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Rip My Heart Out

Sequel to Say Anything. Pete can’t leave you alone and you’re not sure how you feel about it. No smut this chapter, unfortunately. But lots of sexual tension.

I know I said there would probably only be one more part after this but I’m thinking it might be a little longer…Not sure yet.

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Guess who came back from the grave after… holy shit.. 3 years??

I am deep in Ice skating hell, if you didn’t notice

Here’s a fanart for @kazliin‘s  brilliant fix that I’m also obsessed with. it’s from a scene from chapter 9, it’s not that accurate to the fic, but screw it, my skills are rusty and shitty. Now revered author, let me knell at your legs for giving me my YOI fix after the show ends

I’m sorry for the bad anatomy, messy lines and everything else, I drew this on a plane. Thank heavens everyone beside me are dead asleep.. I cannot explain myself if they saw this Q__Q (also, Victor why are you an Ikemen? Cannot draw ikemen!! ugh you are so haarrddd to drawwww)

also, holy shet I drew sex scenes. I’m now booked to hell

alright children.. gather round..its time 2 hear the story of me . ya boy @actualbrendonurie, meeting panic! at the disco.. this is gonna be long as fuck...

ok so like first off it’s terrifying standing in line, its hot as dicks and i was nervous af, when we were walking closer i  was like “whos that” and kale yelled “who the FUCK do you think it is” and of course it was Zack and he looked at me and i gave sort of a sad dying smile. When people actually starting filing in it was…intense.. we got free pepsis and got to hear their soundcheck tho (which i recorded all of). Oliver @tinybren​ was at the very beginning so he walked out when we were still waiting and he told us about it which was Scary. And when we got into the like little…house..bungalow ….thing.. they were in i’m at least 99.9% sure they kept  hearing me repeat “what the mcfuck” at least like 15 times.. Very nervous.. i also slapped myself like 30 times which my sunburn…now moving on…

when i was the next person in line Zack was fucking around with a walker and we had A Moment. Where i’m sure he thought I was an idiot, it’s fine it’s chill.. when he waved me to go next it was like… heart stopped i swear….i fumbled with the presents and walked up to kenny and shook his hand but since i had the wrong hand out (holding presents with one hello) i ended up bending awkwardly and kinda fucking up but he was nice so its cool, he was like “hi i’m kenny” and i was like “hiiii my name is actually…Brendon, too” and i looked at brendon and i was shit man. like shit fuck. that boy is drop dead gorgeous i swear to god.

the first thing that popped into my head was “oh my god he’s 3D” and it felt kinda like slowmo?? bc i was just taking in his features, like we r the same height and i could see EvERYTHING, his eyes, the hat, his freckles, his smile, the nose, eyebrows, lips, everything. It was….intense… he is honestly such a beautiful dude and hes so gorgeous irl like wow shit fuck i gayed the fuck out. anyways, so i was like “my names actually brendon too” and i heard a few “woah”s from dan and dallon and kenny was like “whaaaaaaaaaaaat” and brendon made a little face and he was like “thats pretty cool!!” and we shook hands weirdly too because he put the wrong hand out too because he’s an Evil Tyrant and he smiled at me and i….i melted…like a popsicle on a hot ass sidewalk.. i just kinda like shoved my gifts at him, less violently than it sounds, and i was like “my MUM WANTED TO GET YOU STUFF TOO ITS NOT ALL FROM ME” and his face did that thing he know the face…when his eyebrows scrunch together and his mouth slowly opens into the :0 shape, he did that only his eys got HUGE and he was like “holy shit” and like i gave him a hat (jat), a tie, and 2 frank vinyls and he kinda moved the stuff to see the frank vinyls and his eyes got bigger and he was like “holy shit???? thank you so much? thank your mom so much” and idk i did get the other guys stuff but i put it in the letter fjhdfjgdhj ok the letters

i had 2 letters, one from me and one from sunny @jupllter​​ and i drew…stuff…on them…fhdjhdgjdfj. I drew like 3 dat bois on mine (also wrote dem boys! at the disco because?? i hate myself) and it was on top of sunnys so it was the first he saw and he pointed at one and went completely serious and he was like “you know that’s me right?” And then broke into the biggest most beautiful bright smile and laughed and i smiled and died a lil and i was like ofc and i moved onto dallon who was Beautiful As Hell holy shit and he was like “hi im dallon james weekes” and i was like “hi i appreciate your tallness” and he smiled wider and laughed a lil and i shook dans hand and i was thinking like “WHAT DO I APPRECIATE” i almost said his drums but that wouldve sounded weird so i just shook and kinda squeaked out “hi” and stared for a minute and then traveled back to the middle and Brendon was handing the presents to Zack and he was like “honestly thank you again so much and your mom” and i was like “aaA she loves you and this is gospel so much” and he got all smiley and happy and i screamed inside

now moving onto pose….i wanted 2 propose originally and then i saw him proposing to someone and i was like Yes and its good i did bc my knees fucked up and i forgot my brace jfdkgjk so i was like “so i was WONDERING…” and he stared at me and cocked his lil puppy head to one side and was listening intensely and i died…ufk.. i mean its brendon urie come on…. anyways i was like “i would do it myself but i have a bad knee so i was wondering for the photo if you could maybe??? propose to me??” and my voice got kinda high and his eyes lit up and he nodded and he was like “oh! yeah sure! just let me get on my knees for you” …… shut up.. hdfjfgjkgj i watched him like scramble down and fix his shirt and i thought “he has a tiny lil knee” anssdsdjhfhjjdfhdjfdg and he stuck his hands up and  i just kinda…..grabbed them… NOT WEIRDLY…. i saw someone else do it and i was like “yeah sure why not” and they were soft and firm and like i’ll never forget them?? god bless america/? ive talked about how A+ his hands are before but theyre even better irl i swear to u.. i didnt look at the camera bc i was like thinking to myself “wow his hands are nice” and then i realised and turned right when jake took the pic jhsdshjfgjrjhfhsjgdn oops

so i was like kinda stumbling away and like kenny stopped me and he was like “so ur names brendon two..?” and he was holding up 2 fingers but for some reason my brain didnt process it so i thought he was asking if i was named brandon?? i dont/?? ii dont know?? and i was like frozen for a sec and he was staring and i was like “nOO haA just brendon” and then brendon peered around me and i think put his hand on my shoulder and he was all serious and confused and he was like “no no but your middle name…your middle names not the number two..right? or is it?” and then smiled and laughed and i died a squeaked out a laugh and smiled at them both and me and brendon urie made so..mcuh…eye contact…..ill never forget it…mostly because i  have an 11 minute video of me sitting on the grass repeating everything that happened like 10 times bc it was so surreal..

the concert itself was unbelievably amazing. The third time i’ve seen panic live, the first time in DOAB era. I’ve been listening to them like.. on and off for so many years, longer than i’ve actually said before bc i..ididnt fucking know when exactly hdfjfghjgfgjh…I was able to give brendon the letter that i needed to for so long, telling him why vices is so important to me and how he really does impact and help so many people.. I hope reading it helped him feel something even if it was small, whether it was like happiness or thankfulness. i just…its so weird.. i’m definitely lucky, definitely blessed, I cried for like an hour after andrews set lmAo i was emotional… kale @sunshinebrendon literally had to hold me but i was like crying into my elbow so it just looked like i was sadly dabbing…its fine..

this was definitely an experience i’ll never forget or regret.

Frisk x Sans

So I saw that dancetale au was a thing and freaked out and drew this (gonna ignore the lack of hair shading for frisk)

Precious babies ;;QAQ;;

(I ship this, but if you don’t, that’s OK. I’m drawing this to make myself happy. Not you. Sorry not sorry. I don’t wanna hear how much you hate this ship. Kay thanks!) (Ps; I’m 19 and I thought of frisk being the same age so don’t give me any “this is pedophilia” shit, cause I dont wanna hear it and will block you immediately) ♡

Hands: Dan Howell

warnings: sexual content (prepare yo self)

“I literally would just rather watch that video of 33 screaming frogs all night long,” said Dan, as I swiftly walked around him, looking for some tights.

“Okay, first of all,” I stopped at turned, with my finger pointed at him, “meme trash.” He laughed.

“Second of all, you promised to come out to dinner tonight.”

He walked over to me, placing his hands on my naked hips, as I was still picking out an outfit. “Or, I could watch you scream all night,” he smirked, “under me.” He whispered.

“Dan!” I said, hitting him with a wad of clothing, “Quit it! We are going to be late.”

He laughed at walked away, going to wait in the lounge. I rushed to put on a white top and a simple, black leather skirt with black tights under it. I nearly finished when I heard Phil call me as we were going to be late.

With heels in my hand, I meet them into the lounge.

“Look at you two,” Phil laughs, “you’re always matching.” I look to Dan as he too, of course, is dressed in black and white. He was wearing black jeans and his moth shirt (literally God bless).

As we were walking down to the taxi, Dan leaned and whispered into my ear, “I don’t know how I’m going to keep my hands off you in that fucking skirt, with your pretty little ass and long legs.” I blushed and swatted at him again. I knew this was payback for making him come out tonight.  

However, during dinner, Dan actually behaved himself. He would occasionally wink at me, and look at me out of the corner of his eye, but for the most part he was fine.

Then, dessert came.

At this point in time, he had drank a few glasses of wine. And it all started so innocently, with his hand gently resting on my knee. Occasionally, he would squeeze it when I made a joke or his thumb rub circles on it.

Then, the torment started. Ever so slowly, his hand would creep up my thigh. Trust me, I would move my hands under the table and place his hand back on my knee. But, every time I tried to resist, he would move it higher.

You want to play this game, Daniel? Fine. He’s just trying to get a reaction from me. Game plan: don’t react. Seems simple enough (in retrospect, it was not).

So, I clenched my jaw and continued my nice night at dinner.

But, his devilish hand kept moving up my thigh, and suddenly, everything went south. I had forgotten that the stockings I wore tonight were only thigh-high. When his hand reached my skin, I saw out of the corner of his eye a smile grow on his face.

That little fucker. He won. And he fucking knows it.

I gripped my napkin in my hand to keep myself from reacting, but his hands were dangerously close. I was losing control of myself.

I drew in a shaky breath, and I don’t even have to look at that little shit to know he’s grinning like a 5 year old on Christmas. Before I know it, he’s got two fingers drawing small circles on the center of my underwear.

“Oh no,” my friend started, “It’s starting to rain,” she said, looking out the window.

Dan looked straight at me and spoke, “Damn, we are going to get all wet.” Everyone else nodded and added more complaints, but I knew how fucking dirty his little comment was.

“Darling,” he said, but I hadn’t looked at him once, “did you bring him an umbrella?” he asked.

I drew in another shaky breath, and attempted to speak, “N-no.” I said, my voice quivering. He grinned again, my faulty voice the only confirmation that he needed.

“Y/N, are you alright? It looks like you broke into a sweat,” Phil asked, concerned. Next to me, it took everything in Dan’s power to keep himself from bursting into laughter.

“Actually, I’m feeling a bit sick. I think I’m going to go home early,” I said, quietly. I felt Dan’s hand withdraw from my crotch.

“I’ll take you back, love.” Dan said, standing.

We walked out into the rain, and I didn’t even attempt to stay dry. Dan looked down at me and smirked.

I turned to him for the first time since dinner and grabbed the collar of that fucking moth shirt and pulled him to my height, “You listen now, and you listen close,” I nearly whispered, “You’re going to do whatever I want tonight. I’m in charge.” I said, half-pissed, half-really, really turned on.

“Yes, ma’am.” He laughed.

how ya doing? Frustrated? Me too. Anyway, I unfortunately am going to be away this week, so I won’t be posting til next Sunday. I have a ton of requests in my box but lol procrastination (i’ll get to them). THANKS FOR READING:)

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anonymous asked:

Yesterday, I saw someone getting shit on by a bunch of SJWs because he was into horror and drew horror related pictures (Pictures of slasher villains, ect.) Apparently, he's supports the character's actions because he's a fan of them and is "basically supporting real actual serial killers". As a horror fan and a horror artist, myself, I can definetly say I do not condone violence or killing once so ever, neither do other horror fans I know. WTF is wrong with these people's brains?

They must have been absent that day in elementary school when their teachers discussed the difference between “fiction” and “nonfiction”.

Happy 14 Million

I drew a piece of fanart for @therealjacksepticeye I saw a lot of fanart and went ‘OH SHIT REALLY?’ So I made some myself. As an odd symbolic thing I put the steps of the drawing to represent the steps Jack took to get where he is. Also the background is little play buttons (represent subs) and space cause— idk I didn’t want it to be transparent. 

I feel bad his hair looks really emo rip me. 

anyway- Congratulations dude you’ve gotten really far and are one of the kindest and fun loving people out there :3 stay awesome. 

Nope (ReaderxDean)

Request: Can you do a one shot / fanfic where Dean and Sam show up at your house as FBI and when you open the doer you like shout NOPE and slam it shut and like they bust down the door and your a fan of supernatural and stuff and like are trying all u can to not be like Becky but keep them around as long as possible. This has just been a awesome concept in my head and I wanted you to try it? Thanks love your stories btw keep up the good work! lexus-stanley

Warnings: smut

Words: 2938

Note: X SORRY I SUCK AT TITLES…I really don’t know why everything ends in smut, but so far no ones complained so……. enjoy ;)

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Poem/Rap for Shuploc

((I saw a post saying how we should do something nice for the tumblr user shuploc, so I decided to make a poem/rap. I won’t record myself saying it so sorry. Hope you all like it! Oh and btw, check out her art. If you like Markiplier, or just plain curious, then check her out! Her art is super amazing and it’s like “holy crap this is awesome”.))

One day I was Tumblr, goofing off
Until I found this user, shuploc
Someone had reblogged her art
And I just had to stop

I was like

“Holy shit man! What the hell?!
They drew Markiplier really well!”
I just sat there frozen, my mind begins to race.
Checking out the blog there’s more well drawn
Pictures of Markimoo’s face.

“Holy crap!”

But then people came in and gave her a hard time.
From the left, and even from the right.
Luckily we came in and took her side.
And that’s about when
My mom came in
And told me to stop shouting ‘cause it’s past midnight.

“Oh. Sorry.”

UH I saw force awakens today & when I got home I took this quiz that said I was a “Light side sith” soo. heres my serious legit real star wars persona now. as opposed to my UNserious star wars persona

I think the light sith thing fits me pretty good because Sith shit calls to my  goth-ass edgelord soul and I am certified Always Angry but I dont think I could ever bring myself to be a legitimate villian.

I have no idea what kinda alien I am I just drew whatever looked cool.




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mikisticky  asked:

You know how you've been discussing Shirazu getting to like Touka (who would be mom #2 in the group) but Sasaki notices and steps up his game and yeah they get together and stuff? Idk I'm bad at this, but could that be a prompt to a fic? I'd love to read that and I need more tousaki in my life. (I've already read all of yours like twice) (I love your fics)

  • thank you stupedly​ and maetharin​ for the prompts! (and for reading & liking my previous fics :’D)
  • set sometime after TG:re chapter 17. 2947 words (lol how does this happen)
  • CWs: nothing really, except that this is somewhat OOC/lolzy -cough- hope you enjoy!


“’T-Touka-chan?’” Haise echoes in a strained voice. “You’re calling her that already? Have you…seen her? Since the last meeting? You’re that close already?”

“Uh, well, no.” Shirazu coughs. “But! I think I’m gonna ask her to a date soon. Maybe at our next meeting.”

Kirishima Touka. On a date with Shirazu. Kirishima Touka’s smile, aimed at Shirazu. Kirishima Touka’s fingers interlinked, with Shirazu’s.

Over my dead body, hisses the voice in Haise’s head.

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anonymous asked:

see the fact that you can post old art you don't really like anymore for progress' sake really says a lot about how awesome you are. once when we were cleaning the upstairs family room i saw one of my sisters pick up a REALLY old sketchbook of mine and go to flip through it and i literally vaulted over the coffee table to yank it out of her hands. then i stood there and ripped up every page because it was shit i drew when i was like a weeaboo eleven year old lmao


unless i see it, i sometimes don’t know if i’ve improved in the last 10 years or something. that’s why i don’t delete any of the old stuff off of the ‘net, either. when i was a sophomore in high school the house i was living in half burnt down, and the other half had such bad smoke and water damage that i ended up losing any work that i’d done up to that point. i wish i still had it, because it’s so incredibly insightful to me!

my tegaki holds the real roots of what i started from, but it provides for GREAT comparison:

this shows the difference between how i intensively sketched then to how i sketch now. one of the most disheartening things i think for young artists or those who are trying to find a foothold is thinking, “i’m not good now, and i’m not going to get any better”

i’m still doing the absolute best i can to improve because i always want to tackle bigger and better projects–do something crazier than the last or something that will require my all more than anything has, but it really is a learning process!


Holy fucking shit they’re terrible.

I’ve stared at this for like five minutes but I don’t even care because it’s basically art. 

Last year I bought what I thought was a bunch of nice finely tipped pens but were actually art pens so I tried to teach myself how to draw and drew a lot of roses because that was the first tutorial I found and so when I first saw this I was like, well maybe that’s just how the petal is. But there’s literally no need for a ninety-degree angle petal on this rose amongst the softer edges of all the other ones and now I need to go lie down so thanks a lot.