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time to dance // panic! at the disco

anyone else remembers a omgcp fanart of the “WAKE UP SLEEPYHEAD” vine where the guy bursts into his roomie’s room and wakes up both the roommate and his boyfriend or did i straight up imagine this shit

Got a new binder finally. The underworks one didn’t fit and I had to fold it up to my chest and then fold the excess down and then put a cheap Amazon binder on over that which

Took way too long and was really annoying

This one’s from gc2b though and I really like it. It actually does its job :P

oh and sorry for the shit lighting

(Remember not to wear your binder for more than eight hours! Take frequent breaks when wearing it! Never double bind!)

if you’re ever upset please consider:

  • autistic zuko being really impressed w/ jet’s affinity for words and how great of a public speaker he is
  • jet helping firelord zuko write and rehearse his speeches 
  • jet being really intrigued by how expressive zuko is w/ his body language and how comforting his presence can be
  • modern au jet and zuko making a video of zuko’s hand stimming and zuko being shocked and f lustered at how popular it gets
  • zuko st i mmING WITH FIRE B ENDING
  • jet and zuko growing old together and making “ur getting old” jokes at each other every chance they get
  • and each time jet tries to prove zuko wrong by picking him up
  • both of them being sarcastic as hell
  • jet telling their friends that zuko doesn’t like unexpected physical affection and so they start asking each time they want to hug zuko
  • three words: trans boy zuko
  • honestly just remember that jetko is 100% canon  

no but Calum being a demon and coming on earth and his target is you but he watches you and he realises that his tarnished soul belongs to you and only you and day by day he falls in love with you and he spends time with you and you fast realise that he is in every meaning of the word your soulmate but he knows that he can’t be with you but he can’t be without you and you’d have to sacrifice everything to be with him but before any decisions can be made his demon buddies Michael and Luke appear with their own soulmates in tow and so they pull him back down and the girls look over you before they follow and then driven insane by your need for him you commit an act against God and nature and you murder someone before realising and in your despair you take your own life but what you did was an act of love but as you reach heavens gates you beg and cry to be allowed with him because you don’t want to live in a place where he’s not there but they force you through the gate and there he’s stood, white wings with some rumpled black feathers and you throw yourself into his arms crying but he’s so happy because your absolute love for him saved him from eternal damnation and hatred and he couldn’t love you more even if he tried.

Well, I’m home.

Inspired by a headcanon I saw forever ago about Bilbo coming home and picking up the oakenshield. I nearly lost my shit in BotFA when I saw Bilbo had a shield slung over his shoulder when he returned to the Shire with Gandalf but alas it was not the oakenshield. Though I can still imagine. 

Bonus Thorin (for denial purposes):

iclosemyeyesandbelieve tags on THAT post:

after having my post hijacked last week I AM SO PROUD OF HER ffs to take the time to bring those fuckers down so god damn proud destiel wank


Hijacked? We don’t have to hijack posts, you assholes can’t tag for shit. 

In case you don’t remember this asswipe, idiot wanted ‘cw’ carved into the table. Here is our ‘hijacking’ of that post. 


Hi I’m Ashley and I’m Super Pan™

(Also my nose is bleeding irl rn so here’s old pics)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

There is no better feeling then hearing a song and thinking “I can play that shit”.


Someone once asked me if I had learned anything from it all.
So let me tell you what I learned. I learned everyone dies alone.
But if you meant something to someone, if you helped someone or loved someone, if even a single person remembers you,
then maybe you never really die.
And maybe this isn’t the end at all.

person of interest, season 5

okay but?? some cute exr things??:

  • grantaire painting on enjolras’ arms with watercolours when he gets anxious and sad about whatever cause they’re after that week cause it calms them both down 
  • grantaire cooking ~romantic dinners~ when enjolras has a stressful day
  • enjolras tries to do this for grantaire but he can’t cook for shit so they end up with a pot of burned pasta (how the fuck, enjolras) and some chinese takeout
  • grantaire is a GREAT DANCER!! enjolras, not so much. it doesn’t matter tho cause when they do dance together its slow and romantic and they have the time of their lives
  • sometimes enjolras practises his speeches in the mirror while grantaire is still in bed smiling cause his boyfriend is such a dedicated dork 
  • once enjolras made the mistake of wearing one of grantaire’s shirts to a meeting. everyone noticed. courf lost his shit. 
  • grantaire sends him selfies of him with every dog he sees on the street and enjolras saves them all cause he looks so cute
  • grantaire does what he can for enjolras’ anxiety and enjolras does what he can for grantaire’s depression in healthy and loving ways
  • basically just happy and supportive boyfriends????
Two Souls, One Family Chapter 1: Family, a soul eater fanfic | FanFiction
A story in four scenes, coming-of-age and redefining family. Young Maka adores her Papa. He's the brave partner of Lord Death, the loving companion of her mother, and a storyteller that speaks directly to her heart. She trusts him with her very soul. But when she turns eleven, everything changes. Spirit is not the man she thought he was. Her soul shatters as she uncovers his faults and lies, and after her mother leaves, she's left picking up the pieces. She may never trust another man again. Then she meets and partners with Soul Eater, a lazy, rude, headstrong scythe who's nothing like her father. After a rocky start to their partnership, they find their rhythm and his soul feels right alongside hers. Can she find the courage to trust someone else with the soul she's just figured out how to put back together? Maybe when it comes to a sharp-toothed and sharp-tongued weapon with a surprising streak of loyalty, she can.



Anyway: here is my Reverb project! Huge thanks to my partner kona-the-wolf, who did four lovely panels that I got to draw on for inspiration and has been so cool throughout this whole thing. The art for this piece is here!

This is a little different than my usual fare… it’s mainly a family/friendship fic, and there’s only SoMa if you squint. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT.

I’m going to take a deep breath.

A very, very deep breath.

When I first read ACOTAR I didn’t like it that much. First, because I was on Cruel Beauty hangover like crazy and secondly because the love story was interesting like inspecting a brick.

Wich is to say, my folks, not at all.

Tamlin and Feyre didn’t have an engaging love story, they never talked that much and he was, to me, kinda blank and that’s way I loved Lucien so much( who his, indeed, a little shit). The world was interesting, and everything stirred my curiosity but shit dem two were dumb.

I didn’t understand how all this love came out. Like nah son. Then trials. And Rhysand.

Now, the fact that the answer to the riddle was love made me want to throw the kindle out of the window(it kinda rhimes?) but FEYRE HAD BALLS AND I LOVED THAT.

I loved that Nesta was a bitch full of hate but that would risk her life for her sister I loved sweet little Elain and how much the three of them were different.

Rhys. I thought I was in front of the Damon Salvatore type, that I hate with every fiber in my being, nut no. Surprise, bitch. 

So, while TAMLIN WAS THERE SITTING ON HIS ASS NOT DOING SHIT, RHYS FOUND A WAY TO KEEP HER ALIVE, yes, it may have been a shitty way to do it, but it worked and it was a life or death situation and she was his mate, and sometimes the ends justifies the means or whatever.

Lucien risked is life, Rhys did and tammyboy was there looking, maybe moving his eyebrows a bit.


I don’t have the book, but anyone in this fandom knwos that I’ ve already read any spoiler in exsistence so let me tell you this.


Tamlin, who should have been brick(he no prince and he really has the empathy of a brick so) charming is an abusive ossessive fuck who really can’t take no for an answer and blamess on everybody else, the fuckboy.

Lucien is a loyal to the point of cowardice, he knows that tamlins actions are shit but still doesn’t do anything about the situation(which I really hope will change since Elain is his mate and he will have to pick a side thinking about this too and I still have hope for my smol ginger son)



Tamlin and feyre had infatuation and sexual attraction but a relationship based only on that will end in shit, it’s life

That was it, children, and remember to tag your fucking hate.

psycho-wolfie  asked:

no legit, how did you get ur url?

Legit, serious, boring answer: 

I’ve been using tumblr “before it got popular”-kinda, as in the days where livejournal and deviantart started to become declining (maybe not in the case of dA) platforms because people started to get tired of the layout crap that were force-implemented (oh hey, remind you of something?) but were still strongholds of communities, when AO3 was still a bright new thing that nobody really paid attention to. 

I remember the shark vs cat on tumblr. I remember the implementation of tumblarity and it’s disappearance (good riddance). I remember when we didn’t have the tumblr saviour guy, when he was as popular as xkit guy and when tumblr staff did their best to get rid of him. I remember when you couldn’t reply to post. When tags weren’t that big of a thing. I remember when you could spam the shit out of someone’s dash by liking-unliking-liking a post because the like notification stacked instead of only having one.

Basically, this side-tumblr dates from 2009. My main tumblr is older than AO3 as a website. I was just there before anyone started to really fight about stuff.

I didn’t have to kill anyone, there was nobody there.

anonymous asked:

So I started following Homestuck four years back, at the start of high school for me, and sometime in 10th or 11th grade, I didn't keep up with it anymore. I've collected bits and pieces by all the posts in-tag, since I can't remember exactly where I left off. My question posed though is: should I feel bad for not understanding so much? For example, I don't understand jujus and their functions even though I was still reading when they were first mentioned... I just feel bad for not understanding

Dude it’s a story, a piece of fiction, like there is no problem in not knowing literally everything about it. Plenty of people don’t understand how things work or what they are in homestuck, explaining that shit is like 95% of what this blog does. So no, you shouldn’t feel bad.