shit i spelled it wrong omg

sil-houttevenus  asked:

I meant to put wrong instead of writ watch some be like omg she's trying to talk shit but she can't even spell so Imma just stop y'all right there and snatch that smart remark some of y'all probably had to say

i can’t spell either 💀💀💀💀💀 i spell like some old man slapped his dick on the keyboard while masturbating to feet 😂

I have a rule and it’s very simple and it goes like this:

if I’m on the phone or on skype or even in person telling someone a spell or something and they’re trying to take notes on what to do

and what I’m saying is making no god damned sense to that person and they’re not able to write it down because they’re too busy going “What the hell did you just say? i put the candle WHERE? I can’t keep track of this shit omg” or whatever

that spell is bullshit

Like, if they can’t follow along enough to even write the steps down, they’re probably not going to get the actual spell itself done

the most important thing is not just that I get out all of the instructions on my end, I want to be sure the other person actually understands what it is I’m telling them to do or else they won’t do it or maybe they will but they’ll do it wrong and both of these outcomes mean I was wasting my breath going through all those spell instructions and I was wasting their time

I don’t want to waste my breath

I don’t want to waste their time!

so if I can’t explain something simply enough for someone else to follow along, I’m going to suggest something else 

and that may be an easier spell to follow along with but it’s not a “lesser” spell or a weaker spell just because it’s easier to understand

that’s my rule

the end