shit it really felt good

I have a lot of really great friends who are truly important to me and I’m glad that when I hit some weird funk and feel inexplicably lonely, I can pretty easily prove that feeling is a bunch of shit and just get back to feeling all right.

I really don’t get why this fandom seems to be arguing over liking Lotto or not liking Lotto. It’s all a preference. Either you like it or you don’t, and that’s fine. Some people like autotune used that way, others don’t, and both are valid opinions.

Just because you like Lotto doesn’t make you a ‘better’ EXO fan than the people who don’t like it. It simply means you like that sort of sound.

Just chill tf out and enjoy that we got 3 new EXO songs today, and everyone likes at least one. And that’s great!

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And really sorry, that you had to wait some time for my selfie, but here it is.
I was going to cinema, to see Captain America: Civil war (the movie was damn awesome!).

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So I had to buy some stuff, mainly pads because I’m on my period (ugh). The cashier was a guy but I didn’t really pay attention. He glanced at the pads then turned back to me and said with a sympathetic look:

“I hope your suffering ends soon” and he gave me a bar of chocolate.

You, random cashier guy, I love you.

@enkopkaffe, continuation from here .

In the end, he stayed the night in the hospital. It was a shit night, completely shit. He threw up on a couple of occasions, had to get an IV, and was just completely and utterly feeling like shit. Also, he was sad that his car was now crashed and messed up.
He almost couldn’t stop thinking about Denmark though. About Denmark, about his message. Why. Why would he be so alright with coming over? Why would he want to help him when he was this so horrible?

Damn it.

In the morning, he got his phone back from charging and he rubbed his mouth with his good hand. Shit, he really felt like shit. Like complete utter shit.

Taking his phone, he looked at it, before moving to type, fingers lazy and sluggish. God did he feel like he’s been ran over. And with what he had to say, with what he wanted to say amost scratching in his neck.. It was just a mix for a bad, bad moment.

{ text } I just got my phone back. I’m not home, Dan.
{ text } I’m in the hospital - can you get me a change of clothes or smth? There’s a key under the floormat.

He groaned and placed his phone down. His fingers still ached, a dull constant pain that made it hard to focus on anything. At least he wasn’t throwing up again. That would have been really bad. 

Denmark was too good for him, that’s for fucking certain.