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They other day, I was looking through @rusalnaia ‘s “Depressing Rick and Morty headcanons, theories and headcanons for theories”, when I came up with the idea of an AU kind of thing, inspired by one of them.

When a Rick dies, he’s usually leaving a more or less grieving family behind him. More especially, he’s leaving a Morty, when they didn’t died toguether. And a Morty without his Rick, despise what all Ricks are saying, is unpredictable.
So the Concil has hired a Rick whose job is to make sure that the Mortys won’t try to bring back their grandfather, won’t mess with the timelines, won’t go on adventures by themselves, or won’t, in general, do something dangerously stupid. It already happend more than once, and the Concil wants to avoid it by any means.
This job would usually require to take the place of the deceased Rick long enough to destroy the relationship between him and his family, so when he fake his death again, they hate him and won’t miss him (and eventually, the Morty would be assigned to another Rick, and vice-versa). But under certain circumptances(for example, if a Morty witness the death of his Rick, and survive, it makes the substitution impossible), or if a Morty has already begun doing shit before the Concil’s Rick arrival, he would be in charge of killing this Morty.

I might improve this bit by bit later (at least I intend to), ‘cause I have a looooot of ideas for it, but if you have some, I would gladly hear them.

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Mr. Fairy Floss

Fandom: GG/Youtube

Chapter: 1/1

Word Count: 6,227

Pairings: Rubberbang, background Egoflap

Rating: T

Warnings: Lots of typical teenage-boy cursing, Dan being a dork

Summary: While stuck together at the top of a Ferris wheel, Ross and Dan become acquainted with each other for the first time.

Read it on AO3 here!

[A/N: Based off the prompt: ‘I was third wheeling with my best friend and his/her bf/gf at the amusement park when I got stuck sitting on a two seated roller coaster with some stranger and something happened so now we are stuck almost at the top and I hate heights but at least they are really hot’ au

The rest of my A/N is in the AO3 link ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ]

“Hey, Ross! Roooosssssss.

Suzy’s bouncy, gentle voice easily pries him awake. The next time Ross blinks his eyes open, she and Arin are both standing in front of him, Arin with his eyebrows knit in concern, and Suzy bearing an expression devoid of nothing but worry. It takes a moment for him to sleepily comprehend their surroundings and remember where he is, but the abundant noise of screaming, gleeful children around them and the sight of the giant, overbearing rollercoaster poised in the distance behind his friends is just enough to jog his memory.

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Im now 4 episodes deep into Wynonna Earp and all I have to say that you are all, collectivley, SATAN and I hate you for doing this to me. I came here to heal my broken heart after the devastation of Clexa and now in the matter of a few short weeks you bitches have gotten me addicted to not only Lost Girl (because doccubus is endgame and it helps fill the void of my clexa heartbreak) but now ive been sucked into the Wayhaught fandom and somehow you little shits made me love them before ever even seeing the show and I will NEVER FORGIVE YOU. I swear I just want a normal life again let me liveeeeeee

anonymous asked:

do you know what was the deal with those earrings utena had?

Ah yes, the “spontaneous” gift from the acting chairman.

I think there’s a lot to be said about the earrings, the reasons behind them, and what effects they end up having.

First of all, it’s important to remember that some of the biggest, most prominent themes in the show, especially surrounding Utena, Anthy and Akio’s characters, are patriarchal structures and gender roles, represented through fairytales. The prince is to save and protect the princess, who will in turn love and belong to him. While within the world of Ohtori, masculinity is strong and dominant, femininity is weak and submissive. 

In the episode right after this one, Juri mentions to Miki how lately, Utena “looks more like a girl”. Miki agrees, but asks “isn’t that a good thing?”. Juri merely responds “do you really believe that?”, and Miki is silent.

Giving Utena earrings is an act of feminizing her. At first she’s uncomfortable with them, saying she doesn’t think they’ll suit her, but by the end of the episode we see her happily humming a tune while adoring them. Akio is pushing her further away from being a prince and towards being a princess.

His motives for doing so are highly questionable, since it is Akio’s ultimate goal to groom Utena into a perfect prince so that he can use her sword to open the Rose Gate. A friend of mine suggested that Akio might very well be a walking contradiction, who’s motives don’t always add up with his actions. So he might be doing this out of a need to show dominance by making Utena his princess, or it could be that his past self as Dios is still affecting him. Personally though, taking into account that Akio was nothing but impressed with Utena when she rejected him in the end, I think this might have been another test, just like the duel games.

That’s not all there is to it though, there’s another big reason for why he feminizes Utena, which also ties in with why he makes Utena fall in love with him.

Anthy’s faith in Utena: -10,000 points.

If there’s one thing that scares the shit out of Akio, it’s that Anthy has begun to genuinely care for Utena and question her own situation. There is no bigger threat to Akio’s plans and power, because without Anthy he has nothing.

But no one thinks as lowly of womanhood and femininity as Anthy does. She’s had to suffer through the absolute worst that comes with it for god knows how long. So Akio severely harms the trust Anthy has managed to build up for Utena by showing her that Utena is not the prince she’s reminded of whenever she looks at her. She’s just another princess, another girl, and she can’t save her.

And last, but not least… or actually, it probably is the smallest reason, but a reason nonetheless: it’s an act of dominance towards Touga. Akio is well aware that Touga has interest in Utena, so not only does he send him to deliver the gift in his name, he even lets Touga choose the gift freely. By doing so, he displays right before Touga’s eyes how differently Utena reacts to an act of affection shown by Akio compared to Touga’s own attempts at wooing her.

So, Akio hits a total of three birds with one stone, or in this case, a pair of earrings.

Carry On Countdown: Coffee Shop AU

hOLY SHIT, IT HAS BEGUN. I almost forgot, I swear. This is my first fic published on Tumblr, so wish me luck, friendos. (@carryon-countdown)

Simon Snow loved owning a coffee shop. He and Penelope were an amazing team; he did most of the baking, and she managed everything to do with money, and it all worked out.

Plus, he was a surprisingly decent bartender. He was naturally friendly, and good with teenage girls.

Simon took pride in knowing a lot about his regular customers. He knew that Sarah was working on a PhD, he knew Mr. Kleinsman appreciated the jazz music they played - he had PTSD, and synthetic beats triggered him. He knew when Deborah’s dog died and she bought an entire pie to cheer herself up. He knew all this because he payed attention.

This was the reason he was getting concerned about one of his regular customers.

Simon didn’t know much about this guy. All he knew was that his name was Baz, and that he was very good looking, very posh, and very much an asshole. And that he came in nearly everyday to buy baked goods.

Baz was fit. (Simon noticed this more than he should have, probably.) But he would soon need a helicopter to get around, the way he was going.

“I swear to God,” he said to Penelope one day. “He’s going to get diabetes.”

“So what? It’s good for business. Leave him alone, Simon.”

Simon did not leave him alone.

When Baz came in for the 30th time to buy his assorted baked goods, Simon put his foot down. Instead of just going into the kitchen to get them like he usually did, he slowly packed them into a bag with a skeptical look.

“So like, I know it’s a compliment that you keep buying all this stuff, but maybe you should put that money towards a dietary coach,” he blurted out.

Baz raised a (perfectly sculpted) eyebrow. “I’m fairly certain you’re supposed to encourage people to buy your food.”

“It’s also my job to encourage people not to drop dead from sugar overdose,” said Simon.

The other boy turned red. “Fine then, I won’t buy this stuff anymore. It wasn’t that great, anyway.”

“Then why would you-”

But he was already out the door.

Penelope called him to the back of the store a day later. “Simon, I think you should see this.”

Simon rolled his eyes. “Unless there is a body in that dumpster, I’m going to be very angry that this couldn’t wait.”

He peered over the edge of it, and his first thought was, What the actual fuck? Because the dumpster was full of pastries. Not just pastries, but his pastries.

“I guess we finally found out what that guy does with all the food he buys,” said Penelope.

“I’ll say,” he replied.

Two days later, Baz returned. Simon was worried that he wouldn’t. He had probably offended him with his comments about his food choices. And even if he was a prick, Simon somehow wanted to see him again.

Of course, he eventually came back. They were the only good cafe in town besides Starbucks; and Baz seemed like the kind of guy who would rather die than be caught in a Starbucks.

He didn’t buy anything besides coffee, though. (Black coffee. Yuck.) (But Simon saw him sneaking 3 packs of sugar from the counter. This boy. Ridiculous.)

“We found something interesting in the dumpster a few days ago,” Simon aid casually. Baz looked up quickly, then reverted his attention to the counter.

“Fascinating. Tell me more.”

“I’m getting a sarcastic aura from you right now.”

“Sherlock, is that you?”

Simon rolled his eyes. “You’re the only person who buys enough to fill a dumpster. The only question is why?”

“Maybe your food just isn’t good.”

“Then why keep buying it?”

It seemed as if he had stumped him, at last. Baz wasn’t looking at Simon. He was looking at the counter, the tables, the window. Anywhere but him.

And blushing fiercely. He doesn’t know how something as innocent as a blush can be fierce.

“I… wanted to come back. That’s all.” Said Baz. “Can I have my coffee now?”

Simon hook his head in bewilderment and handed him his coffee. When Baz moved to pay for it, he waved him away. “It’s on me. Black coffee is too disgusting to pay for, anyway.”

Why did you want to come back? he wanted to ask. But when he looked at the black coffee in Baz’s hand, the packs of sugar he was trying to conceal in his other hand, and the redness of his cheeks, Simon thought he might know.

I guess it’s time for shit to get shittier in life for me. The stress has already begun so what else is gonna happen!! Let the fucked up things and depression start!

3am with you: Dan Howell (Part 2)

read part 1 here :)

Warnings: language, drinking, feels

“Ok, let’s just think this though,” Dan said, running a hand through his hair. 

“What is there to think about? We are in some random person’s flat!” I spoke back in some odd mixture of yelling and whispering. 

Dan squeezed his eyes shut and put his head in his hands. “Okay, let’s start with when we left the party, what can you remember?”


“By the way, I’m (Y/N)" 

With that, we set off down the street. I already had a few drinks in me, so I was getting a bit giddy.

"So (Y/N), tell me about yourself,” he said you as we strolled down the empty streets.

“Well, I know sign language,” I say (well, kind of, I still always forget the difference between thank you and fuck you, but same thing..)

“Really?” he said, somewhat surprised.

“You can say it comes in…handy… sometimes.” I poked at his side and laughed. He threw his head back and laughed as well, maybe a little too much, but seeing his face light up and the little dimple pop on his cheek made we laugh just as loud.

We walked along the road until we neared an old bar, illuminated by a blinking light that said ‘KARAOKE' 

Only about thirty minuets after that, we had finally had enough drinks in us where public humiliation is irrelevant. Dan and I clambered onto the stage. As the bar filled with more drunkards and lonely souls, we sang on, half drunk on vodka and half drunk on the moment. 

We stumbled around the stage, microphones in one hand, glasses in the other. Occasionally, Dan would sling his arm around my shoulder and look into my eyes with his drunk ones, while singing some cheesy old 90’s love song that everyone has heard too many times.

“You know,” Dan said as we stumbled out of the bar,“your not too bad of a singer.”

“Well thank you, your not too bad yourself,” I giggled. 

He went on to tell me stories about when he was growing up, and how he used to sing in plays. We were talking way too loud, as we were now walking in quiet and wealthy neighborhood, but at this point I was too drunk to care.

“Hey look!” I said, pointing down an ally between two town houses. There, behind the house, was a backyard oasis. Fairy lights dimly illuminated a small pool, which I could only assume was heated, as steam rose from its surface into the chilly night air. “Come on!”

We snuck between the two houses and Dan helped me over their fence (cheekily squeezing by bum in the process). Once over, I took both of Dan’s hands and, walking backward, I lead him towards the pool with a small smirk. Then, I slowly lifted my shirt over my head, stepped out of my jeans, and lowered myself into the pool. I beckoned him in as well. He slipped in, in just his boxers, and swam over to me. He, being much taller than I, was still able to stand; I quietly floated.

“You know, this is very much illegal,” he whispered. He was very close to me now, and I was too tired and drunk to swim any longer, so I threw my arms around his neck and by legs around his waist. For  a while there, we studied each others faces. I thought it was cute the way his hair curled at the ends now that it’s wet. His deep brown eyes–memorizing. I felt him leaning in towards me, and I closed my eyes. 

“Hey!” we heard someone yell behind us. An old man in a robe and holding a flashlight came running out of his house. “Shit, run!” Dan yelled. 

We clambered out of the pool, quickly grabbed our things, and hopped the fence. We laughed as we heard behind us, “I’m calling the cops!”

Now, running down the street in the dead of night, half drunk, and half naked may have looked strange to anyone else, but I was having the time of my life. We stopped behind a tree to put out clothes back on.

“I can’t believe we just did that!” Dan said to me. 

“I know! Did you see his face? Priceless!” I laughed back at him.

“Should we get a cab or something?” he questioned as we found our way back onto a main road.

I gave him a small smirk, “No way, it’s only two, the night has just begun.”


“Holy shit, we could have gotten arrested.” Dan pinched the bridge of his nose. 

“It’s still kind of funny. I can’t believe I sang karaoke.” I joked.

“Be quiet, if you haven’t noticed, we are in some else’s house!”

Just then, we hear noise coming from a door on the other side of the room. Dan and I lock eyes, and I give him a small nod. He walks over to the door, and slowly opens it, me peering over his shoulder. Inside, there was a small bathroom and there, on the counter, was a baby.

“Is that a fucking baby?” I ask in disbelief.

“Yup…” Dan said, his voice shaky.

“Dan, why do we have a baby?” I ask him, shocked.

“I have no fucking clue.”

AN: Hello Hello Hello. So obviously I am going to continue because I realized Dan could get into so much shit in one night and it would not fit in two parts. Stay tuned guys, there’s more where this came from!! Please comment or send me a message about what you thought!

Part 3

Part 3!

Part 1 - Part 2

Episode 7

The rains begin

This actor (Joseph John Coleman) who plays Taggart, is definitely one of Skikru who becomes the victim of torrential rains. He could easily die. On imdb is said to appear in episodes 4 and 7. And it’s likely to be in 7 because the torrential rains, aka no more air, aka things get very complicated, will appear in mid-season.

The air is no longer breathable and is farther in the season. Bellamy wants to sacrifice himself? He seems very tired. It must be after all of those people who have died from the rain. Maybe some of them was someone he knew. By the walk, it seems that the one behind him is Kane. Some other tense conversation between the two, which leads Bellamy to go away in anguish?

Episode 8

This one should be Baylis, a grounder, played by Bradley Stryker, who appears on imdb in 7-8. In front of him there are Clarke, Abby and someone else.

Luna, her sister (?), Nyko?

Episode 9

Octavia goes to battle but her people don’t support her.

Battle of the Warriors for the role of Heda/King/Queen of all the land. Flameless, the various leaders could compete for power.

This guy is Paul Lazenby that will appear in 4x04 and 4x09 as a Warrior. But there is an error on imdb that says that he is a Rockline warrior while actually he’s wearing the medal of Trikru. The guy behind him wears the rockline medal, though.

It’s clear that all the other warriors were killed. Octavia, after becoming the main murderer and feared the worst by skikru, will be so arrogant as to want to compete for the queen title. She has the symbol of skikru. However, she soon realizes that she can compete against the others and then runs away, hiding. Most likely she will escape, taking refuge in Nyilah’s place.

Episode 10

Roan is the king of all the Grounders. Isn’t that the lotr crown? He leans on a cane, so it’s clear that he was the successful winner in the duel but with some injury.

After the coronation, Roan send people to kill Octavia which will be helped by Nyilah and will go to Arkadia incognito. Clarke will help her and Octavia will tell her that the war has begun. aka how journalists say things get shit in 9-10


The Grand Budapest Hotel {Sentence Starters}
  • "What have you done to your fingernails?"
  • "The most dreadful and unattractive person only needs to be loved."
  • "She's very fond of me, you know."
  • "Nobody move; everybody's under arrest."
  • "I never meant to betray you."
  • "They threatened my life and now they've murdered my only family."
  • "People fear they won't get what they want."
  • "I think his world had vanished long before he ever entered it."
  • "I'd rather not bear witness to such blasphemy."
  • "If I die first, and I almost certainly will, you will be my sole heir."
  • "Give me your hand. You've nothing to fear."
  • "Actually I think we might be going in there right now after all!"
  • "He beginning of the end of the end of the beginning has begun."
  • "I beat the living shit out of a sniveling little runt."
  • "She's been murdered, and you think I did it."
  • "Rudeness is merely an expression of fear."
  • "I've never seen her like that before."
  • "You're looking so well, darling, you really are."
  • "I must say, I find that girl utterly delightful."
  • "Well, I've never been accused of that before."
  • "You've got to prove yourself from day one."
  • "What's it all about, damn it?"
  • "You can't blame someone for their basic lack of moral fiber."
  • "You've got to win their respect."
  • "Did he just throw my cat out of the window?"
  • "This has been a complete fucking nightmare!"

kiryava  asked:

As a longterm silent and secret admirer of your HTTYD interpretation, I'd now like to ask your opinion myself (hoping that this question hasn't been answered by you before). My friend and I had a little discussion about the scene in HTTYD2 where Hiccups sends Toothless away after he has killed Stoick. She thought it was out of character for Hiccup, I thought he was perfectly in character. What are your thoughts?

OoooOOOooh hello!  First - great of you to drop by! (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) *kiss*

Second - I thought he was certainly in character!   As always, I bring attention to the fact that they put a lot of shit in that movie, and by this part the pace has already begun to really speed up.  They’re clever and picky in how to relay the emotions characters are going through, and this is one such example.

Here, they chose to highlight Hiccup’s his despair over his father. 

In the first seconds after having his father killed, Hiccup is a mess.  There’s disbelief and shock.  The rage and unfairness of how it happened hasn’t even begun to settle on his mind, but it’s certainly clouded over his heart.  His complete lack of control over the situation… his desperation… the inescapable truth that the man who loved and raised him is dead in his arms (and after they had so much miscommunication in the past day! So much left unresolved)—there isn’t a coherent thought in this boy’s body.

Hiccup’s lashing out at Toothless was also directed at himself.  Hiccup blames himself—he didn’t listen to his father, he couldn’t get through Toothless, the one thing he should have been good at he failed in.  This isn’t something he’s consciously aware of—he’s acting on reflexes and that’s what makes it not only IC, but natural.

Hiccup can’t stand to look at Toothless.  He’s both furious at Toothless/himself and grieving for his dragon. He needs Toothless to get away from Stoick for all their sakes. He needs to process what just happened but he can’t.  He can’t do anything but mourn (I mean, the man who ordered his death is feet away and Hiccup doesn’t give it a second thought. Nothing else matters right then).

Not to mention, and quite contemptuously, a seed of fear is now planted in Hiccup’s gut—Fear of Toothless like he hasn’t experienced since they first met.  Fear that he may never be able to trust or love Toothless the same.

These are all instinctive emotions Hiccup’s working with.  As soon as Toothless is in danger and another piece of Hiccup’s heart is being threatened, reason quickly begins to return.  Hiccup’s on his feet and running after his best friend.

Valka says it herself:

It’s not his fault. You know that.

Of course Hiccup knows it’s not Toothless’s fault, but in the first moment after his father is murdered before his eyes, by the fire of his best friend thanks to his own failings, Hiccup isn’t in any mind to acknowledge the facts. He needs to indulge in his grief.  He needs to separate Toothless and Stoick, because he honestly can’t deal with any of it.  He needs an outlet.

Honestly? I would have been very, very concerned if Hiccup hadn’t lashed out.

Those are my thoughts.