shit i can't remember the others' names

i’m usually the person who laughs during horror movies, because of how ridiculous and not scary they are, but “it” legitimately had some parts that scared the shit out of me. i mean i only laughed at the humorous parts of the movie (as should happen), and at my friend who was cursing next to me (also should happen). the majority of the time i’m left super disappointed with horror movies, but i left happy with this one…and paranoid like legit saw 3 or 4 red balloons tied up to random places on the way home i hate all of you.

I am honestly trying very hard to accept that S4 is real, trust me, but I just can’t. Each time I am like: okay, this is it, it was real after all. I remember all the inconsistences, plot holes and horribly bad writting, all the things they said before it aired and I can’t! I simply can’t! Where is the rug pull? where is everything? Why didn’t they care about their final episode, the most secret of secrets (remember they wouldn’t even give us the name) being leaked twice?
Do I have to believe that the same people who wrote TAB wrote this shit? Pleople don’t change their writing like that, don’t go from taking care of every little detail to this, the same way any other artist wouldn’t screw their creations when they know they can do better and claim it’s their best. It just makes no sense at all.
I wish I could just accept it.


I have been on holidays since May and tomorrow they are expecting me to go to university. Unbelievable. 

Someone once asked me for Luna tucking her daughters, some other person wanted to see the son. It took me a while but here we are

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Head canon: instead of becoming coaches, Yuuri and Victor become commentators but instead of commentating, they just talk about how much they love each other

yES its all like:

Viktor: See how *insert skater name here* landed that quad flip!
Yuuri: Yes, it was really clean!
Viktor: Remember when you changed your quad toe loop to a flip just for me in competition?? *heart smile*
Yuuri: I remember that…
*getting all lovey and fluffy instead of commentating the routine*
Yurio: *snatches mic out of their hands* JUST SHUT UP ALREADY

Sorry, since I’m here, I gotta remind you guys that ants lie.

They lie through their fucking teeth, and we’ve known this since the beginning.

If someone gets backlash for saying something shitty, they’ll twist it around saying they got backlash because of their race, ethnicity, sexuality, etc., when, no, no one fucking knew that detail- it’s because that person said something shitty and were shitty to someone else. Don’t twist the facts.

These people, their entire PLATFORM is a martyrdom complex. They will look for ANYTHING to twist around to try and avoid the consequences of their shitty behavior. Anything. They are shameless.

So please do not buy into any bullshit about how “so-and-so attacked this person because they were X” NO. It’s because you were acting like an asshole and it backfired. Accept the fact your personality needs work and learn from it, don’t avoid your fuck-ups. Save those acrobatics for the olympics.

And don’t forget, too, this entire group has been caught numerous times sending failed hateful anons (forgetting to turn anon on) to themselves in an effort to pin it on reylo fans, so that shit cannot be trusted either.

Don’t let others convince you their avoidance of their own problems is your fault.

And that’s the last time I’m talking about ants on this blog- I hate even acknowledging they exist, but y’all need to remember how much they lie and how much we’ve caught them openly lying with their fake racist/homophobic asks in our name, etc., because their whole basis for hating us is created on a foundation they faked for themselves over a year ago.

The signs as things they've said to me (1/?)
  • Aries: when I first got my period I thought I was going to die even though I had learnt it at school lol.
  • Taurus: pshhh no, I'm not your typical Taurus *is typical Taurus*
  • Gemini: beware, I'm armed with an express pot and I'm not afraid to use it against you.
  • Cancer: I create feelings in others that they themselves don't understand.
  • Leo: *breathes on my neck* *leans uncomfortably close and stares wide eyed* Hi.
  • Virgo: *furious* I'm a hippie, I don't get mad.
  • Libra: so you remember [character's name]? Yeah, she's really cool. Too bad she dies. I mean. Wait, have you seen that part yet? Shit. No, wait. Maybe she doesn't die, let's find out!
  • Scorpio: pshhh I know what I'm doing... Wait, what are we doing again?
  • Sagittarius: I'm a deer, and no one can't convince me othewise.
  • Capricorn: what? no, it's not porn. Tecnically.
  • Aquarius: *avoids me because I'm not cool enough to be talked to*
  • Pisces: *shows sweat dripping wet shirt* this is the third one today.

Y'all are so cute being so mad about Emma pushing Audrey and Zoe listening to Noah’s recording of her lmao did y'all forget when Audrey literally used chloroform to drug Noah and kidnap him? Remember when she stole Gustavo’s property and got him beat up and his property broken? Remember when she snooped through people’s things? Y'all are so cute when you hate on other characters and beg for them to die and call them sexist and racist names all in the sake of your fave who has done the same, and worse things lol