shit i can't remember the others' names

Solangelo: Warm, Warmer, Hot, Hot! YOU'RE ON FIRE!

((My titles are ridiculous))

After their agreement to the others terms and a little bit of fun once Will came to, the two demigods came up with rules for their little game. Which they called:

Operation: Who isn’t a dumb little shit?

And the rules were actually quite simple.

1. You cannot tell anyone we are dating.

2. Pet names slipped into conversation are acceptable hints, but you cannot use pet names like babe or baby or boo or shawty or daddy, daddy is a big no no and you will be short one boyfriend, also boyfriend is not acceptable. (Nico made up this rule)

3. If someone asks, are you dating you have to answer and cannot deny it.

4. Hints other than pet names or what is allowed in the next rule are prohibited, and means automatic disqualification.

5. Hand holding and hugs are okay as long as they are no longer than one minute, kisses are a no go unless done in privacy.

Will absolutely loathed that last rule. How could he not kiss Nico? Once he got a taste he was addicted, and he needed his fix. But Nico was adamant that they stick to it.

That thought made the blonde grumble as he took inventory of the supplies in the infirmary. It had been two whole days since they kissed and had some fun and Will was like a thirsting man in a desert. He ached to feel those plump, soft lips upon his own, for them to mold together and move in a way that made him forget how to breath, how to think. He needed it dammit!

But instead of kissing his incredibly hot geeky italian lover, he was taking stupid inventory. But he perked up at the thought that he would be able to see his boyfriend for lunch. Now that thought put a little bounce in his step and made his smile widen.

The sudden change in attitude did not go unnoticed by his siblings as he practically skipped out of the storage closet and to his desk. They had questioned him about his mood lately but he only gave them short answers that explained nothing.

Once lunch rolled around, Will changed out of his scrubs and into his everyday camp attire, flip flops and all and sauntered over to the training arena so that he could escort Nico to lunch.

Nico and Percy had just finished up their sword class, so he got there at the perfect moment, he liked to watch them fight but Will had trouble…controlling himself when he saw Nico fighting. It uh, turned him on….like a lot. So he made sure to get there as soon as they finished.

Nico spotted him and gave him a small smile and wave. Too which he gave a bigger wave and smile. The younger demigods now dismissed from their class nearly took down the son of Apollo as they ran to the dining pavilion. Percy and Nico walked up to him as he waited for them. This was normal too. The three of them would walk to lunch together after the class, sometimes it would be four of them when Annabeth joined them, but usually it was just the three.

“Harley is definitely improving.” Percy mused as he stretched his arms out and let out a satisfied groan when he heard and felt a pop.

“Mhmm.” Nico answered as he walked beside Will, their fingers brushing but neither taking the step to hold hands. That is until Nico clasped them together, and Will got that familiar electricity running through his hand and up his arm and filling him with a warmth that made him feel as though he was floating.

He smiled down at Nico and gave his hand a soft squeeze.

“So I take it practice was good?”

“Yeah, nobody got too scraped up today and actually listened.”

“That’s because you told them that if they didn’t you would summon the ghost of a drill sergeant to make them run drills until they passed out.”

“Shut it, Jackson. And least I wasn’t the one who threatened to throw a kid off a tree into the river because he actually managed to disarm you.”

“I was distracted!”

“Excuses, excuses.”

Will laughed at the two, happy they actually were getting along. Albeit getting along meant arguing about almost everything and trying to prove they were better than the other.

“Sounds exciting.” Will added as they finally reached the pavilion. Percy rolled his eyes but waved goodbye to the two and headed to his table.

Nico followed Will to the Apollo table and sat beside him, finally they let go of each other’s hands but settled on leaning on one another.

This whole pretending thing was not easy, Will told himself. He was itching to just pull Nico into his lap and cuddle him, maybe kiss him, okay definitely kiss him.

They ate their meals like that, leaning against one another, occasionally saying, “here try this,” and feeding one another. Kayla gave them a suspicious glance but otherwise said nothing.

‘Dammit Kayla! You could have ended this! I could have seen Nico in a nurses outfit! Ask gods damn youuuuuuuu!’ Will thought grumpily.

He wanted this to be over, but he made a bet, a stupid one now that he thought about it.

“Soooooooooo, Nico. You’ve been helping out a lot at the infirmary.” Austin said as though there was some other message to take out of his words, which of course there was.

Nico looked up from his spaghetti and nodded slowly as he gulped down his bite.

“Ah, yeah. It gives me something to do…and I like it. It’s nice. Is…is that a problem?”

“Nope. I was just wondering. You’re a great help.” Austin replied with an absolute shit eating grin like he didn’t believe Nico. Will glared at his half-sibling.

‘You better not ask anything! Otherwise I won’t be able to see my dream come true!’ He silently threatened.

This went on wayyyyyy until the campfire. Will’s thoughts were torture, they went from complaining to picturing, or trying to, Nico in a nurses outfit, blushing, and trying to look modest, and gods there he went again.

But he was glad when Nico sat beside him and offered him a smile. He of course grinned back and gently wrapped an arm around Nico’s waist.

It was nice.

Until Jason fucking Grace walked up and sat on the other side of Nico and wrapped an arm around the dark haired demigod’s shoulder and pulled him close, thus pulling him away from Will. Will frowned but said nothing.

“How’re you doing Neeks?” Jason asked as he swayed the two in time to the song the campers were currently singing.

“Er, good. Good. Would be better if you took your arm off.”

“Oops, sorry.” Jason mumbled as he removed his arm, allowing Will to place his where they were previously. He smiled when Nico leaned into him.

Jason just looked bewildered and a little hurt.

“Hey, how come you’re not telling him to take his arm off? What do you like him better or something.”

“Yup. And a little bit of or something.” Was Nico’s eloquent reply, as he smirked.

Jason put a hand over his heart and looked as though Nico had kicked a box full of kittens.

From the other side of the campfire you could hear Percy laugh out, “Burn!”

After the campfire and everyone was in their cabins sound asleep, Will snuck over to the Hades cabin all too ready to see his boyfriend.

Once inside he pulled Nico flush against him in a hug, one the younger demigod quickly responded to.

“This whole not kissing thing is killing me.” Will whined before he pulled Nico into a kiss.

They did nothing but kiss for a long time, since the gentle kisses turned into a pretty intense make out session.

But they ended the kissing in favor of cuddling.

“Kayla was pretty close to asking today…so was Austin but he doesn’t count.” Will mused out loud. Nico simply hummed against his chest with a sleepy nod.

“Jason too…..I almost won…..but he’s a bigger idiot than I originally thought.” He mumbled.

“Only 5 more days until the deadline for people asking is up. I’m feeling pretty confident.”

“Shut up, Solace…”

“Make me.”

And so started another make out session which ended up with them falling asleep tangled in each other’s limbs, but happy nonetheless.