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JM (to JK): Why do I like you so much?


One Year of the 100: Favorite Female Character → Lexa

#that moment when you realize that there were so many signs in the first lexa scene #signs that she was the commander #that look she shares with gustus #the references to the commander #the way she tries to play the innocent and scared girl #now it’s all so obvious

Jonsa AU: Poldark

(i don’t watch the show but basically i saw the promo photos for season 3 of poldark and gasped really loudly and then proceeded to make this at 1am in the morning. what are priorities?)

can my mutuals please tag all aggressive hate towards miranda and cora with “i’m wrong” 

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Why on earth is mc/r/eyes so hated?

i just said im rlly tired so im gonna make this short & im def sure there are posts out there that explain better than i can so if anyone wants to link that please go ahead but like okay. lets go over it real quick: 

jesse was a kid when he got recruited, and reyes is a grown-ass man so like straight off the bat thats a big flashing neon “hell no” in my books; theres no way he was older than 17 and u know what that age difference means and i want it to stay very far away from me thank u very much

AND THEN u got the huge fucking power imbalance that this implies, u know,, reyes being his boss and all?? he takes him from this gang, gives him a job under him and is like. shit this is super militarized too like rank is important and so like,,,, where can u draw the line between an order and what jesse would want?? could he rlly say no?? to his boss????? consent is super :/// and i would sooner die than be involved with something non-consensual

so long story short, people hate mcr/eyes bc its very very often coded as rape-y & pedophilic & if u cant see why people would dislike this theres nothing i can do for ya my dude


what a lot of y’all need to understand is knowing you is a fucking gift okay

like you are an absolute blessing and people that don’t treat you like you’re the most precious gemstone are literally not worth any of your fucking time. 

people should feel honored to be close to you okay and you shouldn’t just let guys and gals and non-binary pals walk all over you emotionally and bring you down. like fuck that noise, okay?

fucking stop sticking around with people who don’t appreciate the miracle of you as a human being and how amazing of a friend and a person you are 

you don’t need that shit

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