shit how did i forget to upload this

cupidford replied to your post:I need to drink and liveblog soon, friends. The…

i’m on my third tumblr of tequila what are we watching and when are you guys started to drink because honestly timezone differences suck balls

Yassssss. (Also I have to say I admire the fact that somehow you are always up when we randomly do late night shit. How do you even manage that? You are a fucking trooper.)

I don’t know when or what we’re watching. Soon, I hope, before I end up yelling at a bunch of children like an asshole. Lol. I think maybe once williamanyascottholmes is done with her last upload we can go for it? Anyone have thoughts on what they want to group liveblog? (I’d prefer not TSOT or HLV since I did those last night, but I’ll do whatever really.)

I don’t remember who all else was interested, so sorry if I forget to tag someone or tag someone who wasn’t interested: ladymacphisto, cakepopsforeveryone, librarylock, vanetti