shit ken draws

In case anyone thought I was over these two. you were wrong. so wrong

Tragic anime protagonist that I love placed in a nice warm scene they deserve. I needed this. so I made it. 


The gay protector squad in a nearby bush.

Voice actors terrify me man, they have too much power.

Like for example this guy is Sawamura Eijun

He constantly shouts and has exactly 0.01% chill, but also shares the voice of this guy

Who is fairly quiet until provoked, and is also the voice of 

THIS GUY, who we all know as freckled jesus. All hail the entire half of him that’s still left in some titan’s spitball somewhere. Don’t even get me started on other voice actors. Oh, Miyuki from Daiya no Ace? Sure he’s cute look at him!

Sassy motherfucker with a penchant of picking on Eijun. But wait! HE ALSO VOICES THIS ASSHOLE 

AND THIS HOT HOT TATER TOT (readthemangapls)

Then there’s this guy’s voice actor okay look at him. Precious pink mophead awhh.

Who is going to voice this guy (hellyeahalrighthelfuckinalright)

And we all know his voice better as THIS FUCKIN’ GUY

*unravel playing in the distance*



I don’t know why but I can fucking see Hide wearing those fuckin minion crocs

oh my fucking god this is a really hilarious mental image

and lmao Kaneki coming over and saying, “WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOSE?!?!?!?!

Nailed it… 
Sasaki is so sasasmooth. Pun game is just too strong.


Someone stop me… (hope you guys enjoy the little references.)



bc pickup boi Sasaki Haise totally would

for those who can’t understand filipino, here’s a rough translation (from its context). tho tbh it doesn’t sound as funny eh >A<;

S: You know, we’re not human. We’re not animals.

T: Then what?

S: We’re perfect. So perfect together.

T: You’re corny, asshole.