shit i do when i'm bored at night

Oc prompt: ROADTRIPS

-who refuses to eat anything that isn’t beef jerky because ‘this is a road trip’

-Who hates every song on the radio

-who tries to fall asleep because they hate everyone there

-who has to use the bathroom every five minutes

-who’s the driver that cant go five minutes without cursing

-who’s overly happy

-who refuses to give up the aux cord and only plays shit songs

-who plays ‘we are number one’ when they get the aux cord

- who spends the entire time on their phone

- who takes pictures of everything

-who only came for the free ride

-who wants to go home the second they get in the car

-who took up all the storage space with their luggage

-who sings along to every song on the radio

Bonus: the person that only ate beef jerky vomits as soon as they stop for the night

anonymous asked:

I'm crying at that Shawn dad blurb thingy you wrote like that is such a Shawn thing to do and when he's letting you rest or when you were at your girls night he would be like "holy shit how does y/n do this when I'm gone" and ugh him trying to make Mickey Mouse pancakes but failing and one of the kiddos go "daddy, this doesn't look like Mickey Mouse" and ugh he needs to father my children

I really think he would be so taking back, impressed and in awe of how strong and amazing and independent his wife really is, you know? I think Shawn would truly value what kind of hero she had to be whenever he wasn’t home, dealing with kids and boring house stuff and her work as well. I honestly believe he would be so impressed and I really do believe he’d say something about her being a hero to him and their kids to her because he’s just so proud of how hard she’s working on herself and her career but also their little family.

And I can totally see Shawn failing the pancakes like “mommy’s look better” “I know, kiddo. I know” 

Or trying to get the kids ready for bed when they’re the most hyper and doesn’t want to sleep and just being all over the place. “Daddy, that’s not my pyjamas” “No daddy, I want the pink one on” “Daddy that’s Skylar’s teddy, where’s mine?” “Daddy, I have to pee”

“Jesus, take the wheel” you say as you throw your keys on the ground. Your sober friend Jesus picks them up and tries to push your drunk ass into the passenger seat. That jokes not even funny anymore, you’ve used it so many times, why do you always get like this when you drink? You need help, and your friend Jesus plans an intervention on the drive home