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Side Note To Fan Fic Authors

Here’s the thing.

I read a lot of scripts.  A lot.  From professionals to aspiring writers to complete newbies.  Features and pilots.  Specs and treatments.

And 8 times out of 10 the fan fic that I’ve read over the last, oh, 15 years is leagues better than this stuff.  It’s more inspired.  It’s more compelling.  It’s genre bending and creative and heartfelt.  It’s well-paced and intense and funny and sexy and meaningful.  It’s smart and thoughtful and good.  It’s novel-quality.  Better than, sometimes.

Rare is the script I don’t want to put down, but how often have we stayed up until 3am to get to the last chapter of a 100k fic? And it’s not even a fan fic author’s day job.  This is what they do on the side.  In their spare time.  For free.

So my point is, fan fic authors, you’re good.  You’re good writers and great storytellers.  I know it doesn’t always feel like it, especially if you’re one of the authors who’s not a BNF and doesn’t get the notes/hits that a few do.  And  because some people still view fic as “not real writing.” You guys know the shit that gets made into movies.  You’re better than that.  So be better than that.  If writing is what you think want to do, then just know you’re already doing it.   You’ve already started.

And you’re more talented than you might think.

so uh here’s my hot take. iceman is such a refreshing series in part because it’s written by a gay man who gets it. like before i hated all these straight guy writers seeping homophobia into bobby’s narrative whether they meant to or not and i know it’s because at the end of the day, they don’t get it. but sina grace is honestly writing a compelling and believable story. he’s developing bobby’s character –someone who historically rarely gets the spotlight and he’s doing a great job. Iceman is one of the most real and wholesome comics out there. To have a gay lead in 2017? thats extraordinary. to have a gay lead who is HAPPY and not used as tragedy porn? that’s incredible. To have lgbt writers infusing their own story into characters to make them believable and well rounded adn tell their story while sticking true to the character? incredible. as a Bobby fan iceman has gone far beyond being a good bobby book. It’s a phenominal comic book as a whole.

iceman being gay was never the problem. Homophobic writing and putting straight people in charge was the problem. Iceman (2017) rectifies this and it’s truly an amazing story with an incredible writer and i’m so glad lgbt kids have this book. i’m so glad gay kids can look up to bobby. i’m so glad sina grace is writing this story and i hope future xmen writers take note.

Who’s Who in the “Black Panther” teaser trailer

Unfortunately I can’t make gifs so I will just reblog all of those. If you’re wondering who all these people in the Black Panther trailer are (it goes by very quickly!). I have some canon for you:


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Mark my words guys when shit gets real a lot of your white liberal ‘allies’ and non-black POC friends WILL stand against black people. Mark my words.

Liberty Pt.7

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Peggy x Steve, Wanda x Sam

AU: Pirates of the Caribbean Universe

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Sam Wilson, Peter Parker, Baron Zemo, Brock Rumlow, Alexander Pierce, surprise character!

Warnings for this fic: Angst, smut, running away, profanity, violence, self defense practicing, injury, alcohol.

Warnings for this chapter: Hungover!Reader, kisses and tickling (fluff), violence (slight gore) sexual harassment, implied necrophilia (shit gets real guys im sorry) death, family issues, guns, daggers, threats.

Word Count: 3217

A/N: enjoy, put a lot of thought into this chapter, my head is spinning! I’m also taking the heading out of new chapters now to keep it tidier.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6


“Y/N… Did your father ever tell you where that lullaby is from?” Bucky asked, he could feel the unwanted tears pool in his eyes.

“Mmm, he ne’er told me, why’d y’ask Buck?” You mumbled in your relaxed state.

“Doll… That’s a lullaby only pirates know.”


You were fast asleep before you could hear the words, the hangover hitting you prematurely. Bucky shifted you off of his lap to lay on your side on the king size bed. He admired your sleeping form; hair mussed and fanned against the pillow behind you, lips parted ever so slightly, a light snore coming from your mouth. He chuckled before draping the covers over you and kissing your temple.

As Bucky shifted out of the bedchamber, he made his way to the main deck to Steve, Peggy, Sam and Wanda. Both couples were dancing merrily as Bucky approached them. Judging by his scrunched features, they knew something was amiss.

Psst, guys, I need to to tell you something, like, right now.

They all gathered to the galley, ushering the two men that were situated in there outside.

What’s happened? Is everything alright, James?” Peggy pushed, worried for the man in front of her.

I-I’ve just put Y/N to bed and, er,” Bucky stuttered, not knowing how to wrap his head around the subject, “she requested if she could sing me a lullaby, albeit it was actually her going to sleep, and… the one she sang, it… it was a pirate’s lullaby, thought some of the words were missing I recognized them perfectly. Her father is a governor, she told me herself- she told me her father used to sing it to her when she was a babe, her mother had died during childbirth.”  

It took a while for the group to adjust to Bucky’s confession, the thought of you knowing such a rare poem, known only to pirates, shook them.

Steve cleared his throat, “Surely there must be some coincidence? Maybe… Maybe her father heard it from someone whom he was traveling the seas with?” He pondered, and Peggy wrapped her hands around his arm, squeezing him with a smile.

Steve, always the man who had faith in the most unlikely people, even if he didn’t know them.

N-No, I wouldn’t think so. We all know Pirates sing those lullabies to their own kin, they don’t sing them when they’re wandering or in enemy territory, or anywhere off their ships, for that matter. There must be some sort of connection?” Bucky was pacing now, making conspiracies throughout his head and Wanda cleared her throat.

Oh, merciful God… Bucky, you do know who’s been missing for nineteen years, right? He hasn’t been seen by a living soul, he was only known by his pirate name. The Trading Company never caught him because they could never locate him, therefore they never knew what he looked like. My…My father told me-

Oh, don’t say his name. I beg of you.” Bucky cried, everyone’s eyes were on him. The realization and fear was written on all of their faces.

We have to think of a plan, Bucky,” Sam mumbled.

Bucky kicked a lone stool before rubbing his face. “You’re correct, Sam. We need to make a plan tonight, Steve, Peggy,” Bucky looked up at the tall blonde and short brunette, earning two small nods, “what are your thoughts on accompanying us to Singapore?


The Governor stood by the large grandfather clock, the time was 8:46 pm and he was holding his daughter’s pale blue dress in his withering hands. He made his way to the main deck of his ship, where Peter awaited.

Sir, I swear. I haven’t seen her or two weeks. She didn’t say a word to me - like she would have - she would have left a note or a letter or a secret sort of hint. I’ve only just found her dress underneath my bed, a pair of pants and a blouse of mine have gone missing too. She only mentioned once - and this was months ago - that she wanted to go away and never come back. I’m sorry, Sir.” Peter stuttered, his fingers tapping against one another as the crease between his brows deepened. The young man was upset, worried, all the negative emotions rushing towards him full throttle like a tidal wave. He felt heartbroken because you were his best friend- his only friend apart from the mule that shifted the grinds and gears in the blacksmiths.

It’s okay, Peter, you didn’t know,” The man reassured him, patting him on the back. “Why don’t you eat something, boy? I’m sure you’re famished after all the interrogation, help yourself to some fruit and water.

Peter muttered thanks as he plucked an apple from the fruit crate.

I’d like you to accompany me, Peter, I want you to help me find my daughter.

It’d be an honour, Sir.

Let’s hoist the sails then, Mr. Parker.


The sun had risen, the blinding rays blinding your awakening form. You looked at the small clock hung against the wall of the bedchamber and gasped; it was half nine in the morning, you were normally awake by eight.

You looked beside you to find Bucky’s side of the bed empty, the memories of last night’s rendezvous flowing through your head, the dancing the alcohol, the shooting the throwing up, all of it. But there was something missing, you felt, something important.

As you scrambled to get up, a throbbing pain occurred between your eyes.


So this is what it feels like? The effects of the rum from the party had definitely turned your brain into a whirlwind of blood, sending you straight to your knees with a small cry.

You suddenly heard footsteps coming towards the bedchamber, you looked up to see Bucky coming to crouch by your side.

Oh, sweet Jesus, Y/N, are you alright?” Bucky asked, his warm hands coming to lift you up and plop you down on the bed gently.

I-I don’t know, Buck. I just need some water…” You looked up at him. His eyes were surrounded by purple again, a dark shadow. Judging by his clothes, he hadn’t even come to bed last night.

I know that look, doll, what’s wrong?” The tall brunette kneeled in front of you, his hands gently rubbing at your bare thighs.

You didn’t sleep last night, why, Bucky? You know it makes you feel unwell.


Come on, my love, spit it out. Tell me how you’re feeling and what’s on your mind.” You urged, your eyes still squinting because of the harsh rays of sunlight pouring through the small windows. You brought your small hands to run through his dark hair, lightly scratching at his scalp.

You’re going to have to take this in… carefully. Well, last night, you were absolutely smashed, no doubt about it,” You groaned at the words, scared that you did anything embarrassing. “you… You were resting your head on my lap as you were drifting off. You asked if you could sing me a lullaby,” You turned beet-red in embarrassment. “What you sang…fuck…” He rested his forehead on your stomach and breathed deeply.

Oh, someday this chair may be a boat for another pair and you and your baby will sail the sea.” He mumbled the words, the octaves of his voice slightly deeper.

Within this same rocking chair, and as we rock and hum and sing so you will go sailing too,” You continued.

And pirate dreams, with sweep and with swing, will take baby and boat and you.” Bucky looked up at you then, meeting your bright eyes. You felt the tears prick at the corners; your father had always sung that to you when you were small, and at times when you couldn’t sleep as a young adult and the realisation hit you. “Y/N… it’s a pirate’s lullaby.

I-I gathered that from the…the…” Your chest started heaving as the panic hit you. Was your father a pirate? Was he a wanted man? Was his name even his actual name?

Darling, shh, shh, it’s going to be okay. Now, I need you to listen to me, please, Y/N?” Bucky gently grabbed your face in his calloused hands, using his thumbs to wipe away the salty tears smearing your cheeks. “We’ll figure this out, but I’m going to have to ask you some questions- that’s if you don’t mind?” You shook your head.

Bucky crawled onto the bed and ushered you to sit on his lap, facing him. His hands pulled at your waist, egging you into coming closer to him, you obliged and shuffled up, your smooth thighs rubbing against the cord-like fabric of his trousers. You felt one of Bucky’s large hands rub up and down soothingly on your back and you relaxed in his touch.

Now, my love, I’ll probably only have to ask you about three questions.” You hummed in response, tears still slipping from your eyes. “Could you tell me what your father looks like?

You described him as a man with slightly tan skin, wrinkles upon his face, and when he didn’t wear the grey Governor’s wig, he donned a head full of jet black hair which was usually ties back. He sported a dark grey to almost black beard, always trimmed neatly. As you finished your description, Bucky inhaled shakily.

Did he ever mention to you about a ship called ‘The Queen Anne’s Revenge?’”

No, I don’t think he did.” You whispered, playing with the ruffled edge of the collar of his blouse.

There was once a pirate named Blackbeard. 19 years ago…He disappeared off the face of the earth, no one knew where he went, where he is at this very moment.” You furrowed your brow, trying to string things together in your mind. “Rumours spread amongst pirates that the notorious captain had found love in a woman of good fortune, she was a Lady, born not to royalty but to wealth. He wasn’t attracted to her money, but to her soul.” Bucky took a deep breath and continued his explanation. “His ship was the Queen Anne’s Revenge and when he disappeared, she disappeared with him, maybe she lies at the bottom of the ocean, who knows. But I must ask you this, Y/N. What is your father’s name?

Edward. Edward Teach.” You replied.


Bucky felt as if his whole world had jolted to a stop, he felt the colour drain from his face as he heard the name fall from your lips.

Blackbeard, also known as Edward Teach (amongst pirates) was the thing all men feared aside the gallows. Bucky had never met the man, but his father used to tell him stories about the wickedness; how he could use his sword to steer his ship and maim mutineers with a flick of his fingers.

If it wasn’t coincidental, and Blackbeard was your father, everyone surrounding you would be in mortal danger. He wasn’t going to let that happen.

Bucky gently squeezed your hip, “Your father is Blackbeard.

“Is that… a bad thing?

Many people have fallen to his blade, he had no mercy, killed innocent men and women. Some say he was full of dark magic- that his sword was cursed. He attempted to take command of the sea, but failed, that’s when he went missing. Most pirates assumed he had been taken to Davy Jones’ Locker- but they were obviously wrong.” You took a sharp inhale of breath, pulling back to look Bucky dead in the eyes.

He’ll come for us, he’ll find us. My father didn’t really pay much attention to me after I turned 18- he arranged for me to be married to Commodore Zemo but-

Zemo?” Bucky choked, his turquoise eyes wide with shock and his mouth agape.

Yes, Baron Zemo… A weird man, really, do you know him, Bucky?” You questioned, hands still resting lightly on his neck.

Not personally, but we’ve had a few spats during my years sailing the sea. He tried to send me to the gallows once, I’m surprised you never heard.” You winced at the thought of Bucky being hanged. He looked at you then, a hand creeping its way to your face, a soft thumb rubbing your jaw.

He pulled you a bit closer as he placed a soft kiss to your nose. You blushed and giggled as he began to pepper kisses all over your face, the tickling feeling making you forget about the life threatening circumstances for just a few fleeting moments.

I must admit, waking up how I did wasn’t the best way to wake up, neither was the whole ‘your father is blackbeard!’ but, right now, with you? I can get through my day.” You murmured, pressing a tender kiss to Bucky’s lips. Your Bucky.

I’m sorry you had to wake up like that. Y’know, if I could rewind to the day you boarded my ship I wouldn’t have grabbed you by the neck and scared the shit out of you- if I heard what had been going on I would have been way easier on you than I was at the beginning.” Bucky admitted.

My sweet, I wouldn’t have it any different. I’m here now, I’m happier than I was back at Port Royal, I wouldn’t trade it for the most rarest gold on this earth.

Are you sweet talking me, princess?” You chuckled and then your smile faltered.

Er, have Peggy and Steve left?

No, actually, with all the whole… y’know, they’re accompanying us to Singapore.” He grinned as he saw your face light up. You done a double fist to the air and yelped when Bucky’s slender fingers tickled your soft sides, you were a laughing, fidgeting mess and he looked at you with the amount of admiration a smitten husband gives his wife.

You are truly beautiful, Y/N, are you sure you’re not a mermaid?” Bucky chuckled.

I’m not as beautiful as a mermaid, Bucky.

True, you’re way more beautiful.” Bucky began to tickle you again, making you fall backwards onto the large with a thump. Bucky laid by your side and held your hand in his whilst you both stared up at the ceiling.

So… what’s the master plan for today?” You mumbled.

Well, Peggy and Sam are going to teach you how to shoot properly until you can get the hang of it yourself. Steve, Wanda and I are going to inform the crews what is going to happen, or what could happen, hopefully there won’t be any backlash or mass suicide as soon as they hear the word ‘Blackbeard’


The fuck do you mean Y/N’s father is Blackbeard?!” You heard Brock scream. You were on the quarterdeck of the ship with Peggy and Sam, firing a few rounds for practice. You turned back to Sam and he looked at you with a face and he mumbled ‘ignore him, he’s an arrogant piece of shit

Men! Listen to me!” Bucky yelled, clearly irritated at the hustling and bustling of worried and angered voices. “This has all happened so suddenly. Y/N didn’t know until I had to confirm it for her. She is just as shaken as we are!

The rest of what he said was white noise as you tried to focus on shooting. The small blasts in front of you the only thing you could really hear.


Later that night, you had a small moment of despair and anxiety. Your father was Blackbeard. Your father was a murderer, a fugitive.

As you leaned against the railing of Bucky’s ship, you looked up at the stars. As a little girl, your father told you that your mother was up there somewhere, always looking down on you. But now you didn’t know what to believe, first your father not informing you about who and what he was, what if your mother was still alive?

You felt a stray tear slip down your cheek, you hastily wiped it away as you heard heavy footsteps approach you.

No need for tears.” The voice was gruff, and you instantly recognized it from earlier; Brock Rumlow.

B-Brock, er, what are you doing out here? I thought you’d be sleeping…

No time to sleep when Blackbeard has resurfaced.” He snapped, and you suddenly saw him flinch. You felt a cold blade being held against your neck as he pressed his front onto your back, squishing you between his tall body and the hard wood of the ship.

W-What are you-” You stopped speaking as the blade was pressed harder against your neck.

Now you listen to me, princess. I don’t care if you’re the Captain’s little slut, I will slice your fucking throat open, let you drain and then dump your body in the ocean for your dear father to find, after me and my friend Alexander have had a little bit of fun with you,” You could feel the pulsing behind your eyes and the burning in your throat as you struggled to keep the pained cries from slipping out. The words coming from his mouth were vile like nothing you heard before, you were disgusted and felt the familiar sensation of vomit rise in your throat. “I’m not risking Blackbeard’s blade again,Again? So this is a grudge. “and I know for a fact he will find all of us, probably massacre us all just to get his precious little daughter back.

By then you were shaking like a leaf, you weren’t going to get out of this.

Give me one good reason I shouldn’t shoot your fuckin’ nasty piece of shit head off your neck right now.” Sam’s thick accent growled. Thank goodness, you were saved. You were stupid enough to come out here unarmed.

As Brock turned his head, holding you still underneath his bulging arm, he heard a whirring surrounding his ears and red wisps of light swirled around his head and neck.

You move that blade one inch and I will crush the bones in your neck to dust, then I will gladly watch you suffer.” Wanda. It was two against one, but you were still at a disadvantage; unarmed with the sharp metal still held against the soft skin of your neck, right on top of the hard cartilage. Your life was in this bastard’s hands, literally.

Before you could think, a loud bang came from behind you, the sound of curdling blood strong in your ears and you felt the sticky texture of it and human tissue splatter against your skin. You felt the burly man’s body fall limp, the blade falling from his then clenched fist.

You whipped around on your heel to see Bucky holding a rifle, the face he held was murderous and his eyes looked almost black in the dim light, it was almost as if he didn’t look like himself.

Sam, fetch me Pierce, please.” Bucky’s voice was deeper than usual, yes, his voice would drop a few octaves when he was angry, but this was a whole other level.

Your world had stopped. Your hair and skin was stained with the blood of a man you had never provoked, you were a statue, stuck, unwilling to move, the stench of iron in your lungs.

And then everything was black.


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13 Going on 30 (Part 4)

Summary: When your 13th birthday party goes awry, and you make a life changing wish - you wake up to discover you’ve flash forwarded 17 years ahead.

A/N: Shit gets real in this part. Lemme know what you guys thought about for this one! also yes ma’am let’s admire the beauty of this gif

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

@spidweeb you’re an absolute saint, and thank you again for all the help. 

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An angry PSA about DC’s Earth 2





So why should you read Earth 2?


Alright, so the first thing we learn is that in this alternate universe, this evil dude named Darkseid (Might have heard of him. You know, the biggest evil asshole in the DC universe) invades the goddamn Earth with space demons and shit and like half of everyone died.

“But wait!” says you, the convenient representation of the readers, “This is a comic book! Where’s the superheroes?” WOO BOY HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS

Technically,they’re called Wonders in this place. Why? Cause motherfucking Wonder Woman showed up first and she gets to pick the names, dammit. So what does the classic dream team of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman go and fuck shit up, but these demon assholes keep coming back like the world’s worst fucking boomerang. So what do our fair heroes do? 


Yeah, that’s right, the Super-Trinity blows the fuck up saving the earth and kicking ass, because that’s how you go out.

So this leaves the space demons stranded, the Wonders of the World dead, and their sidekicks- Supergirl/Power Girl, aka Kara Zor-El, and Robin/Huntress aka HELENA FUCKING WAYNE get sent to the main earth and work their way back to kick ass.

So years later when shit starts to get real again, who comes back? The motherfucking Wonders, bitches.

So, these guys are based on the superheroes from the 40s except cooler, right? These motherfuckers are OGs. So who do we have?


So Jay Garrick is a recent college student who hasn’t got shit to do. Sounds like a lot of us, right? But then he gets fucking super speed from none other than MERCURY, THE ROMAN GOD. Because what the hell is cooler than literal godspeed?

“But Tyler!” you say once more, “didn’t you say there was diversity? This is basically the same as most superheroes!”



So you remember that one movie a few years ago with Hal Jordan that did shit at the box office? Or the Justice League cartoon with John Stewart who was badass? Yeah, those two are cool, but this is ALAN MOTHERFUCKING SCOTT.

So, Scott’s a lot like ‘ole Bruce Wayne. He’s rich and owns a TV station and shit, lives the good life. He’s also fucking adorable with his boyfriend:


So yeah, we’ve got your stereotypical white guy and  gay guy, pretty cool. But just you fuckin’ wait, it gets cooler the farther you go.


YEP, THAT’ RIGHT. Kendra motherfucking Munoz-Saunders is the Latina Hawkgirl with honest-to-god wings and guns akimbo, bitches. She’s also cool as a fuckin’ cucumber and takes absolutely no shit. Two avatars of nature duking it out? Like she gives a fuck.

That’s not even the half of it. Next we have a personal favorite, KHALID BEN-HASSIN, DOCTOR FATE.

LOOK AT THIS ADORABLE DORK. Khalid Ben-Hassin is an Arabic archaeologist who together with Kendra found the HELM OF KICKASS, OR NABU IF YOU WANT TO BE SERIOUS. Khalid puts that baby on and gets magic powers out the ass, man. Reality? FUCK THAT NOISE

Not only is Khalid an awesome representation of an Arabic superhero who doubles as my smol son, he’s technically mentally ill: after using the Helm, he has short bouts of insanity, trying to process the SHEER AMAZING OF FATE


These two get sent over to regular earth when they and their families fuckin’ wreck Darkseid and his demon shits. So what do they do? They motherfucking get right back, because they’ve got shit to do. Kara isn’t the only supergod around either, because we’ve got…



Val was also besties with Kara on Krypton, and they KICK ASS TOGETHER.



Dana Whitcomb , on the other hand, I feel no ambivalence about.  I loathe her and want her to suffer a slow and painful death.  Off-screen so I don’t have to see her face and feel the corresponding rise in my blood pressure.

In all seriousness, I think this scene is when I realized just how dark this show was willing to get.  What they’re doing to Ashley, the way they talk about her is just horrific.  She really is nothing more than a lab rat to them.  Dosages and medication regimens, phase two and ready for trials…Dana said this was a war between humans and abnormals, and these two are the worst kinds of war criminals.

I feel like this is one of her few moments of clarity.  When she looks at this young woman she’s experimenting on and realizes she’s destroying her.  So she convinces herself that she’s making Ashley into something “better than she is now” to justify it.

Seriously, creepiest villain.

snake--master  asked:

Why were season 1 and (kinda) season 2 so tightly wound and cohesive, with season 3 and onward feeling like complete messes? It actually felt like the show was well-thought out and going somewhere at one point.

i was thinking about it too. like after the cluster and malachite arc, it was like “well what now?”

i love hit the diamond (still one of my favorite episodes from the show) but i feel so damn frustrated that when the rubies showed up, they were only here for jasper. Not to capture and interrogate peridot.

It seems like later on the writers ended up developing an ego for themselves, assuming they can just throw in whatever shit they want and people would suck it up, and for a while they did. hell i wont deny it and act like i was never in love with season 3 when i first saw it.

nothing was built up anymore. Remember how the show kept hinting at the diamonds, at garnet being a fusion, pearl being a slave, amethyst being overcooked, the fact that there’s remnants of a long forgotten gem war. Fucking BISMUTH being implied all the way back in season 1.

Now we have shit pop up out of no where and the writers still expect the audience to be impressed by it. Rose being framed COULD have been clever if it was properly set up, but blue zircon’s argument made absolute jackshit because we, the audience, were not given any hints or clues for how this could be. This show keeps making baity trailers like “oh snap guys! shits gonna get real now!” but everything’s reserved to one bomb or special, and the aftermath is rarely felt. 

our second to last bomb raised so many questions but all it did was make steven go “aw my mom made the genocidal slave owner cry :/”. REBECCA! YOU CANT JUST DO THAT AND EXPECT US TO BE INVESTED.

it’s a show of a downgrade in writing (i mean zuke was being super self indulgent and it took almost 2 seasons for her to finally stop???) and the writers just losing touch. they cant keep having emotional and melodramatic episodes and skimp out on the action, worldbuilding and ACTUAL tension this show used to have

hey big guy, sun’s getting real low

ok so obviously i love thor ragnarok, but i think the best thing it did for me was have thor say this to the hulk. because that implies this was not specific to natasha, that she was not the only one that could calm down the hulk, beauty and the beast, yadda yadda, i hate that. 

for me, at least, that moment made it seem like a team-wide thing. all of the avengers knew that that was what calmed down the hulk, to a degree. they probably all did it all the time. 

but? no way were they all the same amount of successful. literally never.

of course it worked best when natasha did it. she knows how to handle trauma, anxiety, ptsd, she is fantastic at dealing with people in pain, that was her whole life in one way or another. her people skills are off the charts. it worked almost every time. 

steve? great with people. cap couldn’t not make an emotional connection if he tried. worked almost every time, but he was usually in the middle of a fight that he probably didn’t have to get into and was busy. 

tony and bruce were best bros but tony isn’t good with broken people or really any people, but sometimes he could still get through to bruce. he would never admit it was because of an actual emotional connection though. it was because of science. somehow. 

clint kinda just doesn’t want to get that close to the hulk. like, he’ll do it. but at the same time, that’s a big scary roided out green dude and i am a below average height acrobat with a bow? no thank you? also it rarely ever worked when he tried anyway so what is the point nat i don’t have to do this

thor never succeeded. sometimes he just forgot the words, or got impatient and gave up. thor is not a therapist and he cannot just take the hulk out for drinks and weight lifting until he calms down, and also the hulk hates him sooooo

nat usually just does it and lets them all think it was their idea

kawaii-girl-101  asked:

Hmm for one thing, I really love your omegaverse stuff. You were the one that actually got me into it! Also your domestic imagines are amazing.~ Overall, I think you're a fantastic writer that has a nice flow with their words. 💖

He's Not Mine (G.D) PT 6

A/N: Shit gets real here guys! 😱

I scrubbed at my skin till it turned red. Damn it Y/N. Why’d you let him in again? He doesn’t care about you. He just likes the sex..
I mean I couldn’t deny that, the sex was definitely amazing but I wanted more. I always wanted more and I hated that. I still smelt him on me. His amazingly, delicious cologne. I still felt his touch. The way his skilled hands roamed my body like he knew every inch of it. Which, he probably did by now. I still heard his voice. The way it rumbled against my skin sounded heavenly. When he moaned my name right in my ear and told me how good I felt and how much he loved me. Even if it was all lies, it felt good. I sighed and began to finish washing the soap off my body. He obviously wasn’t going to stop bothering me, even if he wasn’t here.

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped my towel snuggly around my body. I walked into my bedroom and picked out a pair of clothes. I wasn’t trying to impress anybody so I just threw on some tights and a tank-top. I heard shouting from outside my window so I peaked my head out, but not so much that I’d be noticed. And there is was Y/BFF/N and Cameron Dallas.
It looked like they were caught in an intense argument.

“Leave me alone!” She yelled, fists balled up as Cameron backed out of her house. “Cam, I’m not pregnant! There’s no baby which means there’s no YOUR BABY! Okay!? You can leave now and do me a favor and never come back!” Y/BFF/N shouted at him. “I cant leave Y/BFF/N!” He shouted back at her. “I-I think I love you!”
“No! I’m dating Grayson and you’re dating Melanie. If anyone found out about us - we’re done. Okay? You DONT love me!” She said as she jabbed a finger into his chest. He scoffed and shook his head before walking off. I brought my head back inside and inhaled a deep breath. “Y/BFF/N is cheating on Gray..with Cameron.” I muttered as I put a hand on my chest in an attempt to calm myself.
What the fuck?

The next day…

“You know what? FUCK YOU Y/N!” Y/BFF/N shouted at me as all eyes on campus directed towards us. “How could you embarrass me like that!? And Grayson! He has younger people looking up to him!” I cried as she turned around to face me. She clenched her fists into balls and her eyes were fuming with anger. “HE DESERVES IT! AND SO DO YOU! I HOPE YOU BOTH ROT IN HELL!” Y/BBF/N shrieked as her hand made contact with my face.
I brought my hand up to my cheek and winced in pain.

“Well..their friendship is long gone..” A girl besides us mumbled to her friend.

Earlier that day…

“Fuck my life.” I groaned as I hit the off button on my alarm repeatedly before it finally shut off. I rolled out of bed and my phone buzzed twice. I picked it up and read my most recent messages.

Grayson: I hope you slept well, beautiful. 😘

I rolled my eyes and held back a blush as I continued scrolling. I did a double take when I saw an image attached to a message from an unknown number. I opened up the message and saw a picture of Grayson and I from yesterday making out together in the bathroom. My shorts were at my ankles while Grayson’s shirt was off.
I gasped and shut my phone off immediately. What the hell?! Someone was watching us..they have pictures of us..
My phone buzzed again and I looked at it hesitantly.

Unknown: This ones for Y/BFF/N.

Under that message was attached a video. Damn it. It was a video of when Grayson set me down onto the sink and began to remove my shirt. I tightly held my phone in my trembling hands and let out a shaky breath. This cannot be seen. Never.

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selfish (part 3)

pairing: jungkook x reader x jinyoung

summary: in the fast-paced world of idols, newly debuted groups must fight to be on top. you are one of these new recruits, seeking success but paying the price when you find yourself entangled with jeon jungkook and park jinyoung.

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a/n: shit is gonna get real real soon guys!!

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this gif actually matches this chapter so well HAHA


Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Groaning, you roll over and furiously hit the home button on your cell phone that lies on the nightstand next to your bed. After a few tries, you finally shut the alarm off and flip over again, burying your face into your pillow.

You’re back at the dorms, but your group members are all off doing their own promotions, or at home relaxing. You throw your legs off of the side of the bed and straighten your clothes up before heading to the bathroom, scratching the back of your head and yawning lazily.

Today you only had half a day of schedules: sitting in on an important meeting and making a short appearance on Weekly Idol. What the meeting was about, no one had told you, but you rarely ever knew beforehand anyways.

Once you had finished getting ready, you quickly stepped out of the door and hailed a taxi to the SM building. Several fans were outside, and you greeted them warmly.

“Y/N! Y/N! Are you dating Jinyoung?” A particularly enthusiastic fan waves wildly at you.

With an airy laugh, you choose to not respond, instead saying, “Stay healthy, and don’t stay out here for too long! Thanks for supporting Splendid.”

You bow swiftly and then turn to enter the building, cold air rushing to greet you behind the glass doors. Your manager, Ms. Jo, runs over to you, ushering you into the meeting room.

“Quickly! We’re running ahead of schedule, so just hurry and get into the boardroom.” She gushes.

You nod and acquiesce to her demands, bowing as soon as you make your way into the room full of higher-ups.

Mr. Song greets you, gesturing to a chair directly across from him at the end of the long table.

“Y/N, please take a seat.”

You follow his command, taking a seat and folding your hands before you.

“Now, I’m sure you are wondering what this meeting is about.” He motions to a man you have never seen before, who stands up.

“Hello, Y/N. My name is Manager Kim. I am the manager for GOT7, and this woman seated next to me is Ms. Ahn, the PR head of JYP Entertainment.” Manager Kim says, looking straight at you.

You smile patiently back.

“JYP Entertainment has reached out to us with a fantastic idea to promote both of our companies as well as both GOT7 and Splendid. I am positive that you have seen and read recent articles that have been circulating about yourself and Park Jinyoung of GOT7.” Mr. Song continues speaking.

Butterflies swarm violently in your gut. This conversation couldn’t be headed in the direction you were imagining it to be, could it?

“Yes, we think that it would be best for you to pursue a relationship with Jinyoung as…an advertisement, of sorts.” Ms. Ahn explains.

You stare in disbelief at them.


You are cut off by Mr. Song speaking again: “We know that this may come as a shock to you, Y/N, and that you may be unwilling to participate at first, but this relationship is purely for show. You don’t actually have to be romantically involved with Jinyoung. Just in public, when we require you to. Who knows, maybe you’ll actually enjoy his company!”

You’re at a total loss of words, and it takes a nudge from Ms. Jo to shake you out of your daze. She whispers into your ear, “Y/N, just say yes. There’s nothing you can do about this.”

You falter for another few seconds, and then plaster the fakest smile you can summon from within you.

“Okay, I’ll do it.”

“Y/N from Splendid? Right this way please.”

At the Weekly Idol set, people were buzzing around from left and right, and you were shown to your dressing room, ready for hair and makeup to make you fit for television.

Once you’re sat in the wooden and canvas chair, you are attacked by makeup brushes and curling irons. Your mind drifts away momentarily, thoughts of the meeting you had just departed from filling your mind.

The JYP and SM team had decided that you were to attend “dates” with Jinyoung once a week, schedule permitting. Since you were on hiatus, you were to visit him during his music bank performances whenever you were instructed to do so.

You were advised to play the role of a sweet, supporting girlfriend. After your next comeback, it would be revealed to the public that you and Jinyoung had broken up because the two of you had become too busy to see each other.

How bad could it be, right?

“Y/N, you’re all set to go! You’re on in five.” The hair stylist pushes you out of your chair gently.

You stand in front of the mirror and admire your image briefly before heading towards the filming set, where Doni and Coni were preparing to speak.

“Weekly…IDOL!” They say together simultaneously, signaling that it was the start of the broadcast.

“Doni, who is our guest today?” Coni plays dumb.

“Well, she’s from a very popular rookie girl group, and she is here all by herself this time.” Doni explains.

“Blackpink Jisoo?” Coni guesses.

“No, here’s a hint!” Doni does a short bit of the choreo from your debut song.

Coni laughs, exclaiming, “Splendid!”

Together, they shout, “Welcome, Y/N!”

The filming crew claps, and you walk onto the white set, smiling and waving at the camera, before bowing towards Doni and Coni.

“Y/N! We missed you since last broadcast. It’s good to see that you’ve been doing so well in variety since you’ve been on our show.” Coni pats you on the back.

You blush, waving your hands in denial. “It’s not because of me…it’s because you trained me so well last time I appeared on Weekly Idol!”

They laugh at your humble response.

“Well, our next guest is a regular on our show, so we’ll just skip the intro. WangKong!”

Jackson steps onto the set, acting playful in front of the hyungs. He says a few short words of introduction before looking at you all.

“As a nice little surprise, I’ve brought some guests to the show!” Jackson yells. “Members, come out!”

The rest of GOT7 walks into view of the camera, bowing at Doni and Coni, who are feigning surprise. You, on the other hand, are not. No one had informed you beforehand that you would be filming with the group today.

You cursed in your head as you realized that they were throwing you into this “relationship” so soon.

“Now, Y/N, I’m sure you know why you’re here, right?” Doni winks playfully.

“You have been doing so well since last time, and not just in variety, huh?” Coni suggests. “Let’s take a look at the clip.”

All ten pairs of eyes shoot to a small screen in front of you, where the latest GOT7 music video was playing. In particular, your kissing scene with Jinyoung.

When your lips touched in the video, a collective scream emerged from the rest of the members and the hosts, everyone bouncing off of the walls.

BamBam was shaking Jinyoung by the shoulders, and he looked particularly embarrassed. Your eyes meet his accidentally, and you flush before you look away shyly. You wanted the floor to open up and swallow you whole.

“Woah, your chemistry is unreal!” Doni gapes.

Out of nowhere, Jinyoung approaches you and puts his arm around your shoulder, looking directly at the camera.

“Well, there is something we have been keeping a secret from our members and the fans.” He looks down into your eyes. You’re trembling at this point, and your eyes are screaming for him not to do it.

“Y/N, why don’t you say it?” He says unapologetically.

“I-I—” You stutter. “Jinyoung and I…are dating.”

The whole room erupts into sound again, the rest of GOT7’s emotions ranging from extreme disbelief to absolute ecstasy.

Jackson yells, “JINYOUNG! What happened to us?” He rips you apart from Jinyoung, grasping his arm tightly in attempts to pull him closer to himself.

Jinyoung just laughs and moves back towards you. You feel a light touch on your fingertips, seeing Jinyoung intertwine his hand with yours. 

Out of pure shock and embarrassment, you blush yet again. Despite feeling extremely uncomfortable holding hands with this boy you barely knew, you knew you had to keep up the act.

“Y/N, let’s see you two reenact the music video’s infamous scene!” Doni says mischieviously.

You look down at your shoes, blushing furiously as ever. The members egg you two on, chanting until you finally give into the peer pressure and look up at Jinyoung, who has turned to face you. In the music video, you were turning away from Jinyoung when he pulls your hand and swivels you around to face him.

He does just this, and you feel the familiar touch of his hands on your waist as you throw your arms around his neck and close your eyes, bracing yourself for the impact of his lips on your own. 

For the third time, the room erupts into loud screams from the members and hosts. The two of you separate, faces tinged red.

The only thing you can think at the moment is, “What did I get myself into?”

“Jungkook, come here! I’m watching the newest episode of Weekly Idol, it just came out live right now!” Taehyung calls out from his spot in front of the television. 

Jungkook makes his way over to a spot close to the screen, scrolling through his phone mindlessly. When he hears your name come from the speakers, he quickly averts his eyes to the screen.

There you are, in all your glory, chattering to the hosts. Jackson appears, and the GOT7 members shortly after. The screen changes to show the kissing clip from the music video, and he feels anger bubbling in his chest.

“Wow, their chemistry is no joke!” Taehyung admires through a mouthful of chips. “Looks so real.”

Jungkook had just opened his mouth to shoot a snarky comment back at his hyung when his whole world came crumbling down at a few simple words uttered by you.

“Jinyoung and I…are dating.”


 A/N: Sorry if this is a lil short, but i’m sure most of y’all saw this coming (maybe?) anyways, there’ll be more of Jungkook in the next chapter, but this is kind of just a filler/plot setup! I think there’ll be maybe 3 more parts at most, but could take a lil bit for the next update as I’m going to asia soon :3

Pennywise x Fem Reader Fan Fiction In Your Heart Shall Burn

“Greeting all! It’s been really fun writing this fan fiction for all my Claddy fans out there! I truly want to thank you guys for the support. ^-^ As thanks, I have another chapter for you ghouls, i hope you enjoy it. Shit is about to get real! And i can’t wait to see what you guys think. But without further ado’s, please enjoy. Oh, and please forgive the errors and typos again.” 

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Chapter Three: ‘Come Join the Clown’

It was all over now, it had you, he had you. Slowly skulking is gruesome form away from your friend and over to the other side of your bed to get closer to you. His eyes remained locked onto yours as he placed himself by the chair beside you. Still with very little mobility, you desperately tried to shift yourself as far away from him as possible. You could fully see him now, you noticed the brunt amber color of his hair that nearly touched the celling as he walked, the cracks to his porcelain skin, and vintage clown attire that dawned bloodstains and grim. The bells to his sleeves that jingled every so often when he moved, and finally the hellish red painted lines drawn from his lips that gave the illusion of a permeant smile, with his front two buck teeth glistening with an abundance of stringy drool. He was the personification of your worst nightmare.

“Pplease ddon’t hurt me!” The plead you made only seemed to make him laugh. With even more tears streaming down your face, you couldn’t help but whimper into a yelp when he gradually leaned down closer to your face and licked your tears. “Pplease won’t somebody help me.” This was all too real, the way his massive gloved hand wrapped around your throat and the groves of his alien tongue lapping at your cheeks. Struggling with all that you had left in you, he chuckled darkly as his grip to you tighten neck as he then held one finger up to his lips.

“Shh, shhh, you know that’s not going to help you.” He whispered as he leaned even closer to you and climbed into the bed with you, fully hovering over you while being mindful of your legs. “Your tears taste so sweet, like candy.” He murmured playfully onto your skin as you perilously tried to push him away. “I wonder what the rest of you taste like?” Hysterically shaking your head no as he ripped open the front of your hospital gown, not enough to fully expose your chest, but enough, you started thrashing around more in protest. Immediately covering your mouth with his hand as you started to scream louder and flail beneath him with all that you had in you, he mocked you for your efforts as your action were amusing to him. “Ohh ahah oh! I love your reluctance dear one! It makes the smell of you all the more tempting.” Looming down so close to your face to the point your nose and his were mere inches away, he lowered his tone to a hunting growl before unnervingly focusing both of his smelting eyes on you. “Keep testing me child, and I will devour you, slowly, painfully, and intimately. Now be a good girl for once, and just relax.” He expressed with his teeth jutting forwards into a horrendous smile.  Letting go of your mouth so he could wiped a few more tears away, he smiled crookedly as your lips quivered in unspoken fear.

“Yyou wwant to eat me! How ccan I possible relax.” You told him weakly, with you trembling even more under his gaze. Mocking your general expression again before flashing another toothy grin, you bite your tongue as he gripped your shoulders harder causing pain before suddenly snarling onto your neck. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” You begged through an unflattering sob, he cackled more to your raspy and panting breathes.

“I simply adore your kind, so might and proud, but in the face of true terror, you all crumble.” He giggled darkly. “But you, my little one…” He paused to lick his lips suggestively. “I just find you so very interesting, (y/n). You’re terrified of me, and yet there’s this hint of fearlessness that has my skin crawling, like tinny tiny insects! I want to eat you, but I also want you.” Starting from the base of your neck and tenderly moving up, he ran his snakelike tongue across your skin sending even more frantic chills down your spine. Every stroke of his fleshy organ was drawn out and lazy, heated and textured, he wanted you to know exactly how frail you are. He wanted you to know how completely hopeless it was to struggle, even though you tried. “When you first arrived at my doorstep I knew, I knew you were special. Your scent awoke me from my slumber, and as I could smell you fears, practically tasted it on the tip of my tongue, I distinctly recall smelling something else…something arousing.” Rubbing his sickly pale and cracking face along you neck, chest and face, while take deep and beastly like breaths in-between, his demeanor changed to that of a wild animal in the midst of heat. The realization of everything you have been through up until this point came crashing down upon you as he openly laughed to your epiphany. “It’s feral in nature, almost as if you felt a small amount of thrill walking into my den. At first I dismissed it as foolishness and arrogance of your kind, but as I studied you, I saw a glimpse of something inside you that triggered something within me.” Pressing his lips against your collarbone, he made you shudder as his teeth grazed over jugular vein, and lower until he stopped just as he reached your left breast, which was still covered. “And it was at that very moment, I knew I must have you.” Dragging his tongue along the sensitive skin there, he hummed when he made you quiver again. Doing it a few more times as he created tiny goosebumps, you could see that he was trying to stay focus, as he kept stopping with an agitated growl.

“Wh-what do you mean?” You tried engaging him once again. Eerily looking up to your face with his eyes beaming a lustful red, you instantly regretted saying anything again, until he moved closer to your face.

“I have been closely following you, but you knew that already right, little one? Ever snice you left my house, I have been keeping you company, and besides the naughty little teasing, like what you do when no one is around.”  With his sticky hot drool pooling around your neck dripping down further onto your chest, his words bore new and darker meaning. “I have decided that you are worthy so something grand.” Worthy, you thought madly, worth of what? “You will make a nice mate, but first you must learn to obey.”

“Wwhat?” You stuttered with your heart nearly stopping again in dismay.

“You heard me, but I suppose I can give a moment to adjust, think things over as your kind puts it. Although, you my sweet little one, hardly have a real choice…” He stated in a matter of fact sort of way. Suddenly hearing chiming bells, presumably from his clothes, everything was beginning to become fuzzy and hazy. Even though his words sounded more menacing you couldn’t understand the reason why you were suddenly fading out of consciousness again. Was it his presences, was it the fact you were so terrified and traumatized by this moment that your brain could no longer withstand the strain? Why any of this happening to you, were you going insane? “When you awake again, you will come to me.” With your vision of him growing dimmer by the second, the urgency of this scenario was also leaving you. “If you try to leave, or outright defy me, I’ll kill all those close to you without mercy.” His words were but a soft whisper by this point as you drifting into the void nothingness.

“I’ll make you watch as I feast from their flesh…

…feed on their fears…

…and send their bodies a float…

…Come join me (y/n) this is my only offer to you…”

And just like that, everything including him disappeared into darkness…



“(Y/n)! (Y/n)! For god sakes! Wake the fuck up!” Damn near propelling yourself out of bed and stumbling to the floor, (yf/n) had to catch you as you then started screaming to the top of your lungs and pushed her away in a half dazed panic. Completely falling out of bed, you scrabbled to make sense of your surrounding as you slammed your back hard against something to stable yourself. “WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR DEAL?” (Yf/n) shouted as you struggled to catch your breath with sweat literally pouring down your face. It was as if someone thrown a bucket of water on you as you were sobbing wet.

“I-I…” That was all you could manage to say as your entire body was shaking like a leaf in a thunderstorm. That wasn’t real? You kept asking yourself. “Tthat wasn’t real?” This was all starting to become too much for you.

“Jesus fucking Christ, (yf/n) what the fuck is happening to you?” Inching a bit closer to you, she paused as you instinctively pushed yourself back with a distraught and daunting look on your face. “It’s ok, I’m not going to hurt you, (yf/n) please it’s me!”

“How do I know?” You muttered with tears forming and that sense of torment rushing back even harder than before. “How do I know you’re not him?!” You yelled into a frantic sob. “Hhow do I know you’re really you?” Tucking yourself into the smallest ball you could manage, you broke down into a million pieces as you began to rock back and forth. Nothing was real anymore, nothing made any sense. If what he said was true, then even this could also be an illusion, which means you couldn’t trust anything, or anybody. Just as you were considering something that went against everything you’ve ever learned, or personally felt about, (yf/n) rushed over and embraced you with everything she had.

“Ask me anything, (y/n). Ask me something that you, and only you know about me, and you’ll see.” Holding your head close to her chest as she rocked with you slightly, she began humming a song that only the two of you knew as she caressed you lovingly while rubbing and petting your head soothingly. “I’m here, (y/n) don’t worry. I’m here.”

Clinging to her like a newborn infant would, (yf/n) held onto you for as long as you needed her too, and that’s how you spent the better part of the morning. She has never seen you this shaken before, it was like your rolls had reversed because normally she would be the sobbing scared mass, as you helped her feel better. Encasing yourself within her grasp, you muttered through a few sicklier sobs as you knew deep down that if that monster was to be believed then (yf/n) would be his first target. The thought alone crushed you, and knowing that leaving was not an option either, while in your friends’ arms you made the choice to obey him.

“If you tell her, I’ll kill her…

Heha! I’ll tear the flesh from her bones…

                       …Come to ME!”

The deep and strangled voices in your head were becoming louder, and louder, and before long, it replaced your own. After falling silent for almost an hour, (yf/n) assumed you were feeling better, and had offered to make you something to eat to make you feel better. But in reality, you’ve became numb and lifeless, dead eyed to the wall past her as she left the room to fetch you something. You didn’t know if all of this was just another grand illusion or not, but something nagged at you as you sat there still in your musty filth, until it then dawned on you.

“Smell…” You murmured in slight shock.

Instantly sniffing everything around you including yourself, to test your theory, you didn’t know whether to either laugh or cry again as you realized that in all of your nightmares you couldn’t recall a sense of smell. All of your other senses like, sight, touch and hearing were being manipulated, but you couldn’t remember smelling anything or god forbid taste anything. You didn’t know whether or not if this realization was something that could help you other than distinguish dreams from reality, but it was a start. When you finally arose to your feet, you went into the bathroom and looked yourself over. Your hair was beyond a mess with tangles and knots matted to your damp cheeks while the other strains reached to the gods. Your tank top was nearly transparent as you never knew you could sweat that much and not die, or at the very least be dehydrated. You looked like you felt, a distraught mental case, with a bad hair day.

“You should wash up (y/n), I’ll have lunch ready in like 30 minutes!” You heard (yf/n) yell out as you examined your face more.

There wasn’t any doubt you were going to shower after fully seeing yourself, however that persistent paranoid feeling of eyes everywhere was with you again, and that caused you to hesitate. If he has been truly watching you, then that means he has seen you naked, seen you do things to yourself that no other person has. You wanted to vomit. You wanted to scream, and cry as you recalled everything you have done up to this very point before you knew, everything that you have done after leaving that damn house. It was just your mind playing tricks, you told yourself before the nightmares became an everyday occurrence. It was all just in your head. No one was actually watching you pleasuring yourself, letting go of all the stress, easing the pain from your loneliness. He said it himself, he has been observing, studying you, as he puts it from some time, but to what extent? And even know with that blood chilling fact known to you now, the feeling of his presences only intensified.

“Come to me (y/n)…” It was but a whisper, but it nevertheless made the tiny hairs everywhere stand straight up in attentions. “Don’t keep me waiting…” Swallowing the knot in your throat, you gripped the edge of the sink and attempted to catch your breath as his hunting cheery tune rung out. Suddenly hearing something like friction to glass, you snapped up in horror as a message started to appear on the now fogged up vanity mirror.

~If I have to get you, she will die…~

You weren’t about to test his words, but the fear from this moment kept you motionless. This was happening, and if you didn’t go to him and soon, your beloved friend was going to be killed, brutally. Frantically turning on the shower and nearly tearing what little clothes you had on off, you washed yourself and your hair as fast as you could, as his even raspy laughter echoed out. You tore through the bathroom like a bat out of hell as your friends life depended on it. And you knew he was enjoying this, you felt as if he was getting off on watching you helplessly scurry around, but you couldn’t know for sure. Once you were done, you exited the bathroom with nothing but a towel and flip flops and hurried back into your room to find something to throw on. Settling on a faded pair of jeans and a black tank top, you swiftly put on your bra and some underwear and got dressed before stumbling out in a hurry to get to your car.

“(Y/n), where the hell are you going? I just finished up lunch?” (Yf/n) questioned with concern as she had to physically stop you as you were rushing towards the door. “Jesus girl, your hair isn’t even fucking dry! In just where in the hell is the fire?” You didn’t have time to explain anything to her, in fact, you couldn’t. If you didn’t go to him now, he will come for you, and that would mean your friends death. That could not happen, nor will it, not as long as you drew breath.

“I have to go, I-I just um, need some fresh air.” You stuttered through an excuse. “Don’t worry, I’ll… I’ll be back, I just want to be alone for a while, (yf/n) don’t worry.” This was becoming hard, you had no idea if anything you were saying was true or not. You only have a few horrifying ideas as to what this creature wants and none of them you see yourself surviving. This was goodbye, but you were trying your hardest to seem casual to that harsh fact. “Everything will be ok, I’m fine now, promise.” You lied with your voice a little smoother.

“You better be, you have me scared, and if this is what it feels like whenever I get this freaked out then I’m so sorry.” Giving you a big warm hug, it took everything in you now to not start crying again. “I’ll see you when you get home, call me, text me, send me a fuck carrier pigeon if you have too! Just-…” She paused to give you a little kiss on the cheek before embracing you even harder. “Just come back to me, (y/n)… Come back.”


The car ride to that place on Neiblot Street was daunting and frightening. It was like one of those scenes in a horror movie where the protagonist returns to the place of origin of the monster for one final showdown. But this was no movie; you were no hero or even a side character that somehow survives the main plot. You were a sacrifice, the person whose life will save that of others. You knew the moment you step into that place again your life will be over, you only hoped that it would at the very least finish you off quickly for following its instructions to the letter. Parking your car off to the side of the road before turning off the engine, you took a few deep breaths to steady yourself as your hands were still shaking. You could feel its dark influences more strongly, it made the twist and turns of your stomach lurch to the point you couldn’t hold back any longer. Pushing open the driver door, you emptied the entirety of your stomach out onto the street as the pain of it hit you hard, and the better taste stained your lips.

Sitting back slumped into the driver seat; you placed your forearm over your burning head, as you felt as if you were boiling from the inside out. After taking another few minutes to collect yourself, you reached over to the passenger seat and grabbed the bottle of water that has been in your car for days and took a swig. After using the stale and lukewarm water to diminish the putrid aftertaste from your vomiting earlier as best you could, you then tossed the empty water bottle to the backseat after giving up, and fully exited the car to meet your fate.

As you stood at the iron gates leading to hell, you decided to say a prayer as you gradually made your way to the front door. The wind started to pick up abruptly, and the sound of thunder rumbled in the distance, when the sky darkened with heavy and humid rain beginning to fall, all you could focus on was the echoing of malevolent laughter coming from the bowels of its house. And as you stood before the front door with your heart pumping so hard in your chest as it was on the verge of bursting through your chest cavity. The aging door swung open without warning and something violently pulled you inside before slamming the entryway shut and locking you inside…


Something Beautiful 19

Summary: Just another quick little fluffy drabble I whipped up because I’ve been terrible at updating these days.

So the next few chapters are mapped out and I’m gonna start them this week and I just wanna warm you guys, shit is about to get real. But enjoy this cute little blurb I wrote, more as a filler than anything else.

Also, not super happy with this chapter because I am so ready to just get to the excitement, but eh, here this is…

Warnings: there’s a mild panic attack in here so just watch out for that.

Words: 2548

Something Beautiful Series

Something Beautiful 18

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Two weeks later, the swelling on your poor face was finally gone and,surprisingly enough, it would appear that you’d not suffer from any permanent deformities. The bruising had faded from deep blues and purples to nasty shades of green and yellow, but fortunately that made them easier to cover with a healthy layer of concealer. Which was perfect seeing as how Natasha and Bucky were planning their secret nuptials in just a few days time.

So now, here you were, wearing one of Steve’s tee shirts and boxer shorts, singing into a large wooden spoon, twirling around the kitchen as the music blared from the speakers in the living room. You’d just finished the last batch of chocolate candies and covered strawberries for the celebration this weekend.

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