shit i accidentally saw a spoiler

i can’t wait for the next SW movie where they accidentally resurrect the entire R1 crew (+ Saw)

parts i am particularly looking forward to:

  • Bodhi and Poe being bffs (or bfs?)
  • Baze and Rey disappearing for days at a time to the junkyard/workshop just making shit from other shit
  • Cassian meeting Leia and just being totally starstruck
  • K2 and C3PO bickering at each other for an entire movie
  • Rey and Jyn horizontally adopting each other as sisters
  • Chirrut trolling the fuck out of Kylo Ren in fight scenes
  • Leia semi-retiring and passing on her title to Saw and telling him to save the dream
  • R2-D2 pushing K2 off a cliff
  • Finn becoming a Jedi and everyone joking that the Guardians have to do whatever he tells them
  • Bodhi accidentally calling Leia ‘mom’ and being horrified for 3 weeks afterwards
  • Lando mentoring Cassian
  • Finn and Jyn keep telling everyone they’re ‘rhyming name twins’ and “accidentally” referring to themselves as each other’s names
  • Luke just standing mistily in the back of every scene. occasionally he gives an approving nod and wipes away a single tear.

oh boy, where do i begin

first, let me just say that i don’t always know what i want out of soukoku??? 

Bungou Stray Dogs in general really appeals to both the writer and fangirl in me. soukoku especially!!! how can i explain this—but i was both disappointed and relieved when Dazai just left Chuya like this?

i really appreciate their partnership and rivalry. i love their dynamics and parallels! and as a writer, i see so many interesting possibilities with soukoku! 

but do i want their ship to have canon moments that we can easily interpret as lovey-dovey? in all honestly, i have to fight myself to say this, but no. i want to see more angst, feelings of betrayal and disinterest, more bickering and childish antics, and whatnot. does that mean i don’t want fanservice? hELL NO

The Ship    

objectively speaking, i accept soukoku as a non-canon ship, but i’m still a proud member of soukoku hell *shows you my badge* this isn’t even my main blog anymore—i reblog all my favorite soukoku gems on @cilly-musouka. there’s also some really hot stuff on Vine for soukoku. thank you to all my soukoku dealers, i love you

on that note, their angsty partnership makes their ship so very enjoyable. angsty ships are my favorite kind. 

and while i want fanservice out of this series, i also want Asagiri-san to stay true to their characters. entertaining story elements are hard to come by, and their partnership and rivalry is really something, so i don’t want to forsake it for my fangirl needs. just look at the thrill in Chuya’s eyes when he’s fighting Dazai in the anime opening:

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Ok so it wasn’t enough that Disney killed Tadashi off once in the movie, but they had to kill him off THREE DIFFERENT TIMES.

  • (Assumably) burned to death, according to the movie
  • Sucked into a portal, according to the Manga

Ya know this is why I have trust issues