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Stuck with Me - Part 2

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A/N: Sooooo part 1 went over really well. Like WAY better than I ever thought it would, which is so amazing. And a little fucking scary honestly. I really hope you guys continue to like it. (Please let me know I’m a slut for tumblr notifications) Thank you so much for reading!!! You’re all just delicious little confidence boosting nuggets and I love you.


“Do you want me to find her?”

Sam looked across the diner’s table at Cas. Nobody had spoken about the whole soulmate debacle since that morning in the bunker. Two days. It had been two days, and even though they were on a case it was all Sam could think about. Not talking though, was the Winchester way so he kept his mouth shut.

“I don’t know Cas,” Sam answered quietly, glancing over at Dean. “I mean, we find her, then what?”

Neither one answered.

“Guys I’m serious. I’m at a loss here.”

“Look, all I know is we need to make some kind of decision. I can barely think about this damn case. We’re distracted, Sammy. Someone’s gonna get hurt if we keep this up.”

“Dean’s right. You’re both very distracted by the whole situation. I will do whatever I can to help, no matter what you choose to do, but you must choose something.”

“Ok. Ok, we find her. Just where she’s at. Don’t kidnap her or anything. Maybe if we know where she’s at it’ll help us know where to go from here?”

It shouldn’t be a question, but Sam had no clue what would help and what would make everything worse.

“Well, you heard the man Cas. Go look for Sam’s baby mama.”

After Cas left, Sam and Dean both agreed to put a lid on that situation in order to finish the case in relatively one piece. It was a salt and burn that shouldn’t be taking this long. They knew that they had to put everything about Y/N aside, at least until the case was done. They also knew they were both completely full of shit, and there was no way either was going to stop thinking about it.

At least they were on the same page.

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ok so i was tagged by @yosanoaikiko to pick 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms/series so o shit here dey come

  • 1- chuuya nakahara from bungou stray dogs (holy plot twist, batman! never saw THAT one coming!)
  • 2- L from death note (he’s poe and ranpos son, how can u not love him???)
  • 3- ender wiggin from enders game (if theres an enders game fandom im 100% unaware of it but hes a really engaging character okay) 
  • 4- ciel from black butler (an angsty child who needs love)
  • 5- erik from phantom of the opera (hes the phantom, in case any of u plebs are confused)
  • 6- anakin from star wars (literally erik from phantom of the opera but with a hate-boner for sand)
  • 7- viktor from yuri on ice (hes so fucking extra i love him)
  • 8- artemis from artemis fowl (artemis fowl was legit the first series i ever drew fanart for, i drew a shitload of parody comics about this in middle school)
  • 9- tamaki from ouran host club (i’d call him daddy anyday)
  • 10- mika from owari no seraph (A GOOD BOY!!! HE DESERVES BETTER!!!)

as u can clearly see, all my faves are either detached loners, angsty as hell, super fucking extra, or LITERALLY ALL THREE

and i really dont like tagging people so whoever wants to do this, do it and just say i tagged u, its all good bro

Y’ all, I wanna do requests cause I have nothing to do and I need to get back into the swing of posting so I’m just gonna put in the tags a bunch of shit I’d be willing to draw stuff for and if anyone wants to request anything just throw shit in my askbox and I’ll hop on it when I can

(also if I don’t tag a specific pairing for any of the fandoms I tag, but you still wanna ask for it, go ahead, theres a 95% chance I’ll do it)

anonymous asked:

I was going through your Ian Bohen tag and saw a gifset of him in The Dark Rises. You totally need to write a small Steter drabble where Peter tells Stiles about that time he went to Gotham for a vacation and ended up caught in a mess. "Never go to Gotham, Stiles. Worst vacation ever."


Lol Peter has the worst luck. Idk if I can write something for this but can you imagine if Stiles was from Gotham? And Peter met him there while he’s on vacation, and then shit goes down, and Stiles is just “Oh this is normal, don’t worry, we have Batman and us civvies all know what we’re doing by this point, now let’s go to my cellar-turned-weapons-storage before the Joker starts filling the streets with deadly laughing gas or something.”

“‘Deadly laughing gas’?”

“Yup. One inhale of that shit and you’ll literally laugh to death.”


And this probably takes place before the fire so Peter isn’t really quite used to a place constantly plagued with crazy shit that can kill you because the Hales are still around to keep order, and the Nemeton is still inactive, so Peter’s just WTF WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS CITY STILES YOU ARE ALMOST NOT WORTH THIS SHIT.


Let me put this as politely as possible

Dear Assclowns,

Our love for DC Comics and their films will not be discounted by your continual and obsessive need to slam the DCEU by promoting how well the critics have received CA:Civil War by slapping DC tags on your posts..  Stop adding #BVS and #Batman V Superman tags to your shit. If we want to look up Marvel, we’ll do so by searching for YOUR TAGS.

Get Fucked Sideways and Have a Great Day,

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