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Is there meta out there for the times Emma has called Hook out on his shit? I think I'm in need of something like that at the moment

what shit? like his unwavering devotion? repeatedly dying for her? ;)

Honestly, there are only three times I can think of where Emma really let’s Hook have it. And they all involve his actions putting himself and/or Henry in danger:

1. In Neverland when Hook and Neal’s shenanigans over a lighter (over Emma) put the mission to save Henry at risk (and almost gets themselves killed) Emma tears into both Hook and Neal.

but then like 5 min. later this happened…

2. When Zelena made it sound like Hook was in cahoots with her because of the cursed lips, and Emma she couldn’t trust him  - because he didn’t let her know what was going on and it put Henry’s life at risk (though telling would have as well).

but then like 5 min later this happened…

3. After Hook disobeys her command to stay put (stay safe) at the Sheriff’s station Emma gets mad because he almost got himself killed - she yells and then storms off.

but then later this happened…

I’m not really sure what you were looking for - probably not what I just gave you. But I don’t know of any metas on Emma calling Hook out “on his shit”.  Mostly all he did before they got together was pine for her, encouraged her, and fought by her side though every shit storm she found herself in. If he was being flirty and she wasn’t in the mood she’d just rolls her eyes, same when he said something inappropriate, and if the conversation got too emotionally intense Emma tended to just walk away.

Like in The Tower when she presses him about the missing year, and he presses her on her feelings for Walsh, and she opens up but also gets mad, and he tries to say something romantic about her heart being broken, and they almost fucking kiss…but then Emma flees of course and as usual Hook is left there looking like this…

I’m just not sure exactly what kind of thing you are looking for, but if you give me an idea of specific situations you are thinking of I may be able to answer better?