shit id be gone

Fun fact- traumatic experiences often cause the hippocampus to shrink, which also leads to memory issues and explains “repressed” memories. people with ptsd have to process their trauma in order for the hippocampus to regain its size, so anyway don’t let ppl brush off your reactions to trauma bc it’s not only psychological but also physiologically significant as well and affects your brain function

  • Sam: So for this super secret mission we need code names.
  • Sam: I'm Eagle One
  • Sam: Astrid is "been there done that"
  • Astrid: Okay, fair
  • Sam: Edilio is "it happened once in a dream"
  • Edilio: alright then
  • Sam: Quinn is "currently doing that"
  • Quinn: you know it brah *winks*
  • Sam: Diana is "if I had to pick a gal"
  • Diana: You and half of Perdido Beach
  • Sam: And Dekka is...
  • Dekka: *holds breath*
  • Sam: Eagle Two
  • Dekka: Oh thank god
  • Sam: so who's ready to raid the grocery store at 2am for nutella!BECAUSE I AM
  • n: what the hell ken i told you to watch my stuff, my bag and jacket are gone, what have you been doing for the past 2 hours?
  • ken: what do you mean, leo hasnt moved an inch since you left?
  • n: ken someone stole my wallet and passport
  • ken: that doesnt sound like a thank you to me i mean leo tried to go to get coffee like 3 times and i stopped him by sitting on him for 2 hours. youre welcome, you ungrateful jerk
  • n:
  • n: i have never wanted to hurt someone as much as i want to hurt you right now

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Hey dave what would you do if john just randomly kissed you? Like you guys were playing video games or something and he just leaned over, kissed you, then pretended it was normal

DAVE: john randomly kissing me


DAVE: oh god the odds of that happening are so fucking slim but id probably just curl up in a ball and let him win whatever shit game were playing because holy fuck id have died and gone to heaven

DAVE: heavenly chorus and all that shit i will ascend to my god tier early

DAVE: and fuck off im not blushing i just suddenly caught a rare sudden fever