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Fluff blurb prompt: Stop, that tickles! (for Josh from tøp) n_n Thanks, girlie!

You would be so stressed from almost everything that life threw at you, you can’t remember the last time you got a goodnight sleep, feeling aboslutely nothing but stress and tears and more stress and more tears, you could pretty much say that it was agonizing. All because of your final exams that you had to study for in your college. Not to mention it has caused you and your boyfriend Josh’s relationship to be rocky because of your constant stress. You felt like he couldn’t really understand you cause well, he was living his dream, you weren’t, you were still working hard to get there.
Things have been pretty quiet between the two of you since this morning, you didn’t talk at all. Josh had to go and work on a few new songs with Tyler, so he was gone, and you were left by yourself in the house tackling another study session for what seemed like centuries.

“Fucking shit!!” You loudly grunted, slamming your two books closed and massaging your temples with a deep huff.
“How the fuck am I ever gonna passed this test? If I fail again I’m done for…” You muttered to yourself.

“Maybe you should take a break for more than two seconds.”

You gasped a little at the sudden voice and immediately turned around to see your man standing there by the door with a look of great concern.
You sighed heavily and slid down your seat a bit..

“I wish I could…”

You heard him walk up behind you, “You can, you push yourself way too hard baby, and I know what you’re gonna say I don’t under-”

“No no don’t even say it please. Look Josh I’m sorry I was such a bitch to you this whole month. I don’t mean to take my stress out on you love it’s just-”

“I know, you’re a hard worker and that’s admirable (Y/N). But I get worried about you cause you’re a bit too much of that. You even threw up because of your stress. I don’t want to see you hurt yourself. But I’m sorry too, I wasn’t helping our arguments either.” He says, pulling you into a tight hug, which you happily returned, then sealed the apology with a kiss.

“Please take a break.”

“Fine…I guess one day of studying isn’t gonna kill me. God my neck and shoulders have knots on top of knots..” You groaned.

“Aw, I got you beautiful.” Your boyfriend chuckled and began to massage you without hesitation, you were enjoying his nice touch, finally beginning to relax until he reached a certain area on your back near your ribs that made you jump and grin…

“Did I hurt you?”

“No I’m good, continue pretty please.” You tell him, but then flinch once again, this time with a giggle.
“What’s the matter with you?” You heard him question.

“It’s just that AH!!” You screamed and laughed when he touched the spot again, you didn’t notice but he smirked and went into that spot harder, making you squeal and laugh once more…

“Babe!! Oh my God!!….Stop, That tickles!!

“I’m sorry what? I can’t hear you.” He joked, starting to crack him himself, he kept tickling you until you turned a bright cherry red, then he eventually stopped and picked you up from your desk chair, carrying you to the bed and laying next to you to pull you close to him and pepper your face with sweet kisses. You didn’t realize how much you missed these moments until now…but most of all you missed him…it was a long ass month.

“It’s nice to see you smile princess…it’s beautiful on you.”

“Thanks to you honey…always thanks to you…” ❤️


Jet Wolf and Act 18

The manga and I are repeatedly clashing, and so instead of full liveblogs, I’m reading each manga act (mostly) silently, and then writing up summaries at the end. I’ll be very candid, which could well include criticism and snark about the manga either wholesale or in details. If that isn’t a thing you feel like reading, please skip this post!

We open where we ended, with Mako’s – sorry, JUPITER’s – abduction. There’s a lot of name screaming, like everyone’s at a Sailor Moon-themed Rocky Horror Picture Show. ”Sailor Moon!” “Venus!” “Sailor Moon!” “Jupiter!” “Luna!” “HRRRNGH.” Petz left an earring behind when she got all killed, which by the way, fuck those Ayakashi I guess, god damn.

Everyone meets at, you’ll never guess, THE ARCADE OMG, and kick the plot along like a sluggish first grader who didn’t do their homework. Minako concludes that this is an alien invasion of the whole planet, and she is just not having that shit, thank you. Chibs is their only lead, and so talking to Chibs it is.

AW WAIT BUT CHIBS HAS A FRIEND OVER SHE’S SO HAPPY. “Can’t have that!” says the universe, with the kind of low sinister chuckle I assume concluded every Crystal production meeting. Luna and Mamoru have an entire fucking conversation right at the goddamn door where Chibs, Chib-Friend, and Ikuko are fucking standing, but the observational skills of these people is at “Gang-related? PCP?” levels and I’m screaming. What Chibs DOES notice from a million miles away is the Black Moon earring in the petri dish and holy fuck, you guys, she is losing her shit for like two pages, I am not kidding.

Cut to the Black Moon, where everyone’s comparing dick sizes, Rubeus is a goddamn hippy, and an entire argument – and I have in no way altered this image – ends with:


Everyone talks about him behind his back. Soooo many Demande entries are added to the Black Moon Burn Book. Calaveras could maybe have an emotion about her dead sisters, but nah, why bother, she’ll be dead too in twenty pages. Rubeus comes in all “Hey baby, peace and happiness, free love,” and Calaveras is like “This changes everything!” and then she goes to kill Minako or something I don’t know the story doesn’t care why should I.

Back on Earth, Minako’s trying to get some semblance of answer out of Chibs about literally fucking anything, but Chibs is scared and still freaking her shit and also like eight, so they don’t get very far. Mamoru says she doesn’t have to say anything. Off-panel, Minako rips the head off the Tuxedo Puppet with her teeth. Usagi gets jealous of Mamoru’s affection toward Chibs, and while I appreciate that it’s not been the driving force of everything, it’s still plenty uncomfortable. Minako chews Tuxedo Puppet’s head, the stuffing spilling between her lips like foam on the muzzle of a rabid honey badger.

At school, Usagi is sullen and twitchy, particularly whenever the word “black” comes up, which is apparently A LOT. Naru notices and tries to cheer her up with a video about channeling, the latest hot new fad that Naru is somehow shocked Usagi doesn’t know, despite Usagi literally never knowing any of the hot new fads until her court-appointed Umino shows up to tell us all about it.

Which he does, and it’s Calaveras, and I’m not even going to bother trying to explain this when I can sum it all up with a giant shrug. Anyway there’s a channeling thing conveniently scheduled for that night, literally everyone is fucking watching his show RIGHT NOW despite the fact that it’s a school day and it should’ve been pre-recorded because Naru was showing Usagi a tape AND DID I MENTION GIANT SHRUG. Whatever, man, the most important part of this is that Minako sees this too and this is her reaction:

A LITERAL DECLARATION OF WAR OVER A TV SHOW. This is like the time I insisted Glee was Ryan Murphy’s declaration of war. NONE OF YOU LISTENED AND NOW LOOK AT US.

Then Mamoru spends three pages talking to his rock collection, and while I appreciate the lip service in “Compared to those girls, I’m nothing. I can’t protect [Usagi] the way [the Senshi] can”, it loses some degree of sincerity when three of them combined do less on the average than you get to do in one single issue, Mamoru.

Chibs steals Usagi’s brooch. “Aw HELL no,” says Usagi.

Everyone (NO I THINK LITERALLY EVERYONE, I MIGHT BE THERE TOO I DON’T KNOW) is at Calaveras’s thing. She starts to turn the crowd against the White Moon, which somehow remarkably means something to them, when Minako’s pops up, “HO DON’T DO IT”.

Meanwhile, Usagi saves Chibs from Rubeus, then Mamoru saves Usagi from Rubeus, and it’s just a matryoshka doll of saving people from Rubeus ending in “Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber”. Glad that “no powers, no protection” thing stood up! You sure did have no chance protecting Usagi while protecting Usagi and not being abducted or anything like three of her four guardians so far. Thanks for standing behind that idea, narrative, not making it just cheap angst and drama for your male lead!

Brooch back in-hand, Usagi transforms and saves Minako! Yay, one of the non-Usagi Senshi get to stick around! I’m sure the fact that it’s the only one Takeuchi has shown any interest in whatsoever is completely coincidental!

Then Chibs pleads for everyone to help her save the 30th Century and they’re all “whaaaaaa??” because they didn’t consume this franchise in the weird fucking order that I did.

imagine the FBI recruitment people coming to the bau and going to Hotch and asking to borrow him and his team for a day because they need attractive, wholesome looking agents to photograph for their new pamphlets. 

Imagine Hotch going up to his team and telling them that the recruitment offices has deemed them perfect material to attract new agents and the comments that’d follow

 Imagine a photographer trying to get morgan, emily, jj and reid photogenic all at the same time. 

Reid looks nonplussed, JJ’s wearing her ‘oh god no, not more media crap’ face, Morgan has a thousand watt smile and Emily looks like she’s gonna murder somebody. 

(they took the photos in the bullpen and jj complained about having to tidy her desk for a week)

By hour 3 Morgan and JJ are actually stopping Emily from murdering somebody

Reid still looks nonplussed at being asked to do this but takes the opportunity to discuss the history of cameras and photography as an art form with the photographer. 

Garcia refuses to remove all her happy place items from her desk to have her photo taken. She also hisses whenever somebody gets too close to her monitors. 

Hotch is pretty scared that he basically just stares out the camera looking unimpressed from behind his desk and the photographer deems it perfect FBI aesthetic.

Rossi is done in like two minutes because he’s so used to book publicity. 

Reid and Emily remain the true problem children of the group and amount to one good photo between them. 

In the end the only one who ends up on a pamphlet is Hotch and people keep framing them and hanging them on walls. 

(the guilty party is rossi)

My Franco Experience

Alright so he isn’t Justin Bieber, obviously, but I still think writing about your first A-list celebrity experience is a thing everyone must do. 
So a few weeks ago I heard James Franco was coming to my city (Montreal) for a book signing, and evidently proceed to flip the fuck out. I didn’t know who I was going to go with because everyone I asked just said “I have school" 
as though this event isn’t something to skip a class over? Jeeze. I’m glad you went to economics hun but I met James Franco, who’s gonna be telling their story at parties? Probably not you. 
So anyway, no one ended up ditching school so I decided I’d go alone. I obviously wasn’t going to miss meeting James Franco on the grounds that "no one wanted to come with me” … I’m too big of a fan girl to care. 
So they were only giving out bracelets to meet him to the first 500 people who bought the book, and they were opening the doors at 9. I was planning on waking up at 6:30 and making it there for around 7:30, but being the lazy piece of shit that I am, I stayed in bed till 8:30 and only made it to the bookstore for 9:30. 
Then, I accidentally cut into one of the lines (there were two lines, turns out I was supposed to be standing in the other one but I proceeded to the one closest to the entrance - I didn’t get caught though and ended up being behind some guys who had been there since 7:30… Oopsies) 
I still wasn’t sure I’d make it to the entrance of the bookstore before they yelled out “sorry we have sold out” but somehow, I did, and then all of a sudden I was purchasing Actors Anonymous and there was a gold James Franco Exclusive bracelet on my wrist. It was happening. I was meeting James Franco that night at 7pm. 
So I went to school, paid next to no attention in all of my classes, and went back to the bookstore for 6:30. 
He was late. Fashionably of course. He was meant to arrive for 7 but only got there around 7:40, and everyone was pushing and shoving to get a better view and really shitty pictures. Normally I’d be clawing my way to the front, except I already had a bracelet and therefore a guaranteed 30 seconds in his godly presence. 
Once they called group 8 up my heart began to pound and I started actually freaking out. I stood in line and when it was finally my turn, things went down as follows
me: Hi James can you do me a favour, can you do the Daniel Desario smile for me? 
James: what? (he couldn’t hear me)
me: DANIEL DESARIO SMILE GO!!! *turns around to take a selfie* 
James: *smiles extremely big* 
James: You have one book or two? 
Me: Two. 
James: I put a heart in it. 
Me: thank you!!! 
James: *winks* 

I swear to you I almost collapsed and convulsed right then and there. He is so beautiful. So soooo beautiful. And I admire him so much not only as an actor but as a human being, he’s very down to earth and surprisingly educated for such a famous name. It was great, and I’m glad fate decided to allow me to accidentally sneak into that line, because guess the fuck what world