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Uhh so this was in my drafts which I havent checked in weeks and totally forgot about? Anyway seeing as the fic I was supposed to be posting today got deleted,,, yall can have this one from like 5 months ago instead lmao.

Tony really should have noticed sooner.

On the surface, nothing seemed wrong. Steve was fine. A little ragged, maybe, but fine. He acted in the same way, smiled at Tony no differently, scolded Clint no less.


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Phantom of The Opera
  • erik: yo im just gonna blow up some shit im real creepy and im gonna kill that fuckboy kk bye
  • managers: christine we got this down oh shIT WE DON'T
  • carlotta: all you twig bitches dont listen to me especially you ramen noodle hair girl
  • madame giry: yeah theres this man whos like older than you but he likes you ok christine
  • christine: i just asked for singing lessons

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13 and 15 with Suga

Boy Next Door (Yoongi x Reader Fluff)

Prompt request: “Are you hurt?” + “Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?”

Summary: Your new neighbour is developing a habit of crawling through your bedroom window when he’s bored. You know you should stop him, but you can’t bring yourself to do it. 

Word count: 1.6k words

Originally posted by dreamyoongi

You were excited when you’re parents told you a new family was moving next door. You were even more excited when you heard a boy who was your age would be your neighbour. In the middle of summer with nothing to do, you couldn’t help but fantasize about the perfect boy next door. It was every teenager’s dream, wasn’t it?

One early Friday morning, you were roused by loud noises coming from outside. Drowsily, you stumbled to your feet and peered out your bedroom window. It was pointless, of course, because the houses on your street were too close together, so all you could see was the vacant house’s bedroom window.

Only, the house wasn’t so vacant anymore.

A boy was standing in front of the window, brushing his teeth while looking half asleep. From what you could see, he had dark hair, pale skin, and some really nice hands. Then, his sharp eyes flicked to yours, and you soon discovered that your neighbour’s gaze was piercing.

Squeaking, you dropped to the ground–out of sight. You felt your cheeks heating up, totally embarrassed that you had been caught spying. Repressing the urge to scream, you crawled out of your bedroom and into the hall, where the noises from outside grew louder.

Now, you knew it was because your new neighbours were finally moving in. And you also knew that the boy next door was as cute as you had hoped. But of course he had to see you rumpled with sleep and invading his privacy.

Shaking your head, you got back to your feet and thudded down the stairs. In the kitchen, your mom was sipping a cup of coffee as she peered out the window, evidently spying on your new neighbours as well.

“Why didn’t you tell me they were moving in today?” you whined, throwing yourself onto a kitchen chair and slumping over the small table in front of you.

“I didn’t want to wake you up so early,” your mom replied, turning around to look at you. “Why, did something happen?”

“The boy is in the bedroom across mine,” you explained hesitantly. “He may or may not have seen me spying.”

“I heard his name’s Yoongi. He’s pretty cute, no?” your mom cackled. “Let’s just hope he finds the spying endearing, not creepy.”

Later in the afternoon, the August heat became unbearable. In your small room, there was little ventilation, so you were sweating buckets. Pushing away from your desk, you walked across the room to the window. You hoped your neighbour wouldn’t be able to see you. With a grunt, you pulled the large window open, feeling a gentle breeze billow through the opening. It wasn’t much, but it made the heat a little less painful.

Returning to your desk, you became so engrossed in watching anime that you didn’t process the sound of the window across yours clicking open. You didn’t hear the sound of someone struggling to stand on their window frame. You didn’t hear the sound of them leaping through the air.

But you did hear the loud crash of something colliding with your bedroom floor.

“Oh my god!” you squealed, spinning around in your chair. In front of you, Yoongi was sprawled on your hardwood floors, facedown and unmoving. “Uh, are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Yoongi grunted, his voice muffled since he had yet to lift his head. Eventually, he pushed himself upright, opting to sit cross-legged facing you. When he didn’t elaborate on the situation, you crossed your arms.

“Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I wouldn’t call it crawling, it was more of a leap,” Yoongi replied, not answering your question. “For a second, I thought I wouldn’t make it. Luckily the drop isn’t that big.”

“You shouldn’t be jumping through windows. That’s dangerous,” you scolded. “But still, that doesn’t explain anything.”

“I’m just bored,” Yoongi said, shrugging his shoulders. “I’ve been unpacking for hours, and I need a break. Our WiFi isn’t set up yet either, so that really sucks.”

You nodded at that, feeling a little sympathy for Yoongi’s situation. “You could have just knocked on the door like a normal person,” you pointed out.

“Yeah, but this was faster. Plus, I’m already here,” Yoongi responded. He jerked his head in the direction of your laptop. “What are you watching?”

“One Punch Man,” you answered slowly, a little embarrassed. But Yoongi’s lips twitched into a little smile, and you thought it was adorable.

“Sweet,” he said, turning to look at the laptop expectantly. “I’m Yoongi, by the way. You’re Y/N, right?”

“Yep, that’s me,” you replied. You picked up your laptop and sat on the floor beside Yoongi, setting the laptop in front of your crossed legs. “I just finished this episode.”

So you and Yoongi spent the rest of the afternoon watching One Punch Man on your laptop. It was a really odd situation, but it was surprisingly comfortable. Little conversations popped up here and there, and you took a surprising liking to your new neighbour. And luckily, he didn’t bring up the spying incident from earlier that day.

Eventually, when dinnertime came, Yoongi announced his departure and disappeared through the window he entered by. You peered after him curiously, but he had already faded into the darkness of his bedroom, completely out of sight. Smiling, you turned away from the window. You figured you should close it, but something compelled you to keep it open.

The next evening, while you were blasting music through your speakers, Yoongi came tumbling through your window again. You shrieked, dropping the nail polish you were holding onto your floor. Cursing, you reached blindly for some tissues to wipe up the spilled liquid.

Yoongi watched you clean expressionlessly, although you couldn’t help but feel his blank gaze was judgemental.

“This stuff is expensive, okay? Plus it stains,” you said defensively, tossing the crumpled tissues covered in black nail polish into the garbage. “Give me some warning next time.”

“What, am I supposed to yell through the window?” Yoongi snorted. “I feel like that wouldn’t make much of a difference.”

“I dunno, just text me or something,” you suggested. Yoongi raised his eyebrow at you, and you stared at him blankly before you realized you hadn’t exchanged numbers yet. “Oh, give me your phone. I’ll put in my number.”

“I left it inside,” Yoongi shrugged.

“Ugh, whatever,” you groaned. You plopped onto your bed and looked at Yoongi suspiciously. “So, why are you here?”

“Bored,” Yoongi replied simply. “Plus, you’re blasting some pretty shit music. I had to come turn it off.”

“Excuse me?” you balk. You pointed a finger at Yoongi. “You trespass into my room and then insult my music? Who do you think you are?”

“I’m just telling you the truth,” Yoongi smirked. You wanted to punch him in the face, but you also wanted to kiss him because damn that was hot. Wait, kiss?

Yoongi got to his feet and walked over to your laptop, sitting on your desk chair. “Let me show you some real music,” Yoongi said, typing something into your computer. Eventually, a new song started playing.

It was just a drum beat at first, but soon powerful rapping began to play. It was fast, and the rapper had a raspy, emotive voice. And their voice sounded strangely familiar.

“Wait, is this your mixtape?” you asked, your jaw dropping.

“And if it is?” Yoongi said, spinning in the chair to give you a look.

“What a shameless plug!” you exclaimed, clutching your stomach as you laughed. Yoongi gave you an offended look, and you brushed tears out of your eyes. “But this is really good. I didn’t know you rapped. That’s so cool.”

“Thanks,” Yoongi said, glancing away. You weren’t sure, but it looked like he was blushing. “But you have no taste in music, so it doesn’t mean much.”

“Hey!” you shouted, launching a pillow at Yoongi’s head. It bounced off rather harmlessly, but the look Yoongi gave you was murderous. He stood and approached you silently, and you backed up instinctively.

Then, Yoongi’s hands shot out, grabbing your waist and squeezing. You burst into laughter, trying to wiggle away, but Yoongi only tickled you harder. Tears streamed down your face as you laughed silently, your stomach clenching.

“I’m gonna pee,” you wheezed out, trying to push Yoongi’s hands away.

He made a face at that and backed off quickly. “That’s gross,” Yoongi said, his nose crinkling.

“It’s natural,” you sniffed. “You’re lucky I didn’t. That’s what you get if you tickle me.”

“Duly noted,” Yoongi laughed. He glanced out your window at the darkening sky. “I should get back now. I’ll see you soon?”

“Yeah,” you smiled, feeling more fond than you thought was appropriate. “See you soon.”

With that, Yoongi jumped onto your window frame, crouching precariously between your room and a two-storey fall. Then, with confidence, he pushed himself forward, leaping through the air and through his window. Yoongi crashed to the ground of his own bedroom, his muttered curses travelling through the quiet night.

You felt a bit lonely, even though he had just left. But at least you had tomorrow to look forward to. Grinning, you turned back to your computer and flopped onto the chair. You realized Yoongi had still left his mixtape up. Turning the volume on your speakers way down, you played his music, realizing that you may be developing a little crush.

Oh well.

- Girl in Luv

Ok so I was going to write I Got You On My Mind tonight, but I don’t have the time nor the energy for 2k+ part right now. I know I suck, but I want to be able to put out good content and sometimes I just can’t force a story. Plus, this one looked like a lot of fun, which it was. So I’m sorry for everyone who’s waiting, and I promise it’ll be out soon! I hope you enjoyed this imagine, stay tuned for more 💛

Why LWYMMD is so important to me

So in March I had started a college, a very good one, high studies, everyone told me after studying there you will be so rich you will never have financial problems in your life! It was sounds promising, even though I didn’t really like the subject I studied it made my parents proud so I wanted to give it a try. Apparently the studies were too hard for me, but even though I failed I didn’t give up. I came there at 7am and stayed until 10pm to study and try my best. Around the start of May the teachers called me to tell me I need to improve and I didn’t want to give up I tried my best to improve. But I didn’t improve so since the middle of May until the start of June, the teachers and the principals called me everyday 4 times a day to tell me that I am not good enough, made me feel like shit. I have started to believe them, In High school I was a staright A’s student, yet they made me feel I am so dumb that I’ll never succees. In the beginning of June I quitted, I couldn’t take it anymore, how long could you go on living your life when someone keep telling you, you’re no more than a failure? When I quitted it took me so long realize those people don’t really know me, I am not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know me (a very smart woman I looked up to said it once *cough* Taylor *cough*). When I heard LWYMMD I felt Taylor’s pain of what she has gone through and I realized it’s kinda the same. The teachers in this school made me feel the role of the fool, they kinda played little games me (made me feel like I have a chance but they tried their best to kick me out of there), I learned there that unfortunately I can’t trust people. Now I got smarter and harder and the old Sivan (my name) who let people step on her and feel like shit is dead. I hope one day I’ll be successful enough to show them who they gave up on, Because karma is real. So thank Taylor for writing this song and helping me becoming stronger and not depressed. I am going to rise from the dead just like you do all the time. Thank you for inspring me to never give up I love you so much!

when you... tease him

pairing: tom holland x reader
request: no
warnings: curse words, sex jokes

“please stop.”

you giggle from your spot on the couch. you’re feet hang over the arms rest as you lay your head on your knees. you kick you feet like the actual child you are.

“i don’t know what you mean.”

from his perch at he counter, tom glares at you. he’s flushed from your teasing, ears red, face red, neck red. he sips his latte from his latest break out to starbucks.

“you know damn well what i mean!”

you’re shit eating grin gets impossibly bigger as he huffs in frustration.

“oh come on d-”

“nope! nope nope no-”

“what are you even doing?” harrison asks as he opens the door to the green room.

you shrug as he looks to you for answers. you fall back onto the couch so that your head rests in the middle.

“she’s being a little shit, harrison!” tom whines.

the cushion beside you dips as your boyfriend’s best friend takes a seat.

“not my problem, mate.”

she laugh outright as tom sputters. you turn your head to see him pout. before you can make another comment, the door opens again. a man in black and a headset doesn’t even look up from his clipboard as he announces-

“hey! five minutes til. get ready to go on.”

and then leaves.

you see tom sigh heavily before downing his drink in one go. deciding to be a supportive girlfriend, you roll of the couch like a log and intertwine yours and tom’s fingers as he goes to leave.

“come on, i’ll walk you.”

tom grins lovingly at you. harrison gags.

“don’t worry, haz. we both know i’ll come back for you!” you wink playfully over your shoulder as tom pulls you away.

the walk isn’t that far and it mostly consists of tom playing with your fingers and muttering reassurances to himself. it’s three minutes til showtime when you finally pull him close. he rests his forehead on yours as you twirl the small hairs on the back of his neck.

“why are you freaking out? god knows how many times you’ve done this.”

he breathes deep. you feel a warm breath exhale onto your lips.

“you’ve never been here before. not- not on set. not with me. it’s… it makes me nervous. you make me nervous.”

his eyes hesitantly mean yours. you playfully raise an eyebrow.

“wow. how gay.”

he huffs impatiently and tries to pull away. you laugh, but your hold on his neck hold him in place.

“hey, hey, hey. i’m sorry. i’m sorry.” you lift his chin a little higher to meet your eyes. “that’s really sweet, tom. but you have absolutely no reason to be nervous. you’re going to be fine and charming and cute and the british heart throb you always are. and after your amazing performance-”

“it’s just an interview-”

“we’ll head back to the hotel and watch it on youtube just so i can point out all the cute things you do.”

by now his eyes have soften and the hands on your hips are gently moving up and down your back. in the back you both hear hear “one minute til!” you smile up at tom.

“thank you,” he whispers. he lends a sweet and chaste kiss onto your lips and goes to pull away for real.

and he almost got away. he really did. you were really going to let him go. leave with his dignity. but you have shit impulse control. always have. he’s barely made one step when your hand slaps his bottom with enough to leave your hand with a sting.

he jumps in response and turns to glare. whatever sweet moment you two had created was absolutely and completely dead. you give him a quick playful kiss to wet the fire in his eyes.

“break a leg, daddy,” you whisper in his ear before making a break for it down the hall.

as someone in the back calls lights up, the only thing ringing in his ears is your laughter.


Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Word Count: 1465

Warnings: Language

Summary: Teaching AU, Laf teaches French, Reader teaches art. Established relationship, prank war ensues.

A/N: Second fic! If you enjoy, please consider liking and rebloging. Constructive criticism is welcome! Hopefully something new will be up tomorrow. Once again, requests are open! I take all requests, my only restriction is that I only do x reader fics. Anything other than that is fair game. Enjoy!

Originally posted by mirandasdaughter

Lunch was probably the best part of the day. While you loved kids, you usually needed a break by the time lunch came. Your 8th graders agreed with you. As soon as the bell rang, they were rushing out into the hallway. You waited a few minutes before leaving the art room, heading out into the elective hallway, towards the lounge. You passed by the Home Ec. room, a warm smell drifting out. You stepped in the doorway.

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I know she won’t be perfect every day, but she will try her hardest to smile even if she just cried for a few hours.

She’s an ocean of worry and the only lifeboat that might appear is you.

She will smile when it matters,
when it counts.

Please, don’t take her for granted.

She is no longer a flower,
I made sure of that.
I ripped through every petal
searching for soil
that we once stepped on,
I tried to search for the seed
of love at first sight
and I’m sorry,
I scratched the veins and she
will probably wither in your palms.

She no longer acts crazy,
I made sure of that.
I judged her for who she was
and who she wasn’t.
She won’t show her true colors yet,
she’s testing you,
you’re on trial.
She’s watching you,
and you’ll feel like
there’s gasoline in her saliva
and her kiss might be the spark
to set you on fire.

She won’t spam your text messages,
she won’t write you cute letters,
she won’t write short stories,
and she won’t blow up your phone.

I made sure of that.

I know you won’t love her on some days, I know she won’t always be kind when you whisper a slick remark, I know she won’t enjoy long walks because she’s always exhausted, she’s always too tired and she won’t always be fun, but you have to bear with her,

be gentle with her,
be loving to her,
be the net for her stomach butterflies,
be the cloud to hold her tears,

she knows how to come around.

Some days she might be emotionally destroyed because of something I said to her a few years ago, I’m sorry about that too.

Some days she might be smiling from out of the blue and it might be spring and you’ll ask, but she won’t tell you. I’m sorry about that too.

Some days she’ll be clingy, wait, she might be like that all of the time, shit, I’m sorry about that too.

You see, emotional and physical trauma comes in many forms and the people we tend to love can hurt us in the most messed up ways.

I was that person,
don’t be that guy.

Don’t pick up poetry,
you’ll make her cry.

Don’t have sex with her just to have sex with her, don’t. Notice her smile, notice the way she undresses her blossoms, take notes of the way her lotus tattoo breathes into your skin, pay attention to how her slow breaths can spell out your name, don’t be caught up in the euphoria of the sin, be caught up with her body language and how she wants you to feel and it’s not that simple to move her heart, you must pay close attention to that one detail, do not let her stray, watch her eyes, grip her hands and speak lightness into her ears.

Anyone can have sex,
not everyone can make love.

That is a truth I had to learn
after five years with this person.

And some days she’ll cry,
and she’ll cry, and she’ll cry,
and she’ll cry, and she’ll cry,
and she’ll cry, and she’ll cry.

Dude, it’s that time of the month again.

Fucking hug her. Send her cute text messages. Give her belly-rubs. Bring her food. Give her fruits. Watch a show with her. Kiss her cheeks. Kiss her forehead. Kiss her fingers. Kiss her hands. Kiss her palms. Kiss her stomach. Kiss her arms. Kiss her lips. Kiss her heart. Kiss her soul. Kiss her.

And if that doesn’t work?

Hold her. Hold her body like you were the big spoon made for her. Hold her like the stars grip the night sky. Hold her hands like her fingers could feel safe when they trace their owner’s name into your back. Brush the tears from her cheeks and make sure they don’t get away, make sure she feels that you care. Grab her heart and let her know that you love her even if all she did was cry today about how random she’s being, how emotional this shit got and how real it got. Make sure you let her know, let her know that she is loved.

You don’t have to be like me.
You don’t have to write a thing.

You just have to love her.
Love her like how I couldn’t.

You don’t have to be perfect.
You just have to treat her perfectly.

You don’t have to be amazing.
She just has to feel amazed.

And I know, you’re probably thinking, what do you know? You’re just an ex-boyfriend, there’s a reason why she left you. Hey, wake up. Don’t be selfish. This isn’t about me or you. This is about her. You listen real good here, some people aren’t meant to be together for all of eternity. It doesn’t happen. It doesn’t. We change. This is how you love her right. Treat her with respect, love her ways even if it doesn’t make much sense, and I know she might set you on fire and I know she might make you passionate about everything, but that’s how she is.

A sapphire among rubies.
A cloud in the volcano’s steam.
A sunset swimming in the ocean.
A rose in a garden of forget-me-nots.
A blood drop in a glass of water.
A tear drying on lit cigarettes.
A fox howling with wolves.
A heart found near the river bank.
A girl who just wants to be loved.

And I know she isn’t perfect,
I know she won’t always be yours,
I know she won’t be the best,
I know she cries a lot,
I know she isn’t from magazine covers,
I know she can be a handful,
but I promise,
I promise,
if I know one thing.

One thing at all.

It is that she is worth it.

Please, make her smile because she didn’t smile enough when I held her, because she didn’t feel loved when I kissed her, because she felt used and I’m to blame, because she deserves happiness and well, so do you.

This is how you love her
and what’s that famous quote?

Oh yeah!

This is how you keep her.

—  A love letter for her future lovers //
everything comes back to you

@imlouisaf told me to do a big bang about narry being in love with each other all through 1d but not getting it right and i remembered that i actually had the start of a fic like that. so here you go:

~1k of angsty canon harry being sad over niall

when harry gets the notification, he’s standing in line at the supermarket with a bundle of bananas, a packet of frozen berries, and all the ingredients for chocolate cake. he’s turned on notifications for niall’s tweets–of course he has, just him and grimmy–and he glances at it as he puts the milk on the conveyor belt.

it takes a moment for it to sink in.

they’d known niall was going to release a song. he’d emailed them about it nearly every step of the way, to get their opinion and to make sure it was alright with all of them. they’d all said yes, that’s what the hiatus was for, after all– doing their own projects.

harry still hadn’t listened to it, felt the tiny sting of irrational rejection he tried to put out. it’s now or never, he guesses.

he pays and gathers his things, dumping them in the back seat of his car as he navigates his phone trying to buy niall’s song. finally, it downloads. he plugs it into his stereo, turns it up and presses play.

he gets as far as the first verse and has to stop. he puts his head down on the wheel and breathes deeply, absentmindedly hoping there’s not any paps around that’re capturing this moment. it’s be great for the tabloids; former member of one direction has meltdown in car after other member releases a single. no, thank you.

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Link above is my ask.

Prompt MasterlistMasterlist


  1. “Tell me.”
  2. “Matter of fact, you should be here.”
  3. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
  4. “I was out of my mind trying to look for you.”
  5. “That would’ve made a difference.”
  6. “I don’t care, just — just tell me if it’s true.”
  7. “Got a tattoo, I don’t regret it one bit.”
  8. “Why am I the one who loses? Every fucking time.”
  9. “I’m just getting used to you.”
  10. “It’s a long way down.”
  11. “I promise you.”
  12. “What happened?”
  13. “It isn’t fair.”
  14. “What happens if I don’t?”
  15. “There’s gonna be a time when I’m not beside you, a time when I would be gone. And God forbid that it would come to that.”
  16. “Say something — just anything, to be honest. I can’t stand not hearing your voice.”
  17. “Tell me you love me.”
  18. “We aren’t going anywhere with this.”
  19. “I get tired too.”
  20. “Thank you.”
  21. “If this is what it takes, then take my word, I don’t want this anymore.”
  22. “I’d gladly come home to you.”
  23. “I love you.”
  24. “Get me a drink.”
  25. “Easy does it.”
  26. “Wait — right now?”
  27. “Last name’s Styles.”
  28. “I’ve waited too long to say that.”
  29. “Wear something noticeable. Something eye-catching, I’ll easily see you.”
  30. “You — we may not be each other’s firsts, but I assure you, we’re each other’s lasts.”
  31. “Come here, please.”
  32. “That’s not how you do it.”
  33. “Deep breaths, love. Deep breaths.”
  34. “Cheers.”
  35. “Welcome back, love.”
  36. “My life.”
  37. “We need to buy these.”
  38. “Just for another month, just another thirty days. It’ll pass by quicker.”
  39. “Easy for you to stay.”
  40. “You’re making me nervous.”
  41. “How much longer?”
  42. “You’re very impatient, I’m serious about it.”
  43. “Are you mad?”
  44. “Please don’t.”
  45. “Could see the both of us here. We’ll be here. Maybe not now, but soon.”
  46. “I wasn’t the one who chose that.”
  47. “Maybe I’m tired, maybe I’ve been for a long time.”
  48. “And to many more.”
  49. “This is exhausting.”
  50. “Hands-on; I like that.”
  51. “I think we have too much.”
  52. “Please? Just one more, just one more.”
  53. “Oh, I wasn’t informed.”
  54. “No, I’m not overdressed. You just have the wrong event.”
  55. “I know it’s untimely, but I just need this done, I promise.”
  56. “This is making me cry.”
  57. “Just do what I’m doing.”
  58. “Look at me. No, no. Look at me.”
  59. “I feel a bit — I don’t know.”
  60. “My turn.”
  61. “Is it legal?”
  62. “Don’t cry, bub. Please, not again. Shhh. No, no, don’t — damn it.”
  63. “Holy shit.”
  64. “That’s amazing.”
  65. “I want to know what you’re thinking.”
  66. “Power’s out.”
  67. “I’ll always come back to you.”
  68. “It’ll last longer.”
  69. “I don’t want to do it.”
  70. “Do I really have to?”
  71. “I see you in everything. Every single thing and I don’t know how to feel about that.”
  72. “I think I’m losing my shit.”
  73. “Never thought that it would come to this.”
  74. “Everyone, my game-changer.”
  75. “Hi, she’s my wife.”
  76. “Off-limits.”
  77. “What did you say?”
  78. “I know.”
  79. “I love shopping.”
  80. “Are we ever gonna work out?”
  81. “We’re gonna go past this.”
  82. “Forget what you saw, this is real.”
  83. “You’re making me feel guilty.”
  84. “Glad I did.”
  85. “Not a home.”
  86. “Let me go.”
  87. “It’s easier that way.”
  88. “Maybe I don’t want to. Maybe I do. I don’t know what I’m going to do but please, just stay here.”
  89. “With me.”
  90. “I’ll join.”
  91. “I tried to fix you. Got broken in trying to.”
  92. “Then why do I feel it’s not okay?”
  93. “I’m sorry.”
  94. “Am I or am I not going?”
  95. “Happy birthday, love.”
  96. “Then tell me, for fuck’s sake, just tell me where I stand in your life.”
  97. “Congrats, love.”
  98. “Those two don’t mix well together.”
  99. “Pushing all your buttons, look.”
  100. “He — oh my god. He has my eyes.”

Happy Birthday to the one and only, to the adored and worshiped Commander Shepard. 

Others may come and go, but no one has ever made me cry and laugh as much as you did. No one has touched me as much as you did, no one else had helped me through a horrible day as much as you did, just by saying “What would Shepard do?”

Inspirations come in many different mediums, but hell no one has ever made me push for more, push what I am owed like you have. 

I don’t care that people may sneer, you are real to me, and you got me through so much shit, and I will never let you go. 

Commander Damn Shepard is everything to me, and you can pry her out of my cold dead fingers. 

Happy Birthday, the entire galaxy bows before your stregth, your integrity and inspiration. 

And so do I. 

When you are 18 years old and date James Franco

After a long long break I am back :D yay <3 so here is the one I promised with 1276 words. I hope you enjoy it. Lotsa Love truly yours Kate.

I walked out of the classroom. It was time for the lunch break. My friends told me to meet them at the entrance of the school. I looked around and saw no one in sight. I was the first one. I walked past a few students and sat on a bench. It looked like I had time, till the others came out so I pulled out my phone from my bag. For days I’ve kept thinking about James and his directing class. I knew he was busy so I didn’t want to bother him. But on the other side I wanted to write him, because I missed him and we couldn’t hear from each other since a week. He didn’t bother to write me but I didn’t mind because I knew that he was kept busy because of his work. So I started to type Mr. Franco to show him that I put some distance to our relationship. Instantly I regretted it, because I knew that it wasn’t his fault.  The only thing I wanted to do is to know how it went. But I couldn’t hide my bitterness. I wanted to delete the text and start something new. Accidently I hit the send button and was in shock.

“Please no no no. I hope you don’t look at your phone right now! Please don’t see it!” I’ve told myself. People who passed me might think I was nuts. In horror I looked at the display to check if there was a green tick.  And there it was the green tick of chaos. I don’t get why the phones don’t have the „are you sure “message popping up anymore. Frustrated about the new technology I hung my head low and decided to wait. In the next seconds the Ping tune came from my phone which was in my hand.

[ James: Never  heard that from you before but Hello to you too Mrs Franco. ]

How could he react so normal about that? Could it be that he didn’t get it by Mr. Franco? Maybe he didn’t really understand it. Doesn’t matter anymore. What could I answer to that I thought to myself. I looked up and saw Sophia, Eva, Jess and Victoria walking to me.

“What’s the matter honey? ” asked Sophia.

“N-Nothing I was just waiting for you.” I explained.

“Really? You look kind of tired.”

“Did something happen to you know who.” said Eva.

“What Voldemort?” Victoria gasped.

“Shut up no one’s talking about Harry Potter. I mean James by you know who.” Told Eva to the others.

“Ahh why don’t you call him just by his name. Everyone knows it by now.” Put in Jessica.

“could you all just be quiet, please. Nothing happened okay I was just writing him, that’s all. He is busy these days.” I explained.

“Okay good to know. So where are we going?” asked Sophia.

While the girls argued where we should head to I opened my texts again. I saw that James was writing something and waited. It was like it took hours for him to send it.

[ James:                                          What  are you doing? ]

Oh shit I forgot to write him back.  I looked at my phone and started writing frantically.

[ You:                                             Just  got out of school. Talking with friends. ]

I was nervous because I couldn’t wait for his answer. At that moment I realized how much I missed him. I knew that the girls could see me going crazy because of texting, but I didn’t care and let them judge me.

[ James:                                         Are  there male friends? ]

I looked at my phone twice to be sure what he said. This little shit asking for real if there were male friends. I couldn’t believe it. He was starting it again. Acting all confident. I didn’t want him to check up on me. So I started with my answer.

[ You:                                            Maybe.  Not gonna answer to that. Why? ]

I smiled to myself, pleased with my answer.

[ James:                                         Just  asking. ]

[ You:                                             How’s  work going? ]

[ James: I am waiting for  someone. Something important came up. So I am taking a break right now. Why? ]

Who could it be I asked myself. Who is the person he waits for? Why didn’t he tell me about it and is

the person he meets so important. I tried to stay calm and I hoped my response didn’t show that it

affected me nor that I was jealous.

[ You: Just  asking. Hope you are doing fine these days. But it sound‘s all right I guess. ]

[ James:                         Yeah  everything’s good. Have you eaten already?  ]        

[ You: No  probably we are gonna grab some Sandwiches. What about you? ]

[ James: Sounds  delicious. I have a date in a few seconds, see you later. ]

[ You:                                                       wait… ]

Great he was already offline. I tried to call him once and gave up. What was he up to. I want to know who his date was. I bet she must be a Model or a Playmate or someone from a magazine or all of them at once. I bet she must be older than me. I mean I am only 18 and don’t have a chance. I know that he likes women who are older than him. Everyone can tell that by his past but still I didn’t like the idea. Maybe she has the knowledge to lead him on. He likes it to be lead, even though he can be bossy sometimes. On the other hand, he is very attentive. Oh god to describe him is even stressful. This man comes with it all positive sides and negative ones. Being one of the best actors in Hollywood, writing several books, directing classes and giving speeches in Universities. But still being handsome and having all the pretty actresses around him and the fame, he is so down to earth and normal about his life. He doesn’t care what other people think of him and he wants people to think of him like that.  While thinking about James I started falling for that unbelievable guy again. Shouldn’t I be angry for him to go on dates. Somehow I am not, I don’t know what is wrong with me. I miss him so much that I can’t even get mad at him.

Suddenly I heard my phone ringing. I picked it up and said Hello.

“Where are you?”

“I am still at school!”

“Why are you yelling?”

“I am sorry. I don’t want to waste your time James. You have better things to do, like to go on a date with a beautiful actress of yours.”

“you’re right, you never told me that you were an actress but okay.”

“What are you talking about?”

“What are you talking about, messing with my head like that. Turn around let’s go.”


“Hang up!”

“Hey Jule isn’t that James walking over here?” gasped Sophia.

“yeah he is!” Victoria agreed

“Okay girls let’s not freak out.” said Eva

“I can’t believe you!” I gasped in shock. I pointed at him.

“Gotcha.” He laughed and opened his arms. I let myself fall in his arms closed my eyes and sniffed his perfume.

“I can’t be lieve that you are so low. But I am glad you are here because I missed you so much.” I explained and realizing I was angry then I started hitting him.

“Stop hitting me. I thought you missed me!” he chuckled.

“I missed you but that act was so unnecessary right now.” I explained

“Come one you are glad to see me.” he smirked

“I am but still.”

“Let’s make up. I am hungry we can talk while we eat.” he offered.

“Okay let’s go.” I gave in.

BTS React to: Going on a Haunted House tour with you on Halloween!

Namjoon; Lowkey wants to impress you by holding you close and keeping a cool disposition to ‘protect you’ but fails miserably when something pops out from behind the curtains, causing this big doofus to scream, making you scream even louder, resulting in both of you screaming your heads off like little kids. “Ahhh, I wasn’t really scared babe - I just didn’t want you to feel left out so I screamed along with you…you believe me, right?”~

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Seokjin; Holding on to you the entire time as you both shuffle through the house with your flash lights - him pushing you both through quickly and just wanting to get out without pissing himself from being so freaking scared. When you both finally get out and you ask him if he’s okay (because he’s still clutching on to you for dear life) he says “Baby please let’s never do this again, next time let’s just stay in and eat until we can’t move any more…please?” :3

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Yoongi; Would remain relatively calm until someone starts chasing both of you down the last long hallway - Yoongi grabbing you by your arm and bolting out the door faster than he ever ran in his life. Expect lots of shouting and giggling and holding on to you once you both got out safe and alive with him chuckling at how scared he got “Damn, I didn’t think I’d be that scared…you were scared too right? Right? Please tell me you were also scared…” c:

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Hoseok; You and Hobi would have already decided to just run really fast through the house to get to the end as quick as possible - screaming along the way in hopes of frightening whatever was intending to frighten you. However, when Hoseok trips over his own feet, neither of you can help but burst out laughing at Hobi’s wisecracks as if your both in a damn horror movie “GO ON (Y/N)! SAVE YOURSELF! Wait I was juST KIDDING DON’T LEAVE ME BEHIND”

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Jimin; Would try to act cool and flex his muscles like “Don’t worry beautiful, I’ll save you from any ghosts inside” as he wraps his arm around you and smirks to himself thinking he’s so manly - but when you tell him that muscles mean nothing when it comes to ghosts, the colour drains from his face as he looks at you like “Shit, u right” just to make you laugh. Even though he’s a bit scared, he’s having tonnes of fun spending the night with you c:

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Taehyung; Expect to hold his hand the whole way through like you can bet this boy will not let go of you, always in your ear with serious questions like “How easy would it be for a spirit to possess me? Would you still love with me if I got possessed?” While you assure him that none of it’s real and he pulls you in closer to him like “Let’s protect each other, I got u, we can do thiS TEAMWORK” You’d both probably end up laughing the whole way through thanks to his silly jokes to ease the scariness of the situation <3

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Jungkook; Would end up getting scared at things that weren’t meant to be scary, like a floorboard creaking or another couple going through at the same time as you both. He would love that you clung on to him when something popped out, your grip around his arm making him smile when he should be screaming along with you. When you both got out, he’d be like “Let’s go again! I like it when you cling on to me from being a little scared” c:

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Riverdale preference: Royalty

masterlist of Riverdale    riverdale preference: Royalty + core four

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Why do you hate line so much lol

1. The calls I made on Line were always breaking in and out and you couldn’t send your own gifs so I got rid of it

2. They made EXO Next Door just to promote their shit and it was really badly written and made and was just one long ad for Line and not even EXO wanna talk about it


Scandal Season 6 Finale, My thoughts

*Clears throat* Hello Family and Friends of the deceased, we are gathered here today to lay rest to our dear Sister and Friend Olivia Carolyn Pope. *All around the church sniffles, weeping and sorrow filled cries could be heard* It saddens me to be up here but let’s remember the good things Sis Olivia did and who she was before she died and let Rowanka live.
(Rowanka is the name Katrinapavela gave Olivia when she goes all Rowan on us and I liked it.)
☝🏽Yes I just had a funeral for Olivia. ☝🏽Yes shit got real last night. ☝🏽Yes I got emotional AF last night, I think I got teary eyed on 3 different scenes. I’m not gonna do a scene by scene of the Finale , I’m gonna speak on the Characters, in no specific order. Honestly this was a good ass season finale and I really liked it 🙃except 1 specific thing happened and it ruined the whole episode for me. Yes that’s sort of a contradiction but I 👏🏽said 👏🏽what 👏🏽I 👏🏽said 👏🏽. This episode literally hurt my feelings and it’s nothing new cuz it’s Scandal they always hurting feelings 😭😭 damn you Shonda! 🤔TBH I would have been ok with ending Scandal with Fitz presidency I honestly don’t wanna see anyone else as president 🙎🏽🖕🏽🙄 but whatever I’ll get over it, still not jumping on Mellie’s bandwagon
Ok let me start before I get dramatic!

Abby and Quinn: They finally made up and I’m glad. Abby literally has no one but Olivia and OPA she wasn’t going anywhere but back home to OPA! Quinn is pregnant and Abby is gonna help her raise her baby , it was real cute when Abby said “Over a cliff.” 🤗 ☝🏽Now let me just say Quinn kinda got on my nerves because this ho thought she was gone run away to live a normal life without telling Charlie she was pregnant! Bitch you have no right to do that, it’s his baby just as much as it’s yours and you dumb if you don’t think this SPY could find yo ass! Let’s not forget Charlie was a top dog at B613! And she thought she couldn’t work at OPA because she was going to be a mom🙄🤷🏽‍♀️ GUHHHH Women all around the world been doing this! Women make boss moves even as Moms I was like who tf wrote this 🙃Women work and still be great Moms we don’t need that bs narrative out there But thankfully she came to her senses!

Huck: Wanted to go with Olivia. 😭😢 I told yal Loyalty is a man named Huck. But she told him she needed him at OPA and that she would be fine.

Mellie: Continued to show that she was a white privileged woman 🙄 ok so when did Mellie say she wanted the White House all her life? Because what I remember was her saying some about being the wife or some shit but anyway it was a lie. They tryna push a new narrative on Mellie and I’m sorry but it’s to late. Mellie ain’t worked for shit and that’s just that! Olivia and Cyrus about to run D.C. and Mellie whose the puppet President now? 🤦🏽‍♀️Yal her first act as president she signed some papers that she did not even read! 😶 and you thought I was gone be on board with this fuckery? 🗣ISSA NO.

Cyrus Rutherford Beene: ☕️🐸Pulled off the finesse of the Century. 🤓Brains of the illuminate. It was Cyrus Motherfuckin Beene! Way back when, I knew it was Cyrus because I kept saying he wanted to be President but I got distracted by Ponytail and Peus and I was like well maybe it’s a new bad person coming but nope! It was Cyrus sneaky ass 😂

Luna 🕷black 🕸widow Vargas: 😎 Head illuminate but still a #2. ☝🏽Oooooweee Homegirl nobody fucks over Olivia and get away with it. Olivia gave her a pill to peaceful go meet her husband in the afterlife 😬 yikes. I tweeted and said Luna Vargas was in with the illuminate, and I said it because she jumped the bandwagon to quick! How you go from saying Mellie didn’t win , your husband did to Yes I’ll be your Vice President 🙅🏽 nope ain fall for it! I knew she was in on I just didn’t know she was actually the head! Yea Cyrus was the brains but Luna was the head! Luna teaching us to kill husbands 😝

How to make an illuminate: So Cyrus gets into Luna head , Luna hires Marie Wallace to kill her husband, Marie Wallace hires Ponytail aka Samantha bka Gertrude and Peus to do the job. From what I gathered nobody knew about Marie Wallace actually being Maya Pope because there is no way she would have let them threaten Olivia at all. When Maya found out what was going on she came to town to rectify shit! I love how unapologetically black Maya is! From that powerful ass monologue to actually being there to save Olivia, Maya proved she is the better Pope parent.😌 She truly loves Olivia and she forgave her for choking her and everything because she knows that she caused Olivia some damage growing up motherless. Maya even told Eli you can’t half ass raise Olivia and think she gone come out whole 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
☝🏽hunny Maya had time and she was right the entire episode she was right! When she got captured so easily I knew Maya was innocent there’s no way she would have been that easy to find!

Maya Pope aka Marie Wallace bka The baddest bitch: Maya’s monologue was the gospel truth and it was foreshadow for Olivia. Maya really did come back in town to save Olivia 🤗 and yal when Maya started singing those old negro spirituals I hollered! I told yal she’s unapologetically black! “So much for black girl magic” “girl bye, I’m ya momma ain no fooling me” some of her lines from last night. I would rewatch the episode so I could give yal what she actually said in her monologue but I’m still a lil sensitive 😢 forgive me. But anyway she talked about how she and other black women and black mothers are the backbone and stepping stole for everybody, how we always saving everybody but whose saving us? About how Black Women do everything only to have it taken away by a white girl with bamboo earrings 😩🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 yaaasssaauhsabalobooshhhh! 🗣Maya you better speak that word, let him use you sis, go AWF, go AWF! 🙌🏽 I told yal, Maya 👏🏽had 👏🏽time 👏🏽 she read Everybody to the filth hunny! (And now that I’m thinking about it what other show is going to do this when Scandal goes off 😔. Read America and throw shit in there faces, we still out here facing issues that need to be addressed through television!) but anyway Maya came to D.C. and shook the table 😎

Eli: Fragile masculinity couldn’t accept that maybe Maya was right, almost killed her 😤 but let me also say this he showed Fitz some respect in this episode. He waited until Fitz was in the room to do anything, he let Fitz make the calls and throw shots and he even went to Fitz and told him that Olivia needs him to balance her out. 😭 yal! Wait a minute 😭 do you know what just happened? Eli…Rowan went to Fitz and told him that his daughter is getting to powerful and she needed Fitz to balance her out 😯 but Eli Isn’t this your dream? For Olivia to be the most powerful in the room? Clearly he sees that he was wrong and he tried to nip it but in reality he set off a chain of events.

Fitz: Was about to give up his life to save Olivia. Fitz signed an order to reinstate b613 so he could save Olivia 😰 yal my stomach dropped and my eyes started to water. B613 is not for Fitz… Eli told him that he would be perfect for running it because Fitz is a good man and he could do better. 🗣fuck that! No! I was literally shaking because we all know and the horrors of b613 I could not imagine my baby Fitzgerald doing this devil work. He deserves peace and happiness, Fitz would have lost his soul. The evil things you have to do and become *sighs* Which brings me to ….

Olivia: 😔 I cried, and I didn’t even know I was crying until I felt my eyes burn. I was so distraught, disappointed and hurt. As soon as Fitz left that darkness took over and her light was not there to counter/balance it. And to be honest 🤔 it was Maya fault lowkey. She told Olivia “Go take back your baby(the White House) and Olivia was about to disagree when Maya said “You half me and half yo crazy father can’t nobody win against you” Yal the wheels started turning in her head 😒 next thing we know she giving Mellie dumb ass papers to sign but we all knew what those papers were ughhhhh Not my Olivia. Yal that shook me up! Because the same reasons I didn’t want Fitz to do it I damn sho didn’t want Olivia to do it. It hurt my feelings and I’m still trying to process but yal know me I had to sleep on it and come back to it. I get it. Olivia is on a power trip and she has to get it out her system. And this is it, being command of B613. I should have seen it coming honestly from her saying “You don’t take Olivia Pope, Olivia Pope takes you.” To Maya’s monologue about how black women save everybody. And that’s the exact reason why Olivia did it, to save Fitz(she told Rowan “You’re not gonna have a hold on Fitz.”) and the republic and to have power. She hates feeling powerless and when Luna Vargas damn near took the oval from her well it pushed her 😔 so yea that’s the reason why I didn’t like the finale because Liv became command 😕.
Olivia always thinks it’s her responsibility to save everyone 😤 but it’s fuckin not! 🤦🏽‍♀️*tries to collect myself * Black Women always gotta be captain save -a-hoe! Like ya momma said “whose gonna save you?”
And let me just say Maya told Olivia to get her big head ass out the way when she was tryna shoot Luna but at the time we didn’t know Luna was bad 😂😂☝🏽😩 black Moms always gotta crack a joke no matter what the situation 😝😂😂

My Precious OTP Olitz: We had 4 Olitz scenes 😍😍🤗
1.He was concerned and her wellbeing because it was her mother who was the “terrorist” even in the mist of all that was going on, he took time to ask how she was feeling. This is a man who knows how to care for his woman 🤗 *swoons*
2.Get. Over. Here: Olivia went against his wishes and released her mom, he went to his room and she’s but ass naked ready to give it to him. He starts going off on her and she like no fuck that lets fuck!
Olivia: Get. Over. Here.
Fitz: you are very bossy
Olivia: and you love it
Fitz: *takes off shoes and jumps on bed on top of her.
Lmao Yal Fitz looked like such a white man when he said “you are very bossy” it was so funny I couldn’t do nun but laugh! 🤔 for a 56 soon to be 57 year old man the way he jumped on top of her tho 😝 sheesh Tony let me breathe!
3.You saved me: I told Yal Fitz almost became command but Olivia went to him and was like I was going to ask you to stay with me but not like this. She let him know that B613 would ruin him and she couldn’t stand by and watch him become her father…. so of course he listens, he always listens to her so at this point he’s getting ready to leave but he’s with her. And he lets her know he cancelled the order and he can’t stay because he has to work on his foundation. She plays it cool because well she didn’t wanna show emotions, her back was turned away so he couldn’t see her face but she was literally crying out for this man to stay and be her light and save her from herself. She wanted him to save her! He says goodbye without a hug or a kiss
4.It was an honor Mr. President: literally as he’s walking towards the plane “Mr.President” yal I screamed I was like yes yes girl go 👏🏽 get 👏🏽 your 👏🏽 man 👏🏽 she walked then ran to him and they kissed and I bullshit you not I thought she was getting on that plane and going to Vermont 😭😭 ik ik Ima damn fool!
They kissing and paparazzi taking pictures!
Fitz: the cameras
Olivia: I don’t care
Soft smiles and more kissing.
Olivia: it’s been an honor Mr.President
Fitz: the honor was all mine.
Yep I cried again. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 beautiful simply beautiful. She ran in the light to the arms of the man she has loved for in the dark, out in the open in front of everybody. She knew the world was watching and finally after all this time she didn’t care! She freely and openly showed her affection and it was beautiful. I know I make a big deal out of it when it’s Olivia showing affection because it is a big deal. She’s choosing for herself and being honest with herself in those moments. So yes I clap and scream loudly in Olitz when Olivia does things on her own accord 😘 that’s Bae and she deserves to grasp love with her own hands.

Predictions: 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🙎🏽💆🏽
About season 7 I honestly don’t even know what to expect well let me say half except. Because I do know a few things: Olivia is going to do some developing(Good and Bad), Fitz is going to save her and I do believe OPA will as well. Abby going back to OPA, she had power, it corrupted her and she left it behind. Quinn being pregnant: she is going to have everything Olivia thinks she couldn’t have love-family(baby)-power. Olivia will see firsthand from these examples and on top of that Huck and Fitz gone be on her ass once they find out she lost her mind. Olivia is stubborn it’s not gone happen overnight but they will save her. They gone have to convince her she needs saving first. Mellie and Cyrus gone stab Olivia in the back. Cyrus gone stab Mellie in the back. Olivia- Cyrus- Mellie all in positions of power is not gone be a walk in the park , it’s going to be a power struggle frfr, and a little blood gone get on everybody’s hands! OPA gone thrive and I honestly hope everyone gets a good ending they deserve it. After Fitz save Liv, I want Olitz together and we get at least 2 or 3 happy episodes 😩 it ain’t to much to ask after this roller coaster we been on since 101! But anywhooo lemme leave on a good note:
🗣 Olitz ain’t dead! 😏😌 we just begun.



A mystic adventure!


Go fuck yourself!

Cute gender-neutral names to call your partner:

Good friends.

Best friends.

Magical friends.

Get fucked Mrs. Tabasco and Anna Kozlowski, your tattoo-fueled friendship tome belongs to me now!

Ask an adult for help!

I will fucking not

okay so this thing really is written as a *scrapbook* by Sakura Kinomoto Avalon recollecting her adventures and how they pertain to ~*~FRIENDSHIP~*~. She also slips in trivia questions on the series as well, just to make sure we were paying attention, apparently.

Ah yes, Tori, Sakura’s brother famous for being in love with the mortal vessel of an ancient moon god and for getting the shit kicked out of him in that UK election the other week

‘Encouraging’ is definitely the word for what Madison does for Sakura

‘even Rivals Can Be Friends’, a core tenet of Japanese storytelling. This delightful yarn ends with Sakura depressed and questioning her purpose in life!

Fuck yes, the Friendship Quiz! Now I can definitively find out if I am

Okay let’s do this. “If there was a rumor going around that my friend had cheated on a test would I…” Look buddy if my friend’s cheating on tests she is going to let me know so I can cover for her ass. Real friends help friends get straight A’s by any means necessary.

“If your friend got an A on a test and I did not-” What did I just say?

“If your friend was sad and started to cry” It would be because I told her some real shit. Maybe she wasn’t ready for the truth, but the truth hurts. Tough love.

“If you and your friend were running in a race and your friend fell and hurt her knee, would you…” Keep running, obvs. There is no place in this best-friendship for losers.

“If a cool group of kids suddenly wanted to hang out with you, would you…” Don’t dabble in absurd fantasy situations, book! I’m here for the stories of high-flying magical girls doing battle with mystical elementals in the name of sealing a centuries-old arcane ritual, I can’t suspend my disbelief to abide the possibility of cool people wanting to be my friends.

“If you were watching TV and your friend was upset about something” it’s probably because the show we’re watching is the Cardcaptors dub

“If a tough kid was calling your friend names” I take them on a Rocky-style training montage and we double-team his ass.

“If you were invited to a cool party and your friend was not” How is it a cool party if my friend is not there

Okay, time to tally these answers up. Just gonna assume my answers were the best.

Sakura seriously I have some things I need to explain to you about Madison’s friendship

Reminder that if you can’t be friends with someone, it’s probably their fault

This description of her friends’ traits conspicuously leaves out Rita being engaged to her adult teacher, for some reason

Okay like half of these are just good, general, how not to be a dick advice.

I did do that thing where I slipped a joke into my friend’s backpack while they weren’t looking. Never told ‘em it was me. They were paranoid for years about mischievous joke-ghosts.

Having a picnic at the beach is the #1 most fun thing to do with friends, it turns out! No, this is official, nothing else tops it, don’t even try. If you DON’T have a picnic at the beach with your friends, then you are a sub-par friend. You fucking friendship scrub.

I also like the implication that painting toenails is exclusively done in a well-established *friendship club*.

Hang out and talk about whatever!

I love how this delightful little closing recap also slips in a “By the way one of my friends once got possessed by a malevolent sword spirit ~anyway~ see ya later!”

miraculously the tattoos included on either side of Sarah Heller’s magnum opus are all intact. Dare I engage their incredible fashion potential at the cost of devaluing the sterling collector’s item that the Cardcaptors Best Friends Tattoo Scrapbook surely is?

I don’t know, what would a best friend like Madison do?!


Food for thought……….sometimes coincidence is a plan in disguise….

Dear Maya
WOW! Our girl looks like a goddess in the new photo shoot! What a treat to see her in Coco’s abode. She mentioned serving dinner and I do wonder what she would cook, Maybe her pasta or even a grilled cheese. I had one with Brie and cheddar yesterday that was delicious but hard to beat a croque monsieur in Paris! Meanwhile her handsome man is having a GREAT TIME with Good Time in NYC (one of my fav places you know). Hard to beat a New York hot dog! (hold the mustard for me though)

R: I miss you

K: You just saw us

R: so I can’t miss you?

K: Miss you more

R: It was amazing. No one even knew you were there.

K: you and your affinity for disguises

R: they served us well. We had a good time

K: a GREAT time! You know she hasn’t put that doll down

R: it was a great time except that you stopped me from buying more

K: DUDE. You can’t buy her everything in that store! I thought the whole point was not to draw attention to ourselves. If I let you buy all the shit you wanted they would ask for some kind of ID. You can’t just pay in wads of cash like you just robbed a bank

R: you said I made a good robber

K: I said rad robber

R: that was a rad ice cream sundae

K: still can’t believe she ate the whole thing

R: still can’t believe they didn’t have grilled cheese. That’s her favorite but your grilled cheese is the best. They make me melt

K: you are such a dork! You make ME melt

R: she ate the pigs in a blanket because you told her they were mini hot dogs. And…….
I have a hot dog for you

K: um. That’s hardly a mini hot dog

R: can you eat the whole thing?

K: omg stfu

R: thanks for being there

K: you think I would have missed it? I’m so proud of you

R: you know I love you more than hot dogs?

K: speaking of……….your twitter groupies were salivating over your hot dog short

R: I told you honey. There is nothing short about my hot dog

K: stop reminding me how much I miss you

R: you have a Twitter acct now?

K: FUCK NO. But apparently you do……….. Or was that just a “rumor”

R: who comes up with some of that shit?

K: dude. You tell so many stories nobody knows what’s real

R: that’s the point isn’t it? let the stories be told. They can say what they want

K: chaos. confusion. disguises. Let the good times roll! Got it

R: you’ve always had it honey

K: you have too

R: by the way Happy Anniversary

K: ????

R: it’s on Twitter so it must be true

K: WTF are you talking about

R: today is Bella and Edward’s anniversary

K: oh shit. Sorry dude. How could I forget.

R: you wanna play honeymoon?

K: yeah. you wanna nibble my neck?

R: I wanna make you melt. Sounds kinda cheesy

K: I happen to have a thing for cheesy and yeah you always do. I love you

R: yeah. I love you more

So sweet Maya
Here’s a great song by The Cars. Have you ever heard it? Love the lyrics. Let The Good Times Roll. It’s going to be OK.

Aug 2017

12x13 Family Feud

Aubrey’s Challenge: Write a fic about each episode in season 12.

Word Count: 1408

Version en Español  –  PREVIOUS EPISODE

Originally posted by justjensenanddean

“Okay, well. Stay on it. If you get any leads let us know and we’ll keep working it from our end. Thanks, Cas.”

Just the sound of Dean’s voice grated on your nerves. It had been two weeks since you and your boyfriend had had an actual conversation, and you couldn’t even remember what you were fighting about this time. Still though, you managed to maintain a professional relationship even though you were sleeping on opposite sides of the bed.

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Looking across the table at Millz, I could tell she was upset about that shit Bianca pulled at my shop. Shit, I was upset and that had nothing to do with me. Prophet has got to be the biggest whore on this planet; the nigga sticks his dick in everything.

“Are you alright Millz?” I asked her while she picked at the food on her plate.

“I’m irritated as hell. He’s always in some bullshit. Now he has this bitch pregnant.”

“I swear to God when that girl brought up babies I thought I was having a flashback. What was she talking about other girls having his baby for? What was that about?” Shante asked her.

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