shit is getting real guys

Dana Whitcomb , on the other hand, I feel no ambivalence about.  I loathe her and want her to suffer a slow and painful death.  Off-screen so I don’t have to see her face and feel the corresponding rise in my blood pressure.

In all seriousness, I think this scene is when I realized just how dark this show was willing to get.  What they’re doing to Ashley, the way they talk about her is just horrific.  She really is nothing more than a lab rat to them.  Dosages and medication regimens, phase two and ready for trials…Dana said this was a war between humans and abnormals, and these two are the worst kinds of war criminals.

I feel like this is one of her few moments of clarity.  When she looks at this young woman she’s experimenting on and realizes she’s destroying her.  So she convinces herself that she’s making Ashley into something “better than she is now” to justify it.

Seriously, creepiest villain.

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Just an update for those still waiting on commissions and giveaway prizes, I apologize for taking so long. It’s taken me a while to find the words to explain as a lot of things happening in my life I can’t and won’t talk about due to their severity but it’s safe to say, I’m going through some shit right now. I’ve recently hit an emotional and mental road block that killed my motivation and confidence in my art and I’m finding myself struggling with feeling like anything is good enough. On top of this, I am working 40+ hour weeks at my job that leave me worn and tired all the time and due to my situation, I’ve realized I will most likely have to be getting a second job come the end of this month.

But please know I haven’t given up! I want to draw for people and I am still working on commissions and prizes day by day. Just at a bit of a slower pace than usual. I hope soon that things work out enough for me to get my artistic flow back so that I can open up commissions again to hopefully earn an extra buck. I know I’m gonna need every dime I can make!

Thank you so much to those who have waited and been nothing but understanding. I know how frustrating it can be waiting. I can’t apologize enough for the inconvenience and I promise to be better in the next coming weeks. Until then, stay saucy my dudes!

More than this - Stiles Stilinski/Theo Raeken {part 11}

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[Part 1-10 (Masterlist)]

A/N: Yes guys, i‘m uploading a new chapter. If you read my recent post about how i’m not feeling like myself lately, and just going through a ruff phase, you know that that was the reason for my absence. But what can i say, i didn’t want to let you down. So today i opened my laptop and just began to write this. I’m sorry if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes. I hope you like this, in this chapter shit gets real you guys. Some of you will love me, other will hate me. But i still hope you have fun reading this. (There is no Theo in this Chapter. I’m sorry, Raeken Fans,but don’t worry, i love him, too.)

Warnings: A lillte bit of sexual content ;)

You are a horrible person.

My thoughts were screaming at me. I can’t remember the last time that I’ve felt this bad about myself. Guilt was flooding through me, consuming every part of my body. The white sheets were pulled all the way up to my nose, trying to hide away, hide from reality. Behind me there was the quiet sound of snoring. My naked and sweaty body was pressed to his. His strong arm was wrapped around my torso, holding me tightly against him, as if I was going to slip away.

Oh I wish I could just slip away.

There was only one dirty, ugly word on my mind at this moment.

Cheater. Cheater. Cheater.

A few hours earlier:

We had arrived at a small motel. The place looked kind of sketchy, a few letters of the big lightsign were broken and you couldn’t read the name of the motel anymore. Looking around, there was no human soul. It made me feel uncomfortable, but I would survive for one night. My parents went to check in and told me and Stiles to get our bags out of the trunk.

,,Well, this is going to be an interesting night. This place looks straight out of a damn horror movie.” I groaned while closing the trunk.

,,You love horror movies.” Stiles grinned at me.

,,Not if I’m the victim.”

,,Don’t worry princess, Stiles is gonna protect you.” He made a gesture showing off his muscles while scrunching his face in a fake-aggressive kind of way.

Laughing, we went to shaggy reception where my parents waited for us. They handed me a key and wished us a goodnight.

,,We are in room 204 if you need anything.” My mom said and smiled.

I made my way to room 207, which was the number on the key my parents gave me. I noticed Stiles following me so I turned around, giving him a questioning look.

When he stopped next to me in front of my room, I realized he had no own key.

,,Where is your room?” I asked him, already knowing the answer.

,,We share a one, (y/n). “

,,Well, this night got even more interesting.”

Fortunately there were 2 separate beds, we agreed that I could go into the bathroom first while he is unpacking his things.

Grabbing my cosmetic bag and a towel, I shut the bathroom door behind me to take a shower.

The bathroom wasn’t too small, there were two sinks with a little shelf on the side and a big mirror in between. The shower was actually quite big and luckily not dirty. The toilet was separate, which was convenient.

I hung my towel over the sink and stepped in the shower.

Hot water was running down my body and it instantly relaxed me. I was wondering what Stiles was thinking right now.

For whatever reason my parents thought It would be a good idea to put me and Stiles in a room together, I mean, they still think I’m a virgin but and we’re like siblings, it wasn’t a good idea.

I was dreading the moment I had to face him again, afraid something might happen tonight that could change our dynamic. It had been going really well between us again, and I don’t want to destroy that.

When my fingers were starting to get wrinkly, I turned off the water, wrapped the towel around me and stepped out of the shower. I slowly opened the bathroom door.

Stiles was lying in his bed, his head propped up on the headbord and a magazine, an old one that he had found on the nightstand, in his hands. When he noticed me he looked up, opened his mouth and then closed it again, speechless.

I just stood there awkwardly, not moving an inch.

,,You look, uhm, you’re dripping..”

My cheeks were fire red now, and I squeezed the towel to my body as tightly as possible.

,,I’m just waiting for you to go to the bathroom so I can change, you know, into..clothes.” I suttered.

God Dammit.

,,Yes of course. Uhm, sorry, I’m just, going to you know, do my thing..” Stiles said while walking into the bathroom, eyes at the ground.

When I heard the door close, I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding in.

That was more than awkward. That was purely uncomfortable. I was already regretting not asking for a second room.

I changed into my night clothes, violet shorts and a baggy grey shirt, as quickly as possible and put my wet hair into a bun. Sitting in my bed, I really didn’t know what to do now. The water in the bathroom was running, signalizing me that Stiles was taking a shower.

I decided to organize my bag a little bit while I waited for him to get out of the shower.

A few moments later the bathroom door opened and I was met with a sight that had me drooling.

Stiles stood there, his hair dripping and messy, a towel just loosely hanging around his waist, looking like it could fall off any second. Droplets of water were glistening on his chest and I couldn’t tear my eyes away.

,,Like what you see, huh?” he tilted his head to the side and smirked.

,,Cocky much?” I shrugged, looking away.

,,Oh please, you look like you want to jump me.”

,,Excuse me?” I crossed my arms in front of my chest and took a step forward looking at him in disbelief.

He took a step closer too, challenging me.

,,Come on, (y/n). I know exactly what you’re thinking right now. What you want to do.”

I snorted, but feeling nervous because of his attitude. ,,What has gotten into you Stiles?”

,,Do you want me to stop? Then say it.” He whispered huskily, his face just inches away from mine.

Something inside of me snapped. The feeling I used to get while being around him arose again.

,,No.” was all I said, before crashing my lips to his.

I felt electrified, his lips tasted so sweet and his hands running across my hips left a tingling sensation everywhere his fingers brushed. There was a burning need in my core as he grabbed the bottom off my thighs and I jumped, crossing my legs around his torso.

He left kisses on my neck making me moan, before he threw me on his bed.

I sighed at the loss of contact and greedily pulled him close again, gently biting just below his collar bone.

,,Fuck.” He groaned, as I quickly removed his shirt.

Our clothes were off in no time.

,,Do you have..” I asked in between moans and he nodded.

,,Are you sure?” he grabbed my cheek and looked deeply into my eyes.

All I could think of was that I wanted him more than I wanted anything else right now. So I said yes.

That night we connected in way we never had before, it was filled with passion and need. Filled with fire.

When we slowly came down from our high, we were extremely exhausted and all we wanted was sleep. Tangled in each other and the sheets, we slowly drifted off to sleep.

But in the morning, when the almost intoxicated feeling of our first time together faded, I fully realized  what had happened.

You are a horrible person.

My thoughts were screaming at me. I can’t remember the last time that I’ve felt this bad about myself. Guilt was flooding through me, consuming every part of my body. The white sheets were pulled all the way up to my nose, trying to hide away, hide from reality. Behind me there was the quiet sound of snoring. My naked and sweaty body was pressed to his. His strong arm was wrapped around my torso, holding me tightly against him, as if I was going to slip away.

Oh I wish I could just slip away.

There was only one dirty, ugly word on my mind at this moment.

Cheater. Cheater. Cheater.

[part 12 here]

Some fella saying that Sam Wilson is hot as hell. See no lies here, pal

Captain America & the Mighty Avengers #1 (2015)


I’m sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong, but I am unbelievably pissed at the Voltron fandom right now. I’m only five episodes in, yet the way people are acting makes me want to forget watching it.

After hearing all of the discourse over Dirty Laundry, I went to read it. And I fucking loved it. It reads like a romcom, and I would give my leg for someone to turn it into a romcom. It made me laugh, it made me wiggle excitedly, and it brought tears to my eyes. It is such a damn good fic, and you guys are spewing hate at it for no fucking reason.

Now, I’m white, so I can’t say much on the topic of how @gibslythe portrays Latino characters since I obviously don’t know what’s a stereotype or not. But I’m autistic, and I have a LOT to say about Alexi.

I love Alexi. I fucking love her. It’s so rare for me to find autistic characters in fics, and most of the time those characters are written poorly. But Alexi is the first well-written autistic character that I’ve seen in a long time, and not just in fanfiction. So much popular media portrays autism as a white male that acts weird and his actions are the butt of a joke (AHEM BIG BANG THEORY AND SHERLOCK). Alexi was a refreshing change of pace, and I have to say that she’s written far better than most professional writers have managed. You guys need to calm the fuck down.

She’s only been in one chapter so far. One goddamn chapter! We haven’t had the chance to see how she is as a character! Yet you guys won’t stop complaining about how she’s a stereotype or doesn’t act like a real autistic person. Guess what fuckers, when I was her age I acted like she did. I used big words because I loved to read, even if I didn’t say them properly. I liked being in the same room with my family, because I loved to hear everyone talking and laughing and being happy. Alexi’s actions make sense to me.

Also, autism is a spectrum. My brother and I are both autistic, and we act differently. He’s loud and more willing to talk to new people, while I like to observe conversations. Sports are one of his special interests, and fantasy is one of mine. He stims by chewing on his shirts, and I stim by flapping my hands. But both of us have autism. We’re not going to be exactly the same.

As for Alexi being diagnosed already despite being six, my brother was diagnosed when he was four. My parents were watching for the symptoms in my brothers shortly after I was diagnosed, which is why they realized it so early. If one of Alexi’s parents had a family history of autism, chances are they were watching for it in their daughter.

Really, my only problem is that she said “I have Autism Spectrum Disorder.” That term’s mostly used on reports these days. Other than that, I have no problems.

Now I need to rant about how disgusting your behavior is, guys.

Instead of respectfully offering the author your constructive criticism, you guys took a pirouette off the fucking handle. You leave scathing comments on the fic, you repeatedly @ her in rude posts, and you have sent her so much hate that she had to close her inbox. That’s fucking ridiculous. This fandom has been around for what, a month? Where do you guys get your saltiness from? Do you just stand in the ocean, sucking the salt out of the water?

I know it doesn’t seem like what you say on the Internet can hurt someone, but it really does. Someone is reading your awful comments and getting hurt by them. Would you really be that rude in real life to someone you barely know? You are affecting this poor girl’s mental health and discouraging her from writing. And she has a gift for writing; I haven’t been caught up in a story like that in a while.

“But we have a right to express our opinions!” Yeah, but just because you have the right to express your opinions doesn’t mean you have the right to be an asshole. And that’s what you’re being right now-complete and utter assholes. If you think that’s an acceptable way to act, you disgust me.

Also, enough with the petty comments. I’ve seen enough hate posts that had “also the writing of the fic is bad” added to them. Y’all are just grasping for straws. Even if you don’t like the writing style, why the hell do you need to add that to your post already accusing the author of being ableist?

Remember what happened in the Steven Universe fandom? An artist drew Rose Quartz skinny, and she was sent so much hate that she had a relapse and had to go to the hospital. Do you really want to be like that? Do you want to be the fandom famous for getting people sent to the hospital?

And before someone gets all SJW on me: If you think it’s acceptable to hurt someone like that because of a damn fanart or fanfic, you’re no better than the people against us. We’re supposed to be fighting for equality for everyone, not lashing out at people who do something wrong. Educate others instead of hurting them.

This is a new fandom, but within the span of a month, we’ve been hateful enough to make someone want to give up writing. Is this what we’re going to be? The fandom that ruins people’s passions? If that’s the case, leave me the fuck out. I don’t want to be part of this shit.

Please, guys. Let’s not end up like the Steven Universe fandom. I’m sick of seeing fans tearing each other apart. We’re way better than this. We’re better than driving people out of the fandom over a fanfiction.

Honestly, this whole situation is ridiculous. We’re all watching a show about goddamn robot lions in outer space, complete with fart jokes and characters dabbing. Why the fuck are we having discourse over this?

I could go on and on, but I think you guys get the point.

Tl;dr The Voltron fandom needs to grow the fuck up.

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wolves and sheep (chapter 7) / a werewolf!au

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note: sorry for the long ass wait guys! i had my senior photos and other grad stuff over the weekends,, life just got in the way :( 
  it gets a little trash near the end, but the story is gonna pick up from this chapter onwards! 

picture credit!

boy: all, but calum-centric 
word-count: 3300+

chapter 6 

don’t turn your backs to the monsters of the night

*****TW: SUICIDE MENTION,, do not read this chapter if you are triggered by mentions of suicide.***** 

 Calum was right. By the start of the first period, the entire senior class “discovered” Calum and Valerie’s “relationship”. The two had walked around the school, hands interlocked tightly. Calum’s jaw clenched every time a wandering eye would watch the two of them too closely. He had waited outside of her class just before the bell when he could, and would walk her to her next class, always touching one part of her body; whether it be her hands, or her waist, her warmth brought comfort to his own body. Though miniscule to the way her touch felt when he was all teeth and claws, it was still enough to calm his irritation down slightly.
 Luckily for them, at least one member of the pack was in each of Valerie’s classes. All four of them together in English and Home Ec, Luke in her Honors Math class, and Michael in her Music class.
 The pack kept an eye on her the whole day, being sure that her golden eyes didn’t decide to make an impromptu appearance in the middle of class. The boys were noticeably brighter in class, happy to have another friend in class that didn’t suspect the worst of them.

 The four of them had done so well, but it was their second to last class when everything fell apart. 

 “You dipshit that’s not how you spread the cheese!”
 “How the fuck do you spread cheese wrong?”
 “When you pool all the fancy ass mozzarella in the middle! By the time it comes out of the oven the middle will be all soggy and floppy!”
 Michael and Luke were bickering over the unbaked pizza, Calum and Valerie sat at the table they shared with the pack, their seats pushed together and Calum’s arm slung over the back of Valerie’s seat.
 “Oh I’m sorry, Mr. Pizza Extraordinaire, why don’t you just finish the thing then?” Luke fumed, ripping off his apron and slamming down into his seat next to Calum, lips pulled into a grumpy frown. Valerie smiled in wry amusement, trying her hardest to hold back her laughter.
 The poor boy just looked ridiculous. The tallest boy in class, probably the whole school, was pouting in his chair about poor cheese distribution.
 “It’s okay, Luke,” Valerie smiled, resting a hand on Luke’s broad shoulder. “Michael just really likes pizza.”
 Michael’s scoff was heard by the whole pack, only feeding Luke’s irritation.
 “He just sucks at making things,” Michael mutters to himself, fully aware that the pack could hear every word, sliding the pizza into the hot oven with a pair of thick mitts.
 “Shut up Mikey,” Calum rolled his eyes at his dramatic beta, noticing the way Luke was pouting across from him. It was his job to keep the pack as level-headed as possible, and so that’s what he would do.

 “Luke?” a quiet, warbly voice calling the name of the broad blonde boy sat at their table caught the attention of the whole pack.
 Luke’s head shot up and his bright blue eyes fell on a gangly blonde boy standing just behind him, clad in an ill-fitting black and white varsity jacket.
 “Are you trying out for hockey this season?” The boy asked quietly, his voice hushed and eyes darting back and forth between Calum and the floor.
 Calum’s eyes widened and travelled to Luke’s blushing cheeks. He’d never expressed any interest in rejoining hockey.
 Luke shrugged simply.
 “I quit last year.” he answered, the boy frowning and slumping his puny shoulders. Calum had to wonder how such a scrawny kid had made the hockey team.
 “You were good,” the boy reasons. “You were our star player!” the boy exclaimed, his cheeks beginning to flare. “The team needs you!”
 “Look,” Calum can hear the irritation in Luke’s voice as his patience begins to wear out. “I quit for a reason. I’m not playing for you.”
 Calum couldn’t help but frown when he remembered that Luke, his somewhat pushover of a packmate, was the junior that led their school’s hockey team to a National championship just last year. God, Calum had envied him.
 Luke had led the perfect life up until the shift. He was the school’s breadwinner, had the prettiest girl in school on his shoulder, had perfect grades in his advanced honors classes, had the most popular Math teacher as a mother; Luke Hemmings was the boy everyone wanted to be, up until his girlfriend moved away, his grades fell to the gutter, and his body exploded into a giant demon wolf.
 “What happened to Luke Hemmings?” the boy shook his head, eyes filled with disappointment as he stared down at the boy who used to be the most charismatic student in school. “The kid who led our hockey team to a National championship? The kid that everyone wanted to be?” the young boy just kept poking at the beast.
 “That kid is dead, Nathan!” Luke exploded, standing up and towering over the boy, Nathan, menacingly. “He’s gone. Stop trying to look for him.” Luke fumed, his voice dropping deeper with each word, his hands shaking at his sides.

The class fell silent with Luke’s words, and each student in the room, even the halls, were frozen, waiting to see the surely impending fight.
 The bell rang shrilly, signalling the end of their class, but no-one dared to move.
 “Just back off kid.” Michael abandons the cooling pizza that was perched on top of the stove. “Luke quit. Get over it.” Michael steps over backpacks to join Luke’s side.
 “He can’t play for you anymore. Sorry, you’re not gonna get a water boy medal this year,” Michael scoffed, his nose wrinkling in anger, his telltale sign that he was pissed off.

 Valerie and Calum watched tensely in their seats. More and more students began to fill the halls, stopping at the door when they realized that the most intimidating seniors of the school were all glaring at a single boy.

 “Oh shut up, Clifford!” Nathan whirls around, his nostrils flaring with anger. “Get over yourselves! You and Hood walk around here like you’re young gods or something, like you have control over everyone, when, in reality, you’re all just fucking losers with no life.” the puny jock yelled, his voice travelling sharply across the hallway and grabbing the attention of every student within ear shot.
 “Look,” Calum rolled his eyes, Valerie watching wide-eyed as Calum stood. “Don’t get all pissy at us just because you’re too scrawny to do a quarter of what Luke did or some other hypermasculine bullshit like that,” Calum’s voice was exasperated, but an intimidating tone was lying just underneath, ready to make itself more apparent if the dumb-ass decided to further the situation.

   “Sh-” the blonde boy stammered, pale cheeks flaring up in annoyance. “Shut up!” he fumed, obviously embarrassed that Calum had jabbed at his insecurities straight on the nose, eyes shooting to Michael. “At least I didn’t miss four months of school just because I tried to kill myself and it didn’t work!” he screamed.

 There was a collective, sharp intake of breath that rippled through what sounded like the entire school. Immediately after his words, Nathan’s eyes widened and his heartbeat sped up. All eyes shot to Michael, whose eyes were narrowed at the boy, his jaw clenched and teeth grinding together almost painfully.
 Horror was reflected in the pale blue eyes of Nathan as Michael loomed over him. His jaw clenched once and his fists trembled. Calum watched with dark eyes, ready to pull Michael away if he lost control, but he held himself back.
 Michael needed to learn control. He was getting much better, to give him some credit. The last time he’d lost control and shifted was when he’d slammed his finger in between his locker.

 Michael clenched his jaw once, then backed away from the freshman, never breaking eye contact, and walking to the door and pushing through the crowd that parted quickly for him. He walked away with not one word, and for some eery reason, Valerie would have preferred that Michael had beaten his fellow classmate to a pulp. 

 “I’ve already called the school,” Ashton sighed, immediately hearing of the situation. “You four are free for the next half-week.”
 Calum was thankful for Ashton, the curly-headed, cheerful subordinate. He was sure that he would make a much better leader than Calum would. Ashton was constantly level-headed and calm. He’d taken to being a shifter quite well, and managed to stay calm in the most dire of situations; a trait that Calum so wished he possessed.
 “Thanks Ash,” Calum sighed, resting his back against a tree next to Valerie. “I’ll see you at home after work.”
 Calum hung up quickly, sighing as he rested his head against the rough bark that protected the tree behind him.
 Michael’s dark past was a hot topic amongst the people of Calum’s tiny little town. The story had spread like wildfire across the province, Michael’s mangled body appearing on the biggest news programs of the country. The police hadn’t released any of Michael’s personal information, but they hadn’t thought to blur out his flourescent pink hair when the cameras crowded around his nearly dead body.
 “What was that boy talking about?” Valerie asked quietly. Calum turned his head, expecting to see the prying, hungry look in her eyes just like nearly the rest of the population of his tiny little town. But all Calum was saw concern reflecting in Valerie’s brightly glowing eyes.
 “It’s not really my story to tell.” Calum grunted. “But I know that Michael doesn’t care much when people find out. He doesn’t deny what happened, but he doesn’t bring it up if people don’t ask.” 

  “Michael was kind of a loner when he was a kid.” Calum started, sighing as he begins to recall his earliest memories of his best friend. “He was that kid that the older grades in school liked to pick on and bully.”
 Calum could still remember exactly what Michael had looked like in school all those years ago. A plump, pale little boy with a smile lopsided and awkward enough to be made fun of for.
 “It wasn’t all that bad until high school.” Calum shook his head.
 Michael had grown his hair out to a thick, streaky fringe that covered most of his forehead and left eye by high school. He had started to listen to punk bands, and his clothes and Myspace account began to reflect his interest in the music. “All of a sudden, Michael wasn’t this little kid with a weird smile people liked to make fun of. He was this emo fuck that people wrote off as a suicidal loser.” Calum winced as he remembered the names his best friend was called in school. He could still see that dull look in his pale green eyes when he was pushed around by his locker.
 “The bullying went on for about a year before Michael just, snapped.” Calum shuddered, Valerie listening with wide eyes. “He came to school one day with pink hair and kids just started calling him all those homophobic slurs. That night, he just up and decided to jump off a bridge. He ended up washing up on the side of the ravine. I found him and just about screamed bloody murder. He wasn’t breathing and his head and torso were bleeding. Mali did CPR on him and then he just woke up. It took a second for him to shift, but his body was still too weak to handle it. His ribs broke and he immediately shifted back and just started screaming. He didn’t understand what happened to him; all he knew was the pain. At one point he was asking why I couldn’t just kill him already.”
 Calum would be forever be haunted by the still perfectly vivid image of Michael, his best friend, writhing on the ground in pain, pale green eyes begging him to end it all.
 “Just kill me,” he’d cried, tears tracking down his cheeks, eyes shining in agony. “Just do it, Cal,’ he begged, his fingers finding Calum’s hands which hovered over his bruising in panic.
“You’ll be okay Mikey,” Calum’s hands grasped Michael’s in his own tightly, his head whipping around to find Mali screaming for an ambulance on her phone. “You’ll be alright,” Calum took a shuddering exhale, trying to calm himself down, Michael still groaning and crying with pain.
 It was another agonizing ten minutes before they finally heard the sirens a mile down from Calum’s isolated home in the forest. Relief shot through Calum’s body as he could finally see the flashing lights that would save his best friend speed down the dirt road to their little forest.
 Michael was only muttering lowly now, his body slick with sweat and blood. The paramedics raced through the forest and lifted the pale, pink-haired boy away from the ground where he lay.
 “He’ll be alright.” One paramedic said, her eyes reassuring and determined, laying a hand on Calum’s bloodied shirt. She turned away and ran for the ambulance, Calum watching helplessly as the sirens sounded again, the ambulance that cradled the life of his best friend so carefully turning into a speck down the road.
 Calum stared at the end of the dirt road long after the dust its tires kicked up had settled. The sun was just setting when a light, familiar hand settled itself on Calum’s shoulder.
 “C’mon,” Mali spoke softly, a stark difference to the uncontrolled screaming she’d displayed only hours ago. “Guest visiting hours are already over but Mrs. Clifford convinced the hospital to let us see him.”
 Calum shot up from the ground, ready to run across the city to see his best friend, before Mali stopped him and reminded him of his bloodied shirt.
 “Slow your houses kid, you need a shirt that doesn’t look like you’ve been thrown to the wolves.” The joke, otherwise an innocent jab at their lives, was ignored completely by Calum as he raced upstairs and threw on a spare shirt.
 Both the Hood siblings jumped into Ashton’s waiting car, Calum slapping the N magnet on the trunk and hurriedly telling Ashton to floor the engine.
 The three had gotten to the floor where they were holding Michael only to be greeted by his pained screams. Immediately Calum began to tremble, the sound of his best friend in even more pain than he’d left him in poking the beast inside of him, its claws attempting to rip against the golden skin that held it inside its cage.
 “They’re rebreaking his ribs.” Michael’s father, who was holding his wife against his chest and running his large against her blonde hair soothingly. “By the time his x-rays came back, his ribs had healed in the wrong way. I don’t understand why his ribs healed so quickly.” Michael’s mother was a wreck against her husband, more and more tears tracking down her cheeks with every pained scream her son released.
 The pack shared a look with each other, each of them knowing fully well why Michael’s ribs had already healed over.

 The burden the three shared was now placed on Michael’s shoulders, and Calum wished for nothing more in the entire world that God had mercy on the pale, pink-haired boy who had spent the day in pain, to take away the beast that resided inside of him.

 Valerie was silently digesting Calum’s words, and Michael’s story. She could only imagine the stares and whispers the pale boy would have received when he’d eventually gone back to school. Michael was such a happy, snarky boy, and she couldn’t imagine him standing on a bridge, looking down at the water and thinking that death would be better than life.
   “He was in therapy for about three and a half months after he jumped. His parents never let him out of his sight, but he was encouraged to stay at our place quite a lot. I suppose his Mum and Dad wanted him to be with his friends. But anyways, whenever he was around at our place, we taught him how to control the shift. He’d gained quite the temper after the incident, but therapy helped him a ton with keeping his anger under control.” Calum sighed, pushing himself up from the forest floor. He stuck out a hand to Valerie, the feeling of her fingers entwined with his calming his heart rate slightly.
 “Is he okay now?” Valerie asked, her eyes round in concern, the gold flaring up as her eyebrows scrunched up.
 “He’s loads better now. No-one messes with him now that he’s grown a foot and a half and a lot more attractive. It still makes me mad that it took him going through puberty and getting taller for people to respect him and treat him like a decent human being, but he doesn’t talk much of how he feels about that anymore. He has therapy check-ups three times a year, but for the most part, he’s a happy kid.” Calum said thankfully, his hand tightening on Valerie’s unconsciously as he tries not to remember the state his best friend was in just two years ago. Valerie’s thumbs rubs across Calum’s scarred knuckles soothingly, much like the way his did just a few nights ago.
 The two walked through the forest silently, Calum subconsciously watching every step Valerie took, making sure she didn’t trip or stumble.
 They were a few minutes away from the meadow where Valerie had collapsed on the night of the Halloween party and discovered the body of the young shifter when a massive muddy red and pale gray wolf emerged from the undergrowth.
 Calum could hear Valerie’s heart jump, probably surprised at how silent such a large animal could be.
 “Mikey,” Calum nodded, the large head of the wolf bowing in both acknowledgement and submission.
 You told her? Michael asked, his ears perking up and pale eyes trained on Calum.
 “Yeah.” Calum confirmed. “You don’t mind, do you?” Calum knew that Michael didn’t care who learned of his past, but he still felt the need to ask.
 It’s not much of a secret anyways, Michael let out a chuff of air.
 “Michael?” Valerie’s quiet voice piped up from beside Calum, which made Michael notice their still entwined hands.
 Michael nodded in response, eyes studying the golden-eyed girl whose hands were grasped securely in his alpha’s.
 Valerie surprised both Calum and Michael when her hands left Calum’s and her arms fell around Michael’s furry neck.
 “I’m proud of you.” she mumbled, her words muffled by Michael’s muddy red fur.
 Michael’s body rumbled contently, and Calum watched as the small, golden-eyed girl was dwarfed by his best-friend’s massive body. Valerie pulled away and Michael’s lolling tongue shot out and licked her arm, Valerie immediately recoiling.
 “Ew, Mikey!” she exclaimed, wrinkling her nose in disgust, attempting to wipe it on Calum’s shirt. Calum yelped as he grabbed Valerie’s arm, holding it easily away from his uniform shirt.
 Michael chuffed with laughter as he watched their new, golden-eyed freak and alpha laughing and dodging each other’s attempts at a fight.
 “Oh shut up, you mutt,” Valerie laughed, watching Michael’s eyes turn indignantly dark as he whined in protest. Valerie couldn’t help but notice just how human, how Michael, the animal’s eyes were.
 Michael barked and opened his mouth teasingly, his massive tongue hanging out from his jaws. Valerie shrieked in mock-fright as she was chased around the meadow by Michael’s muddy red wolf. Calum watched on in amusement, his heart warming as his best friend and new “girlfriend” played so innocently together in the forest.

 All three were oblivious to the dark eyes that watched them carefully just beyond the meadow, and the creature couldn’t help but smile menacingly as Michael’s jaws locked on empty air, Valerie dodging his teeth effortlessly.
 “My Valora..” the creature whispered, eyes hungrily following Valerie as her eyes glowed brighter than the moon on its darkest hours. “I’ve found you, my love.” 

wolves and sheep page

chapter 8 

civil war mumbo jumbo so you can keep scrolling if you don’t care

how can people view tony stark so black & white??? he’s not 100% evil villain like people are acting. Look, Bucky Barnes is the love of my comic life, but I don’t see how people can expect Tony to just be like ‘it’s fine’ with whatever is going to happen.

auo isn’t out yet, but everyone and their uncle’s brother (maybe outside of tony people, idk i don’t spend much time in the aou fandom area) are blaming Tony for it 100%. I don’t have an opinion until I actually see he movie, but guilt. He’d feel guilt. You combine that w/ the the theory that Winter Soldier/HYDRA/Whatever killed Tony’s parents.

do you honestly expect Tony to just sit there and take Cap’s side because he’s Cap & everyone should listen to him??? Honestly. I know he’s supposed to painted the ‘villain’ but use your head. If that was me how could I just take someone’s word? Even a man like Steve Rogers. If something happened because Bucky in MCU is very much a wild card, then you’d just feel even more like shit?? then everyone would continue to blame you because I think they all have a secret ‘blame tony for everything’ club. oh it’s raining? tony whaT DID U DO.

and pls, look at how bucky get’s the shield in the comics & who gives it to him. 

Stop shitting on Tony Stark about a movie that won’t even fucking come out until next year. Honestly, you read five spoilers, read the comics (EVEN THOUGH MCU CIVIL WAR IS DIFFERENT, TONY IS NOT SOME SPITEFUL PRICK also I’m not saying he’s a spiteful prick in the comics, I’m just trying to get people to open their eyes to maybe, for five seconds, look at this through tony’s eyes) & people think they know the entire plot of the movie.

mcu does take some things from the comics, yes, but it’s not a 100% adaption.

Highschool Kylux AU in which there is this nerdy, fragile and posh looking guy Hux and the badass looking punk Kyle-or-something-Ren.

Little do people know that not everything is the way it looks.

Hux is in fact a son of a local mafia leader and is also a pretty violent bully. He always gets what he wants and is not afraid to beat up a man to death to get what he desires. He’s been always doing this solo but having a henchman could always be handy. Someone scary looking because let’s be honest he does not really look very intimidating and nobody takes him seriously until he rips their teeth out of their cakehole.

One day he hears bunch of girls talking about this Kyle..Kylo-whatever-guy. That he really does look scary and that he definitely beats up all those guys at school which he totally does not because that was Hux’s work and that he probably killed a man or two as well. Hux is impressed and definitely wants this guy by his side when shit gets real.

Hux approaches Kylo and is not disappointed. He indeed looks like he killed a man or two except that manbun, that manbun is not very intimidating, honey

Kylo is a bit shocked by that redhead’s request to be his partner in crime but sure, why the hell not not like he was SERIOUS serious, right + he is pretty hot and perhaps they are gonna fuck too who knows

So they start hanging out. Hux tells Kylo which is actually not even his real name because no, no mom it’s not a phase Kylo Ren sounds much cooler than Benjamin Solo. Ugh, mom no, you don’t understand. Yes, mom I have my snacks packed…Mom no…yes, her name IS Phasma and she is actually pretty cool. MOM YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND BYE that he wants to run the family business one day and it would be amazing to have more people like Ren. Kylo does not really understand what he means by it just thinks Hux is a bit weird but so damn hot but nods and agrees with him.

When it comes to their “first time” aka this-guy-owes-me-for-breathing-let’s-beat-him-up time, Hux finds out that not only Kylo is a huge softie but also can’t stand the sight of blood and in the best scenario even faints. At first he can’t believe it and is absolutely pissed off but then just rolls with it because he got what he wanted. A guy people are afraid of. So he ends up bringing him to every “beating” and if scaring the shit out of them with Kylo’s menacing look does not do the work he just beats the living hell out of them himself.

But no matter what, everyone still thinks it’s Kylo’s work and nobody understands why he drags that nerd with him everywhere.

Under different circumstances Hux would get rid of that manbaby but man, if only he would not look so damn hot without his clothes on and let’s be honest he likes being fucked on that motorbike as well and that manbun…yeah, that manbun is actually not that bad after all either. So we’ll keep him. For now.

theflamesthesword replied to your post “i read a stucky fic that was similar and had Bucky and Steve playing a…”

but consider: gay chicken amongst the recruits with Roxy being so damn done with these foolish boys and Eggsy and Charlie are champs and end up kissing bc both are cocky lil shits.

Digby, the rich blonde guy, would get real close, but Eggsy’s steely seriousness would make him all flustered, like “this is just a game, mate, you don’t have to be so serious” and Eggsy’s like  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But then Charlie’s like, “I’ll have a go.” They get real close, Eggsy standing a half head shorter, having to look up at Charlie, deathly serious, jaw clenched. Charlie smirks down at him, refusing to lower his head so Eggsy is basically looking up his nose. Eggsy moves in a little closer, their toes are past each other, chests pressed against each other, noses sliding against each other, lips a hair’s breadth apart, neither breathing. 

Now it’s Eggsy’s turn to smirk as he can feel Charlie tense, tightness coming into the corners of his mouth. Eggsy breathes out through his nose to watch Charlie wince a little. 

“Scared, Hesketh?” Eggsy whispers so no one but Charlie can hear him. The light exhale on the TH at the end of his name makes Charlie shiver involuntarily. No one in the room is breathing.

Then Charlie flashes forward, hands coming to either side of Eggsy’s jaw as he crashes their mouths together, teeth cutting Eggsy’s lip as it gets caught between them, their kiss completely uncoordinated. Every other recruit lets out a little gasp. No one was quite prepared for this level of commitment to gay chicken. 

Charlie comes up for air after what feels like an eternity, and shoves Eggsy away from him, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand, glaring. Eggsy swaggers backwards, licking the blood from his lip, and throws a wink at Charlie.

“See, Hesketh? Nothing to be scared of. Everyone wants a piece of Eggsy once in a while.”

How bad can a good girl get?(Losers part II)


{A/N} I was gonna make everything happy and shit at the end but then I realized that that’s not realistic so get your tissues and get your hand ready to type shit because some of you might be pissed or you might be shocked idk. Now guys the shit is about to get real as fuck so hold on to your devices.

(Y/H/C) = You hair color

“Y/N!!!” You heard Michael’s voice yell, but you didn’t stop walking; you were pissed.
Rage and hurt filled your now purple veins, and you swear you might have literally been emitting smoke out of your ears.
As you pushed past people in the crowded hall you thought back to the fact that you had just left class before it started, which may or may not affect your grade and or reputation with teachers; but you honestly didn’t care.
You made a left turn for the girls bathroom and locked the door behind you.
You stared into the dirty bathroom mirror and looked at your reflection.
Your normal (Y/H/C) had now fallen to a flat state down by your shoulders, and you eyes carried tears that threatened to spill; but you sucked them up.
You knew crying would do nothing especially when your tears wouldn’t fix the situation.
You leaned on the counter so you could get a better look of your face.
‘Crying is pathetic when it’s for boy’ You tried to remember, that was something your mom had always told you, she also said it would 'Save water for your body’ Or something like that.
Once you were fully composed you pulled your hair into a bun and walked to your next class, which just so happened to be with Michael.
You pushed the heavy door open to the class open, your new found spark of confidence showing slightly. But that even that was easily taken from you when everyone in the class decided to stare at you like an animal in a circus.
“What’s everyone looking at?” You snapped.
'Did I really just do that?’ You asked yourself as you took a seat at the closet desk.
“Perhaps their looking at you because your almost 20 minutes late to my class?”
Mrs. Gonzales asked sarcastically.
“Please.” She started “Get up and tell the class why you weren’t here.”
You whipped your head up to look at her; annoyed.
“I was taking a leek.” You spoke, causing a few people in the class to laugh
The teacher looked at you with a look of shock, probably not use to that kind of time with you.
“Alright Y/N, maybe you’ll have time to think of a better response while your siting in detention.”
Any other time you might have begged the teacher for mercy, you might have even fallen to the floor and cried being that you’d you never even been to detention before, but now you couldn’t even care.
You gave the teacher a glance over before she continued teaching.

After that long class and an even longer rant from your teacher you had finally been dismissed from class, and there was still no sign of Michael.
You were sitting at your locker, waiting for your mom to pick you up when that guy from earlier (Who you knew as Calum) was heading toward you.
“Hey. Y/N, right?” He asked, holding his hand out for you to shake it.
You looked down at it and snarled.
“Yeah.” You spoke, slamming your locker. “What’d you need?” You asked.
“I just, I wanted to see if you were okay.. Michael was pretty rude earlier. I saw you crying.” You looked at him side ways, shocked that he wasn’t acting like Michael.
“Oh. I’m okay, thanks for asking!!” You spoke happily.
“If you ever wanna get back at him let hit me up.” He spoke before starting away, and you were confused at his comment.
“Wait!!” You spoke, and he turned around.
“What do you mean 'get back at him?’ You asked, and he smirked.
“Well. I mean it’s no secret, Mikey’s an ass.” He stated flatly flatly as he leaned against a locker.
“Sometimes I just wanna punch the shit out of him, give him a taste of his own medicine
and for a pretty little thing like yourself I’d be willing to help.”
“Well what do you have in mind?” You asked with a laugh.
“Hmm, how about this. Have you ever heard the sing how to be a heart breaker?”
“Yeah. But I don’t see-” You were cut off when you saw Michael walking down the hall, obviously looking for you.
“Quick Calum kiss me!!” You whispered and he looked at you with shock.
“What? Why do you want me to kiss you?”
“Calum just come down here and kiss me” You spoke, referencing to his height
“Oh my god your acting stupid.”
“No I’m not why do you want me to kiss you? Is this how you wanna get to Michael?”
“Michael is right behind you you dipshit!” You spoke and he smiled.
“I like how you think Y/N.” He nodded, brining his face down to yours.
At first, you expected the kiss to be awkward, but it wasn’t.
Calum’s lips were soft, yet plump, giving the kiss a great amount of depth.
He grabbed the back of your head with one hand while the other rested on the small of your back, pulling you closer to him. Every so often he would pull your bottom lip between his teeth. Something Michael never did; and you liked it.
“Get a room.” You heard a voice speak jokingly. 'Michael’ You thought, and your heart started to pound loudly.
Calum, took his large hands and grabbed your face, shielding it from Michael’s vision as he kept his lips connect to yours.
“Is he still there?” You asked, but Calum didn’t look back.
“I’m not sure.” He spoke into the kiss.
“But I’d love to kiss you all day, s'nice” He spoke, and you pulled away slowly, looking both ways before slapping his chest; trying not to blush.
“So… What’s the next step of this… plan?” You asked.
“There’s a party tonight, at my place of course. And Michael should be there, so get out your most risqué outfit because your my date.”
“Risqué?” You asked. “I barely own anything that’s shorter that what I have on now.” You sighed looking down at your jean shorts.
“You’ll just borrow something from someone else now won’t you pumpkin.”
Once you got home you ran straight up stairs, not even bothering to say 'Hi’ to your mum.
Calum had told you the party started at 9, but that he’d pick you up earlier so that you could talk over your 'Plan’.
You had some how managed to get Y/F/N to let you borrow on of her dresses, in return you tell her the address of where the party was being held so she could 'Turn up.” So the only thing you had to worry about now was your makeup.
“Is that you Y/N?” You mom called out. “Yes.” You answered.
“Im going out with Regina. Don’t leave without telling me first.” She spoke before you heard the front door slam shut.
“Love you too mom” You spoke sarcastically to yourself.
After a quick shower you realized it was almost 8, so you slipped a towel around your waist and begun doing your hair and make up.
You threw your hair into a quick messy bun to get it out of your face while you applied your foundation.
Next you gave your cheeks a quick swipe with some blush the you did a simple smokey eye.
You started to apply your eyeliner when there was knock at your door.
You looked down at your phone, realizing it was only 6:30.
You slipped out of your bedroom and down the stairs. Looking through the peep hole to reveal an anxious looking Calum.
(Did yall think it was Michael?)
You swung the door open and Calum’s eyes immediately darted to your almost naked frame.
“Calum it’s only 6:30.” You sighed.
“Well I was going to ask if you wanted to get frozen yogurt. But I'f your occupied I can leave.” He spoke, grinning widely.
Your face immediately turned beet red as you realized what you had done.
“Just. Just come in and sit on the couch.” You dashed back up the stairs.
“You know, I think you should go to the ice cream parlor dressed like that.” He yelled up the stairs as you slipped your towel off and your dress on.
“Of course you would.” You yelled back.
Sometime during getting dressed your phone had started to buzz, but you ignored it, figuring you’d get it later. (Maybe you have picked that up)
“It’s very lonely down here!!” Calum spoke, and you laughed.
“You can come up here.” Yelled, and he darted up the stairs.
“There are too many rooms up here. Which one are you in?” He asked, and you told him.
A few seconds later he came busting though the door.
He looked you up and down as you stood there.
The dress you had borrowed was simple, it was red with a few peekaboo slits in the side, styled with a black pair of pumps.
“You look, beautiful.” He spoke, and you smile at him.
“Thanks you.” You smiled, and Calum went towards the large three panel windows.
You started to look through your make up bag trying to find your red lipstick, thinking of all the places you could’ve had it when Calum’s voice pulled from your thoughts.
“Uh, Y/N?” He asked.
“If your hungry there’s food in-”
“I’m not hungry Y/N, Michael’s in the drive way.”
“What?” You asked thinking he was kidding.
“ Michael. Clifford. Is. In. Your. Drive. Way.” He said again, and you stared to the window to see for yourself.
There he was. A red heart shaped box in his hand, along with one of those over sided teddy bear that you’d always wanted.
“I think he’s come to apologize.” Calum said, almost as if he where upset.
“Calum what do I do? What about the plan?”
Calum ran a hand through his hair as he let out a sigh.
“You’ve gotta do what’s best for you my friend.” He spoke, putting an odd amount of emphasis on 'Friend’
Before you could ask another question Michael’s heavy hands were knocking on the door and you froze.
“Y/N you have to go get the door.” Calum reminded you. And you smiled.
Slowly but surely you made your way down the stairs, thinking unnecessarily negative things as you did.
'What if he didn’t mean it?’
'But what if he did?’
'What If he really does love you?’
'What If he doesn’t?’
You grabbed the handle of the door tightly holding your breath as you opened it.
Once your opened it, Michael looked at you intently, as if he were searching for something.

“I’m so fucking sorry.” He started. “And before you say anything, I want you to know that you have every right to hate me, I was an ass, and I talked down to you, you didn’t deserve to be called a quick fuck or any of the other shit I said about you. I was trying to make it seem like I was cool, but it didn’t mean I had to talk down to you or make you feel bad for having sex with me, when you shouldn’t have. I made you feel like an object and your not, your a beautiful girl who deserves more that what a guy like me can offer, so if I were you, I would brake up with me. Im a piece of shit and I know it.” You were surprised. He actually just apologized, for the first time in as long as you’ve known him he actually owned up to doing something wrong, and you have to admit it takes a lot of balls, especially when you know your wrong.

But was it enough?





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