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that post abt Hunk with tiny cactuses gave me an idea for a hc where Hunk starts collecting little plant and soil samples from the planets they visit, building up his own little space succulent collection until he has enough to start a garden in one of the castle’s unused rooms. he regularly tends to his plants and studies their properties, writing down notes 

botany isn’t exactly something he’s pursued in earnest before, so he starts researching, using Pidge’s translation tech to search through the ships libraries, and he manages to marry his engineering skill with Coran’s knowledge to create a particle scanner to break the plants down to their base elements and chemical make up

Shiro pops in to see the garden to find out what Hunk’s been up to between missions, and raptly listens while Hunk tells him all about what he’s learned, like why you shouldn’t plant Myūuyas in the same soil as Jubblekimps and how to properly care for Nocttails. Shiro is particularly enamored with a plot of tiny trees covered with what looks like purple cotton candy that Hunk explains is actually finely crystallized minerals and stares at it long enough that Hunk carefully digs one out of the dirt and puts it in a little pot for Shiro to keep

Lance is Hunk’s Official Plant Taste Tester when one passes all the edibility tests on the scanners since he has a self-proclaimed ‘iron stomach’. Hunk has him classify the palatable ones as sour, bitter, sweet, salty, spicy, and/or minty to use for future cooking reference, but they’ll occasionally run across revolting tasting ones that make Lance’s face screw up in disgust before he runs to spit it out into the trash, or in one case, hallucinate for a few hours (Hunk has that incident on video)

Allura loves to come to the garden to see how Hunk’s plants are doing and brings him plant species he doesn’t have yet as gifts. she tells him abt the plants they used to have on Altea and about her favorites, the Juniberries, though her expression goes a little sad and wistful when she does. it hurts Hunk to see her so visibly upset, so when he finds a plant display with rare, endangered Juniberries being sold for 800 klufepees, he barters relentlessly with the florist until they agree on a trade–one of Hunk’s rare plants for one of the Juniberries. it takes a little while for him to cultivate more, but when he gives Allura a pot of them as a gift, she cries and tells him it’s the most wonderful thing she’s ever been given

Coran, as it turns out, knows a ton abt plants and their medical uses. he helps Hunk set up a medicinal plot and teaches him how to best make use of their healing properties. soon, Hunk has an entire cabinet and first aid kit stocked full of pills, gels, poultices, seeds, and powders handy for when someone gets injured or comes down with something. if anyone gets so much as a headache, Hunk is there with a homemade remedy 

Pidge has absolutely no semblance of a green thumb and is allergic to pollen, so they tend to stay out of the garden, but they do help Hunk rig up some UV light lamps and watering systems to keep the plants happy and healthy. Pidge even goes the extra mile and sets up a timer system so that the lights will dim to simulate day and night cycles and the sprinklers will turn on whenever the soil moisture gets too low

Keith comes to the garden bc he ends up being the only one who hasn’t visited it or helped out with it yet. Hunk can tell he’s trying to make conversation when he remarks that the whole setup is pretty cool and occasionally asks what this plant or that plant is, but he doesn’t try to bore him with talk abt plant care. instead, he lets Keith experience the plants, grinning at how his eyes go wide with interest when he shows him how a Sakrot’s leaves will change color according to your mood when you touch it, how Gilmies secrete oil that smells different to every person, and how a fully grown Carnivorous Diwot can bite through solid metal and dissolve it in minutes   

do you sometimes see a post on your dash about some fucked up thing in society and you are about to get upset but then you remember nah, that sounds like america problems, yup, definitely america problems. 

no need to get my little stressed european heart upset over another thing that only affects the grand ol’ us of a, but is presented as an universal problem thanks to tumblr’s america-centered world view.


D.J. Cotrona as Sean Mathers in Windfall

“I just want to show up with the other lottery winners. You know, stop living my life in the shadows.” 



// things i’m gonna ignore: the fact that milestones usually happen every 100s, me missing what should have been raka’s second milestone at 300 because i do mine every 150 (because i can), and taliyah being ahead by ~30 on what should have been her first milestone. oops.

// but holy chucklenuts you guys. i’ve only been here for like, a month and a half ?? but i already know that coming back to the league rp community, despite all its faults, is the best decision i’ve made to close off 2k16. so here’s a bit of an appreciation to show everyone who’s stuck with me so far, with special mention to a couple of amazing individuals i’ve come to know.

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// pretty sure i missed zillions of people i should have tagged, but i’m afraid i’m only human!! if you think you should be on either list but aren’t there, it’s not because i think you’re bad, or don’t like you. i’m just a horribly forgetful person! i swear, i love every single one of you <33

// also throwing out a special mention to @eternal-life-endless-torture. it’s me, buddy. i’m back.

repressed crushes 

Marinette finds out. Adrien isn’t sure as what to feel about her new behaviour.

He still appreciates her scratching under his chin, though.

Alternatively: In which I had spare time and zero self-control.

Tired and can’t sleep so here’s some Regulus HC

-Reg hates the color green.
- he’s got a huge association with it and the shit he’s survived
-when he moved in with Sirius, Remus, and James after he ran away from Grimauld Place before his last year of school, he began to associate red with safety, and family
-The first time Reg wakes up screaming from a night terror James is the first one in his room to check on him
-Sirius and Remus are close behind
-none of them leave him that night
-this is Reg’s first cuddle puddle, he’s overwhelmed by it, but also has never felt safer.
-over the rest of the summer Reg and Sirius rebuild their bond, stronger than it ever was before (which is a feat previously unknown)
-Reg also finds himself talking to James more and more as the summer progresses
- the night terrors don’t stop but neither does the support of this new family
- When term starts again and Reg is back in his dorm surrounded by green upolstry and people who want him dead, Reg misses the red.
-letters come in threes at breakfast every day,
- Sirius writes long dramatic rants about trivial things, but always end with “I love you Reggie, I’m not leaving this time”
-Remus sends study tips and updates about the outside world, always including Sirius’ actual state of wellness
-James writes stories about work, and some of his adventures while at the school, usually mentioning a secret place or two for him to discover when everything becomes too much.
- James always writes in red ink.
- James’ letters always get opened last, because they always cause a strange flutter in his chest.
- Regulus sends notes back to Sirius and Remus together every evening short bits about his classes and teachers
- his letters to James however, detail a bit more.
- When Sirius asks why James gets his own letter and he has to share Reg doesn’t answer in that letter
-in his next letter to James however he does
- “I don’t know why I feel so safe talking to you. No one has ever truly made me feel safe before. I’m scared.”
- James’ next letter is four pages long. It tells the story of how he found Sirius beaten and bleeding on the stoop of his parents house, and how hard they had all fought to save Reg too.
- “I didn’t know if you knew the whole story. You don’t have to tell me anything, but I know more than you think. I know and I’m still here. I’ll always be here Reg.”
-if Regulus reads that letter until the ink starts to smudge, that’s no one’s business but his own.
- When Reg goes home for Christmas he finds himself staring far more often than he’d like to admit.
- The night before Christmas eve finds too much alcohol and even more laughter
-Sirius and Remus sneak away unnoticed while Reg and James talk late into the night.
- When Reg wakes up the next morning face pressed into James’ chest on the sofa he realizes this is the first night in years a night terror hasn’t been so bad he’s woken screaming.
- When James opens his eyes and smiles at him, mumbling a sleepy good morning Reg realizes something
-maybe Hazel is the safest shade of green.

Sometimes I feel like my obsession with the Raven Cycle is wearing off and I’m starting to move on.

But then

It’ll just hit me out of nowhere

A single thought

Adam Parrish

And suddenly I’m on the floor sobbing again


YOU ARE UNWORTHY of these realms. you’re unworthy of your title. you’re unworthy of the loved ones you have betrayed.

In Norse mythology, the giants are set up as diametrically opposed to the gods: the evil balancing out divine moral rightness. Loki’s one wish – to be worthy – is an impossible one because he cannot honestly imagine a world where he is both worthy and fully himself, and so he doesn’t try. He conflates his Jötunn heritage and his unworthiness, convinced that all his chaos and cruelty and madness are simply in his nature. And if he can’t be Thor’s equal in this respect – if worthiness will always be out of his reach – then he will settle for watching the world burn. He will do incredible evil, because he’s a master of it. Because he can be great, even if he cannot be good.

What if Gabriel Reyes never realized he had resting bitch face? Like, he always thought he was a fairly pleasant looking fellow. Then he overhears new best bud and current crush Jack Morrison talking to their fellow soldiers.

“Nah. Reyes is a total teddy bear. He’s just got resting bitch face.”

And shit. Now that he really looks in the mirror, he DOES have resting bitch face. He’s not going to be nabbing any of that farmboy lovin’ like that. So he goes online to search “How to minimize resting bitch face.”

Of course, he gets a bunch of makeup tutorials. Which somehow leads to him burning the rest of the night away, watching somebody named MostlyDead doing all the latest makeup trends in 30 easy steps.

So the next night he searches “How to minimize resting bitch face -makeup.” And there are all these ‘professionals’ talking about how proper facial hair can not only make you look younger, but ALSO help you look more pleasant.

Which is how he ends up with his trademark look. And what do you know, it works because Jack is totally smitten with him.

Or so he thinks  until the day Jack decides he’s going to befriend the perpetually angry Jesse McCree.

“So, what’s his deal? He always pissed off at the world?” Jesse asks.

“Who? Gabe? Nah. He’s just got resting bitch face,” Jack replies.

“I ain’t so sure about that,” Jesse says.

“No, trust me. He just plays it up because he wants to be a bad ass. Hell, why do you think he’s had that same facial hair for years? It’s there to enhance the scowl.”

(Idea not at all inspired by me putting on lipstick for the first time in over a year, getting irritated by how the bottom corners were turning down, and coming to the horrifying realization that I had resting bitch face.)

ok so i’m not seeing the actual shitshow on my dash rn, i’m just seeing all the posts about it, and this is something i’ve been meaning to touch on but never really got around to but here it is: it is impossible to be racist against white people. if you prioritize white feelings over actual problems people of color face every day and think jokes about “white people things” is on the same level as police brutality against bpoc or racial slurs, please just…. take a step back, listen to poc, do some googling, read, unfollow me, whatever. i don’t have the patience to deal with this.