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it's not bad to like reylo is it.. i searched it on twitter and it's just full of people calling people who ship it 'rats' or 'garbage' and now i just feel kinda sick to my stomach like i dont want to like something that's wrong but i didnt even think it was wrong at first. i don't want to tell anyone i like it now because i'm afraid people will attack me. sorry for sending you this i just feel really bad and you always seem to know the right thing to say

Oh! My gosh, of course not. And no need to apologize for asking about this!

Please don’t let the people who are yelling the loudest get to you. The people who are using that language have no concept of decency despite the fact that they cry about how our ship is “inhumane”.

The “Antis” who you ran into are those who actively hate on things they either don’t understand or don’t personally like, and they take it to extremes - and give extreme reasoning for not liking it. Because of that very fact, they are incredibly irrational by nature - and just that fact alone means you should not hold their opinion of Reylo in any high regard, if you do at all.

I hate that  you feel sick over the fact that you like a certain pairing, because they made you feel that way - there’s nothing wrong with it. 

There have been so many metas written, explaining how very deliberate all of this was.

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I mean, I could go on and on. I have 30 pages on my meta tag at the moment and 500 posts in my drafts are basically metas/analysis.

And don’t even get me STARTED on the fact that both MARK HAMILL aka LUKE and DAISY RIDLEY aka REY have liked/commented/supported Reylo on social media.

NEWS outlets support it. 

There were reviews on day ONE that spoke about how laced with sexual energy these two were - and I’m not talking about one off blogs I’m talking New York Times reviews.

People see it. The antis either see it and are in denial, or just blind.

You are not wrong for liking Reylo, it doesn’t mean you’re defective or a rat or scum, it means you’re seeing what they (the creators) WANT you to see.

As for fear of being attacked…I’ll be honest with you, I think most of the people who are on here and twitter, etc. supporting Reylo would not be so open about it in real life (but that is I think 100% because of the shipper stigma rather than Reylo itself). I mean, I’m a bad example because I started this blog on December 20th and I made a whole new primary account just so I could indulge in my Reylo obsession. Even then, I knew there would be a lot of backlash and hate even from my normal followers - because back then it was all but accepted they were related (even though I disagreed).

However, on my personal/work twitter everyone knows I love Kylo and I want Rey and Kylo to be a thing - I have posted pics of my collection of fanart, etc.

And you know what? No one has given me shit for it. People are supportive of it. Even the casual fans. 

I also have another internet community -reddit- where my fellow mods know that I ship them and they are AGAIN in total support of it. They might not ship it, but they definitely don’t hate me for it - or even question WHY. They get it.

So look, I understand wanting to keep it secret. I do. It’s a perfectly acceptable feeling to want to protect yourself from the possible backlash. But I think - hope - that the people you surround yourself with are like those that I know. And if they aren’t - if they make you feel bad for shipping something then I don’t think their opinion on it should be worth much. But that’s easier said than done.

But whether you tell people or not, know that there will always be this section of tumblr who gets you and will support your love of Reylo <3 Sometimes, that’s all you need.

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