shit i'm not as happy with it as i was last night

Sorry, I’ve been in Bad Mood Central and I can’t find the exit

Last night I looked at all the shit I deleted about you, but I couldn’t help but cry. Because all those pictures of us happy together are no longer a reality, all those texts were now just words sent to me.
—  To my ex

*Jaal Voice* I’m… numb. I’m… in awe…

Last night I reached over 200 followers. Considering I’ve had the blog since February 13th (So 40 odd days) I’m really happy. Never had a blog get so many followers before, especially not in such a small amount of time.

I want my blog to be a happy place away from the hate towards characters or games. I dont want there to be hate here. I dont want people to see their faves being bashed. I also want to make sure that everything is tagged to the best of my ability. I’d like to think that this blog is doing well at those two goals (even if i do shit on bioware’s attitudes towards LGBT once in a while. Its all out of love)

Since I dont do art and I have no money, and I also haven’t started writing fanfiction yet I can’t think of much to offer in terms of a giveaway or anything that I see other blogs do. Maybe if I reach 500 I’ll see about trying to organise something?

Anyway, just thought I’d say thanks for following me. And if you ever want me to tag something let me know.

Here’s a Pyjak for thanks:

It kills me that I have to give my friends a heads up that I’m dying because this is serious

hhhhhoooOOOOOLLY crap this took days. This started as a sketchdump and then I was like “nah better color it and spend too much time on it till it’s dead o'clock.” I kinda enjoy the final product at least, so there’s that.
Our two lovely heroines from the ATLA!au unleashing two cans of whoop ass on somebody. @mirsan’s interpretation was that Kagome was like the new avatar (so she’s in her avatar state) and Sango is an earth bender who mastered metal bending (hence the chain whip thing). Overall I’m super happy I got some Sango art colored since the last piece of her and a certain monk has yet to be inked (blame college, not me). Before I ramble anymore, I seriously need to sleep. Night all🤘


There was a thunderstorm last night and I couldn’t sleep, so I finished one of Akashi’s birthday presents.

This is so late now, but a cute AU art thingie for @ginrou. I totally meant to draw something sooner, but I lost track of time and I also have a shit memory D: I wasn’t sure if I was gonna include their Pokemon or not. Maybe next time! I had fun drawing this and it makes me want to doodles some things for my version~ Anywaaay..Happy Super Belated Birthday XDD;

Time for a lil’ Green Day related opinion

or tldr; I noticed Green Day getting a shit ton of hate recently, especially after last night’s AMA’s, and I don’t get why

I think most of us have seen Green Day’s recent performance at the AMA’s by now. And as a Green Day fan, I’m proud. I’m proud that the boys have fought their demons, have taken their rest and now they’re back. And it makes me so happy to see them appearing on so many shows, awards, starting their tour and so on. They’re are fighting for their return and for that return we’re all so thankful.

I couldn’t help but notice all the hate they’ve been getting recently on so many websites, hate that sounds like a broken record now (”they’re not punk anymore”, “they should have ended the whole thing after Dookie”, blah blah blah), but I saw this hate escalating on every thing they seem to be doing, especially after their recent perfomance in the AMA’s. 

“No Trump, No KKK, no fascist USA”

I want you to be honest with yourself while answering the question: Are they really wrong? I’ve read comments like:

”Ugh Green Day trying to be rebels with lyrics that don’t make sense, ew you’re still wearing eyeliner”
“Oh there come the liberals, trying to cancel the voice of democracy they so love”

“Fyi, KKK had a bigger connection with Hillary than it did with Trump”

Aaaaand I think that’s where the point is lost. 

Let me get this straight. I’m not American. But I was born in a country that invented democracy in the first place and at the same time in a country that abused democracy a million times by choosing all the wrong people to be responsible for it.

But Americans, in a process that is democratic (no one can argue about that) chose a racist, sexist hypocrite to run their country. Friends in the US are telling me almost every day that minorities, POC, people of the LGBT+ community are being bullied in schools, campuses and streets every day since he got elected. And for women? Don’t even get me started there. And most probably it’ll get worse. By the way, mentioning the KKK isn’t about proving a connection to Trump, but to show you that what’s going to happen next, is that the USA is going back 60 years. 

Caring about fixing things doesn’t always have to do with names, with political parties, with all that crap. Sometimes it has to do with just being a human, with just choosing the right thing to do. Sure, you can’t ignore democracy, but there is already a problem if people are protesting, and he hasn’t even gone past his inauguration.

Again, you can’t ignore democracy. But there are mistakes that have been made in this world, and some people are using their voice for them not to happen again (like this election for example), in songs, in art, in movies, in theatrical plays.. So while the majority of the other artists are talking about bubble butts, money, drugs and sex, and at the same time, the USA is in big trouble, is really Green Day the problem? 

New followers like nobody's business...

Sooo… Now that I’m sitting at almost 15k… And was at 14.3 last night… I’m gonna go ahead, and do this action:

Hey, folks.
I’m Sean Michael Moreno-Carroll. I’m an actor, a fighter, and a massive nerd with a quick wit, an unending amount of sass, and more ambition than you can shake a stick at. I also have a horrid panache for pissing off tumblr folk by having the unfortunate gift of insight, and an unyielding lack of interest in softening blows for the sake of misplaced comfort.

With that crap outta the way: If you’re still in, awesome. Beyond all the rage-monster, duty-bound, super heavy shit, I’m actually stupid fluffy and happy-go-lucky… Which is most of the time… If you go through my blog there’s more positivity and hope flying around than there is “SEAN SMAAAASH!”… If that makes any damn sense at all…

Anyway, I am 27 years old (28 on November 25th), I’m a believer in the power of intellectual discourse, the sanctity of challenged and challenging thought(s), and the necessity for knowing one’s world, its histories, and one’s own place therein.

I am an Actor, both on screen and stage… I have an agent, I’m union, I’ve worked professionally since 2010, and I’ve done everything from commercials, to multiple seasons on a national series, to industrials, to straight plays, to Shakespeare festivals, to Renaissance Festivals… It’s what I trained a good portion of my life for, it’s what I love, and it’s what I studied in college.
I also draw, paint, sculpt, write, sing (poorly), and dance.

I’ve studied stage combat since I was a wee lad. And have grown up in it, and with the SAFD (Society of American Fight Directors) because my more adulty peers (rennies who did fight stuff) were awesome, and thoroughly better parental figures than my Mom was.

To that previous point, I also grew up at Ren Faires! Which, if you were/are shocked by my frankness and colorful vocabulary, then that’s is the thing you get to blame for my broken give-a-fuck-er… But you also get to thank it for my endless imagination, stupid humor, and sense of honor.

That all said, I should just lay this one thing aside… I’m sorry you followed, and I’ll do my best not to deal the full breadth of my sarcastic bullshit in a day, but I will also try to do cool things that don’t hurt souls on the regular.

All in all, I’m just some jerk of an art nerd who lives in a constant state of his own mental flux. I also know a LOT of history… A ton. Because reasons…

I also game more than any self-respecting adult should, because fuck you, that’s why.

Console, PC, board, D20 anything ever, cards, warhammer… You name it, I have spent too fucking much money on it. And I’m not ashamed of that fact. Not one bit.

Gamer Tag on XBLive is Darth Panda1127.
Hit me up if you want, but I reserve the right to ignore you. No offense. I’m just a social recluse when I wanna be… Which is usually.

That pretty much sums me up. If you want more detail, READ. That’s pretty much the whole point of this whole… Blog… Thing…

Anyway I love your respective faces, and I hope to hear from/make you happy/challenge you to feel and be better, soon.

Rainy day

 Super long chapter, I couldn’t seem to find a good place to cut it so I kept going. Real sorry about that.

Special thanks to ladytitanium for requesting some rain fluff <3

But apparently I cant just make happy chapters so make sure to blame kitsunaii and dinkywitch for the pain.

[Sans Days] [First] [2] [3] [4] [Previous] [Next] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14]

Warnings: Bad weather, self indulgent fluff, scares, swearing, threats, body horror? (Yeah you already know what’s going down ahaha I’m so sorry)

Update: Look there’s fanart for this chapter! And here’s some more! 

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Last night I had to peripherally start Neo on my patient when they’re pressure tanked because despite the day nurse’s best efforts the crit care doc didn’t put a central line in them. Then this morning when that doc came in he was like, “So, he’s on vasopressors and he doesn’t have a central line, right?”

Originally posted by thankformakingmeafighter

No motherfucker, you didn’t put one in yesterday and we don’t have crit care docs over night!

you guys remember that post joolabee made about steve jumping on the grenade and how that was what made him so great?? well apparently that post inspired me so much that i learned to cross-stitch just to express my emotions. i’ve been working on this since mid january and finished it last night! i need to iron out the wrinkles and i can still see mistakes but i’m so so so proud of and happy with it. for real, guys.

( hamptonxoliver this is the cross-stitch i told you about that one time!!)


KTX Stream

we did it guys. Katie, intertwinedemotion is now going to RTX and doesnt have to worry about her medical bills.

i’m so blown away that we managed to reach the $1,300 goal in the 11 hours of streaming that we did today. holy shit guys. i’m so emotional.

this stream was a last minute idea yesterday while on a plane. i planned on streaming for fun this weekend and then i wanted to dedicate it to katie’s fundraising page that was made last night. and then expectodanielle offered up her house and an oppurtunity to make the stream more entertaining by raging our way through half of halo ce. and then our friends amaury and sam from RTNY offered to help us mod the chat and switch between perspectives. and then Katie and her boyfriend and our good friend acunamatata surprised us halfway through the stream by showing up out of nowhere.

when we reached the goal, katie was crying from joy, i was crying from seeing katie so happy, everyone else was crying. the six of us managed to help run a stream that raised $1,000 for our friend to have a good time that she so greatly deserves. and this is the power of the RT Community. we met through the rt community. we formed our own mini community in our area. and today we advertised this stream to the RT Community via tumblr and the RT site mostly and together we helped a girl get to RTX to spend time with the RT Community.

i’m so floored by everyone’s support and kindness. seriously, i’m still in shock. what started out as an idea of streaming in Katie’s name in my apartment alone to 6 members of the RT Community having so much fun raising money for another. i’m so so so proud to be a part of a community that cares so much about each other.

now, after tonight, not 5/6 but 6/6 of the people in the stream are going to RTX. we’ll see you guys there. <3

(when we raised that $1,300)

saw Deadpool last night

oh my fucking christ guys. i realize that i have like zero followers, and i’m basically just screaming into the void at this point, but i just kinda want to gush. i loved it. i don’t even know where to start. Ryan Reynolds was fucking FANTASTIC. he absolutely nailed it. and i can’t even begin to explain how happy i am that Deadpool was pansexual. like, i’m panromantic and asexual, not pansexual, but it was so gratifying to see a character who i could identify with. not only a character, but a superhero character. it’s one thing to read comics or books, but actually seeing a pan character makes me so happy.

secondly, the movie was sooo fucking FUNNY! i’m 90% percent certain i missed like a quarter of the jokes because of how much i was laughing. the jokes were quick paced and engaging and just! this movie was so great. in fact, i plan to see it again. and while Deadpool was exactly my type of humour, my mummy enjoyed it almost as much as i did.

in conclusion, this movie is the fucking best, and everyone needs to see it! except for children under the age of like, 14 or 15 or something. for real yo, it’s rated R for a reason dipshits.

In The Dark Of The Night

Starter for @sirtarranthightop

The dark sky was covered in bright, shiny stars. Alice found it intriguing, however, not as intriguing as the Hatter, who had invited her out for a stroll.

She had finally returned once again after reuniting the Hatter with his family, and she was more than happy to walk along the grass with Tarrant.

“So, tell me,“ she started, her hands behind her back. “How has everything been since I left last time?”