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I’m so tired of elitism in the witchcraft community.

Don’t believe in emoji spells? Don’t use them.

Don’t believe in jar spells? Don’t use them.

Don’t believe in modern witchcraft? Don’t use it.

But you have no right to say what is real and what isn’t real. If modern witchcraft works for people, you don’t have a right to tell them they’re wrong because they weren’t friends with Aleister Crowley in a past life or some shit. You don’t see modern witches bitching at traditional witches because “omg it’s so outdated!! that book is dusty!!”

Seriously, just live and let live. It’s not that hard of a concept.

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Headcanons for vmin if you're fine with it hehe :)


  • slytherpuff soulmates like is there a better combination
  • honestly look at jimin the actual lil fluffball saying FITE ME to everyone who’s taller than him how can tae resist
  • carrying the other around piggyback style
  • tae is a lil upset and jimin flips ‘who hurT U I WILL FUCK THEM UP’
  • somehow jimin always ends up following tae into the dark forest bc ‘i can’t let him go by himself’
  • practicing spells on each other omg 
  • like hair dye spells
  • eating at the other’s table in the great hall and not giving a shit about it
  • jimin lowkey threatening anyone who looks at tae weird
  • “i love you”  “no, i love you  "i love you more“  “NO I LOVE YOU MORE”
  • tae invites jimin over to the hufflepuff common room 
  • and tells him to tap the wrong barrel so jimin ends up soaked in vinegar
  • just. soulmates.

boy i’m definitely gonna draw some of these

My reactions while reading ACOWAR - SPOILERS!

-Who is Ravennia?  Is she coming back?

- Rhys never stopped looking for his family, never stopped fighting for them and his people

- OMG Lucien wants Elain!

- Jurien?  Oh, HELL no!

- Jurien knows of Feyre’s powers?

- Friend at Dawn Court skilled at blending magic and machinery; Lucien knows her…she’s going to play a part in this somehow….

- OMG, twins have mind powers

- Helion Spell-Cleaver, curse-breaking ability….

- Lucien and Ianthe on Calanmai???  Ewwwww…

- Alis knows!!  And approves!

- Holy fuck!  She chose Lucien to stay by her side and had him glow, too

- “When do you come home to me?”  I love him so much!!

- He burned their wings???

- Breaking bargains bears a price…but Hybern broke Rhys and Feyre’s bargain….?  What was his price to pay?

- How are Tamlin and Lucien going to use Hybern to their advantage?

- Who saw her use her Daemati power on the three Children of the Blessed?  Jurien!  But why thank her?

- What are they looking for at the wall?

- Jurien knows Rhys and his true nature and knows Feyre is a spy!  He wants revenge on Miryam and Drakon?

- OMG, they used a bogge to kill them!!  How cunning is she!!!  :) :)

- Why isn’t she healing??

- OMG, she brought Tamlin and Ianthe down, no one respects them

- OMG Alis!  Work your charms on Tarquin for Feyre’s sake!

- Why are her powers weakening?

- So the cauldron will pick up on previous acts of strong power an magnify it…even 500 years later?  What other acts can the cauldron be made to use?

- OMG, poison?

- YESSSS!!!  She’s going back and taking Lucien!!!

- “He can get in line.”!!  HA!!  So much like Ripley’s, “They can bill me!” in Aliens 

- They are reconciling!

- What have the inner circle been doing all this time?


- CASSIAN!!!!!   WINGS!!!!!!!!

-AZRIEL!!!!!!  HEALED!!!!!!!

- Lucien Vanserra

- Amren, “I see you brought home a new pet.”  Poor Lucien, but LOL!

- Rhys about Tamlin, “That piece of shit!”

- Nesta - pointed ears!!  YES!!!

- “Learn hard way”, she’s denying HE is HER mate!

- “If you disregard those rules, I’ll lock you in a room with Amren”  HAHAHAHA!

- Miryam and Drakon - hid centuries ago, but even from friends? 

- What item made Miryam?

- “When you erupt, girl, make sure it is felt across worlds.”  Amren is the shit!

- Azriel, cocky, I like!

- Some humans can claim distant Fae ancestry…are they talking about anyone in particular?

- What’s in the pit at the library?  What in the hell can scare Cassian that bad?


- Why is she having nightmares and (almost) vomiting again?

- Bone Carver = their son!  CALLED IT!!

- The Weaver is his Sister? WTH?  And a brother also?

- What did Cassian wake? What did she rip out w/her teeth and take?  It’s gotta be Nesta…

- It is!

- Koschei is bound by a Fae warrior who’s trace is in the human line…who??

- Ouroboros mirror, window to other worlds…

- Who did Cassian see as the Bone Carver???

- Is Nesta a Death God, too?

- Bird of Fire - Autumn?  Lucien?

- Elain made Az blush!

- Eris…what’s his whole story?

- OMG, AMREN reveals who she is!!??!!

- WHAT did Elain hear?  Don’t dismiss it!  Who is not dead, but crying?  OMG, please not Amarantha!!

- Young hands wither with age; a box of black stone, a feather of fire lands on snow and melts it……OMG, is this  Aelin and Rowan??

- Why not let Elain look into the mirror?

- SHE’S A SEER!!!  Called it

- The 6th Queen! Oh shit, held by Bone Carver’s brother!

- If Lucien’s eye can see spells and glamours, why didn’t he ever see through Feyre’s?  She glamoured her mate tattoo and other stuff while at Spring…

- No, not Summer!  Save them!

- Did Varian tell Amren??

- Yes, he did!!!!!!

- Show them the Court of Dreams!

- Night Triumphant…and the Stars Eternal!

- Wingspan - Rhys!  LMAO!!!!

- Viviane - Oh, I like her!

- Nuan crafted his eye!!!  Yes!  I knew she’d be important later!

- Nesta’s defending Cassian!!  You go girl!

- OMG, is one of the Autumn heirs actually Helions?  (Please be Lucien!)

- Nesta - what feels wrong?



- Jurien….ally???

- Tamlin, that FUCKING TOOL!!!!!


- “We’re all broken,” More said.  “In our own ways, in places no one might see….”  Ummm….recycling “We all have scars, some are just more visible than others”???


- OMG, THE SURIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- OMG, the Suriel is doing anything to save Feyre!!

- OMG, is she running them into the WEAVER?


- The Suriel = A DREAMER!  My heart is broken!!!!

- Why is Helion even there?


- Amren, lol!


- LMFAO Tarquin!  “We’ll alternate who has to deal with them on holidays.”

- Why was Nesta staring at Azriel?

- SHIT!  Cauldron took Elain??

- Rhys!  Commander speech to Feyre!  Wait, did she mimic the broken hand, too?  

- Are Elain and Az….?

- OMFG, Tamlin saved her!  His wind…?

- 3 Archeron sister in bed again…SOMEONE DRAW THIS PLEASE!

- Really?  She’s been so strong about everything in her life and she chooses THIS to be afraid to admit??  Weak character writing…

- What exactly did the mirror show her??  SOMEONE DRAW FEYRE AND THE MIRROR!!



- No way the Bone Carver’s dead!!

- Oh guess so


- Amren….what….?


- High Lords come together in a big way - you bet your ass!

- AMREN!!!!!!!!!!!!  YESSSSS!

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Sorry, gotta call ya on a few things. Rick did NOT go out on a run for Michonne's spearmint and baking soda toothpaste. She was just joking for godssake. C'mon, you know better than that. Talk about finding a needle in a haystack. He was looking for food for his starving community. Please re-watch 6x10 with an honest eye. And yes he reached over and rubbed her knee for a sec in the front seat of the rv. Is that some kind of public declaration of undying love? Or a small acknowledgment

Oh for fuck’s sake, that was tongue in cheek.

Obviously that is not the only reason why he went out.  But you best believe that was part of his list of “things to get” after she made mention of it.  She was out of toothpaste, after running through all available toothpaste in the house (hers, Rick’s, Carl’s).  Hell, she knew she was out–she’s not crazy.  She said that to make sure Rick got the “hint.”  And he’s not obtuse, and he did.  The woman went and brushed her teeth for twenty-fucking-minutes.  You better believe she is serious about her dental hygiene. 

And yes he reached over and rubbed her knee for a sec in the front seat of the rv. Is that some kind of public declaration of undying love? Or a small acknowledgment

Man, you sound salty as fuck right now.  Who’s the delusional one now?

1. It was more than a second.  And a PDA?  DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT PDA STANDS FOR?  Let me help you out:

THE FIRST FUCKING WORD IS PUBLIC.  THE SECOND IS DISPLAY.  And last?  AFFECTION.  PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION.  He’s driving, he has his woman sit up front with him, then fondles her knee, going to her outer thigh, until she grabs his hand and makes it a hand hold.  He looks over at her smug as fuck.  He is telling everyone who is watching (which is pretty much just Jesus, but a good chunk of Team Fam is riding there, too, and he’s not looking backward to double check–he’s looking at the road, then her) that they are together; that is his lady.  You wanna downplay it cause it doesn’t suit you.  Doesn’t change the facts, mmkay?

All you sour grapes having mofos need to get the fuck over it already: Rick loves Michonne.  And even if you can’t comprehend that, you can at least comprehend that he cares for her quite deeply to the point where he will 1)uproot everyone to move hundreds of miles to a destination to just see if it will work FOR HER and that he will 2) turn over his weapon to her repeatedly in order to get into her good graces and that he 3) asked her to mother his son/children, the most precious things in the world to him or 4) will do a total one-eighty on his plans because he wants to be on the same page as her.

I feel like the show is spelling it out quite simply, and yet, simple ass folks still don’t get it.  Now that the rest of you hating ass fools KNOW Michonne doesn’t have a date with Lucille, they wanna say she’s going to die later in the season because, “Rabble rabble, rabble REASONS!”  OMG get the flying fuck out already.

I know this anon didn’t mention that, but I know that anon is coming, so I wanted to get that shit out of the way NOW.  Furthermore?

Y’all are messing with the wrong one.  My article for BlackGirlNerds?  It got approved.  I have a voice.  Oh, y’all wanna try like hell to silence Michonne…fucked up ass hackers even attempted to silence The Geek Initiative for having an all women of color panel at Wizard World Philly [I mention it as I was part of that panel].  I just want y’all to know: I’m not just on Tumblr.  Hell, I’m not just on TGI or BGN.  Just give me time.  I will speak for those who can’t.

I have a rule and it’s very simple and it goes like this:

if I’m on the phone or on skype or even in person telling someone a spell or something and they’re trying to take notes on what to do

and what I’m saying is making no god damned sense to that person and they’re not able to write it down because they’re too busy going “What the hell did you just say? i put the candle WHERE? I can’t keep track of this shit omg” or whatever

that spell is bullshit

Like, if they can’t follow along enough to even write the steps down, they’re probably not going to get the actual spell itself done

the most important thing is not just that I get out all of the instructions on my end, I want to be sure the other person actually understands what it is I’m telling them to do or else they won’t do it or maybe they will but they’ll do it wrong and both of these outcomes mean I was wasting my breath going through all those spell instructions and I was wasting their time

I don’t want to waste my breath

I don’t want to waste their time!

so if I can’t explain something simply enough for someone else to follow along, I’m going to suggest something else 

and that may be an easier spell to follow along with but it’s not a “lesser” spell or a weaker spell just because it’s easier to understand

that’s my rule

the end