope,” You said shaking you head. Justin was quiet for a few seconds then suddenly he started to tickle you making you burst into laughter as he video tapped it again.

“Are you going to move your hands?” He asked stopping for a minute getting hot the fact that his hands were all over you. You two were close but never really like this. You guys would cuddle sometimes but usually on accident and when one of you would notice you would stop.

“What are you going to do if I don’t?” You teased, hiding a small smile behind your hands.

“Do you really want to know?” His hands sliding up the back of your shirt making a little moan escape your lips. Justin stopped his body tensing up again but you were hoping he didn’t hear you. He locked his phone and set it down an awkward silence rolling through the room.

Getting off him, you laid on your back and stared at the ceiling thinking about what just happened. You wished you two could be more than bestfriends but it just seems like Justin never got the hint or he was getting it and just didn’t feel that way too.


“You want to watch a movie?” He suggested finally looking over at you. He sat up straight and got out of the bed going over to his TV to turn it off.

“Sure but—“

“You can go get the snacks and stuff ready and I’ll be down there in a minute.” He said, interrupting you again. You were going to ask him what was up but instead you nodded you head and went downstairs.

Walking down his white titled stairs you went into the kitchen and opened up the white cabinets. Literally, everything in his house was almost white which was a little weird but everything surprisingly stayed clean. Getting out a bag of popcorn you put it in the microwave, pressing the buttons to put in the cook time.

Going into the fridge you grabbed two sprites and set them on the island then grabbed two bowls. You filled one with pretzels from the pantry then left the other one empty to put the popcorn in. You stood there and thought for a minute or two about any more snacks Justin would like.

You wanted to talk to Justin but you had a feeling he wasn’t going to. You kind of want to sort of bring up the topic you’ve been avoiding forever but you don’t really now how and you don’t want to get rejected by him. It seemed like earlier he was flirting back but then again his flirting is different from your flirting and probably couldn’t even tell.

The microwave beeped making you jump a little you took out the popcorn and opened the bag pouring it into the bowl. Grabbing the two sodas and the two bowls, you set them down on the coffee table. You found a movie then paused it wondering what was taking Justin so long it’s been almost twenty minutes since you’ve been down here.

Not wanting to wait anymore, you walked up the stairs nothing but silence taking over. Pushing the door open in Justin’s room, you didn’t see him anywhere. Just as you were about to call out his name you heard faint moaning coming from the bathroom. Quietly moving next to the door since it was cracked you listened as he started to talk.

“Fuck y/n.” He grunted, “Yeah you know how I like it.”

Covering your mouth your first instinct was to laugh but as you thought about it maybe he could’ve been actually flirting with you earlier and this was your chance to do what you both of you have wanted to for a while.

Slowly pushing the door open so it wouldn’t creek you looked to see Justin’s back towards you as his hand moved rapidly up and down himself. As you started walking towards him, he started to talk again groans escaping his mouth. Not really knowing how to let him know you were in here you fearlessly cleared your throat watching his bare tattooed back stiffen.

He deliberately turned his head seeing you stand behind him you titled your head. ”Shit Y/N, I told you I was coming.” He said his back still towards you as he started to zip up his pants.

“Yeah that is definitely what you were trying do.” You smirked at him hesitantly strolling towards him. “So,” You breathed pausing until you were standing in front of him, his belt hanging off his jeans. “Were you just thinking about me while you were you know?” You asked lowly your eyes piercing into his.

His gaze switched down to the floor then back to your eyes his pink lips a few inches away from yours now, “Yes,” He rather muttered his hands slyly making their way to your waist.

“Would you like me to help you finish since you said you were coming and all.” You winked, travelling your hands down his defined abs stopping at his happy trail making his breath hitch.

“Umm—I” He tried to say as kept your eyes on his.

Wrapping one arm around his neck you softly kissed it, “Just say the word and I will.” You whispered in his ear, shortly nibbling on it afterwards.

Not responding he turned your cheek attaching his lips to yours roughly your arms instantly going around his neck feeling heat began to radiate between the two of you. He started to walk backwards out the bathroom his hands roaming all of over your body, touching you in all the right places.

Lightly biting on your bottom lip he pulled away moving his kisses to your neck. His hands reached you ass pulling you up so that your legs were wrapped around his waist.

He walked into his room pushing you up against the nearest wall your hands starting to pull on his hair as he nibbled on your skin. Starting to slowly grind your lower half onto his he groaned into your neck squeezing you hip.

Moving his lips back to yours, you moaned into his mouth your tongue intertwining with his. Holding your back with his hand, he walked over to his bed setting down softly not breaking the kiss.

His hands went under your shirt brushing over the lace on your bra making you slightly shiver, breaking the kiss. You pushed him off you so that he was on his back moving on top of him you kissed down his chest stopping at the hem of his pants you looked up at him.

He grabbed your chin pulling your lips towards his once more then let you proceed taking off his belt he helped you pull his pants off tossing them on the floor. Moving yourself so that you were between his legs you could see his hard on through his boxers making you bit down on your lower lip.

Moving your hand over him, you slowly massaged him through his boxers making his head tilt back at your touch. Rubbing him through his boxers as you kissed all over his abdomen his hands grabbing onto your hair trying to move your kisses lower, you could tell he was getting impatient with you.

Giving into him you slid of his boxer his hard on hitting his stomach. You closed his legs together straddling him for the second time today. Grabbing him with your hand you teasingly flicked your tongue against the top, his hand still tangled in your hair. Feeling yourself get a little hot you let go of him you pulled you shirt over your head Justin’s hands reaching for you for you boobs but you smacked his hand away giving him a ‘wait’ look.

Leaning down so your lips touched him again, he breathing started to quicken and you felt like he was ready. Licking him up and down you put him in your mouth going all the way down until you gagged. His hands were in your hair again guiding your mouth on him as he slowly thrusted into your mouth. Adding a lit bit of teeth, you started to speed up your pace making a few curse words slip from his mouth.

“Y/N,” He moaned, as you made eye contact with him.

Deep throating him once again trying to get there since he almost was before you walked in. He started to twitch inside your mouth and you knew he was close. He pulled himself out of your mouth and you gave him a confusing lip. He brought you up to him unbuttoning yours pants sliding them off your legs revealing you blue-laced panties to match your bra.

Rolling you over so that he hovered over you his lips went straight to your chest kissing you still bra-covered breast. He reached behind you unclasping your bra tossing it onto the ground. His mouth went onto your nipple making a gasp as you tugged on his hair.

You felt his other hand move down to you panties brushing against the lace. His hand wandered into your panties sliding up and down your wet folds a few times then stuck his fingers in his mouth.

Moving off you, he reached into his drawer grabbing a condom and putting it on. He put it on and before he could get on top, you did. Sliding down onto him your mouth dropped open and you let out a loud moan. You clung onto his chest moving back and forth to hit your g-spot his hands grabbing onto your waist to guide you.

Bouncing on him, he grabbed your boobs his hips meeting yours. Putting your hands over his that were on your breast you switched between riding him in circles and bouncing making him groan loudly.

“Shit,” He spoke, moving his hips faster into yours. “Fuck, keep doing that.”

You started going faster moving your hands back down to his chest digging your nails into him at how good it felt. “Justin,” You moaned and he sat up kissing you lips while pounding into you, accidentally biting his lip.

“I—mmm.” You cried holding on to his back throwing you head back.

“You what baby?” He muttered against, your skin thrusting into you harder making you cry out.

“I—I like you,” You barely said making a smile appear on his face.

“Well I like you too,” He said flipping you over so he was on top. Pounding into you your legs wrapped around his torso, digging you nails into his back.

“I can’t any longer,” You whimpered, holding onto him.

“Just a few more hold on sweetheart.” He kissed your forehead. After a few more thrust, you both let go your toes curling and his body was now laying on top of yours.

Rolling off you he stared up at the ceiling neither of you daring to say anything yet.

“So where does this leave us?” Justin asked turning his head towards you.

“I don’t know”


Imagine #2.5 // JB

REQUESTED // I loved your last imagine, can you please make a part 2 about months later y/n finds out she really is pregnant?(: thanks in advance😅💜

After your little scare and Za’s blow up about the private situation, you forced Justin to be more careful. Not only were you receiving tons of shit about it from the squad (i know squad is dead but i refuse to let it go) but Justin was becoming increasingly more sex crazed than he normally was. You found yourself questioning all of his motives whenever he came onto you but you tried to put it behind you as you got on birth control and made sure both of your bedside tables were always fully stocked with condoms. 

“I wouldn’t honestly be surprised if he’s secretly tracking my period these days,” you told your best friend Kendall, exasperated. You laid your head down on your folded arms and closed your eyes as you tried to imagine a time when you didn’t feel like you were in a constant fight against your significant other. Kendal glanced around, still unsure if you were safe to be discussing this topic in your shared house with Justin - he was very much gone, though. “I want to trust him, and I do. I just am not ready for a baby and he doesn’t seem to know how much of a huge responsibility it is. He’s making such a joke about it, like I’m denying him from buying a puppy or something.”

“Y/N, honestly - maybe you’re just paranoid. Justin’s an adult, he knows what a baby entails. You’ve told him you’re not ready and he’s respected that hasn’t he?,” you nodded slowly, still unsure, “I think you’re fine.”

“I keep having this dream where I wake up and I’m like forty years pregnant with quintuplets or something,” you put a hand to your forehead, brushing your face on the way - only then did you realize a tear had rolled down your flushed cheek, “All I do is question his every move. I’m stressed - like I haven’t been eating most days and I still wake up nauseous and throwing up. I don’t know what to do, I know what I don’t want to do - my doctor will just send me to a shrink a-”

“You do realize you’re describing side effects of pregnancy, right?,” Kendall interrupted, putting a hand over yours to comfort you in your hysterical state. She really was your best friend, but that statement made you want to reach across the table and choke her. “I mean, do you have a tes-”

“No, no, don’t say that. That’s exactly what happened last time. Za got Justin all worked up and Kylie has finally stopped sending me pictures of baby clothes - and I wasn’t even pregnant!,” you rested your forehead on your arms, now, hiding your face from her as you became even more distraught, “Please take it back, Kendall, I’m gonna be even more paranoid.”

“Y/N, honestly, would it be that big of a deal? You know Justin’s not gonna leave you or anything, this was gonna happen for you two sooner or later - why not now?,” you were silent for a few moments and she continued, “No matter when you become a mother, you’re gonna be the best damned one you can, which I know will be a pretty fucking good one. And if Justin has been trying to get you pregnant, obviously he knows it too. You do know why we gave you so much shit? You and Jay are basically all of our relationship goals, you guys having a baby would basically be the best thing ever for all of us. We would all be here for you and the little nugget,” you jumped, sitting up straight as Kendall squealed, clapping, “Just imagine a little clone of you or Justin, it makes me so happy.”

You smiled, shaking your head. As you studied her giant grin, you stood and made your way around the table to hug her, laying your head on her shoulder. Just as this happened, the door opened and in walked Justin, extremely confused at the tears still collected in your eyes despite the beam on your face. 

That night, as Justin was brushing his teeth in the bathroom, you wrapped your arms around his bare waist - the first physical contact you’d instituted in two months. He furrowed his eyebrows, slightly concerned but smiled at you lovingly through the mirror. You stayed attached to him as he finished brushing his teeth, adjusting slightly as he bent over the porcelain to spit a couple of times. Finally, he turned around, grasping your hands in his slightly chilled, damp ones before leaning to press a tender kiss to your lips.

“Mmm, what did Kendall do? I was beginning to start thinking you were gonna freeze me out forever,” he brought you into the envelope of his warm unclothed chest, allowing you to rest your head there as he locked his arms around you tightly, leaning against the counter.

“I’m sorry,” you breathed, “Kendall’s just helped me see how unhelpful being a baby about it was. She’s really great.”

“Yes she is,” he agreed, “What exactly were you being a baby about?”

“You really don’t know what I was upset about, do you?,” he shook his head, shrugging, “Everything that’s happened since the pregnancy scare has made me just question everything. I don’t know how to make sense because it doesn’t make any sense. I guess I’ve just been scared for no reason.”

“And you’re not anymore?,” you shook your head, smiling warmly up at the man you loved. He kissed your forehead, lips lingering, “That’s good, baby. Wanna go to bed?”

Shaking your head, you leaved up to deliver a warm kiss to his awaiting lips, eyes opening quickly as he gently pushed you away, furrowing his eyebrows at your behavior. You simply smiled once again, grabbing his hands that had once been holding you back and kissing him again, “I need to take a pregnancy test,” you mumbled against his lips. 

You took the test, along with three others - all came back positive, and that night, you went to bed with the knowledge of how different things were about to become. Finally, you were excited for this change.


// In which Y/N and Justin need to go on a break //

Inspired by Justin’s bad attitude at the Billboard Awards


“You okay?” I hesitantly asked my boyfriend, Justin, who sat silently at my side. I tried to be discrete with my concerns as cameras scanned across the audience of celebrities that were placed near the stage. I merely glanced up at the stage to see some unknown man announce the nominees for best country artist category of the show.

“Yeah, I’m fine,“ Justin said curtly before changing positions to slouch in his seat.

"Are you getting nervous?” I gave him a small smile then took his hand in mine. He neither held my hand tighter nor pulled away from me.

“Why would I be nervous?” Justin scoffed, picking at a bit of skin by his cuticles.

“I don’t know. I mean, you still haven’t performed yet and you don’t know how many awards you’ve one,” I tried to give valid points as to why he should be a tad bit more responsive to the current situation.

"I don’t even know what I’m nominated for,” Justin shrugged, ultimately showing that he had no desire to be here at all. It made me feel so defeated to know that Justin currently does not even care about his own success.

“You’re nominated for best male, artist of the year, brat-” a parade of applause interrupted my words. Justin and I both turned to the stage and listened as the country artist who ended up being Luke Bryan gave his acceptance speech. After Luke Bryan walked backstage, all the lights turned back on and the cameras panned towards us signaling, that we were on a commercial break.

“Are you ready for you performance?” I tried again to get him to talk.

“Yeah,” was all Justin said though.

“Excuse me, Justin,” We both looked up at the sound of his name to see Rita Ora standing of us.

"Hey, Rita,” Justin hopped up and gave her a hug and smile which is more than I have received from Justin in the past few days.

"So nice to see you!” She pulled him in for a big hug. I glared at Becky, already knowing her game. Refraining from saying anything, I sat as they fraternized. Soon enough, a bunch of other C and D list celebrities engaged Justin in conversations. He was more enthusiastic with them then he’s been with me all day. I rolled my eyes before turning to talk about the best outfits of the night with Kendall Jenner who was sat beside me.

A couple of minutes later, the music started back up signally that the break was over. Becky and the others scurried back to their seats a few rows back as Justin took his place beside me again. After the next commercial break Justin was notified to go backstage for his performance. without a kiss, hug or even a look, Justin made his way past me to follow one of the producers backstage. I let out a sigh of relief once he was gone. Although I love Justin, I couldn’t stand walking on egg shells with him like I’ve been doing on and off again for the past few months. Trying to enjoy the show, I spend my time talking with Kylie and Kendall who were of pleasant company.

Coincidentally, after I finished tell them about the vacation Justin and I took recently, the lights dimmed and the beat of Company started. I quickly turned away from the girls to watch my boyfriend perform one of my favorite songs of his. The crowd uproar led in applause as Justin started the song.

I instantly frowned at the amount of backtrack apparent in the sound. You couldn’t even hear Justin’s voice or really even see him with his background stylistic choices. Justin barely sung and did little dancing as he performed both Company and Sorry. Besides the occasional high notes and dance moves, Justin was like a robot on the stage. His half assed performance left me disappointed as I watched him not take his job seriously.

Justin got back to his seat a few minutes later with the same blank expression from earlier. “Good job, baby,” I tried to stay optimistic about situation. Justin nodded before pulling out his phone in the middle of The Weeknd accepting his Top 100 Artist award, something Justin was nominated for and should’ve won. I rolled my eyes and stared at the stage as more awards were given out and Britney Spears performed.

After running through a few more categories, Ciara and Ludacris became to announce the finalists for the best Male Artist. As they named the contestants, a little clip of each of their work displayed across the screen. I nudged Justin playfully as small clip of what do you mean played. He gave me a fake smile to get me to stop messing with him and trying to hype up the situation.

“And the best male artist of 2016 is….” Ciara took a moment to open the envelope. “The winner is Justin Bieber,” The crowd interrupted to cheers. Justin gave me a quick side hug before making his way on to stage. He gave Ciara a warmer hug that I received before taking the award from her hands and moving to the podium.

“I’m not really a talker, but I’ll say thank you to my family and friends. I want to thank God. I want to thank everyone that believed in me and believes in me,”  He said shortly before holding up the trophy and walking backstage without another word. The hosts quickly took over to move the show along to disregard Justin’s awkwardness.

The show ended and I didn’t see or here from Justin again until he joined me in the car that we rode in. I waited for him in the back seat for at least 40 minutes before he decided to made an appearance. With a random bottle of champagne in his hand, he poured me a glass before taking a swig from the whole bottle.

“Classy,” I muttered sarcastically making him smirk, his bad mood subsiding slightly. “I need to go back and change into my other dress before we head out again,” I informed my boyfriend when he frowned because we pasted up the location for the after party. Justin didn’t say anything but I knew he was a bit upset that I needed to get ready. I tried to get ready as quickly as possible so I wouldn’t worsen Justin’s mood.

“You look good,” Justin complimented from the bed of the hotel room, once I came out the bathroom.

“Thank you. Ready to head out?” I asked as I stuck a room key into my purse. Justin nodded before leading back out the hotel. Fans that surrounded the exit screamed as we we got back in our car. I expected Justin to at least speak to his fans but instead, he looked straight ahead not bothering to interact with any of them. My jaw clenched at his rudeness, wanting nothing more than for Justin to quit being an asshole.

Even at the after party, Justin ditched me as soon as we arrived. I tried to dance and at least look like I was having a good time but it was so hard when all I could think about was my rocky relationship. Drinking more than I normally would, the alcohol eased away some of the pain I was feeling. I kept to myself as I drank more and more. A few people approached me but quickly sensed that I just wanted to be alone.

“Baby,” Justin cooed as he slid in the booth with me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

“Hey, I haven’t seen you all night,“ I gave my boyfriend a soft smile which he returned. I was just happy he payed me this little amount of attention. I was grateful for everything Justin gave me.

"Let’s go clubbing,” He suggested, his eyes glassed over from intoxication.

“We’re clubbing right now,” I hummed, taking the drink from his hand and downing it myself.

“Nah, I’m not talking about this shit. Let’s go. The boys and me about to head out” He leaned in to me to speak. He concluded his proposal of leaving with a sloppy wet kiss to my neck.

“Justin, we’re already here. It doesn’t make sense to go anywhere else. Plus I’m getting pretty tired away,” I wiped his wetness of of me.

“Well then you can stay here,” Justin shrugged.

“I’m not going to stay here all alone,” I immediately protested.

"Then go back to the hotel. I’m not about to babysit you,” His eyes on me hardened into a annoyed glare.

"Okay,” I said nothing more. I could only bare being at the party alone for a few more minutes before I left. I followed Justin and his friends to the car where they were being obnoxiously drunk. They quickly had the driver drop them off at some sketchy club and then I rode back to the hotel alone.

I made it back to the hotel not too soon later with a tired ache in my bones. I glanced around the room at all of Justin and I’s belongings that scattered around the hotel room. All I want is to be alone with Justin in our bed but these hotels could never be a home.

There was no denying the amount of stress the tour was putting on our relationship. And while it weighed heavily on my heart, Justin acted as though he didn’t notice. As if, all the clubbing and the appearances haven’t made our relationship anything but one dimensional. Behind closed doors, Justin and I were shells. We didn’t speak, we didn’t make love, we didn’t- we just didn’t.  

Realizing all the pitfalls of our relationship, tears fell as I went through my nightly routine. My whole life was nothing but a routine as I joined Justin on his tour where he’s began to change. No longer wanting give proper performances, take pictures, or even meet fans at all, I didn’t know what Justin was becoming. Tired from crying and thinking of the insecurities of my relationship, soon enough I slipped off into a light sleep.

It wasn’t until a few hours later that Justin joined me again with the smell of liquor and his expensive cologne filling both of our senses. He clumsily slipped into bed with a laugh and kissed me until I was aware of what was happening. My drowsiness left me as he tried his best to get us out of our clothes. I want Justin and if he only wants my when he is drunk then so be it.

I returned Justin’s kisses before crawling down his body to get a taste of the part of Justin that truly appreciated me.


“Who are you talking to?” I asked Justin, trying to sound casual as I took a bite of the burger we picked up before we left the city the Billboard Awards was held in.

“No one,” Justin shrugged, not even looking up from his phone as he typed quickly

“What are you writing then?”

“It’s nothing, Y/N,” Justin snapped up at me before walking out of the lounge to sit in the back bedroom of the tour bus. I couldn’t hide the tears that threatened to  run down my face. I tried to distract myself on my phone as my eyes blurred. I was pulling myself together but I wasn’t until I read Justin’s Instagram post that reached my breaking point.

“What the fuck?” I spat at Justin once I got up to see him sprawled out on the bed.

“What’s wrong with you?” His eyes squinted and wrinkles formed in his forehead.

“No, Justin. What the fuck is wrong with you?” I tossed my phone at Justin to show him I was pissed over the post he made about award shows being a waste of time.

“Why are you mad over a fucking caption?” He yelled back at me.

"I’m not mad over your caption; I’m mad that you don’t fucking speak to me. You don’t ever tell me how you feel so I have to find out through your fucking Instagram. How is that fair to me? I’m here with you, yet you treat me like I’m beneath you, like you can’t fucking talk to me,” I let out my frustrations.

“I’m dating you and no one else for a reason. What the fuck else do you want from me?” He snarled.

“Being girlfriend and boyfriend is more than just exclusively fucking each other, Justin. It’s about love and support and communication and you don’t have any of those qualities,” I threw my hands out in frustration.

“Maybe because you’re always bitching about something,” He muttered.

“Jesus, do you fucking hear yourself? I’m here because I love you but you obviously don’t feel the same was anymore,” My voice cracked.

"I do love you,” He spoke just as quietly as I did.

“Justin, you don’t even sound like you were trying to make that believable. Something’s going on with you and if you don’t open up, I’m leaving,” I put everything I was holding back, out on the table. At my words, he looked up at me with confusion and heartbreak. His wet eyes looked over my face trying to find a bluff but it wasn’t there. I couldn’t continue with Justin, with the way I’ve been treated.

"I’m so stressed,” Is the first thing he said, his voice broken.

"And I try to help but you constantly push me to the side,” I took a seat beside him on the bed. My eyes watched the wall and his eyes watched me as we sat together.

"I feel like I can’t talk to you anymore,” he confirmed my fears.

"If we aren’t able to speak freely to each other, why are we together?” I turned to him as two tears fell.

"We’re together because I love you and you love me,” He pulled me to him and held me against his chest. His rapid heartbeat slowed down as he held me.

"I think we’re together because you’re going through so many different things and I’m one of the only stable things in your life,” I spoke moments later. “Please tell me, Justin. Are you still in love with me?” I asked my fear.

“I love you more than anything,” He croaked.

"I think we need to take time for ourselves. I need to be my own person and you need to sort yourself out,” I came to the conclusion we both dreaded.

“Please don’t go,” He held me tighter.

“If we both are in love with each other by the end of this, I’ll come back to you if you come back to me,” I promised the boy that I loved.

No one Can Say my Name Like You Do

(WARNING: Harry Styles smut and some cursing is going to be involved. By the way there are visuals at the end!)

I’m a regular girl, I go to school, I have struggles, I’m basically like everyone else except I’m dating Harry Styles no one knows except for him, me, our families, the boys, management and my best friend. The public doesn’t know because management believes if the fans found out Harry was taken it would go crazy and plus Harry didn’t really want me to receive hate as I am just a normal girl who goes to college. Dating Harry is hard, but the nice thing about it is now that he’s on break we can actually spend time together. Or so I think. It’s New Year’s Eve and I wish I would be spending it with Harry, but he told me he was taking his mom and step dad on a yacht for New Years. I was ok with that because Harry is a family man and he doesn’t get to see them as often and plus with him having time off now he can get to spend time with them. I’m not usually the type of girl to go out and party so I figured I’d just stay home and watch the New Years stuff on tv. I haven’t been on my phone much today because I’ve just been lazy and cleaning. I finally get time to relax and I lay down on my bed and start scrolling through Twitter and I see that #Hendall is trending. I decide to click on it and see what nonsense is going on now. As I scroll I find pictures of Harry with Kendall on the boat that he’s supposedly on with his parents. Usually with stuff like this Harry would tell me don’t worry about it, but he didn’t tell me she was coming. Why is she on top of him and kissing him? I have so many thoughts running through my head I decide to call my best friend. “Y/BFF/N.” I say kind of upset and I let out a sniffle. “Y/N what’s wrong are you crying?” She asks me and I try to clear myself up to make it sound like I’m fine. “Can you just come over I need you, I know you’re going out with Y/BFF’s/BF/N but please.” I say and wipe my nose with my hand reaching over to grab a box of tissues. “Of course want me to bring anything?” She asks me and I sigh and say “Champagne and chocolate please. I have dinner food.” I say to her as I just want to forget what I just saw and drink it away. “Ok I’ll be over as soon as possible.” My best friend says. I hang up the phone and I just let all my emotions go. I start balling and I put my phone on my bedside table. All of a sudden I hear my phone ring and I look at it and see it says ‘Harry😍❤️’ i immediately decline the call and go back down to my pillow and cry. How could he call me after having another girl on top of him. I think to myself. My front door unlocks and I don’t even move as I know it’s my best friend. She had a spare key. “Y/N?” I hear her call out and I hear her set things down and I call back “In here.” I say and within 5 seconds my best friend comes in and takes her coat off and crawls in bed and says “Y/N what’s wrong why are you crying?” She asks and I lean up and wipe my eyes and nose again with my hand. “Harry lied and took Kendall on the yacht and I saw pictures of them kissing.” I say stuttering as my lip quivers. My best friend leans over and just hugs me and wipes my tears away and she says “Have you talked to him at all?” As soon as she asks me that I shake my head no and she grabs my phone and sees he called me and left a voicemail. “I’m going to call him you stay here.” She says and I say “please don’t be rude to him.” I say and she says “I’m going to let him know he hurt my best friend and he is going to have a hard time explaining himself.” She says and walks out of my room calling Harry. I lay down and turn on the tv and put it on Disney channel as I know it won’t be filled with drama. I hear my best friend say “Hi Harry it’s Y/BFF/N, look I don’t know what’s going on but you need to come home or stop lying to Y/N.” I hear her say. I get nervous about what could happen and I hear her say “don’t explain it to me explain to her but don’t you dare do it over the phone. Bye Harry and I told you what would happen if you broke her heart and your lucky I’m not cursing you out right now.” I hear her say and I begin to cry more as my best friend meant a lot to me but Harry did too and I don’t want to lose Harry especially this way and the thought of him cheating kills me.
**A couple days later**
*Knock knock* is what I’m woken up too. My best friend left last night as I told her I wanted to talk to Harry by myself. I climb out of bed as I’m wearing nothing but a white t-shirt of Harry’s and a pair of panties. I open the door and see Harry. “Hi.” He says and I half smile at him and say “Hi.” Harry walks in and I widen my eyes as I didn’t say he could come in. I close my door as I don’t really want people walking by seeing me in a tshirt and panties. “Let me explain Y/N…” Harry says and I cut him off and say “No I want to talk first because I think it’s time you hear it from my side instead of you saying the media always portrays you with someone. I don’t give a shit about the other girls they said you were linked too. But I do care about the truth and the fact that you told me you were taking your mom and Robin on this trip but instead I see Kendall on top of you kissing you and you pulling her leg disgusts me. You know I’ve been cheated on before. You know that it takes a lot for me. I don’t get to see you nearly enough. I don’t get to be there to congratulate you for your awards. I can’t kiss you good luck before each show unless they are close to me. I don’t ok. If you cheated fine then it’s over. I’m just tired ok. I thought because you had time off we would get time together but no you decide to spend it with Kendall Jenner.” I say and sigh out of breath and as soon as I finish talking Harry comes over and kisses my lips passionately cupping my cheeks in his hands. I pull away and say “What the hell Harry.” And he says “I didn’t cheat on you. You know I would never fucking do such thing. Kendall came because management is fucked up. I wanted you to come but they said no. Plus she didn’t kiss me it looked like she did but she didn’t. I told her she couldn’t kiss me and I won’t kiss her back. If you think I would cheat on you then you got some things you need to fix because I would never fucking dare to such a thing.” Harry says as he is furious. I begin to cry more and I kiss Harry back more out of frustration then passion. Harry kisses me back in a way that I’ve never been kissed before. Instantly Harry picks me up and carries me to my room. We get to my room and Harry puts me on the bed and keeps kissing me and cups my breast with his hand and says “Only you can say my name and make me rock hard. Kendall can’t and will never do that.” Harry says to me and I smile and I take his shirt off of him. Harry helps me and I run my fingers down his toned tanned tattooed body. Harry also helps me take off my shirt and Harry gets in between my legs and starts kissing up my thighs and I gasp and he smiles and keeps going higher as he’s only inches away from my pussy. He plays with my panties and begins to rub me through them with his big long fingers. “Mmm Harry don’t tease.” I say to him and instantly Harry pulls my panties down forcefully and rips them as he goes and immediately starts licking my entrance and rubs my clit hard and fast. I gasp as he usually builds up to going this fast but instead he goes faster. My legs begin to shake and Harry notices. He puts his hand on my leg to stop it from going so crazy. Harry is the only guy who can make me mad and make me fall in love more in the same day. I moan loud and say “Harry I’m close!” I say and Harry smirks at me as he never breaks eye contact with me while he eats me out. Harry then quickly takes his pants and boxers off and teases me with his hard thick cock “Harry…” I say and he says “what do you want baby?” He asks me as he keeps teasing my pussy and I groan “Fuck me!” I say to Harry and he smiles and begins fucking me like he has never done before. This was the hardest we’ve ever fucked and I screamed so loud I am positive I heard my neighbors wake up and tell us to shut up. I didn’t care. One last thrust and Harry was finished and we both came at the same time. Harry laid down beside me and I curled up beside him and I kissed his lips softly and he says “Now do you think I cheated?” He asks and I shake my head no and he says “Good because only you can say my name and make me crazy. I love you Y/N.” He says as we are both breathing heavily.

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Saint Baints (Harry Styles x Reader)

A year, that was for how long Harry and I had been together. But as always good things never last for me, little fights turned into massive screaming bits, sleeping in different beds, going days without talking to one another. Those were the worst parts of fighting. After a while the final day came, the day we fought and instead of him yelling it turned into him being completely calm as he sat down and told me the words I feared the most in the world. “We should break up” It had felt like someone ripped my heart out and broke it in pieces. I was too shocked and hurt to fight, to say no, to plead to try and work things out that all I said was a simple “Okay” and started packing all my things before heading to a friends where I now live.

It took two months for us to actually talk again. Noting that before we started dating we had been best friends. So we went from ex’s to friends, to good friends and within a period of a year back to best friends once more. It was great, having my Harry back but not actually him being mine. We laughed about the things we had fought about after realizing they were completely stupid things. Now after two years I had been invited to join Harry and his family for the holidays at Saint Baints. Of course I was excited specially knowing he wouldn’t have to go at the last minute because of some gig or something in the lines of that. Also being able to see his family again was great, but there was just one little detail. Kendall. Before I got there they had already been there for a few days so when the photos of Harry and Kendall wrapped around each other with too much PDA for my liking surfaced the web I felt my heart sink once again.

It’s pitiful how even after two years I still love him, so much and so deeply that just reading this was like a slap to the face. Guess I’ll just have to suck it up and try to enjoy the holidays.

Getting here was not so easy but totally worth it. This place is amazingly beautiful. As I walked into the hotel I gasped seen as even the hotel was beautiful. After check in I walked to the house the Styles where staying at, yes you heard me this hotel is by houses not rooms. After opening the front door with my key I yelled a simple “Hello?” To see if anyone was here after closing the door and setting my suitcase down.

“Hello? Is anyone here?” I said as I start walking around

“Boo!!” Said someone coming to view making me scream


“Oh My Lord, Gemma. Don’t do that ever again” I said laughing while we hugging hello

“Hah sorry I just felt too tempted not to” She shrugged pulling away

After talking for a bit she told me which room was mine and helped me get settled in. We went to the balcony watching the crystal clear water in front of us just relaxing for a bit.

“So.. Have you seen the pictures?” Gemma asked after a while

She was the only one who knew about my feelings for Harry. I sigh before replying.

“I would love to say no but yeah..” I said looking over at her “Have you seen them.. You know..” I said not wanting to say the word kiss out loud

“Yeah..” She said understanding what I meant “It’s disgusting. I mean not even when you two were together did you show so much PDA” She said trying to lighten the mood

“You know that’s never been my thing” I told her smiling a bit

We kept talking until Anne and Harry came back from wherever they where. After greeting them we decided to go out later for dinner. Nothing fancy or anything. I went to my room and put on a lilac dress that went just above my knees. Putting on white flats I grabbed my purse and headed out the room to come across Harry.

“Hey (Y/N)” He said looking me up and down making me blush “Nice dress” He said a little sarcastic making me frown

“Excuse me?” I said a little offended

He walked closer to me, leaning down till he was next to my ear “I bought you that dress love” He whispered making me shiver

He chuckled knowing my body a little too well for my liking and straighten before saying “Shall we?”

“Yeah, let’s go” I said walking past him ignoring his stretch arm for me to take. The car ride to the restaurant was more than tensed. Me avoiding Harry every time he tried to talk to me. Once we got there and inside I felt like punching Harry for whom was sitting in our table waiting for us.

“Hey, I hope you don’t mind me being early.” Said Kendall getting up and greeting everyone but me

“Oh you must be (Y/N).” She said with an obvious fake smile on her stupidly perfect face

One thing that had hurt more the first time I heard Harry and Kendall were dating a few months back was that I felt like shit for it. I mean if you would put someone to pick between me and Kendall they would pick her a million times more before even considering picking me. She is super tall something I am not even close to since I barely get to Harry’s chest on flats, skinny which all though I do like my body I feel like hers is just more toned and nicer by a long shot, plus she is like super rich. Me being a YouTuber I do make good enough money but don’t have even half the amount of money she does. There are just so many things better about her that make me feel like shit knowing I could never compare nor compete with someone like her when it comes to Harry’s love.

As dinner started Harry and Kendall sat together, right in front of me much to my dismay. I watched as Harry would get close to her, whispering something into her ear making her giggle as I felt a knife being slowly buried into my heart as I remember that was us a long time ago. Gemma tried to talk to me and help me ignore them but I just couldn’t ignore them. Finally after 20 minutes of them being like that the worst happened. I saw Kendall turn Harry’s face just a bit as he was already looking at her and lean in kissing him. Right there I knew that if I stayed everyone would see me cry and I didn’t want that.

“Um.. I’m gonna go. I’m not feeling very well, sorry” I said getting up and heading out the door as I felt the tears starting to burn my eyes

Calling a car I waited until I head a too familiar voice call out my name. I whipped the tears that had fallen but it was to no use because they just kept coming. I didn’t turn around not wanting him to see me cry but as the guy he is he turned me around making me see him.

“(Y/N)..” He said once he say my tears “What’s wrong” Are you okay?“ He asked concern

"Yeah” I said faking a little laugh “I just don’t feel very well. Maybe ate a little to much before getting here.” I said looking away from him

“You’re lying” He stated simply knowing me a little too well again

“I’m fine Harry don’t worry about it” I said turning around “Wouldn’t want to ruin your little date” I said under my breath but for my luck he heard

“What?” He asked coming around to know be in front of me

“Nothing” I said looking around to see if my car was here yet

“No, tell me. Why did you say that” He pushed

“For nothing okay?” I said annoyed “Why don’t you just go back to your little girlfriend and make out with her some more? Seems like you enjoy doing that a lot lately” I sigh of relief left my mouth once I saw the car coming my way

“You.. You’re..” He said trying to connect the dots

“Yeah Harry. I’m jealous, beyond that if its even possible. Lord you don’t understand do you? I love you, I’ve never stopped loving. And it breaks my heart to see you with Kendall knowing she is a hundred times better for you than I ever was.” I said as tears went down my face looking up at him

“(Y/N).. I-” He started but I cut him off walking pass him

“Don’t Harry. And don’t worry about any awkward tension around because I promise you I’ll be out of the house by morning.” I said as I opened the car door “I should’ve never came here” I said before getting in the car and closing the door.

As I put all of my things back into my suitcase crying like crazy while I did I couldn’t help but look down at what I was wearing remembering the day I got it. It had been me birthday and I didn’t really feel like celebrating so I spent it all day inside with Harry watching movies and eating junk food. At around 7 pm Harry got off the couch and headed up the stairs telling I had to close my eyes. After a little bit Harry came back and sat next to me telling me to open my eyes. I looked down to to see he had a gift on his hands.

“Harry, you didn’t have to” I said as he handed it to me

“I know but.. I just say this the other day and thought of you” He shrugged smiling at me

I opened it to pull out a beautiful lilac dress.

“Oh Harry. It’s beautiful. Thank you” I said as I kissed him

I tried taking off the dress right away but the stupid zipper got stuck not letting me take it off.

“Stupid dress, stupid memories, stupid Harry. Lord! Why do I have to still love him? Why couldn’t I just stopped him when he told me we should break up?” Started to say as I sat down on the bed pulling my knees up to my chest “Why can’t I just be good enough for him” I asked myself as I cried even more

I stopped once I heard the door to the house open then close. Not giving it much attention as I guessed it was probably Anne and Gemma coming back from dinner I laid down facing the big window as I could perfectly see the ocean out side. Little sobs escaped my lips as once again memories of being with Harry came flooding into me head making me cry harder. What stopped me was my door opening all of a sudden. I jumped and looked to the door, finding Harry standing there.

“Ha-Harry” I chocked out “What are you doing here?” I said in a very low voice

“How can you do that?” He said ignoring my question “How can you just say something like that and just walk away like it was nothing?” He said getting closer to the bed making me move closer to him until I was sitting on the edge of the bed in front of him “You.. You didn’t even let me say anything” He said finally looking down at me

“There is nothing to say.” I shrugged looking down at my hands 

“Yes, there is.” He said pulling my chin up so I was looking up at him “(Y/N).. I love you”

“But- But Kendall..”

“Kendall was just a distraction. I thought that maybe if I was with someone else I would start to move on from you.” He moved and sat next to me “But seeing you in this dress.. It reminded me of everything we’ve been through and everything I want us to be in the future”

He put one of his hands that were holding mine on my cheek and started leaning closer, I could lightly feel his lips on mine sending shivers down my spine only wanting them fully on mine. Not being able to take it any longer I put my hands on the back of his neck and closed the small space between us feeling like I was on fire. He hugged my waist pulling me closer, out lips molding together like perfect puzzle pieces.

“I love you so so much” He mumbled into the kiss making me smile

“I love you too, so much” I said as we pulled away looking at each other

Being this close to one another, we just smiled. There was no need for words because in that moment I knew my Harry was mine once more and this time I wasn’t letting him go.

“Fuck you, Harry Styles.” You cursed, glaring at a picture of him on your phone before clicking the lock button and tossing the phone aside. Your eyes burned with tears of frustration and pain - Why were you even acting like this? Harry was never yours to begin with, yet you were acting like he was an ex-boyfriend who completely forgot about you. This was all your fault, wasn’t it? It was just a cruel trick from fate, getting you to fall in love with one of your closest friends and- “Fall in love?” Your eyes widened as you propped yourself up on your elbows, staring blankly ahead. Well, shit. Now you were definitely in a hole you wouldn’t able to climb out of. Puppy love was one thing, but being in love? That was just on a whole other level - A whole other universe, in fact. 

Ice cubes tinkled against the side of the glass as you poured some water into the cup, letting out a huff before setting it down. You just didn’t want to do anything right now. You wanted to lay in bed all day and just sob over Harry and Kendall.. It was then that the doorbell rang, your head whipping towards the door as a frown grew on your face. That must’ve been Harry. Friday nights were usually your guys’ movie night, but you just weren’t in the mood to face him tonight. However, you forced yourself up off the counter, trudging over to the door. 

“Harry! You made it!” You smiled lightly, trying your best to push the thought of Kendall away. You couldn’t help it! 

“I, um, I wanted t’ talk t’ yeh about somethin’. Y/F/N told me this the other day, and I wanted to come by sooner, but.. y’know me. Professional procrastinator.” Harry laughed uneasily, scratching the back of his neck. Oh, god. What did Y/F/N say to him?? 

“Oh, yeah. Yeah, of course. Come on in. Should I start up a movie now or later?” 

“Oh, don’ worry about tha’ - I’m real sorry, love. I won’t be able to stay tonight. I’m heading out with the boys. I promise I’ll make it up to yeh! On another topic, though.. I’m.. I’m not sure how to start this conversation.. Y/N, you’re a.. you’re a real good friend, y’know? A real great pal.” Harry cleared his throat, running a hand through his hair. “And, eh.. Well, I think.. I think you’re sweet, and kind, and caring.. And you’re smart, funny - very pretty, duh.” Your cheeks warmed - You knew where this was going. “And we have a great time together! We always do. I jus’, I don’ want anything to ruin the wonderful friendship we have.. Do.. Do yeh understand what I’m saying?” Harry trailed off, pursing his lips as his brows furrowed. Of course. Here you were, back in the friendzone. What else was new? Only this time, it was different.. You thought you had a chance with Harry, but obviously, you were wrong. You let out a small sigh before swallowing the lump in your throat - Why were you getting emotional? This was expected. “And Kendall.. Well, Kendall’s great! She’s real nice as well, and I really like her..” In a nutshell - Harry didn’t feel the same way and you’ll never have a chance. 

“Yeah, yeah. I.. I get it. Got it. Loud and clear.” You smiled uneasily, feeling your eyes beginning to water. “I, um.. You should probably go get ready for your night out.” You coughed into your hand, quickly wiping your eyes when Harry got up and turned around to walk towards the door. 

“I’m glad you understand.” Harry beamed, a frown flashing momentarily on his face as he caught sight of your teary expression. “Are you.. okay? Are yeh doing anything tonight?” 

“Don’t worry about me! I’m just going to chill here, probably.” You waved him off, Harry leaning in and giving you a kiss on the cheek before he was off. You shut the door, letting out a heavy sigh as you pinched the bridge of your nose, trying your best not to burst into tears. A distraction - Of course, you needed a distraction! You had cleared your schedule tonight, but the restaurant you worked at always needed an extra hand. “A little extra money wouldn’t hurt.” 



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An Unlikely Matchmaker-Phan

Genre: Fluff, pure fluff

Words:  1527

Warnings:  Will make you puke glitter its so cute 

Summary: Pastel!Dan never knew that a little eight legged creature could bring him together with the cutie next door, Punk!Phil. 

A/N Ugh , this sucks ass but whatever i’m posting it anyways

It was a beautiful London afternoon in the middle of April. The birds were chirping, children were laughing , and Dan Howell was screaming.

“NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE” The young boy yelled as he backed up to the tiled wall. No there wasn’t an axe murderer in the bathtub. No there wasn’t a wild bear ready to attack. It was something much smaller. The size of an american penny in fact. It was a completely harmless house spider.

Dan, in fact,  had arachnophobia. This meant pretty much that spiders scared the living shit out of him. Only living on his own for about three months now, he had never encountered a spider in till now.

Shrieking , Dan runs out of his bathroom into the living room. He grabs his keys and exits his apartment, walking to the apartment next door. Dan reluctantly knocks, fixing his flower crown that lies on top of his head. After a minute, a ebony haired man answers the door. The man was wearing a muse t-shirt , had tattoo sleeves, a blue streak in his fringe, and piercings: canine bites and a nose ring. Dan was intrigued by the older man, wanting to get to know him better.

“Hey… aren’t you new to the complex?” The man asked, arms crossed. His blue eyes sparkled in the fluorescent lights of the hallway. Dan becomes lost in the tattooed mans eyes, almost hypnotized by the sight. After realizing he was staring, he answers the man’s question.

“Yeah… I moved here about 3 months ago. My name is Dan.  Dan Howell.” The younger boy bites his lip and looks down at his own pastel doc martens.

“Cool. My name is Phil. Phil Lester” Dan looks up at Phil, their eyes meeting for a couple seconds. Phil soon breaks the silence.

“Well…what brings you to my doorstep Dan?” The brunette takes a deep breath.  

Fuck, I am going to make myself look like a total loser in front of a potential boyfriend.

“Well… thereisabigassspiderinmybathtubandIhaveabadcaseofararacnophobiaandIwaswonderingifyoucouldkillitforme?”

Phil lets out a little chuckle, blushing a little bit.

“Slow down cutie, all I could understand from that was ‘ kill it for me’ so… “

Dans eyes open wide

Did he just call me cutie?

“Pretty much I am scared of spiders and I want you to kill the little shit”

Phil bites his lip and raises an eyebrow.

“Sure, cutie. Lead me their.”

Phil puts his hand out for Dan to hold. Dan hesitates but he soon grasps the man’s hand and leads him to his apartment. As they enter, Phil gasps in awe.

“Your apartment is beautiful, Dan! I love it”

Dan smiles a hundred miles wide

Dan drags the older man to the bathroom, letting go of his hand and hiding behind the door.

“Its in the bathtub. Just… PLEASE KILL THE FUCKING THING!”

“Okay cutie, whatever you say”

Phil takes off his black combat boot and inches toward the bathtub. When he gets to the porcelynn tub, he sees the eight legged creature crawling all around.

“Die yah lil fuck”

With that, he slams the shoe on the spider, causing Dan to jump. Phil lifts up the boot and throws the dead arachnid into the trash.

“Is it dead?”

“Yes , my love.”

Dan slowly creeps out from behind the door, seeing Phil as he puts his shoe back on. The boy walks over to the man, who is now  standing up, and looks up at him.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.”

Phil clears his throat.

“So… I was thinking… would you like to go to starbucks with me?”

Dan blushes


“So… lets go!”


They walk into the crowded coffee shop and walk up to counter, hand in hand.

“Hi! What would you boys like today?”

Dan smiles and looks at Phil.

“Well we would like two venti caramel macchiatos, extra sugar in his.”

“What are your names?

“My names Phil and his is Dan”

“Will that be all for you today?”


“Your total will be €5.95”

Phil goes to take his wallet out of his pocket, but Dan stops his hand.

“I got it.”

He takes out his pink leather wallet and takes out 6 pounds, handing the money to the cashier.

“Keep the change”

Phil wraps his arm around Dan’s slim waist and leads them to a table.

“So… what type of things do you like ,Dan?”

“Lets see…I like tumblr, My Chemical Romance,Muse, Attack On Titan…you know, normal things.”

Phil grins.

“You like muse too? Whats your favourite album? Mines ‘Origin Of Symmetry’.”

“Same, oh my fucking god!”

“What’s your tumblr, Dan?”


“Cool, i’ll follow you. Mines amazingphil”

The two boys talk for a couple more minutes until they are interrupted by the lady at the counter.

“Two caramel macchiatos for Dan and Phil!”

They both grab their drinks and walk out of the glass doors of Starbucks.

“So… where do you want to go?”

“Well there is this water fountain two blocks away we can go to if you want?”

“That sounds like fun! So lets go!”

They both walk to the fountain , still holding hands, talking about the random shit they were talking about before.

“So that was the time when Chris accidentally asked out a girl when he was drunk, even though he is gay as fuck” As Phil finishes his story, the couple gets to the white fountain.

“Hey, maybe we should get my friend PJ with him? They would be perfect together to be honest”

“That would be fun”

The two sit down on the edge of the fountain, Dan cuddling into Phils shoulder.

“Hey, do you want to take a selfie?”

“Sure babe.”

Phil pecks Dan on the lips and puts his arm around his shoulder,

Dan grabs his iphone from his pocket and goes to his camera.

“Say cheese!”

They both smile and the camera shutter goes off.
“Ugh, we are too perfect for eachother”

“I know right?”

They just sit there for hours, talking about their lives. Before they knew it, their drinks were gone and it was pitch black outside.

“Phil, I had a really fun time. This is actually the first time I have been out in months.”  

“Me too.”

Phil then does the unthinkable. He connects their lips together. Dan is filled with shock for a second, but soon complies and places his arms around Phil’s neck. They disconnect after a moment and just stare at eachother.

“How bout you stay the night at my place? It will be really fun.”

Dan smiles


Phil then calls a cab.  As they were waiting, they just stared into eachothers eyes. Sooner or later, it gets their.

“Get in the cab , you lovebirds” the cabbie playfully yells out the window. The voice was very familiar to Phil. It almost sounded like his friend Chris.

Phil pushes that thought aside and gets in the cab with Dan.

“Hey Phil.” the cabbie says . Phil looks at him and what does he know. It was the one and only Chris Kendall

“I see that Phil ‘ im too cool for love’ Lester has found a cute little boy toy”

“Shut the fuck up Chris”


“Okay, so Dan this is Chris, Chris this is Dan.”

Dan smirks

“So I heard about your accidental girlfriend from last year”

“Fucking hell Phil” Chris mumbles under his breath.

“ What? Am I not allowed to embarrass my best friend for the entertainment for my boyfriend” Phil makes sure to emphasize on ‘boyfriend’

“Whatever, so do you want me to drive you guys to your apartment?”

“That would be great”

The whole ride , Dan , Phil , and Chris just talked about everything from embarrassing experiences to hot guys.

Sadly, their chat came to an end when they pulled up to Dan and Phil’s apartment building.

“Oh no. We are here” Chris says “I guess I will just message you Phil in the morning”

“Okay , Chris”

Phil pops the door open and steps out, holding it open for Dan.

“My majesty.”

Dan giggles and steps out of the cab, immediately being picked up by Phil bridal style.

“Use protection!” Chris screams out the window. Phil just rolls his eyes and continues to carry Dan to his flat. When they get inside , Phil brings Dan to his bed room, setting him down on the bed.

“ Do you want a shirt you can sleep in?”


Phil grabs a MCR shirt and throws it to Dan. Dan immediately takes off his clothes, except his boxers, and pulls on the shirt Phil gave him.

“You look hella cute in my clothes omg”

“Thank you Phil.”

The older boy does the same as Dan, except putting on a shirt with cats, and lays down in his bed.

“Come over and cuddle with me, don’t be shy.”

Dan crawls over and buries his head into Phils chest, feeling him breathe in and out.

“You know I love you , right?”

“Yep. I do too Phil”

“I know.”

And right then,  Dan drifts off into sleep, with all of he wonderful memories of that day.

Who knew that a pesky little house spider could bring two people together?


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