shit i think while i'm watching suits

Just a thought.

I’ve always enjoyed the subtlety of words. 

I was just thinking about the way you can so often say one thing, and mean another. You can mean the opposite, with the right tone. The ability to express some hidden, shared understanding in an indirect, hinted phrase.

I once read that we are each only aware of the world as it is told to us only through our own minds.

No matter how much we tell each other, no matter how we communicate, you will never be able to show anyone else the world as you see it. No one will ever fully understand how you feel, or what you think, as long as we never see or hear or truly connect with anything other than our own thoughts, than our own individual self.

It made me feel so profoundly lonely, in a way I don’t often feel. I was suddenly trapped in my own mind, alone with my thoughts. 

I realised for the first time that no one will ever understand me in the way I understand myself.

And I will never fully understand anyone else.

But we still try. 

We sing, and we write, and we create, and we try to invent new and better ways to express ourselves. We use art to transform ourselves, to translate us into a common language that connects us.

This is why I love words. This is why I love it when he says “I’m fine”, you can hear “I need help.”, or she says “Shut up.”, and you can hear “I love you." 

Even a simple sarcastic exchange, a witty repartee, a hushed conversation of an unspoken topic show me how much we can connect through the impassable void of our own minds.