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game of thrones meme ♕ [ 2/4 ] deaths ♕ Robb Stark

Robb had broken his word, but Catelyn kept hers. She tugged hard on Aegon’s hair and sawed at his neck until the blade grated on bone. Blood ran hot over her fingers. His little bells were ringing, ringing, ringing, and the drum went boom doom boom.


So just between us, everybody’s putting on a really brave face but I think they’re all really scared because I can’t imagine losing you… It’s too much to imagine but that is not going to happen, is it? My man is too strong for that. So why don’t you surprise us all and open those beautiful blue eyes and take my breath away like you know you do. Just open those eyes. And see me like no eyes ever have. And I’ll be right here waiting.

People who don’t fucking play Overwatch trying to get into its shipping discourse anyway, exhibit A

How do I even break this down

- Roadhog is Maori-coded af

- Most of the people I know who ship roadrat are mlm, nb, or both, but nice implication that only fetishistic straight women ever like m/m ships buddy

- There are so many goddamn potential interracial crack ships in this game that don’t involve pushing an ugly gay-coded adhd chaos vermin into some awkward adam-sandler-esque relationship with a neat pretty order-obsessed autistic woman who would probably hate his guts.

- Potentially canon gay relationships involving a fat man with ptsd and a mentally-ill physically-disabled man are boring and overdone and should be tossed out for the above, I GUESS.

Because honestly, I’m shit of a person. I hurt everyone around me, not in purpose, no. But I do and that’s as bad as if I meant to. So if you can, you better stay away from me. Because I’m torturing myself and I don’t want to hurt you like this, too. I’m poisonous and that’s all I’ll ever be.
—  save yourself, because I can’t do it for you // 25.1.16 - 19:53
고마워 (Thank you)

Words: 911 (which is the number I’m going to need to call after all this mixtape emotions and writing this little fic. shit.)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Love.

A/N: I’m so sorry this is probably such a mess, because my emotions towards Yoongi are such a mess right now, but…I wrote this to reflect how I feel, and I’m sure it’s how other feel too, so I figure I’ll post it.

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The world is barely awake, but you can hear birds chirping nearby, and the quite sound of tires on pavement as cars crawl up the road. The bedroom of Yoongi’s second story loft is dark—the curtains drawn, because Yoongi likes to sleep in—and you can’t say that you disagree with the notion of sleeping in, but Yoongi always sleeps a bit too long.

Smiling at the thought and the burst of sentiment that accompanies it, you finally open your eyes, love filling your heart and a giggle threatening to snake through your grinning lips as you find yourself face to face with the man himself.

His frizzy blond hair looks like a bird’s nest, stuck up towards the ceiling, but his face is peaceful. There are no lines of stress or worry—just slightly parted lips and snuggly shut eyes. The picturesque scene contradicts his normal image—the rapper known as Suga. Here, just like this, he has no bold edges, no sharp tongue, no spark of anger or confusion in his dark eyes. Here he doesn’t have to worry about people seeing him, judging him, picking his life apart with each photo and word and lyric.

Here, in this bed with you, he is solely Yoongi. A mess of a boy, with plenty of flaws, and plenty of hardships, but an endless amount of perseverance and passion. A boy who struggles, and admits his faults, but who is so honest with his thoughts and his problems with himself that you can’t describe him as anything other than perfect. So perfect— fragile in so many ways—and yet unbreakable.

And you understand, in knowing him so closely, in loving him so endlessly, that he has felt lonely. That he has been scared, and upset, and frustrated. But…you also know that he has love. He has patience. He has happiness.

He smiles and laughs. He fools around with his group members and creates memories—weaves them into the fabric of his mind and crafts a shield so bright and wonderful, that most days it withstands the barrage of doubts and depression.

Yoongi is Yoongi.

A palate of colors—a dash of anger, a pinch of loneliness, a sprinkle of self-hate—but a whopping handful of perseverance. Of determination. Of everything that enables him to run faster and harder, to accomplish his goals and reach for the clouds, and make his dreams true.

A man who holds the key to your heart, and tugs the strings of many others. A man so raw and real that people sit with their mouths agape listening to him spit fire and emotion, tears in their eyes when they hear his lyrics.

Even now, you think, smiling widely, cheeks wet.

Even now…in the early hours of the morning, looking like a little, menacing puff ball, curled up under the dark sheets with his hair sticking out every which way—Min Yoongi never ceases to amaze you.

“I love you,” you whisper, voice choked on tears. Your hand smoothes down his unruly hair, clearing a patch of skin on his forehead so you can press your lips to the lightly tanned skin.

“Y/N?” Yoongi mumbles, voice gruff and tired. He shifts under the covers, a little disoriented, but stills when he feels your soft lips press to his cheek, his lips, his jaw…

“What’s the occasion?” he questions, smirk lazy as he pushes up onto his elbows, eyes gliding over to where you’re now sitting. It seems he hasn’t noticed your tears yet, but he does the moment you sniffle and laugh, moving your hands to hurriedly brush them away.

“Hey—,” he begins softly, worry in his eyes as he reaches a hand out and places it on your cheek, but you cut him off.

“The occasion,” you say, leaning into his touch, eyes tender as your lift your hand and cover his larger one. “Is you.”


“For being so amazing,” you whisper, eyes closing as you drag his hand to your lips, kissing every knuckle lightly. When you finally look at him again, Yoongi is staring, mouth open, emotion swimming in his eyes.

“…you know me,” he says, voice so quite you barely hear him. And you nod, knowing that by even being in this position with you he’s baring his all—his soul, his thoughts, everything.

“I know you,” you agree, holding his gaze steady. “And I love every bit of everything I know.”

At that, Yoongi tightens his grip on your hand—tugs you in, connects your lips. He holds you tight as he kisses you, as he shows you just how much those words mean to him. How much you mean to him in return.

Yoongi kisses away your tears and showers your body with his emotion—his gratitude and understanding. In the way that you love him he loves you right back, whispering your name and thanks and little sly remarks that have you smiling with laughter.

Min Yoongi kisses you and loves you, and assures you through his touches that just as you’re his, he is yours. And when he is finally satisfied with his work, and your rosy cheeks and flushed skin, and the love kindled between you, he tugs you into his side—nestles his head against your shoulder and his words into your heart.

“Thank you,” he says, content. Unwavering.

“Until forever,” you assure, and with ache in his heart, Yoongi smiles.

I love my hearing mother make snide comments about “high waist mom jeans ‘coming back’” and how clothing styles from the 80’s were so ugly as she sits beside me, her daughter, who owns multiple pairs of high-waist pants, skirts, and shorts, and then I especially loved the part where I asked her to stop talking during the film and she said “you’re going to live alone and be an old maid and it’s not going to be fun” like. I love it. I love how she can say things and just totally disregard whether or not it hurts me :)


hey, my name is viki and i’m trash.. actually a big part of me is phan trash but you see.. well just look at me and you see what an ugly piece of shit i am.. (and the girl in the second pic is they-will-never-know-me she’s pretty rad and my best friend soo.. i hope you don’t mind if i post this pic?) so.. come talk to me bc i’m a coward who doesn’t message people first..

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