shit i am so excited ;u;

I don’t care if it hurts your feelings you don’t care about all the lgbt+, poc, women/fellow women of your countries feelings either, so if you voted trump PLEASE UNFOLLOW ME, just get out of here I don’t want you.


// guys, the time has come

the time where I get my shit together and start adding Jaehee to my posts

why did I take so long to like her oh well
tell me how im doing! first time really writing her because the christmas special made me fall in love with her absolutely no regrets

Also apologies because that’s all I’ve been posting about, the christmas special! I lost 8 followers from my fangirling yikes!! Just am excited is all. I’ll slow it down soon!


- He is a very light sleeper! So seeing you sleep like a rock is a little surprising more or less.

- He’ll just sit there and watch you snore with a little bit of drool coming out of your mouth shit this boy love u too much

- But he’s so lonely when you’re not awake come on MC pay attention to me before I have to go to rehearsals

- Shakes the bed to wake you up but it doesn’t work and he’s like shit what do I do now

- Let’s you sleep until you wake up afterwards but he’ll ask you how or if he can wake you earlier when he’s lonely manually is there a switch or something here


- He’s used to Elizabeth the 3rd sleeping a lot during the day like a princess so he just assumes perhaps you’re the same way?

- He’s not a light sleeper himself but not heavy either, it depends on how exhausted he is.

- Waits for you until he just can’t anymore come on you need to eat breakfast MC

- He’ll shake your shoulder lightly but that obviously has no chance of working so he just gives up and hopes you’ll wake up soon

- three hours later and he’s a little frustrated because he’s been waiting for so long why did you ignore him??

- Jumin I was sleeping how was I supposed to know you were already awake

- He’ll give you the cutest little pout because he was lonely while you were busy being a boulder.


- He’s really scared you’re hurt or something because you just won’t wake up like are you okay??

- But you still groan a bit in your sleep and move so phew! he’s relieved.

- He just plays video games usually until you wake up honestly, he doesn’t wanna bother you too much.

- Makes you breakfast for when you wake up, it’s a little cold by the time you get to it but that’s okay!

- He only sleeps really heavy when he falls asleep really late so he’s worried about your sleep schedule.


- She tries to wake you gently at first but that doesn’t work very well.

- Worried that perhaps you could be ill..? Hopes thats not the case, but you don’t feel much warmer than ordinary.

- She’ll make herself busy while you’re still asleep, watching one of Zen’s DVDs or finishing up some early morning paperwork until you finally wake up.

- Asks if everything’s alright with you over a light breakfast, go on and explain how you’re a heavy sleeper and she’ll find it a little humorous because she’s the complete opposite.

- Whenever Jumin leaves Elizabeth the 3rd with her the tiniest noise the fur ball makes and she’s awake, it’s so difficult to get a full nights rest most of the time.


- He will pull the most bullshit pranks on you while your sleeping prepare to be filled with regret

- It’s classic camp pranks too, like whip cream in the hand and a feather to the nose so you smack yourself in the face and surprise surprise. Always gets it on camera, but saves it for himself because it’s just adorable.

- You’re never safe from the pranks, even in your sleep.

- Honestly he’ll never go too far though, just all in good fun. He likes seeing you so deep in sleep, it’s like you’re in ~another world~

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@takashi0 ur blog wont let me message you so here:

just wanted to say you are a literal ray of sunshine on this dark time of ignorance and mass hysteria over THE PATRIARCHY and omgmisogny!1!1! like every time i see your posts roll up on my dash I get super fucking excited, like oooh bitch what’s happening now. like there is just so much shit happening that i completely disagree with in real life, but i feel held back from voicing my opinions because in australia, these opinions are really rare. i am surrounded by sjws pls rip lmao. anyhow, i love u senpai.

OK OK so someone tagged that matt and neil friendship post about a BEACH TRIP and lemme tell u i am READY (dedicated to @liarielle)

  • its neils sophomore year and the freshmen are being difficult so the original foxes decide they need some frosh free bonding time
  • the beach is nickys idea (ofc) and matts on board immediately
  • allison has a private beach resort booked before theyve even finished talking about it
  • andrew cant say no to neil and aaron is allowed to bring katelyn so theyre on board
  • kevin bitches and moans but secretly hes excited as shit (u better believe him and neil are bringing their raquets)
  • renee has the idea to invite jean (and by extension, jeremy) and the others agree pretty easily
  • they tell coach and pile into the cars ready to fuckin party
  • renee takes andrews car to get the 2 trojans from the airport once they get to the resort/beach house/whatever
  • neil suddenly panics bc SCARS once the others start running into the water and doesnt wanna take his shirt off so him and andrew sit together under the umbrella
  • at some point nicky risks death and maiming to dump water on them and andrew chases him into the tide 
  • neil is less enraged but decides that since his shirt is already wet he might as well go in the water w the others
  • matt and dan grab him immediately and they start splashing around in the waves and making up bizarre wave based games
  • aaron and katelyn r somewhere building crazy complicated sandcastles
  • kevin is reading and allison is tanning (this is how they bond, sometimes he reads out loud to her if hes reading something interesting)
  • nicky narrowly has escaped andrews grasp bc he was distracted by renees return
  • jeremy and kevin bro hug it the fuck out and then jeremy and nicky shove jean and kevin at each other
  • its all very emotional and allison is rolling her eyes the entire time and renee thinks its adorable
  • jeremy drags both of them into the water right away and renee sits w allison 
  • its all very gay and nicky feels at peace
  • andrew goes to see what neil is doing 
  • matt sees him and declares a chicken fight immediately, grabbing neil to put him on his shoulders
  • dan and andrew r Not Happy about this, but they will Not lose to their idiot boyfriends
  • andrew gets on dans shoulders
  • dan and andrew win (ofc) and they play again couple v couple, and then matt and andrew v neil and dan
  • (matt and dan win bc they have an unfair height advantage, but dan and neil win bc dan trips matt)
  • andrew acts all pouty but hes rly happy seeing neil having so much fun, and seeing kevin and jean having fun w/o exy involved
  • neil gets out of the water and without thinking takes his shirt off to dry
  • he panics for roughly 3 seconds before looking around and realizing he loves and trusts literally everyone here and he actually feels safe
  • (none of them say anything but later andrew kisses every one of his scars and reminds neil that he’ll never let anything hurt him like that again)
  • the others r kind of shocked but kevin and dan make sure nicky’s mouth doesnt ruin the moment
  • they play a shirts and skins exy game (kevin neil and jean r there this was inevitable)
  • the teams r neil, jeremy, jean, matt, allison, and andrew v kevin, dan, nicky, aaron, renee, and katelyn
  • katelyn reveals that she used to be a dealer in high school and kevin is overjoyed (aaron however, simply thinks ‘oh jesus not you too’)
  • neils team wins, kevin is pouty until alcohol becomes involved
  • the sun starts to set so matt (the Manly Man™) and neil go gather wood for a fire
  • they get back in time to watch the sunset w everyone and andrew drags neil off and they get sand in their pants if u know what i mean
  • they get back and all the others laugh and nicky makes all the dumb jokes until andrew threatens him w fire
  • (and then aaron and katelyn run off to do the same thing)
  • (matt and dan have the restraint to wait til they get back to the house thankfully)
  • matt also thought to bring hot dogs so they can roast them over the fire
  • renee brought marshmallows too now its a Real Campfire™
  • and they all just sit around the fire and have a wonderful time and Bond and shit and neil is so happy sitting w his FAMILY and andrew gets to watch his boo be HAPPY and jean feels so ACCEPTED and kevin feels like life is real and everything is wonderful
  • (they get back and wymack wonders when the fuck he turned around and his team actually learned how to get along??? what????)
  • ((now he owes abby like 50 bucks dammit))

phibrizo  asked:

just letting you know you really help keep the hype going for the new premiere. I haven't been deep in the Samurai Jack fandom since like 2003! I'm really excited for tonight. :D

;u; HELL YES!!!! Idk I am super hyped and if that gets other people hyped by proxy then it just fuels be even more??

Like. The world has to KNOW. I want it to succeed like nothing ever has before!!! I love this shit!! I’M SO EXCITED!!!! 

“We get that there’s still a lot more to develop – from longer play sessions, to better modding tools, to improving the state of PvP and exploring the lore – there’s always more to do than we have hands, but thankfully we’re here for the long haul, as long as you are, too. “

“exploring the lore”

“exploring the lore”

“exploring the lore”


u guys

i am so excited for more lore shit like holy fuck I live off lore. 

March 13th, 2017

I’m just chillin here casually bawling my eyes out
U kno, emo activities and such
Bet my eyes are gonna be puffy as fuck tmrw
I dunno I’m hurt but on the bright side I don’t blame myself for this or anyone else for that matter.
It’s just a fucked up situation that I can only try and learn from
I’m really excited to be far far away for an entire month. I hope one day I can be far far away for the remainder of my fucking life lol
I am so serious about not living in this godforsaken country forever. Fuck this place.
And fuck our “president” and FUCK climate change and the people that are actually ‘skeptical’ about it and fuck religion that shit is a bunch of nonsensical booty used to control people (practice wat u want tho it’s coo) and also fuck the folks whom feel so motherfucking entitled that they deemed it right to banish others for their religious affiliations and ethnic identities. Fuck each and every single one of you cucks for discriminating against people simply for the color of their skin
Fuck you fuck you fuck you I hope you develop chronic explosive diarrhea





Wanted my grarrl to wake up to something pretty because GUESS WHO GOT THEIR BARFDAY THIS WEEK also it is Wednesday (Y’ALL GO WISH HER) I am just excite to show pretty gift thing forgive me ;;. 
Asides her being my occasional source of inspiration and technically Beta reader since I discuss a lot of my plot points with me, I’ve been living vicariously through @ask-captain-crowley ‘s Pokemon GO adventures because Niantic still hasn’t gotten shit together long enough to roll it out for Asia so I picked out some of her team to draw, including her fluffy deathmoth, the boofpuppy she hatched and the Machop she got off Gold’s Gym because that’s just a sign from the heavens. 

@Dweeb, happy early birthday present ;u;
And thanks for being there for me when I was fucked up and laid up in hospital being a sobbing mess with a tube down my gut because seriously, our convos kept me looking forward to something during that time. 

i am SO excited for pokemon go tho

like can u imagine going into regular buildings and seeing flocks of trainers all bc its actually a pokemon center?

or how abt meeting other trainers and sharing ur tms and shit and even trading pokemon??

OR maybe finally finding ur fave pokemon ever and train it to be the strongest of all of urs and beat/catch any pokemon u desire w/ it

OR WAIT HERES THE BEST THOUGHT: getting a starter pokemon u rlly like, like for me its charmander, raising him/her to eventually become a charizard, and just overall having so much fun with ur pokemon and shit??

u guys, this is what pokemons abt. its about the fun in raising ur pokemon, its abt bonding w/ ur pokemon, its abt finally succeeding when u catch that mewtwo, getting that one event pokemon uve always loved, or maybe getting that tm uve always wanted to teach to ur venusuar.

i’m so excited this will all become a reality, travelling the world or maybe the small place u live in for training ur pokemon and just overall bonding w/ them too.

some of you might be happy to know that i finish university for four months tomorrow and so the amount of fics you’re gonna get shoved your way is a hell of a lot so prepare because

holy fucking shit

i have worked for weeks on some of these and they are my best writing and i am so bloody excited and equally terrified, but in all, apologies for the low amount of updates lately…final deadlines are monsters and tomorrow at 1pm i will be so happy because everything will be submitted and DONE. 

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