shit i'm late for school meme

What the signs think when they get up first in the morning
  • Aries: tbh I'm only getting out of bed for food fuck school
  • Taurus: *thinks about sarcastic comments to say to people* haha nice
  • Gemini: I wonder in what way the teacher will fuck me up today
  • Cancer: I'm sad why can't I sleep for 14 hours also why does my face remind me of sad Pepe everytime I look in the mirror
  • Leo: I'm too tired for everyone's shit today *goes outside as a queen*
  • Virgo: I...can' *internal Shia LaBeouf motivational video starts playing* nvm
  • Libra: cute cute cute cute ew cute cute cute
  • Scorpio: groans infinitely
  • Sagittarius: I will one day correct the teacher and idc if she's right
  • Capricorn: [heavy breathing]...more...memes.....
  • Aquarius: thinks about how to approach their crush/how to finally start talking to them/never does it
  • Pisces: daydreams infinitely/ is too late to school